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US News:

National Science Teachers Association’s ‘Gender-Inclusive Biology’ Calls Women ‘People with Ovaries’

iStock, Screengrab, BNN Edit
iStock, Screengrab, BNN Edit

The guide, titled “Gender-Inclusive Biology: A framework in action,” provides teachers “practical strategies for teaching about gender, sex, and sexuality in biology.” Among the guiding principles is a pronounced belief in “affirmation” and “anti-oppression.” “Sex verification in sports” is one of the practices that is listed as an example of oppression.

The guide includes a section titled “Building Continuity in Gendered Language.” The section explicitly tells teachers to avoid terms like “mother,” instructing them to substitute it for “gestational parent.” The word “males” is also disposed of in favor of “XY individuals.”

The section also complains that “Many medical and scientific statistics only use data from white, cisgender, European populations.”

First funeral in Buffalo shooting massacre held for Heyward Patterson

Pallbearers carry out Buffalo supermarket mass shooting victim Deacon Heyward Patterson at Lincoln Memorial United Methodist Church on May 20.
James Keivom
Pallbearers carry out Buffalo supermarket mass shooting victim Deacon Heyward Patterson at Lincoln Memorial United Methodist Church on May 20.James Keivom

A Buffalo deacon who was shot to death while ferrying churchgoers to and from the Tops grocery store was laid to rest on Friday, the first of 10 funerals to be held since the hate-fueled massacre. 

Mourners attended a private service for Heyward Patterson, 67, at the Lincoln Memorial United Methodist Church in Buffalo before his burial at St. Matthew’s Cemetery, just a mile and a half away from where the church leader was killed Saturday afternoon, allegedly by white supremacist Payton Gendron

“He was a real good person, always helping people with their groceries and giving them rides,” Viola Brown said outside the church, according to the Guardian

Bidenflation: Gas Prices Shatter Records for 11th Consecutive Day

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, Thomas COEX/AFP
AP Photo/Jeff Chiu, Thomas COEX/AFP

A gallon of regular gas averaged $4.593 Friday, the American Automobile Association (AAA) reported, marking another jump from Thursday’s tenth consecutive record-setting day when national prices hovered at $4.589, as Breitbart News documented. Mid-grade gas and premium gas averaged at $4.956 and $5.236, respectively, on Friday.

Democrat-run California had the most exorbitant prices in the country Friday at a state-record $6.064 for a gallon of regular – the only state in the country to eclipse the shocking six-dollar milestone, according to AAA.

Per AAA, the following states round out the top in terms of the highest prices in the nation – all of which broke their respective records Friday, spare Nevada:

Stock market will tank in stagflation scenario, Bank of America warns

Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on May 18, 2022 in New York City. ((Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) / Getty Images)
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on May 18, 2022 in New York City. ((Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images) / Getty Images)

In a recent analyst note, Bank of America strategist Savita Subramanian warned that a “worst case” stagflation scenario – the rare combination of economic stagnation and high inflation – could see the benchmark S&P 500 fall to 3,200, a drop of roughly 17% from current values. It would mark a stunning 33% drop from the beginning of the year. 

The S&P has already tumbled a little more than 20% this year, officially entering a bear market on Friday afternoon for the first time since March 2020, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. High inflation, rising interest rates and the risk of a recession have rattled investors in recent weeks.

So far this year, the benchmark index has been down for seven consecutive weeks, its worst stretch since the dot-com bubble burst in 2001. Subramanian has warned that investors should be wary as “recession risks are taking over,” and noted that current market conditions are reminiscent of the dot-com bubble.

Dow Jones Industrial Average On Longest Losing Streak Since 1932

Getty Images/ valdecasas
Getty Images/ valdecasas

The Dow was off by 1.6 percent by midday Friday, which brings its weekly decline to 4.11 percent. Barring a dramatic turnaround, this will be the eighth consecutive weekly loss for the index. That would be the longest losing streak since 1932.

The S&P 500 was down 1.9 percent for the day and 4.5 percent for the week. This is the seventh weekly loss for the broad index, the most since 2001. Compared with its January high, the S&P is down 20 percent. If it closes at this level, it will officially be a bear market.

Ten of the eleven sectors of the S&P were down, with only real estate hanging on to a 0.6 percent gain for the day. The worst performing sector was consumer discretionary stocks, down 3.73 percent.

Investors are spooked by the negative impact inflation has had on the earnings of major retailers like Walmart and Target and the prospect that the Fed’s interest rate hikes could topple the economy into a recession. The threat of stagflation—low growth with high inflation—is looming larger in the minds of many investors.

San Francisco archbishop bars Pelosi from receiving Holy Communion due to abortion support

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Cordileone has written to the California Democrat, informing her that she should not present herself for Holy Communion at Mass, and that priests will not distribute communion to her if she does present herself.

It also declares that “Formal cooperation in an abortion constitutes a grave offense. The Church attaches the canonical penalty of excommunication to this crime against human life.”

However, despite that clarity, liberal Catholic politicians have consistently attempted to try and align their Catholic beliefs with their support of abortion rights. Then New York Gov. Mario Cuomo famously declared himself personally opposed to abortion in 1984, but said he could not impose that view on the country. 

But since then, Democrats such as Pelosi have been more full throated in their support of pro-abortion policies. President Biden, also a Catholic, had once supported the Hyde Amendment — which prevented U.S. funding going to pay for abortions abroad. He flipped on that amendment when he ran for president in 2020, and recently described “a woman’s right to choose” as “fundamental.”

Episode 16 | 65K+ Fake Students in the California Junior College System | Rip-Off Of The Week 2022

Hackers have enrolled FAKE STUDENTS in the California Junior College System, and collected up to $900 MILLION in financial aid and Covid-19 aid each semester!

Episode 17 | Fauci’s Royalties & NIH’s Secret $350M Royalty Stream | Rip-Off Of The Week 2022

It shouldn’t have taken a federal lawsuit and subpoenas to force NIH into production of the royalty database, but here we are.

EXPOSED: New W.H.O. health treaty could END U.S. sovereignty

The World Health Organization wants to expand its global control, and President Biden is helping them along the way.

On Sunday, the World Health Assembly (the governing body of The W.H.O.) will meet to discuss potential changes to its ‘pandemic treaty’ that could END U.S. sovereignty during health emergencies.

Daniel Horowitz, writer for TheBlaze, joins Glenn to detail how this treaty could result in the W.H.O. telling Americans how to respond during crises WITHOUT the approval of our elected officials.

Plus, it seems President Biden is completely onboard?!

Hillary Clinton OK’d sharing Trump-Russia ‘data,’ campaign manager says

WASHINGTON, DC — Hillary Clinton personally authorized her campaign to share since-debunked computer data linking Donald Trump with a Russian bank, according to bombshell testimony from her 2016 campaign manager Friday.

Robby Mook, testifying as a witness in defense of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, told jurors that he discussed the matter with the Democratic nominee shortly before the that year’s presidential election.

Mook described his end of the conversation with Clinton as him telling her, “Hey, we have this and we want to share it with a reporter.”

“She agreed to that,” he said.

Mook also acknowledged that the campaign hadn’t verified the accuracy of the data at the time.

Jury pool is ‘nightmare’ in trial of Clinton campaign lawyer: Turley

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley breaks down the latest developments in the Michael Sussmann trial.

Mass shooting: 9 shot, 2 fatally, at State and Chicago on Near North Side, CPD says

Shaun Davis, 29, said he was inside the McDonald’s when people started fighting outside.

“It escalated quickly to where some guy popped out with a gun,” Davis said. “My guys tried to grab the gun, but in the midst of them grabbing the gun, it slipped my way and a shot popped out.”

Davis said he was shot twice. Once on his side and once in the leg. He was taken in an ambulance to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Paramedics rushed in to help and treated people right on the street. Many fights were breaking out at the time, with officers trying to break them up.


Sen. Blackburn: This is why Border Patrol needs a wall

Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn discusses the consequences of the nearing end of Title 42, Gov. DeSantis’ efforts against fentanyl trafficking, and the baby formula shortage.

Tammy Bruce: This is not what women worked for

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce on the GOP’s recent bill to protect biological women, the abortion argument sweeping the nation, and Biden’s recent hit at Republicans.

This can ‘blow the narrative apart’ in Durham-Sussman trial: Rep. Reschenthaler

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R-Pa., discusses the Durham-Sussman trial and energy prices.

Chip Roy OWNS Abortion Doctor on How Minorities Are Their Client Base

Rep. Chip Roy just owned a group of abortion doctors and advocates when he pointed out that minorities are their main client base.

Democrats are pushing a new ‘war on terror’ on American citizens: Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald tells ‘The Ingraham Angle’ that unlike the first war on terror, this one is increasingly a war on terror on domestic soil aimed not at foreign nationals, but domestic citizens.

House Democrats plus Adam Kinzinger voted to nearly criminalize their political opposition — under the guise of preventing “domestic terrorism.”

Durham-Sussman Trial Update Could Mean Serious Implications For Clinton, FBI

World News:

Leftist New Zealand Govt to Hand Out Stimulus Checks to ‘Fight Inflation’

Mark Mitchell - Pool/Getty Images
Mark Mitchell – Pool/Getty Images

In order to supposedly combat inflation, which has risen to a 30-year-high in New Zealand, Finance Minister Grant Robertson announced on Thursday that the Labour Party-controlled government would be issuing 350NZD ($225/£180) in checks to some 2.1 million Kiwis in weekly payments over the next three months.

All adults who earned less than 70,001 NZD ($45,000/£36,000) in the previous fiscal year will automatically qualify for the stimulus checks in order to help the “squeezed middle,” New Zealand’s Stuff news website reported.

Leftist Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that the government spending was necessary to take the “hard edge” off inflation, which has hit 6.9 per cent, the highest level in three decades experienced by the island nation.

“The Budget eases the impact of global inflation on families. While we know the current storm will pass, it’s important we do what we can to take the hard edges off it now,” the PM said.

Israeli official challenges AOC claims on death of Al Jazeera journalist

An Israeli soldier aims his weapon while others take cover behind their shields during a Palestinian protest amid a flare-up of Israeli-Palestinian violence, in Hebron in the Israeli-occupied West Bank May 11, 2021.  (REUTERS/Mussa Qawasma)
An Israeli soldier aims his weapon while others take cover behind their shields during a Palestinian protest amid a flare-up of Israeli-Palestinian violence, in Hebron in the Israeli-occupied West Bank May 11, 2021.  (REUTERS/Mussa Qawasma)

Israel’s military on Thursday said it had identified a soldier’s rifle that may have been used in Abu Akleh’s shooting, but said it could not sure until it was able to analyze the bullet. 

The Palestinian side, which said it will be running its own investigation over claims of mistrust in the Israeli government, has reportedly refused to hand over the bullet. 

Ocasio Cortez drew ire from the Israeli ambassador for comments she made in an Instagram video Thursday night.

Zamir countered the congresswoman’s comments and said, “It’s dangerous to accuse Israel when even the Palestinian coroner has made no determination.”

“This is exactly what leads to more violent antisemitism in NYC,” he added in a Twitter post. 

The Israeli ambassador included an interview he gave earlier in the week on CNN urging “honest reporting” and to wait for the results of an investigation. 

Turkey says “No” to Finn-Swedish NATO bid; Israel alternative to Russian energy TV7Israel News 20.05

1) Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu is scheduled to travel to Israel next week, as part of Ankara’s efforts to normalize relations with Jerusalem.

2) Turkey stresses that it will not support plans by Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

3) Greece says it is working to connect Europe’s electric grid to Israel and Egypt – to diminish the continent’s energy reliance on Russia.

EXCLUSIVE! AZOV Battalion Mariupol Headquarters Walkthrough PT 1!

Join me and a few other select journalists, like Nikita, along with the #Russian #Army as we walk through the #captured #Mariupol headquarters of the #AZOV Battalion. Is there really American ammunition and American military training manuals, surrounded by thousands of examples of #Nazi symbolism? This is a video you have to SEE to Believe. Don’t miss it and share it with your friends! Sorry it ends abruptly, but it’s difficult to make videos where I am, and with very limited time and internet.

EXCLUSIVE! Pt 2 AZOV Battalion Mariupol Headquarters Walkthrough!

THe last one ended abruptly, sorry but the internet connection was very poor and we were in a “difficult” place. I can elaborate at a later time. Bot for now, here’s part 2 of the Azov HQ walkthrough.

Special report: China’s bid to topple the US without fighting | China in Focus

A war without bullets.

The Chinese regime has a strategy to win without fighting, to destroy a country from within.

In this special report, we look at how the Chinese regime uses #UnrestrictedWarfare, how that’s playing out in America, and how lives are already being impacted.

And joining us to help shed light on the topic are #KerryGershaneck, professor and author of “Political Warfare: Strategies for Combating China’s Plan to ‘Win Without Fighting’” and “Media Warfare:

Taiwan’s Battle for the Cognitive Domain,” as well as #JoshuaPhilipp, host of Crossroads and senior investigative reporter with The Epoch Times.


The Great Replacement Theory isn’t what the MSM claims

The mainstream media is deliberately misrepresenting the Great Replacement Theory in order to associate the Buffalo shooter with conservatives and Republicans.