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Chip Roy and House Freedom Caucus Hold COVID-19 Accountability Hearing

Texas Woman Gets Death for Killing Woman to Take Unborn Baby

Taylor Parker. (Bi-State Detention Center via AP)
Taylor Parker. (Bi-State Detention Center via AP)

Jurors returned with the sentence for Taylor Parker, 29, after deliberating for just over an hour, the Texarkana Gazette reported. The same Bowie County jury convicted Parker on Oct. 3 of capital murder in the 2020 slaying of 21-year-old Reagan Simmons-Hancock, whose baby was cut from her womb and did not survive.

In a statement to the court, Simmons-Hancock’s mother addressed Parker as an “evil piece of flesh demon.”

“My baby was alive still fighting for her babies when you tore her open and ripped her baby from her stomach,” Jessica Brooks said.

Charges Dropped Against CEO of Election Software Firm

(Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images)
(Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty Images)

A judge in California on Nov. 9 dismissed charges against the CEO of an election software firm, who prosecutors had accused of being behind “probably the largest data breach in United States history.”

The Los Angeles Superior Court judge threw out charges of conspiracy and grand theft by embezzlement of public funds against Eugene Yu, the CEO of Konnech, at the request of Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon.

The office of Gascon, a Democrat, said the request stemmed from potential bias that it did not detail.

The charges against Yu were dismissed without prejudice. That means they can be refiled in the future.

Prosecutors have not ruled out refiling charges.

Connecticut School Director Placed “On Leave” After Detailing Sexual Fantasies with Minor Students

EXPLICIT: Prestigious Connecticut Private School Educator Details Sexual Fantasies with High School Students … ‘They Spread Their Legs Wide Open and That is Just Brutal’ … ‘Possibly Means Me Losing My Job’

• Iman Rasti, Director of Writing Center; Middle School English Teacher; Seventh Grade Dean at Greens Farms Academy:

“That possibly means me losing my job, my reputation — it’s way too risky.

Like, one thing they [students] do these days, they sit down in front of me, they purposefully sit down somewhere in the class that is literally directly in front of me. They spread their legs wide open and that is just brutal. Brutal.”

• Rasti: “Every day there is different panties on: green, black, white and they [students] make sure — it’s like they talk to each other, the three of them do that.”

CT private school teacher placed on leave after release of Project Veritas video

Greens Farm Academy in Westport has placed a teacher on leave after the school was made aware of a video of him allegedly discussing underage students.

Project Veritas, the controversial self-described undercover journalism project, has released a secretly recorded video of the teacher allegedly making comments about students at the private school.

“We have just been made aware of a report of inappropriate comments allegedly made by a teacher at GFA,” said Michelle Levi, a spokesperson for Greens Farms Academy. “We are placing the employee on leave and will be promptly investigating this matter and taking appropriate action.”

Westport Police Capt. David Wolf told the Courant that, at this time, the department is aware of the Project Veritas report but there is no active investigation related to this matter. The Courant is not naming the teacher as they have not been charged with any criminal wrongdoing.

Here’s the Marine Corps 247th birthday video

Thursday marked the United States Marine Corps’ 247th birthday, just one day before the 103rd observation of Veterans Day.

In honor of the occasion, the Marine Corps released a 10-minute video entitled, “247th Marine Corps Birthday Message,” which features Marines fighting in a variety of environments.

“The Marine just plain considers himself a better soldier than anybody else. Marines have never given anyone any reason to think differently,” a voiceover in the video states.

Couple sentenced to decades in prison for trying to pass US nuclear sub secrets to foreign country

A federal judge on Wednesday sentenced Jonathan Toebbe, a former Navy nuclear engineer, to 18 years in prison and wife Diana Toebbe, a former schoolteacher, to 21 years behind bars.

Toebbe passed the secrets to someone he thought to be an agent of another country as his wife acted as a lookout, according to CBS News.

U.S. District Judge Gina Groh, for the Northern District of West Virginia, imposed the sentences after rejecting the couple’s initial plea deals in August, saying the sentencing guidelines reached by the government and defense teams – 7.5 years for Jonathan Toebbe and three years for his wife – were too light considering the crime.

The New York Times reported Brazilian officials alerted the FBI after receiving a package from Jonathan Toebbe with Navy documents and instructions about how to contact him.

New York economist gets 25-to-life 40 years after murdering wife with ax

A combination of economist James Krauseneck's booking photo and a family portrait of his slain wife Cathleen Krauseneck and their daughter, Sara.  (Facebook/Brighton Police Department)
A combination of economist James Krauseneck’s booking photo and a family portrait of his slain wife Cathleen Krauseneck and their daughter, Sara.  (Facebook/Brighton Police Department)

The story of Cathleen Krauseneck’s death, which became known as the “Brighton Ax Murder,” was later turned into a Netflix special, “Things Heard & Seen.”

Krauseneck was convicted in September of second-degree murder for the February 1982 slaying in Brighton, New York, a suburb of Rochester located roughly 85 miles west of Syracuse.  

Brighton Police officers discovered Cathleen Krauseneck on Feb. 19, 1982, in the family’s Del Rio Drive home, dead from “a strike in the head with an ax while she slept,” officials said. Officers located her lifeless body in her bed, the office said. 

The district attorney’s office reviewed the case with renewed vigor in 2015 with the help of the FBI, the Brighton Police Department and famed forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden, who is also a Fox News contributor. 

Armed Teen Human Smuggler Crashes During Police Pursuit near Border in Texas

Olivarez told Breitbart Texas, the two teens are local to the McAllen area. Following the crash, police found a loaded pistol.

The pursuit ended when the teenage driver lost control and crashed into a building. Six migrants, the driver, and the front-seat passenger all fled. Troopers arrested the driver and passenger — both 17 years old.

Three migrants escaped without being apprehended. DPS troopers turned three others over to U.S. Border Patrol agents.

The two teens, both U.S. citizens from the local area, will face charges related to the illegal handgun and human smuggling.

Further west, Olivarez tweeted photos from a DPS Special Operations Group mission where the agents found 34 migrants hiding in a train and a nearby culvert.

United Methodist Church body elects openly gay bishop in violation of its rules: ‘Inmates running the asylum’

The Rev. Cedrick Bridgeforth (right), gives remarks on Friday, Nov. 4, 2022, shortly after being elected by delegates of the Western Jurisdiction to be the first openly gay black bishop in The United Methodist Church. | Screengrab: YouTube/Western Jurisdiction of the UMC
The Rev. Cedrick Bridgeforth (right), gives remarks on Friday, Nov. 4, 2022, shortly after being elected by delegates of the Western Jurisdiction to be the first openly gay black bishop in The United Methodist Church. | Screengrab: YouTube/Western Jurisdiction of the UMC

The UMC Western Jurisdiction, which encompasses the western U.S. and Alaska, voted to promote Rev. Cedrick D. Bridgeforth of the California-Pacific Conference to the rank of bishop on Nov. 4 after Bridgeforth secured 73 votes out of the 93 cast. He needed 63 votes to win.

Bridgeforth, who is married to another man, said in remarks following his election that he was “grateful to God Almighty” and “to my husband, Christopher.”

Bridgeforth’s promotion to bishop was in violation of the UMC Book of Discipline, which prohibits the ordination of practicing homosexuals.

The Western Jurisdiction also appointed the first openly lesbian bishop in UMC history when they unanimously elected Karen Oliveto in 2016. Her ordination was deemed invalid by the United Methodist Judicial Council in 2017, but she remains in her position.

FDA claims about boosters and kids branded ‘misinformation,’ research questions youth vaccination

Hannah Beier/Reuters
Hannah Beier/Reuters

The FDA is doubling down on its confident pronouncements about bivalent COVID-19 boosters and vaccinating low-risk children, even as mainstream media warn readers that more jabs could actually make them more vulnerable to infection and highlight Pfizer’s secrecy with trial data.

Research from abroad on COVID vaccine efficacy is also putting U.S. regulators between a rock and a hard place. The White House has driven booster policy for more than a year, overriding objections by top vaccines officials who reportedly resigned in protest.

The rising scrutiny of the jab-first ask-questions-later approach — which did not protect CDC Director Rochelle Walensky or FDA Commissioner Robert Califf from COVID infections shortly after their bivalent boosters — coincides with a possible electoral backlash against the agencies’ most fervent political supporters.

Facebook perks part of Meta downfall

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Wednesday that Meta has been curbing perks as he announced in a memo that the company will slash its headcount by more than 11,000 to become “leaner and more efficient.” 

He took the blame for the layoffs and other belt-tightening measures, saying he got his prediction that a “permanent acceleration” of e-commerce would continue post-pandemic and his subsequent decision to increase investments “wrong.”

“In this new environment, we need to become more capital efficient,” he wrote. “We’ve cut costs across our business, including scaling back budgets, reducing perks, and shrinking our real estate footprint. We’re restructuring teams to increase our efficiency.”

California infant shot dead while mother pushed him down the street in stroller

Nine-month-old Darius King Grigsby was shot and killed this week in Merced, California. (Merced Police Department)
Nine-month-old Darius King Grigsby was shot and killed this week in Merced, California. (Merced Police Department)

A total of three shots were reportedly fired from the car. 

“Detectives responded to the scene and took over the investigation,” the Merced Police Department posted on Facebook. “

It was determined that the shooting took place in the 1200 block of Q Street. Grigsby was being pushed in a stroller by his mother, who was walking down the street with her boyfriend. A vehicle drove by and one of the occupants opened fire, striking Grigsby.”

Authorities said they are still canvassing the area for witnesses and video surveillance. No suspects have been identified in the ongoing investigation. 

“This happened at a busy time of day,” Merced Police Lt. Joseph Perez told Fresno Bee. “If there’s anybody out there that saw something that the police didn’t speak to, if they can reach out to the police.”


Republican caucus says Kevin McCarthy may NOT have votes to be Speaker

The conservative House Freedom Caucus is threatening to keep GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy from his prized Speakership position if he does not work with them on a list of demands, it was reported on Thursday.

Member Rep. Bob Good of Virginia suggested to Politico Playbook that one of their number could challenge McCarthy for the gavel if he does not take their points into account – which he so far hasn’t.

According to caucus Chair Scott Perry, Playbook reports, the HFC has still not heard back from McCarthy about a wishlist they presented to him before Tuesday’s midterms – where Republicans had a decidedly underwhelming performance. 

Maria Bartiromo: ‘We aren’t out of the woods’

The FOX Business host joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss what the data indicates and key issues that drove voters to the polls for the midterm elections.

Kari Lake: Arizona is ‘DRAGGING OUT’ election results, but CAN’T stop her victory

With hundreds of thousands of votes left to count in Arizona, gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake joins the Glenn Beck Program to explain why she’s “100% confident” that she will win.

Lake gives her thoughts on why the ballot counting has been so slow, why that’s “embarrassing” for Arizona, and whether Republican candidate for senator Blake Masters will also win his election.

Prominent pollster says time for America to mandate all ballots be counted on Election Day

With states like Arizona, Nevada and Alaska taking days to determine midterm election results, influential pollster Scott Rasmussen says there is overwhelming support for America to mandate ballots be in and counted by Election Day.

Such a new mandate would make it nearly impossible to have a system like ranked-choice voting, which is how Alaska conducts its elections.”I think that system, in theory sounds fine, but voters are really uncomfortable with it,” Rasmussen explained.

While some Republicans were hoping for a big red wave, it was more of a red ripple with the GOP predicted to take the House but the Senate uncertain with a runoff in Georgia slated for next month.

Rasmussen said governors such as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis really pulled through wins because of how they governed during COVID. 

Congressman Jim Banks: Republicans Must Become Hyper-Focused Now On The 118th Congress’ Goals

Veterans turn key House districts red in swing states

U.S. Army veteran John James has been elected to represent Michigan’s new 10th Congressional District while U.S. Air Force veteran Zach Nunn has flipped a blue seat red in Iowa.

James, who was the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in 2018 and 2020, bested Democratic nominee Carl Marlinga in a contest seen as a bellwether for Republican efforts to make inroads with suburban voters.

James ran a campaign largely centered on rising crime rates and 40-yearhigh inflation.

In Iowa, U.S. Air Force veteran Lt. Col Zach Nunn was elected to represent the state’s 3rd Congressional District, celebrating the unseating of one of the Democrats’ “most liberal members” on “Fox & Friends First.” 

“Iowans had a clear choice,” Nunn said Thursday. “They want a change for a government that worked versus a government that was going to tax and spend and take more money out of your pocket. And we’re very privileged to get to serve as the next congressman from Iowa.”

Two days after midterms, slow Arizona vote count exasperates Twitter: ‘School children can count faster’

The race between GOP candidate Kari Lake and Democrat Katie Hobbs is still undecided.
The race between GOP candidate Kari Lake and Democrat Katie Hobbs is still undecided.

Nearly two days after polls closed in Arizona’s midterm elections, there are still many votes left uncounted. As such, the state’s two major races – the gubernatorial contest between Republican Kari Lake and her Democratic opponent, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs; and the Senate race between GOP nominee Blake Masters and Democrat Mark Kelly – have yet to be decided.

A local Fox affiliate attributed much of the delay to the “sheer size” of Maricopa County, Arizona, the county where most of the outstanding votes exist. In addition, the station reported how late-arriving mail-in ballots as well as verification of those ballots have contributed to the slow vote counting process.

However, critics on Twitter insisted that Arizona election officials had no excuse for continuing to count this late, especially when massive states like Florida declared its election results only hours after the last polls closed.

Conservative columnist Tim Young tweeted, “Florida has the third largest population in America and had its votes counted in hours. Arizona is 14th… and still has only 70% counted… why?”

World News:

Russia Says Troops Begin to Withdraw From Key Ukrainian City

(AP Photo)
(AP Photo)

The Russian Defense Ministry reported Thursday a “maneuver of units of the Russian group” to the Dnieper River’s eastern bank, also known as its left bank.

The defense minister on Wednesday ordered a troop withdrawal from the city and nearby areas after his top general in Ukraine reported that the loss of supply routes had made defense “futile.”

Some Western observers, including the highest-ranking U.S. military officer, believe the Kremlin’s forces have been forced to pull out but that a full withdrawal could take time.

On Thursday, Ukrainian officials appeared to soften their skepticism. Zaluzhny said that “the enemy had no other choice but to resort to fleeing,” because Kyiv’s army has destroyed supply systems and disrupted Russia’s military command in the area.

Still, he said the Ukrainian military could not confirm that Russian forces were indeed withdrawing.

G20 summit: Joe Biden to meet Xi Jinping in Bali amid escalating tensions over trade, Taiwan

File photo of Xi Jinping and Joe Biden. Photograph:( Reuters )
File photo of Xi Jinping and Joe Biden. Photograph:( Reuters )

The White House announced on Thursday (November 10) that United States President Joe Biden will meet with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in Bali, Indonesia on November 14. 

The meeting will take place amid escalating tensions in the Taiwan strait as some political analysts have speculated that a conflict between the two superpowers over the island is more imminent than ever. Some claims were even made that China may invade as early as this year or next. 

The meeting comes amid deeply strained Sino-U.S. ties, particularly after U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s August trip to Taiwan, the self-governed democratic island which Beijing claims as its territory. 

Italian Travel Writer Released From Iran’s Notorious Evin Prison

Alessia Piperno was taken into custody by Iranian security agents on September 28. She had been held in Tehran's notorious Evin prison since then, but no reason was given for her incarceration. (file photo)
Alessia Piperno was taken into custody by Iranian security agents on September 28. She had been held in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison since then, but no reason was given for her incarceration. (file photo)

Alessia Piperno was taken into custody by Iranian security agents on September 28. She had been held in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison since then, but no reason was given for her incarceration.

“After intense diplomatic work, today our compatriot Alessia Piperno was released by the Iranian authorities and is preparing to return to Italy. I want to thank everyone who helped bring Alessia back to her family,” Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said in a tweet on November 10.

Iranian security forces have detained thousands of people — including several foreigners — since a wave of protests engulfed the country following the death while in police custody of Mahsa Amini.

On November 10, the U.S.-based Human Rights Activist News Agency (HRANA) reported two Spanish citizens have been arrested in Iran.

One was identified as Santiago Sanchez, a 41-year-old Spanish soccer fan who was trekking from Madrid to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. He was last heard from on October 1 when he sent friends a picture of himself on the Iraq-Iran border with the caption: “Entry to Iran.”

HRANA identified the second individual arrested and jailed in Iran as 24-year-old Ana Baneira.

Baneira’s whereabouts and the date she was arrested are still unknown. An informed source close to her family told HRANA she was arrested recently.

Russian Court Rules To Deport U.S. Woman In Assault Case

U.S. citizen Sarah Krivanek attends a court hearing in Ryazan, Russia, on November 10.
U.S. citizen Sarah Krivanek attends a court hearing in Ryazan, Russia, on November 10.

Earlier this week, Krivanek was moved from a prison to a holding cell in Ryazan to await the court’s decision on her possible deportation after the end of a 15-month prison term she was handed for assaulting her partner.

Krivanek, who is from Fresno, California, was sentenced last year after she hit her partner, a Russian man, with a knife. The American insists she was defending herself in a domestic violence situation. The man sustained minor injuries.

Krivanek complained that her stay in the prison was harsh, leaving her at times “fearing for my life” because of bullying from inmates and mistreatment from prison guards.

Israel allegedly strikes Iranian convoy in Syria; France admits JCPOA obsolete TV7 Israel News 10.11

1) Designate Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu officially secures mandatory support to form Israel’s next government coalition.

2) Unidentified Unmanned Aerial Vehicles reportedly struck a convoy of vehicles, suspected of smuggling Iranian weapons, after crossing the border from Iraq.

3) French President Emmanuel Macron acknowledges the need to find an alternative solution to the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran.

Activists stage week-long fast, demanding release of jailed Cambodian-American lawyer

They’re hoping to draw attention during a summit of regional and world leaders in Phnom Penh.

UK Court Sentences 72-Year-Old To Six Months For Selling Mince Pies During Lockdown

Mark Runnacles/Getty
Mark Runnacles/Getty

Maurice Snelling was found guilty of violating the tier-three lockdown restrictions put in place by the government in 2020 after he pled guilty to perverting the course of justice and was sentenced to six months in prison.

Snelling had claimed that his business had a Cheshire postcode, a county which at the time had been under tier-two restrictions which were less restrictive.

However the court found the Cloudside Shooting Grounds where Snelling served wine and mince pies actually lies just across the county border in Staffordshire, which only allowed takeaway or drive-through, the BBC reports.


Infamous: When Comedy Exists Outside of Agenda | Andrew Schulz | #304

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Andrew Schulz discuss the formation of the comedic premise, the necessity and power of play, how self esteem and the internet have helped fuel our modern world and fragmented woke-ness, and why Schulz decided to release his hit special on his own, despite mainstream interest.