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US News:

Parents watch daughter held at gunpoint on Ring camera during burglary

A pair of Texas parents checking on their teenage daughter through their Ring camera while they were away witnessed a horrifying scene as two men held their girl and two friends at gunpoint during a home invasion.

The unidentified couple was able to scare off the armed bandits by speaking to them through the microphone in the home-security camera but not before they looted the home and left the terrified kids with a chilling warning: ‘Don’t pick your f****ng head up or I’ll pop your a**!’ 

The shocking April 20 incident near Nations and Denmark Drives in Pasadena, a suburb of Houston, was revealed after the couple released the harrowing footage on Facebook.

SCOTUS leans towards voting in FAVOR of high school football coach

The Supreme Court appears to be looking to rule in favor of a high school football coach who was fired for praying at the 50-yard line after his team’s games. 

Arguments at the court last nearly two hours, despite being scheduled for just one.  The case pits First Amendment rights to free speech against the separation of church and state. 

While the school had argued that they did not want students to feel pressured to join Joseph Kennedy in prayer, Kennedy’s lawyers argued that their client had only been offering silent, solitary prayers of thanks after his team’s games. 

Lawyers for the district said Kennedy was allowed to pray by himself, but following three more instances of the coach praying with students on the field and in locker rooms, he was placed on administrative leave and his contract was dropped in 2016, the New York Times reported.

Climate activist Wynn Alan Bruce dies after setting himself on fire outside US Supreme Court on Earth Day

Wynn Alan Bruce suffered critical injuries after the incident. Pic: Facebook.
Wynn Alan Bruce suffered critical injuries after the incident. Pic: Facebook.

Mr Bruce appeared to be a member of the Shambala, which is a Buddhist organisation based in Boulder.

He often shared quotes from Buddhist teachers such as Chögyam Trungpa.

His final post on 28 March said: “This is not humour. IT is all about breathing. Clean air matters.”

Mr Bruce, who had been in charge of a portrait photo studio in the city of Boulder, spoke about his passion for the environment and Buddhism in his posts on social media.

He also left a post on his Facebook page before he died that included a fire emoji and the date of his death, 4/22/2022.

Soft on Crime | Full Measure

Today we begin with America’s crime wave.

Crime rates are up in many cities around the country, and it seems like every week there are new examples of horrific violence, committed by people who should have been in prison.

The alleged New York subway shooter Frank James is reported to have had a lengthy criminal history, including making terroristic threats. The alleged mass shooter in Sacramento, California, who killed six and injured 12 — Smiley Martin — had a violent record including domestic violence and assault.

There’s an ongoing debate over where blame lies.
Today we investigate whether “Soft on Crime” policies could be at fault or if that’s a figment of political imagination.

Twitter Accepts Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Takeover Bid

(Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images)

Twitter’s Board of Directors has approved Elon Musk’s offer to purchase the social media firm and take it private in a transaction valued at about $44 billion, the company announced Monday.

The company accepted the billionaire’s proposal of $54.20 per share.

“Twitter has a purpose and relevance that impacts the entire world. Deeply proud of our teams and inspired by the work that has never been more important,” said CEO Para Agrawal in the corporate announcement.

“Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated,” said Musk in a statement. “I also want to make Twitter better than ever by enhancing the product with new features, making the algorithms open source to increase trust, defeating the spam bots, and authenticating all humans. Twitter has tremendous potential—I look forward to working with the company and the community of users to unlock it.”

Nunes: People flocking to Truth Social in droves

TMTG CEO Devin Nunes joins Fox Business’ Maria Bartiromo to discuss the latest developments with Truth Social, on April 25, 2022.


Keisha Atkins,

Albuquerque, NM — The University of New Mexico has settled a negligent referral case with the family of Keisha Atkins, who died on February 4, 2017, as the result of a septic abortion she obtained at Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

UNM agreed to pay $365,000 for referring Atkins to Southwestern Women’s Options (SWO) for an elective 24-week induction abortion that killed her.

Operation Rescue first learned of Atkin’s abortion death after Abortion Free New Mexico received a tip that Atkins had died as the result of an abortion.

Abortion Free New Mexico requested and received Atkin’s autopsy report then consulted with Operation Rescue over the confusing determination that she died from her pregnancy, not the abortion.

However, once the autopsy report was analyzed by experienced Operation Rescue staff, it became obvious that the listed cause of death was untrue, and that UNM, which conducted Atkins’ autopsy, was attempting to cover up for SWO’s apparent negligence as well as their own liability in the tragedy.

PEDOPHILE USA, INC: List of the 73 Top Underage Children’s Sex Grooming Organizations in America

We have decided to list the top organizations, companies, federal agencies and political groups that are working to turn underaged children into sex toys for use and abuse by pedophiles and pederasts.

We have warned that there are a growing number of organizations, media companies, film companies, corporations and politicians who fully support the LGBTQ+ agenda.

All of this is focused on one goal – the destruction of the traditional family. Destroy the traditional family and replace it with government programs and policies.

This effort is leading to child abuse, child sex trafficking and gay prostitution. All of these are destroying our culture. Jeffrey Epstein was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Google Launches ‘Inclusive Language’ Function to Promote Political Correctness

Rajeshwar Bachu via Unsplash
Rajeshwar Bachu via Unsplash

The feature is being introduced initially to Google’s “enterprise-level” users and will include both warnings and suggestions as part of Google’s new assisted writing features in Google Docs.

Typing in the word “landlord,” for instance, generates a warning the term “may not be inclusive to all readers” as well as the suggestion to replace the offensive locution with “property owner” or “proprietor.”

Similarly, Google takes issue with the word “mankind” and proposes substituting it with the more appropriate “humankind.”

Use of “policemen” and “housewife” provokes a correction as well, and Google will urge replacing them with the gender-neutral “police officers” and “stay-at-home spouse.”

Curiously, the new software seems targeted only at a specific sort of communication infractions.

For example, a transcribed interview with ex-Klu Klux Klan leader David Duke, in which he uses offensive racial slurs and talks about hunting black people, elicited no warnings, perhaps out of respect for similar language found in rap songs.

Texas-Bound Bus Holding 54 Migrants Stopped at Mexican Border Checkpoint

The case took place over the weekend in Altamira, Tamaulipas, where state police officers had set up a joint checkpoint with federal authorities.

Police found 54 migrants, including 13 underage teens and children, a statement from the Tamaulipas government revealed. The migrants were identified as being from Honduras, Nicaragua, and Cuba. Authorities also detained the driver, a woman, and another man who were Mexican nationals.

The Mexicans were turned over to federal authorities for an investigation into human smuggling while the migrants were given to the National Migration Institute to determine their legal statuses.

ALERT: Cartels Launch 9,000 Drone Flights on Border!

Mexican drug cartels have conducted more than 9,000 drone flights into U.S. airspace in the last year to surveil American law enforcement and security operations in the southern border region, a senior Homeland Security official told Judicial Watch this week.

The drones are observing federal, state, county, and city agencies near the Mexican border, including the U.S. Border Patrol, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas National Guard, county sheriffs and local police.

The Border Patrol, which operates under Customs and Border Protection (CBP), has captured about a dozen of the drones, and accessed the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ (UAVs) guidance and memory systems to gain intelligence information, according to a high-level official at the agency.

Killings of Police Officers Rise with Joe Biden in the White House

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Police officers are getting killed at higher rates during President Joe Biden’s first year in the White House, according to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

“Violence against law enforcement in this country is one of the biggest phenomena that I think doesn’t get enough attention,” Wray said during an interview with CBS host Scott Pelley for 60 Minutes. “Last year, officers were being killed at a rate of almost one every five days.”

Pelley reported in 2021 there was a 59 percent increase in murders of police officers with 73 officers killed.

Wray explained that more police officers were directly targeted or ambushed while on patrol.

During his campaign for president, Biden sided with anti-police protesters condemning the “systemic racism” in police departments for the deaths of black people at the hands of police.


VIDEO: Where are the Hunter Documents! Judicial Watch SUES!

Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the U.S. State Department for messages sent through the SMART (State Messaging and Archive Retrieval Toolkit) system that mention Hunter Biden (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:22-cv-01066)).

The Settlements | Full Measure

It has become a challenge for every U.S. president over the past five decades: the fragile dynamic between America, Israel, and the Palestinians.

President Biden has announced he’ll visit Israel later this year, and when he does, he’ll be pressed to address one of the thorniest of all geo-political issues in the Mideast: the so-called settlements.

Scott Thuman reports.

Sen. Rick Scott on Disney’s push against parental rights law

Sen. Rick Scott on Disney’s push against parental rights law:

‘Don’t engage in all these social fights’
Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., weighs in on Gov. Ron DeSantis’ move to take away Disney’s self-governance and President Biden’s border policies.

Schumer, Pelosi-affiliated groups funnel millions in anonymous donor cash into midterm elections

. (Stefani Reynolds/Pool via AP)
. (Stefani Reynolds/Pool via AP)

Majority Forward, a nonprofit that does not identify its donors on tax forms, has poured nearly $15 million into the midterm elections up to the end of March, Federal Election Commission records show. 

The Senate Majority PAC took in all of Majority Forward’s cash for the midterms, making the nonprofit its largest donor so far this cycle.

J.B Poersch, a long-time Schumer ally, is president of both Majority Forward and the PAC. Both groups share office space and personnel. 

The Schumer-affiliated nonprofit has funneled the anonymous cash into his PAC as he regularly criticizes dark money, which he says “corrupted our politics.”

Schumer has also pushed conservative judicial groups to disclose their funders, as he and other Democrats have benefited from several dark money judicial groups of their own. 

Like Schumer, Pelosi often goes off against dark money. 

House Majority Forward’s tax forms show that the group collected $29.7 million from undisclosed contributors in 2020, a $21.5 million increase in secret cash over its founding year. 

Wisconsin Dems Rely on Front Group To Attack Republican Incumbent While Decrying Dark Money


Opportunity Wisconsin said it has pumped at least $4 million into negative Johnson ads—including one on Friday blasting him for benefiting from a tax cut he helped pass—making it the most prevalent anti-Johnson group on the state’s airwaves.

On its website, Opportunity Wisconsin bills itself as a “coalition of Wisconsin residents fighting for an economy that works for all Wisconsinites, not just the wealthy few” and touts a steering committee composed of state-level progressive activists.

But Opportunity Wisconsin doesn’t actually exist on paper.

The name is a business alias for the North Fund, which is more than 600 miles away in Washington, D.C. The North Fund filed to conduct business under the name “Opportunity Wisconsin” in January 2020, according to D.C. corporate records. Opportunity Wisconsin did not respond to a request for comment.

24 reasons why the idea of Biden 2024 is ‘absurd and offensive’ to America: Steve Hilton

‘Sunday Night in America’ host outlines President Biden’s failures in office and examines his odds at winning a second term.

Steve Hilton: The madness is over

Fox News host Steve Hilton rips the Left’s politicians for their history of COVID hypocrisy on ‘The Next Revolution.’

Rep. Jim Jordan discusses Hunter Biden and Elon Musk

Levin: If You Believe In America First Then You Must Reject American Marxism

Mark Levin: “If you believe in America first, from our Declaration to our Constitution to our founding principles, to our economic system, then you must reject American Marxism, nationalism, populism and all the other -isms…

Reject these dangerous ideologies. That are incoherent but are destructive. This country has been through this before.”

World News:

Ukraine war: Russia hits train stations and fuel facilities in attacks deep in Ukraine – after US secretary of state meets Zelenskyy

Russian military vehicles move in an area controlled by Russian-backed separatist forces in Mariupol, Ukraine, Saturday, April 23, 2022. (AP Photo/Alexei Alexandrov)
Russian military vehicles move in an area controlled by Russian-backed separatist forces in Mariupol, Ukraine, Saturday, April 23, 2022. (AP Photo/Alexei Alexandrov)

In a spate of attacks, Russia targeted infrastructure far from the front line, according to Ukrainian and Russian reports.

Five train stations were hit by Russian strikes in central and western Ukraine within the same hour, the head of the state-run Ukrainian Railways said. An unspecified number of casualties were reported.

One person was killed and seven were wounded when Russian missile strikes hit an oil refinery and power plant in Kremenchuk in central Ukraine, the governor of the Poltava region said. Moscow confirmed it had destroyed an oil refinery, adding that fuel depots were impacted.

Russian rockets targeted two towns in the central Vinnytsia region, causing an unspecified number of deaths and injuries, regional Governor Serhiy Borzov said.

New EU power to fine big tech billions in crackdown on hate speech, disinformation and harmful content

The new Digital Services Act will force companies including Facebook, Google, and Amazon to police themselves harder and make it easier for users to flag problems.

EU officials finally clinched the deal in the early hours of Saturday morning, and they will impact all 27 member states.

“With the DSA, the time of big online platforms behaving like they are ‘too big to care’ is coming to an end,” said EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton.

EU Commission Vice President Margrethe Vestager added that “with today’s agreement we ensure that platforms are held accountable for the risks their services can pose to society and citizens”.

IDF strikes south Lebanon following rocket-fire; Israel to maintain Status-Quo TV7 Israel News 25.04

1) Tensions flared-up along Israel’s multiple fronts over the weekend, including in Jerusalem – where clashes on the Temple Mount adds fuel to the fire.

2) Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz warns Jerusalem’s enemies not to test Israel’s qualitative military & civic edge.

3) A rocket launched out of southern Lebanon toward Israel’s northern communities, last night – draws an IDF Artillery response.

Video Shows Russian Aircraft Spiraling Out of Control Over Ukraine

An Su-34 fighter-bomber with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev aboard flies over the Kubinka airfield near Moscow on March 28, 2009.
An Su-34 fighter-bomber with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev aboard flies over the Kubinka airfield near Moscow on March 28, 2009.

Avideo of a Russian Sukhoi Su-34 aircraft spiraling out of control, apparently over Ukraine, has begun circulating on social media.

The video has been viewed over 150,000 times since it was posted on Twitter on Monday.

The video zooms in on the Su-34 as it spins while making a rapid descent and has the Hanz Zimmer song, No Time for Caution, made popular in the Christopher Nolan film Interstellar, overlaid.

Twitter page Visegrád 24 posted an image of a massive cloud of smoke claiming that Ukraine had brought down an Su-34.

Sweden and Finland agree to submit Nato applications, say reports

Sweden’s prime minister Magdalena Andersson, left, and Finland’s counterpart, Sanna Marin, met in Stockholm on 13 April. Photograph: Tt News Agency/Reuters
Sweden’s prime minister Magdalena Andersson, left, and Finland’s counterpart, Sanna Marin, met in Stockholm on 13 April. Photograph: Tt News Agency/Reuters

Sweden and Finland have agreed to submit simultaneous membership applications to the US-led Nato alliance as early as the middle of next month, Nordic media have reported.

The Finnish daily Iltalehti said on Monday that Stockholm had “suggested the two countries indicate their willingness to join” on the same day, and that Helsinki had agreed “as long as the Swedish government has made its decision”.

The Swedish newspaper Expressen cited government sources as confirming the report. The two countries’ prime ministers said this month they were deliberating the question, arguing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had changed Europe’s “whole security landscape” and “dramatically shaped mindsets” in the Nordic region.


China’s Social Credit System

In the past, the Social Credit System existed only in the world of science fiction. In the present, it’s happening in China.

In the near future, it might become a reality right here in the West — unless we take a stand against it. Here’s what you need to know.

Putin’s Evil Mercenaries

They’re called the Wagner Group, and they are employed by Vladimir Putin to kill Ukrainians.

Georgetown University Professor of Strategy Sean McFate joins Mark to reveal the triggermen responsible for many of the atrocities in Ukraine.