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US News:

As Pentagon struggles to fill military requests, funding goes to diversity, Critical Race Theory

(The Center Square) – The Pentagon is increasingly struggling to fill the weapons and equipment requests for the war in Ukraine. At the same time, taxpayer funds are going to pay for ongoing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion efforts in the military, most recently one controversial Pentagon official pushing anti-police and pro-critical race theory books at schools for the children of military families.

The New York Times recently highlighted the Pentagon’s manufacturing problem with a story headlined: “From Rockets to Ball Bearings: Pentagon Struggles to Feed War Machine.”

The Pentagon would reportedly struggle to manufacture enough precision missiles if conflict with China broke out after sending over a decades worth of Stinger missiles to Ukraine as soon as the war broke out, one of multiple concerning manufacturing issues that have been exposed by the demands of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Metro Police holds press conference after shooting at The Covenant School in Green Hills

Hidden traps found in area of future Atlanta police training center targeted by Antifa

Dekalb County CEO Michael Thurmond made the announcement at a press conference on March 24, 2023.

For months, Antifa and far-left extremists from across the U.S. (and even internationally) have carried out attacks on the area and police, including committing a shooting, to prevent the construction of a future Atlanta police training facility.

An SPLC staffer/NLG member was charged with domestic terrorism among 41 others so far.

Shocking Footage: Deadly Tornadoes Wreak Horrible Devastation In Mississippi

Fast and Furious | Full Measure

It was 12 years ago this month that I began breaking a series of stories that ultimately exposed shocking U.S. government operations.

Federal agents were secretly letting thousands of U.S. weapons be trafficked to Mexico’s drug cartels. The stories largely centered on one of the operations code-named Fast and Furious.

Many people on both sides of the border were killed by thugs using guns trafficked under the watch of U.S. agents. Among the dead: Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Now, a new international documentary series seeks to fill in a lot of blanks when it comes to the shocking, alleged U.S. role in the rise of Mexico’s famous drug kingpins.

Gun Control | Full Measure

America’s battle over guns and gun restrictions is heating up.

A major Supreme Court decision on the Second Amendment last year ignited movements across the country in some cases to crack down on gun ownership, in other cases to loosen up gun controls.

Amid the debate, San Jose, California became the first city in the nation to pass a law requiring gun insurance and annual gun fees paid to a nonprofit. And other cities and states are watching to see how this turns out.

‘Cop killer’ website accused of placing bounties on officers

LAPD detective Jamie McBride joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss concerns surrounding the massive leak and why he believes the ‘reckless behavior’ will ‘incite violence’ against police officers.

SVB collapse should’ve been ‘extremely clear’ to regulators: Michael Faulkender

Former Treasury Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy Michael Faulkender calls out federal regulators’ ‘arrogance’ around macroeconomic factors.

CDC knew COVID vax associated with myocarditis but left off post-vax surveys

The earliest demographics to get COVID-19 vaccines, such as healthcare workers, reported a surprisingly high rate of serious complications from them, according to data the CDC turned over under court order.

Among the 10 million-plus users of the agency’s v-safe active monitoring smartphone app through July — 8.5 million of whom signed up between December 2020 and April 2021, before all adults were eligible for COVID vaccines — nearly 8% said they required medical care after receiving the vaccines. 

Notably, chest pain and other cardiac symptoms that could indicate myocarditis and pericarditis — now known to be more common post-vaccination in people under 40 — are completely missing from the survey checkboxes, without which input data are harder to standardize.

World News:

Russia shells Sloviansk, two killed and 29 wounded: Official

Aerial photo of a destroyed building in Sloviansk, Ukraine. Photograph:(Reuters)

“As of 13:00, there are two dead and 29 wounded in Sloviansk… administrative and office buildings, five high-rise buildings and seven private houses were damaged,” Donetsk region governor Pavlo Kyrylenko said on Facebook.

Moscow sees capturing the city as vital to completing the capture of the Donbas industrial region in eastern Ukraine, one of its main war goals.

Reminiscent of World War One, the battle has been fought from trenches with relentless artillery and rocket strikes across a heavily mined battlefield described as a “meat grinder” by commanders on both sides.


Dr. Anders Tegnell ‘Lockdown was never on the agenda in Sweden’ Sweden’s state epidemiologist (medical) UK, SPI-B (Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviour) To increase adherence,

Saudi Arabia, Iran Schedule Foreign Minister Meeting During Ramadan

CHINESE FOREIGN MINISTRY/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Iran, the world’s largest Shiite Muslim country, and Saudi Arabia, whose Sunni royal family is the custodian of the holiest sites in all of Islam, have maintained a bitter rivalry for years, most prominently manifesting in their ongoing support of either side of the Yemeni civil war.

Saudi Arabia broke off diplomatic relations and shut down its embassy in Tehran in 2016 after Shiite rioters firebombed it and the Iranian government did little in response to the attack.

This month, Tehran and Riyadh announced that, after an extended session of talks in Beijing, the countries have agreed to restore ambassadors to their capitals and will focus on reconstructing their bilateral relationship.

The Chinese Communist Party, an ally to both, touted the move as a defeat for the United States, particularly after an unpleasant visit by left-wing President Joe Biden to Saudi Arabia last summer.

Netanyahu to suspend Israel’s Judicial Reform; Terror strikes a third in Hawara TV7Israel News 27.03

1) A shooting attack in the Palestinian town of Huwara has left two IDF soldiers wounded, while the assailants managed to flee the scene.

2) Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dismisses Defense Minister Yoav Gallant after he called to suspend legislation related to the Judicial reform – in light of dire ramification to Israel’s security.

3) Amid intensified publish discord, which includes a nation-wide strike by Israel’s major labor unions and private sector – Prime Minister Netanyahu is seeking approval from his coalition partners to postpone legislation related to the Judicial reform until after the Passover and Independence Day holidays.

Tractor Protests Spread: 5,000 Slovenian Farmers Stand Against EU Green Agenda

Luka Dakskobler/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The demo is reminiscent of similar events that are now regularly taking place in other EU countries, with farmers in Germany, Flanders and the Netherlands all having taken part in similar rallies protesting EU green rules.

According to a report by Euractiv, around 5,000 farmers are said to have taken part in the protest, which has largely been in response to recent ruling restricting the use of pesticides in certain areas over water pollution fears.

Farmers are also angry about legal protections for wolves and brown bears in the country — both of which have reportedly been involved in attacks on livestock — as well as widespread EU environmentalist protections affecting one-third of Slovenia’s total landmass.

Largest strike in decades brings Germany to a halt

Airports and bus and train stations across Germany were at a standstill on Monday morning, disrupting millions of commuters and travellers at the start of the work week during one of the largest walkouts in decades in Europe’s largest economy. Fiona Jones reports.


Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Rules Out 2024 Bid; Keeps ‘Open Mind’ About Endorsing Primary Candidate

AP Photo/John Bazemore

Kemp revealed his plans to stay out of the race in a recent Wall Street Journal interview after his name had been floated in some polls and the outlet had published an opinion piece by consultant Scott Wescott declaring Kemp a “logical choice” for the job.

Kemp, a popular governor who has gained national prominence in recent years, also told the WSJ he is “keeping an open mind” about whom he might endorse:

The activity on the national stage has undoubtedly raised Kemp’s profile, and while he will pass on a 2024 run, he has not ruled out running for Sen. Jon Ossoff’s (D-GA) Senate seat in 2026.

Chinese-American bank ‘willingly’ provided Biden family financial records: GOP senator

(Saul Loeb / AFP via Getty Images) | Getty Images

“When you see this kind of a connection between a sitting president, his son and the Chinese government, when people just don’t trust this and know that it’s one of the biggest threats facing us right now, that’s a really big issue that needs to be addressed,” Maslansky + Partners President Lee Carter said on “Mornings with Maria” on Monday.

Her comments come on the heels of Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., revealing Sunday to host Maria Bartiromo that Chinese-American-owned Cathay Bank disclosed Biden family bank records that match U.S. regulator records.

“A bank from China, let’s face it, the Communist Party controls those types of institutions; they willingly gave us the documents that backed up the Treasury records,” Johnson said on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

Matt Gaetz GRILLS Hypocritical DoD ‘Diversity Chief’ Over RACIST Tweets

Even major Trump critic calls out Bragg’s case against former POTUS: Report

‘ALL POLITICS’: A prominent New York politician who held office as a Democrat notably landed on the pro-Trump side of D.A. Alvin Bragg’s potential indictment of the 45th president. Mike Carter reports on “John Bachman Now”


The Scary Truth of the Russia Ukraine War

James K. Polk: Manifest Destiny

James K. Polk believed that America was destined to expand west.

Did this make him an imperialist or an agent for freedom and opportunity?

Wilfred McClay, professor of history at Hillsdale College, sets the record straight about the 11th President of the United States.