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US News:

Woman, 21, is ‘virtually RAPED’ by a stranger in Meta’s metaverse app

SumOfUs, a non-profit that campaigns to curb the growing power of corporations, sent a 21-year-old researcher into the virtual world this month.

About an hour into using the platform, her avatar was sexually assaulted during a ‘disorientating and confusing experience’.

The researcher, who is unnamed, said: ‘It happened so fast I kind of disassociated. One part of my brain was like wtf is happening, the other part was like this isn’t a real body, and another part was like, this is important research.’

Speaking to MailOnline, a Meta spokesperson highlighted that the researcher did not have the Personal Boundary feature on – a safety tool that’s turned on by default and prevents non-friends from coming within four feet of your avatar.

‘A SumOfUs researcher was led into a private room at a party where she was raped by a user who kept telling her to turn around so he could do it from behind while users outside the window could see – all while another user in the room watched and passed around a vodka bottle,’ the report reads.

With Personal Boundary disabled, the other avatars were able to virtually touch the researcher’s avatar, causing her hand controllers to vibrate, ‘creating a very disorienting and even disturbing physical experience.

9 Monkeypox Cases Confirmed In These 7 States, CDC Says

There are now nine confirmed cases of monkeypox—a virus typically limited to certain regions in Africa—in seven states across the country, the Centers for Disease Control said on Thursday, as the number of infections worldwide also continues to rise.

Corporations drop from transgender youth program partners page after State Farm exit

Less than a day after State Farm ended its partnership with a nonprofit that promotes “positive stories about transgender and non-binary kiddos,” several more corporations and a federal agency disappeared from the nonprofit’s partner page as well.

It wasn’t a mass exodus, the GenderCool Project told Just the News: It was an opportunity for spring cleaning after the insurance company’s hasty exit.

State Farm found itself in damage control mode after the watchdog Consumers’ Research on Monday published a Jan. 18 email from Corporate Responsibility Analyst Jose Soto to the insurance company’s Florida agents.

Five government entities — USDA, FDA, NSA, State Department and Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago — are also listed as partners with Out and Equal. Four didn’t respond to queries, and one declined to talk on the record.

NBC’s ‘Today’ Celebrates Trans Barbie

Barbie has officially gone transgender. According to NBC’s Today on Wednesday, Mattel will now be producing its first transgender doll. The famous toy that’s helped millions of little girls create their fantasies will now be used by lefties to indulge their fantasies. 

On the cusp of Pride month, Barbie is honoring LGBT activist Laverne Cox, on her 50th birthday, with his own Barbie doll.

The doll based on the actor who appeared in Netflix’s “Orange Is The New Black” will be dressed in a red ball gown, a silver bodysuit, and comes with high-heeled boots and silver earrings. 

Ray Liotta, iconic “Goodfellas” actor, dies at age 67

Actor Ray Liotta, has died, according to his publicist Jennifer Allen. He was 67 years old. 
Actor Ray Liotta, has died, according to his publicist Jennifer Allen. He was 67 years old. 

Actor Ray Liotta, known for his roles in “Goodfellas” and “Field of Dreams,” has died, according to his publicist Jennifer Allen. He was 67 years old. 

Allen confirmed the actor’s death to CBS News on Thursday, saying that Liotta died in his sleep. The actor had been in the Dominican Republic, where he was filming the movie “Dangerous Waters,” alongside actors Eric Dane and Odeya Rush, according to Deadline

He is survived by fiancee Jacy Nittolo and daughter Karsen Liotta.

Lorraine Bracco, who played the wife of Liotta’s character in “Goodfellas,” wrote on Twitter Thursday that she is “utterly shattered to hear this terrible news.”

Husband of teacher killed at Texas elementary school shooting dies

Crosses with the names of victims of a school shooting, are pictured at a memorial outside Robb Elementary school, after a gunman killed nineteen children and two teachers, in Uvalde, U.S. May 26, 2022.
Marco Bello/Reuters
Crosses with the names of victims of a school shooting, are pictured at a memorial outside Robb Elementary school, after a gunman killed nineteen children and two teachers, in Uvalde, U.S. May 26, 2022.
Marco Bello/Reuters

Joe Garcia, the husband of Irma Garcia, suffered a fatal heart attack on Thursday, two days after his wife died in a mass shooting at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, the couple’s nephew, John Martinez, and a close family friend confirmed.

The couple, who had known each other since the eighth grade, was set to celebrate their 25th anniversary this year, family said.

Irma Garcia was a fourth-grade teacher who had been with the school for 23 years, according to the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District’s website.

Irma Garcia had also been co-teaching with Eva Mireles, the other teacher killed in the attack, in the same classroom for five years.

Officials now investigating police response to TX school shooting after 40+ minute inaction

Uvalde Police Department in Uvalde, Texas. (Uvalde Police Department/Released)
Uvalde Police Department in Uvalde, Texas. (Uvalde Police Department/Released)

Officials are investigating the police response to the Robb Elementary School shooting in Uvalde, Texas on Tuesday after information and videos revealed that police waited outside the school for more than 40 minutes before engaging the gunman. 

Austin American-Statesman investigative journalist Tony Plohetski said on Thursday that authorities confirmed an investigation was underway “amid conflicting witness statements, including what steps they took to stop the gunman.” He added that officials could no longer confirm their initial reports that a school officer “exchanged fire” with the gunman.

New video surfaced on Wednesday showing a crowd of frantic parents outside the school, with some pleading and shouting at officers to enter the school to stop the massacre. One parent even said, “Let’s just rush in because cops aren’t doing anything like they are supposed to.”

Texas school shooting: Officials address police response during the tragedy | LiveNOW from FOX

Texas DPS officials gave a timeline of the deadly shooting that left nineteen fourth grade students and two teachers dead. Officials also say no school police officer engaged the mass shooter at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX.

Former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann will not testify in trial

Former assistant U.S. attorney Andy McCarthy provides analysis on the latest developments in the Sussmann trial.

Court Testimony Shows Spygate Conspirators Deceived The FBI Using Same Strategy Twice


Tech executive Rodney Joffe fed the Alfa Bank hoax to the FBI via two distinct routes, testimony from yesterday’s proceedings in the Michael Sussmann criminal case indicates.

This apparent circular reporting further cements Special Counsel John Durham’s Section 1001 false statement case against Sussmann by highlighting the significance of Sussmann’s alleged lie to former FBI General Counsel James Baker.

If this all sounds strangely familiar, it is. Christopher Steele followed the same tack when, on the condition of anonymity, he provided Yahoo! News the same “intel” contained in the dossier that he handed to the FBI. The FBI would then rely on the Yahoo! News reporting to seemingly confirm the Steele dossier when the DOJ submitted FISA applications to surveil Carter Page.

To date, it appears that Steele will be getting off Scot-free for this ploy. Whether Sussmann will also will be up to the jury, which will likely receive the case for deliberation early next week.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, is accusing the FBI of having “a get-Trump-at-all-costs attitude.”

Speaking on the Senate floor Tuesday, Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, highlighted new information that had come to light during the ongoing trial of Michael Sussmann, a lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Sports journalist Whitlock accuses Obama of being among BLM ‘grifters’ politicizing Floyd’s death

“Obama, and the other BLM grifters prefer him dead so you can use him for political power,” Whitlock said in one tweet, likely referring, at least in part, to how the national Black Lives Matter organization has pulled in millions since Floyd’s death and the leaders of the group, as a result, have spent freely.

In another tweet, Whitlock struck a pessimistic tone about American culture today, compared to the unity Americans showed after the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, in which nearly 3,000 people died, most of them in the Word Trade Center towers in Manhattan.

“Our culture has moved [in] such a negative direction in the last decade, I’m not sure first responders would run up in the World Trade Towers today,” he tweeted. “Cultural rot has consequences. When you make heroes of people who contribute nothing and demonize those who risk everything.”

Meet The Billionaires’ Club Pumping Critical Race Theory Into Your Child’s Classroom


Adecade ago, when an Obama-era initiative called “Common Core” convinced 41 states to give up control of their education standards, it was infamously the result of a massive influence campaign by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Now, with America’s K-12 landscape being turned upside down by “equity” initiatives that divide children by ethnicity and devalue rigorous academics, the culprit is much the same: Gates and other philanthropic foundations.

Take the 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah-Jones’s 2019 New York Times series-turned-grade school curriculum. It might never have seen the light of day if not for the MacArthur Foundation.

In 2014, MacArthur awarded a $1 million, three-year grant to ProPublica, a left-wing nonprofit news outlet for which Hannah-Jones wrote about race. In 2017, MacArthur awarded Hannah-Jones a “$625,000, no-strings-attached grant.”

The Kellogg Foundation bankrolls the group behind the Zinn Education Project (named after anti-American author Howard Zinn), which is relied on by a company that produces content for 90 percent of K-12 schools.

In one lesson plan, the teacher stages a “tribunal” to decide who should be held “accountable” for Covid-19, tells students it should not be China, and leads them to order that “all members of the [U.S.] federal government [be put] in jail” to “end, or lower the amount of, capitalism so no secrets are present.”

Tucker: There is something really wrong

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to the politicization of the Texas school shooting in Ulvade, reflects on mental illness and stopping violence in America.


Senator Paul CLASHES with Biden’s FDA Commissioner over Baby Formula Shortage.

FDA Commissioner Testifies on Baby Formula Shortage Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf testified to senators concerning the agency’s handling of the nationwide baby formula shortage where he had an epic clash with Senator Rand Paul

‘Political vendetta’: Sen. Grassley slams FBI’s role in Trump-Russia collusion narrative

Hillary Clinton (Video screenshot)
Hillary Clinton (Video screenshot)

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, is accusing the FBI of having “a get-Trump-at-all-costs attitude.”

Speaking on the Senate floor Tuesday, Grassley, the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, highlighted new information that had come to light during the ongoing trial of Michael Sussmann, a lawyer for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

“The Clinton campaign fabricated evidence trying to connect [Donald] Trump to [Russia],” Grassley said. “They fed it to the media to start a yearslong wildfire of false allegations. They fed it to the FBI to trigger a federal investigation into their opposing candidate.”

Do Democrats really want to be bipartisan on safety?

Democrats demonize Republicans on gun rights and, so far, refuse to put forward reasonable legislation that they think would help stop another mass shooting.

Do they really want to be bipartisan? Jason Rantz weighed in on Newsmax. (May 26, 2022)

Records: Sen. Lisa Murkowski Funded By Lower-48 Donors Despite Her Criticism Of Outside Influence


In a campaign ad announcing her bid for re-election, Alaska Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski branded her opposition from the right as an effort among D.C. partisans to buy the state’s Senate seat.

An honest examination of the incumbent’s finances seven months into the race, however, reveals that, if anyone’s, it’s Murkowski whose loyalty is being purchased. 

According to public campaign finance data compiled by OpenSecrets, nearly 85 percent of the senator’s contributions have come from out of state. Only 15 percent came from Alaskan residents in the current election cycle.

In contrast, Murkowski’s Donald Trump-endorsed primary challenger Kelly Tshibaka, who previously served as a commissioner in the Alaska Department of Administration, is funded by an even split of in- and out-of-state contributions.

Same Left That Freaks Out Over Ivermectin Wants To Pump Kids Full Of Transgender Hormones

CC BY-SA 2.0

We have absolutely no meaningful data regarding the long-term implications of giving these radical, life-altering drugs to elementary school children. We cannot possibly weigh the costs and benefits.

The Food and Drug Administration is nowhere close to approving such uses. Yet the Biden administration, the corporate media, and so-called “experts” are actively promoting them. It’s irresponsible and dangerous. 

For example, what happens to an 11-year-old girl who starts taking puberty blockers and then decides at age 16 that she wants to live as a woman?

The Biden administration claims the effects of puberty blockers are “reversible.” Based on Tabak’s sworn testimony, that claim is misleading — at best.

A major Swedish health institution acknowledged puberty blockers could result in “extensive and irreversible adverse consequences such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, infertility, increased cancer risk, and thrombosis.”

We know that the vast majority of individuals with gender dysphoria eventually lose their desire to identify with another sex.

That is clinically documented, but Democrats, including the woke public health officials who make up our scientific establishment, now claim that study is “flawed.” Of course, those same activists cannot point to a study to defend poisoning our children.

Rand Paul: This is the danger of a one-world government

Kentucky senator reacts to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

Rand Paul blasts ‘slanderous’ domestic terrorism bill from Democrats

Eric Lee/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Eric Lee/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul offered a blistering critique of a domestic terrorism bill supported by Democrats Tuesday, moments before GOP senators blocked the bill from advancing.

In remarks on the Senate floor, Paul called the legislation an “insult” to police officers and members of the armed services.

“The implication of this bill is that all people are bad. That there’s this great and worrisome thing that is infecting America when the opposite is true,” Paul said, referring to claims by Democrats and the media that white supremacist ideology and the so-called “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory are fueling domestic terror in the U.S.

“They’re insulting everyone. They’re insulting the police, they’re insulting our Marines, they’re insulting our armed services,” he said.

Rand Paul Tears Into ‘Insulting’ Bill From Democrats: ‘It’s Slander And It’s Scandalous!’

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) slams Democrats’ domestic terrorism bill.

World News:

Russian Forces Make New Push in Eastern Ukraine 

Firefighters put out a fire at a coffee kiosk, touched off by shelling in Kharkiv, May 26, 2022, on the 91st day of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Firefighters put out a fire at a coffee kiosk, touched off by shelling in Kharkiv, May 26, 2022, on the 91st day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russian forces in northeastern Ukraine, already pushed back to near the Russian border, appeared Thursday to be launching a new counteroffensive as the three-month-old war morphed into what some Western officials described as a “scrap” with no end in sight.

Authorities in Ukraine’s second-biggest city, Kharkiv, said Russian shelling had killed at least seven civilians and wounded 17 others, while heavy fighting raged north and east of the city.

Witnesses in Kharkiv also reported hearing repeated explosions as Russian forces appeared to try to fortify positions north of the city.

Russian forces near Kharkiv had been steadily pushed from the city to close to the Russian border following a Ukrainian counteroffensive earlier this month. But officials said it appeared Moscow had decided to push back.

Gravitas: China retaliates after Biden’s Taiwan comment

The PLA has announced it is organising combat drills around Taiwan. The militaries of China and the US are piling up lethal weapons in the region.

Is the threat of a war growing in the Indo-Pacific? Palki Sharma tells you how recent developments raise the threat of a conflict.

Gravitas: Pakistan descends into civil war

Pakistan has officially descended into civil war. PTI supporters ran riot in Islamabad on Wednesday. They torched vehicles & set trees on fire. I

mran Khan has now set a 6-day deadline for Shehbaz Sharif. Where are things headed? Palki Sharma reports.

Israel FURIOUS Over U.S. Leak Regarding Iran IRGC Colonel’s Assassination | Watchman Newscast

At this moment, Israeli officials are DEMANDING answers from their American counterparts.

On today’s Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down the fallout following an unnamed U.S. intelligence official disclosing sensitive information to the New York Times regarding the killing of Colonel Hassan Sayyad Khodaei.

Right now, there are growing concerns that the report might lead to a spike in Iranian attacks against Israeli targets. Watch now on the Watchman Newscast!

ChiCom Organ Harvesting & Genocide Exposed by Journalist on China Border

The Communist Chinese Party regime in Beijing is committing genocide and harvesting organs from dissidents it is murdering–and especially followers of the Falun Gong spiritual movement–across China, warns investigative journalist Mitchell Gerber from the border of that nation in this interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman on Conversations That Matter.

There can no longer be any doubt that this is happening, Gerber said, pointing to the evidence compiled by researchers and governments around the world.
Now, the truth is becoming known, even at the United Nations, but so far the atrocities continue without any serious action.

1M Chinese customers unable to access bank deposits; Airbnb to close its domestic business in China

China’s ongoing lockdowns are driving foreign companies away—including Apple. Now the company is turning to nearby neighbors.

Vacation rental company Airbnb is saying goodbye to the Chinese market after a several-year revenue struggle under China’s lockdown policies.

Though multinational companies are planning to step back from China, some voices still say it won’t be easy to detach from China’s supply chains.

A million bank customers are blocked from withdrawing their own money. Four local banks and $1.5 billion are involved. Customers now fear they might lose the funds for good.


‘We’re Failing Our Young Men!’ Allie tells @Glenn Beck

The Uvalde massacre has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with the “epidemic of meaningless” our culture has given young men, Allie tells Glenn Beck:

“There’s nothing more dangerous than a man with nothing to live for and nothing to do.”

Check Out The Bravest Gun Rights Speech You’ll Ever See


The National Rifle Association is hosting its leadership summit in Houston on Friday. Following a mass shooting at a Texas elementary school Tuesday, many corporate media outlets are suggesting politicians should cancel their planned speeches there.

It is reminiscent of a previous attempt by the media and other partisans to blame law-abiding gun owners and their defenders for gun violence. On April 20, 1999, two high school seniors murdered 12 students and one teacher at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado. The NRA was slated to hold its large convention in Denver just days later.

Weak-kneed politicians canceled their planned appearances. More than five dozen Colorado business leaders signed a full-page ad published in local newspapers asking the convention organizers to cancel. Thousands of anti-gun rights activists descended on the convention.

But what happened next was breathtaking.

The top-ranking Republican in the state at that time was Gov. Bill Owens. He declined an invitation to speak. Secretary of State Vikki Buckley, a black Republican in her second term, welcomed the attendees to Colorado with a breathtaking speech on gun rights

Buckley was the first black secretary of state in Colorado and the first black Republican woman elected statewide in the Centennial State. The mother of three sons, she had once been on welfare to support them, eventually becoming a clerk typist in the secretary of state’s office in the early 1980s.