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Toddler trapped with mom’s corpse for 5 days in an NYC homeless shelter, lawsuit says. Child now slapping dad at night to ‘make sure he’s alive.’

Lyric Laboy, pictured with dad Quraan, was just 15 months old when workers at the East River Family Center found her huddled under a bed near the body of her mom, Shelbi Westlake, who had died of an accidental overdose.
Lyric Laboy, pictured with dad Quraan, was just 15 months old when workers at the East River Family Center found her huddled under a bed near the body of her mom, Shelbi Westlake, who had died of an accidental overdose.

The child, Lyric Laboy, was found “covered in human feces” and “badly dehydrated.”

Laboy added that the child is suffering from extreme separation anxiety and has not recovered from the July incident.

Attorney Allison Keenan, who is also representing Laboy, added, “Allowing an infant to remain with her dead mother for five days unnoticed not only highlights the indifference and lack of humanity shown to those most in need but exhibits complete malfeasance by the City of New York and Department of Homeless Services.”

The shelter, according to the report, is now mandated to conduct same-night wellness checks for residents who have not signed a nightly roster.

The New York Post reported that the child still awakens at night, crying for her mother almost every night, her father said.

Four people killed in shooting at house party near Los Angeles

Myung J Chun/Los Angeles Times/Rex/Shutterstock
Myung J Chun/Los Angeles Times/Rex/Shutterstock

Four people were killed and one was wounded when multiple shooters opened fire at a house party near Los Angeles over the weekend, authorities said.

Two women and two men were shot and killed and another man was hospitalized in critical condition and expected to survive, CBS2 reported.

Butts said the shooting appeared to have been a targeted “ambush” that involved multiple weapons, including a rifle and a handgun. The mayor described the incident as the worst single shooting crime in Inglewood since the 1990s.

Accounting for Afghanistan | Full Measure

Dozens of U.S. soldiers and Afghans were killed during the botched US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

One Marine officer’s public demands for accountability from military and political leadership got him court-martialed.

We speak with former Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller who says his mission is far from over.

Microsoft’s LinkedIn Censors Post of Peter Schweizer’s ‘Red-Handed’ Criticizing Big Tech Ties to China

The news story, titled “Peter Schweizer’s ‘Red-Handed’ Exposes Communist China’s Silicon Valley Sympathizers,” was published Saturday.

But when a LinkedIn user tried to share it on the platform, along with a post condemning China for genocidal policies, Linkedin removed the post for violating its “community policies.”

It’s not the first time Linkedin has been caught censoring criticism of Communist China on its platform. In October, the Microsoft-owned platform attracted widespread bipartisan condemnation after it censored an Axios reporter who had referenced her own work exposing China’s internment camps in Xinjiang province on her profile.

Now Linkedin is censoring posts that expose Big Tech’s own links to the authoritarian regime in China. Microsoft, which owns Linkedin, is exposed in Schweizer’s book for working with the Chinese military on artificial intelligence research.

Devin Nunes gives first interview as Trump Media & Technology Group CEO

National Guard Helps Agents Deter Border Crossings in New Mexico

U.S. Border Patrol/El Paso Sector
U.S. Border Patrol/El Paso Sector

El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez tweeted surveillance video operated by National Guardsmen. The video shows multiple migrants attempting to approach the border wall under cover of darkness.

The video shows Santa Teresa Station Border Patrol agents in vehicles responding to the area. The migrants appear to be unsuccessful in their attempts to illegally enter the United States.

Elsewhere in the sector, Lordsburg Station agents stopped a human smuggling scheme where 19 migrants were packed into a single-cab pickup truck, according to a tweet by Chief Chavez. The interdiction occurred when agents became suspicious and conducted a traffic stop on the truck.

U.S. Economy Slows to ‘Near Standstill’ as Omicron, Supply Chain Delays, and Inflation Surge

AP Photo/Alex Brandon
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

On the inflation front, the pace of price hikes for goods and services picked up to the third-fastest on record (since October 2009) as companies sought to pass higher costs on to customers. Businesses, however, said costs rose at the slowest since last March.

Nonetheless, cost inflation remains higher than any time prior to the current wave. Companies said cost increases were driven by rising supplier costs and upward wage pressures.
Businesses are optimistic about the year ahead. But this optimism is tempered by concerns about further price rises and customer responses to inflation.

Supply chains have continued to deteriorate but the pace of the deterioration has declined, according to IHS Markit.

Service providers said that growth was slowed by labor shortages and employee absences linked to the omicron surge. Demand remained strong, with new orders continuing to expand.

Biden approves release of Gitmo detainees linked to Hanukkah terror attack | REPORT

The Biden administration has approved the release of five detainees from Guantanamo Bay reportedly linked to a Hanukkah terror attack that killed two Israeli children, reported Daniel Cohen.

Police under siege: 3 officers killed, 2 more wounded in weekend bloodshed across the country

NYPD officers in motorcycles lead an ambulance carrying Officer Wilbert Mora as he is transferred from Harlem Hospital to NYU Langone hospital on Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022 in the Harlem neighborhood of New York. New York City Police Officer Jason Rivera was fatally shot Friday night while answering a call about an argument between a woman and her adult son. Mora and suspect Lashawn McNeil were wounded. (AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura)
NYPD officers in motorcycles lead an ambulance carrying Officer Wilbert Mora as he is transferred from Harlem Hospital to NYU Langone hospital on Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022 in the Harlem neighborhood of New York. New York City Police Officer Jason Rivera was fatally shot Friday night while answering a call about an argument between a woman and her adult son. Mora and suspect Lashawn McNeil were wounded. (AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura)

The bloodshed began in New York City on Friday, and continued on Monday morning in Washington, D.C. and Texas, according to officials. 

One officer was killed and a second was gravely injured in New York City, while another was shot in D.C. 

And a fourth officer, a corporal, was fatally wounded during a traffic stop in the Houston area – not far from where a fifth person, a sheriff’s sergeant, was struck by a hit-and-run driver during an off-duty motorcycle escort hours later, according to authorities. 

“What we are seeing on what appears to be a regular basis on the streets of Harris County has got to stop. It has got to stop. These are not assaults. These are not attacks. These are brutal, brutal murders,” Constable Heap told reporters.  “We have got to put an end to this.”

Retired NYPD Detective rips AOC’s reaction to police shooting | National Report

Retired NYPD Detective Angel Maysonet talked Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s reaction to the shooting of two NYPD officers, on Monday’s “National Report.”

VIDEO — Suspect Allegedly Punches Elderly Man Multiple Times at Store: ‘Completely Unprovoked’

Columbus Division of Police
Columbus Division of Police

“It was several punches with his fist. He fell down on the ground and he continued to assault him. It was pretty violent,” Columbus Police Zone Investigation Unit Sergeant Jeff Spencer told WBNS.

Officers said the man made a purchase when the suspect accused him of stepping too close to a child at the scene.

“The suspect thought that the victim, the 70-year-old man elbowed the child in the face. Reviewing the video, that’s not what happened,” Spencer noted.

The incident unfolded in the parking lot.

Washington DC ‘Defeat the Mandates’ march calls for end to ‘draconian’ COVID-19 vaccine requirements

The peaceful protest started around noon at the Washington Monument and headed first to the Lincoln Memorial, where it remained while a series of speakers took to the steps to share their experiences of the past year and their reasons to call for an end to the vaccine mandates. 

Between 30,000 and 35,000 people attended the protest, demanding an end to vaccine mandates and passports and a call for reasonable debate and the power of informed consent. 

“You’re going to hear a lot of people talk about on the left say this is a big, anti-vax rally — it’s people coming in to deny science,” march organizer Will Witt, an author and political commentator for nonprofit PragerU, told Fox News Digital last week. 

“But this march is about the mandate, and this march is about the Draconian measures that we’re seeing all across this country right now, especially in places like D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco.”

Thousands of protesters march against vaccine mandates

Will Witt, who organized the protest, says it was ‘absolutely incredible’ to see 50,000 people from across the country stand up for personal freedoms.


Rep. Jim Jordan | Full Measure

American politics has become a contact sport, it seems. And few know it better than a top Congressional Republican named Jim Jordan.

Now, in his book “Do What You Said You Would Do” the former college wrestling coach is talking about doing business in Washington while taking more than a few bullets for Donald Trump.

Energy Cost | Full Measure

One of the vexing challenges facing the Biden Administration in an important election year for Congress is the high cost of fuel.

And experts say there appears to be no major relief in sight.

Scott Thuman reports from Texas on why we aren’t producing more oil here to bring down prices and meet demand.

Schweizer: ‘Very Clear’ Hunter, Joe Biden ‘Have Had Intertwined Finances’

Schweizer, the author of Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Win, said it was “very clear” that President Joe Biden and his son Hunter “have had intertwined finances for a very long time.” He called on the FBI and Congress to investigate the Biden family’s dealings with China.“

What do I mean by intertwined finances? Well, there are communications where Hunter Biden complains to other family members that he’s having to send half his money to Pop, which is his father. But there’s also specific examples of him paying his father’s bills. Some of them are rudimentary.

There’s a $320 a month phone bill for a back-channel phone that Joe Biden has when he was vice president, Hunter Biden’s paying that, but there are also tens of thousands of dollars of other bills in terms of renovations on Biden family homes, etc.

So, the bottom line is money that Hunter connected overseas benefited not only Hunter Biden but Joe Biden himself and other family members, including James Biden. There’s a couple of million dollars of the Chinese money that ends up being sent to James Biden.”

Afghanistan 2.0? Americans Ordered to Evacuate Ukraine as Tensions Escalate

Afghanistan all over again? The Biden Administration is ordering the families of U.S. diplomats to evacuate Ukraine as fears of a full-blown Russian invasion grow.

Texas Border City Officials Resign After FBI Raids Congressman’s Home

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

On Friday, Laredo City Manager Robert Eads resigned, local news reported. One day before, City Attorney Dean Roggia also handed his resignation. Both reportedly came as a surprise to the public. The officials cited private reasons for their departures.

Both resignations came soon after federal agents raided Cuellar’s house in Laredo as part of a federal inquiry, Breitbart Texas reported. Agents took computer equipment and documents from the raid.

One day after the raid, Laredo Major Pete Saenz issued a statement to local outlets announcing that Laredo Police had not taken part. Saenz claimed the sudden resignations are not linked to Cuellar.

Joey Jones: Doesn’t seem like Biden has a plan to deescalate with Russia

Fox News contributor Joey Jones weighs in as President Biden considers sending U.S. troops to deter Vladimir Putin.

World News:

U.S. puts 8,500 troops on alert as Russia tensions ramp up

Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has placed roughly 8,500 U.S. military personnel on heightened alert to potentially deploy to Eastern Europe, the Pentagon announced Monday.

Austin “has placed a range of units in the U.S. on a heightened preparedness to deploy, which increases our readiness to provide forces if NATO should activate the [NATO Response Force] or if other situations develop,” Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said at a news briefing.

“Specifically, this will ensure that the United States and our commitment to the [NRF] is consistent with their readiness for rapid deployment, again, if activated,” Kirby said.

NATO places forces on standby in Eastern Europe

NATO has announced it is stepping up its readiness in Eastern Europe, placing forces on standby. Russian officials have denounced the move, claiming the west is escalating tensions.

The deployment of additional troops is a further sign Western allies are bracing for a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Despite amassing an estimated 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border, Russia denies any plans of an attack.

1) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett announces Jerusalem’s intention to increase efforts to battle contemporary antisemitism.

Iranian-proxy claims strike on UAE & Saudi Arabia; China-Russia-Iran Navy drill TV7 Israel News 24.1

2) China, Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran concluded a joint naval exercise in the Northern Arabian Sea dubbed “2022 Marine Security Belt.”

3) Iranian-backed Houthis launch ballistic missiles and drones against civilian targets in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Welcome to all the new joiners to our fight for freedom. No to Social Credit System.


L.A. Train Thieves Emboldened By Progressive Policies

If you’re ordering something from Amazon you’d better hope it doesn’t stop in Los Angeles. This is UNBELIEVABLE.

Terror in Texas

It took mere moments. No sooner had the unnerving Texas Synagogue hostage situation unfolded when the Left seized the narrative to trumpet their favorite talking points:

White Supremacy and Gun Control. Now, as Mark exposes their lying rush to judgment, the real question arises: how did Joe Biden’s Administration allow a known British terrorist to slip into the country?

Dr. Robert Malone: How Effective are Vaccines Against Omicron? | CLIP | American Thought Leaders

Dr. Robert Malone says that there appears to be an increase in Omicron infections among the vaccinated, but admits that we don’t have “clean data” on all of the subgroups of people who are being infected.

Regardless, he says that Omicron could be good news, because it is much less pathogenic, and could increase the number of the population that has natural immunity.

James O’Keefe details his FBI raid & why the NYT knew about it first

James O’Keefe, Founder and CEO of Project Veritas, joins Glenn to detail the message in his new book, ‘American Muckraker.’

It’s a handbook on how to do journalism in our current ‘clown world’, O’Keefe explains, which is something the world may need now more than ever — especially after a recent FBI raid on O’Keefe.

He details the events that led to it, why it was unconstitutional, and how/why the New York Times knew about it right away. Plus, O’Keefe suggests how Americans can move forward despite institutions coercing us to believe lies: ‘When I stopped seeking approval…is when I was free.’