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Horrific moment man casually loads his gun and executes homeless man

The incident occurred yesterday outside The Globe Building. 

Harrowing footage shared online shows Deshawn Thomas, the shooter, standing behind the homeless victim as he sits on the sidewalk with his hands covering his ears. 

After around 20 seconds, the gunman loaded his gun and shot the man at point blank range.

Witnesses said they saw the pair fighting outside the Shell gas station further up the street moments earlier.

Train carrying more than 30,000 gallons of propane derails in Florida 

Southern Manatee Fire Rescue Chief Robert Bounds said Tuesday afternoon that six Seminole Gulf railway cars fell off the tracks near a homeless camp at the Sarasota-Manatee County border.

Five of the cars were carrying sheetrock, while the sixth was carrying propane. Another train car that did not overturn was also transporting propane at the time, and jumped the track during the partial derailment, FOX 13 reports. 

So far there are no signs that any of the propane is leaking, and no injuries were reported. But evacuation orders may go into effect in the area as crews try to offload the fuel.

Hazmat teams are now monitoring the situation. 

‘I’m going to f***ing kill you’: Surveillance catches women brutally beating grocery store clerk in brazen attack

Image source: New York Post video screenshot

Luna told the New York Post that she knew one of her attackers, not personally, but from an incident that happened several days prior to the assault.

According to Luna, she had a run-in with a woman a week before after stopping the woman from cutting in a line to exchange recyclables for cash. The woman responded by threatening Luna.

“She said, ‘B*tch, that’s not your business. You better just give me my money,'” Luna recalled. “I’m going to kick your ass. I’m going to f***ing kill you. I’m going to bring my daughters and we’re all going to kick your ass!'”

Luna said that incident left her “terrified.” And it appears the woman made good on that promise.

Elon Musk is world’s richest person once again

Musk regained his position thanks to Tesla Inc.’s stock price surging to 70 percent this year due to investors piling on bets into riskier growth stocks.

The new move from investors comes in the wake of a slowing in the pace of Federal Reserve interest-rate increases and signs of a strengthening economy.

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Musk’s net worth was boosted to $187.1 billion after the Tesla share price rose 5.5 percent to $207.63. This surpassed Arnault’s personal reported net worth of $185.3 billion.

Soros-backed DA cuts deal giving no jail time to ‘wasted’ bus driver who killed cyclist in crash

Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza (Travis County DA Website)

Stafford was behaving strangely and talking to herself while driving a city bus at the University of Texas-Austin campus in January 2019, before she fatally struck 39-year-old bicyclist Anthony John Diaz, bus passengers told officials.

Stafford, who failed a sobriety test at the scene, had a backpack with her that contained four different prescription medications that had side effects that included confusion, dizziness and drowsiness but did not test positive for alcohol or illegal drugs.

Diaz was dragged under the bus for over 100 feet and was declared dead at the scene.

Garza, a progressive activist with no previous experience as a prosecutor, ran on a platform of “reimagining” policing and prosecuting police officer and was elected as Travis County district attorney in January 2021.

Pennsylvania county terminates ‘sanctuary county’ designation amid ‘heartache and angst’

As per the policy, the Butler County Prison will acknowledge ICE detainers that contain a warrant, send a list of prisoners to ICE on a weekly basis and permit ICE access to the facility and inmates as necessary. (Reuters / File)

Butler County, which is part of the Pittsburgh metropolitan area, was listed online prior to Feb. 21 as a location that impedes immigration enforcement policies, according to local ABC affiliate WTAE.

Butler County had been included in a list compiled by the Center for Immigration Studies that includes other 16 other counties in Pennsylvania, such as Philadelphia and Allegheny County.

The county prison board provided clarity last week regarding its association with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

As per the policy, the Butler County Prison will acknowledge ICE detainers that contain a warrant, send a list of prisoners to ICE on a weekly basis and permit ICE access to the facility and inmates, according to the outlet.

New York teacher ‘forced’ and ‘manipulated’ 5th-grader to become transgender, causing suicidal ideation: suit

New York Teacher Debra Rosenquist (Screenshot/YouTube | Twitter/Debra Rosenquist)

Teacher Debra Rosenquist, works at the Terryville Road Elementary School in the Brookhaven-Comsewogue School District, and was named along with the superintendent, Jennifer J. Quinn, and the principal, Annemarie V. Sciove, in a suit filed on Jan. 23. 

The suit claims the student, who was assigned female at birth and identifies as female, was targeted by her teacher, Rosenquist, throughout the 2021-2022 school year.

Rosenquist began to use a male name and pronouns for the student, the suit says. The plaintiff student and parents’ anonymity were maintained in the lawsuit. 

Witnesses interrupt rape in Brickell City Centre women’s bathroom, police say

Booking photo for Raziel Domingo Madrigal.  (Miami Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation)

According to a police report, 28-year-old Raziel Domingo Madrigal followed two women into the second-floor ladies’ room near the mall’s Apple Store just before 10 a.m.

Police said one of the women managed to run out of the bathroom after seeing Madrigal, but the other was trapped inside.

The report states Madrigal closed the bathroom door, locked it and whispered five chilling words: “someone really dangerous is out.”

Luckily for her, police said a passerby had alerted two witnesses that a man was sexually assaulting a woman inside the bathroom.

Chicago inmates say guards pressing them to vote in tight mayor election with checking eligibility

Prisoners in lockup at Cook County Jail “have claimed they are being pressured to illegally vote in the city’s mayoral election,” the Daily Mail reported on Tuesday.

One accused murderer, who spoke to the Mail under condition of anonymity, claimed that “21 of the 48 inmates in his Division 11” have already voted, though “none were asked if they were registered or eligible to vote.”

“They just say who wants to vote? Line up to vote,” the inmate reportedly claimed. 

Inside how the Navy axed male pilots to stage all-women Super Bowl flyover

Navy pilots perform a flyover before Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium on Feb. 12, 2023, in Glendale, Arizona. (Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images)
Navy pilots perform a flyover before Super Bowl LVII at State Farm Stadium on Feb. 12, 2023, in Glendale, Arizona. (Tasos Katopodis / Getty Images)

He added that the change of plans was not only difficult for the male pilots but also for the three female pilots on the original crew.

“The fact that it was based on gender and not on merit was not only difficult for the males who were no longer a part of it, but it was also difficult for the females who were a part of it based on merit originally,” he said.

The change of plans was quietly made to the public with news reports and a “Good Morning America” segment that celebrated the all-female crew just days ahead of the Super Bowl.

The segment made no mention of the Navy’s original plan of having a team of both male and female aviators.

Chinese virologist tells Tucker COVID-19 ‘was not an accident’

Chinese virologist Dr. Li Meng Yan reacts to a classified intelligence report from the Energy Department that found COVID-19 most likely came from a Chinese lab on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’


THIS is the SCARIEST part of the COVID lab leak being true

The U.S. Department of Energy confirmed earlier this week that the COVID-19 lab leak theory likely was the actual cause of the pandemic (no, DUH!).

But, Glenn says, there’s one part to this entire story that’s far more disturbing that China’s culpability in it all. In this clip, Glenn explains how the far-left’s demonization of those who originally believed the lab leak theory to be true AND the acceptance of some Americans to happily move on from the story now both are truly dangerous to our nation’s future:

‘Right now, our government is in control of you. Not the other way around.’

Covid Origins: After Years of Crushing Dissent, Government Backtracks on Lab Leak Hypothesis

This is a clip from our show SYSTEM UPDATE, now airing every weeknight at 7pm ET on Rumble. You can watch the full episode for FREE here:–system-up…

Col. Macgregor: WHY Has China Taken An Aggressive Approach To The Ukraine War?

Col. Macgregor: WHY Has China Taken An Aggressive Approach To The Ukraine War?

The Dangerousness of the Hijab: Feminist Yasmine Mohammed Speaks Out

Yasmine Mohammed, the founder of Free Hearts Free Minds, argues that the hijab is used by Muslims to slut shame women, perpetuating rape culture by putting the onus on women to protect themselves instead of holding harassers accountable.

The hijab is a tool of patriarchy and misogyny, and feminists should support those fighting against it.

World News:

Color revolution? US funneling millions into Hungary’s left-wing opposition media

According to a report from Magyar Nemzet, the Hungarian public has been shocked by the level of U.S. support, which shows signs of “open interference.”

The news outlet notes that the U.S. is arguably the world’s leading power, and with its ample resources is currently engaged in a massive cultural, economic and political influence operation in Hungary.

This operation involves donating millions to various opposition efforts, which now includes hundreds of thousands of dollars to a left-liberal newspaper, Telex, which the paper notes is completely at odds with Hungarian national values and interests.

Finland starts construction of Russia border fence

Work on the fence at the Imatra border crossing started on Tuesday

The Border Guard said it will be 3m (10ft) tall with barbed wire on top.

Finland shares the longest European Union border with Russia, at 1,340km (832 miles). At present, Finland’s borders are secured primarily by light wooden fences.

Finland decided to build the fence due to a rise in Russians seeking to escape conscription to fight in Ukraine.

The Nordic country also moved closer to joining the Nato alliance on Tuesday. Its parliament started debating a bill to speed up the country’s bid, with a vote expected on Wednesday.

Russians tighten noose on Ukraine’s Bakhmut, Putin warns of Western espionage

A Ukrainian serviceman taking position behind an automatic grenade launcher at the front line city of Bakhmut on Feb 25, 2023. PHOTO: REUTERS

DONETSK PROVINCE – Russian forces on Tuesday pressed forward their weeks-long drive to encircle and capture the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, where the commander of Ukraine’s ground forces described the situation as “extremely tense”.

Taking Bakhmut, the scene of some of the war’s bloodiest battles, would be Russia’s first major prize in more than six months and open the way to seizing the last remaining urban centres in the Donetsk region, one of four Moscow claims to have annexed in its “special military operation” in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin instructed the FSB security service on Tuesday to bolster security in the four regions – currently only partially controlled by his forces – and also to counter what he described as growing espionage and sabotage operations against Russia by Ukraine and the West.

Front-line Ukrainian soldiers only survive 4 hours, says US volunteer fighting outside Bahkmut

Ukrainian marine servicemen sit inside an APC, on the front line in the city of Vuhledar, Ukraine, Saturday, Feb. 25, 2023. (AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka)

A Ukrainian soldier will only survive for four hours on the eastern front of the war in Ukraine, according to a former U.S. marine now serving as a volunteer in Ukraine, Hungarian Magyar Nemzet reports.

The former Marine, Troy Offenbecker, describes the area around Bahkmut as a veritable “meat grinder” and said that shelling in the area is “non-stop.”

“[Russia] has maybe run into a shortage of shells lately, but the past couple of weeks it’s been nonstop. All day and night,” he said.

Offenbecker, who now fights for the International Legion, added that the fighting in the area is where most of the deaths are taking place and described the conditions around Bahkmut as chaotic.

‘Ukrainian kamikaze drone’ crashes just 68 miles from Kremlin

Russian president Vladimir Putin has ordered officials to tighten control of the border with Ukraine after a spate of drone attacks delivered a new challenge to Moscow more than a year after the invasion of its neighbour.

While Putin did not refer to any specific attacks in a speech in Moscow, his comments came hours after drones targeted several areas in southern and western Russia and authorities closed the airspace over St Petersburg in response to what some reports said was a drone.

Images shared online appear to depict a Ukrainian UJ-31 ‘loitering munitions’ kamikaze flying bomb after it crashed down near a gas plant more than 300 miles from the border.

It came down near the village of Kolomna hours after Russia’s Defence Ministry accused Ukraine of two attempted drone strikes in the south overnight.

North Korea threatens declaration of war with US if military drills continue

North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) Saturday, February 18, 2023, in Pyongyang’s Sunan area, according to state-run news agency KCNA.

The North Korean government warned on Friday that joint U.S. and South Korean military drills in and around the Korean Peninsula may be considered a “declaration of war” if they continue.

Kwon Jong-gun, North Korea’s designated envoy for U.S.-related affairs, said the U.S. deployment of strategic military assets on the Korean Peninsula, and joint military drills with South Korea are considered “hostile actions.”

Last week, the U.S. and South Korea conducted joint aerial drills and held a strategic table-top exercise at the Pentagon which was designed to rehearse its deterrence capabilities and response posture in light of North Korea’s expanding nuclear weapons program. The U.S. is also set to begin joint drills with South Korea in the coming weeks, and the exercises could include a U.S. aircraft carrier, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported.

Kwon’s comments came days after the U.S. and other members of the United Nations Security Council (U.N.S.C.) raised issue with recent North Korean ballistic missile tests.

U.S. ‘expects’ Israel to prosecute settlers involved in Huwara riots

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave breakdown updates on the Hunter Biden investigations.

Shocker: Dude Wins 1500m Track Race In Women’s Category

Tiffany Newell — a biological male pretending to be a woman — just won the 1500m track race at the Canadian Masters Indoor Championships in Toronto.

Newell is 50 years old, and while he was only competing against one other runner, he still won by roughly 1 minute and 12 seconds.

However, this isn’t the first time Newell has literally stolen a victory from biological women.

Last year, he set a world record for 45-49-year-olds in the 5000m run with a time of 18:02:30.

After that tournament, the Canadian Masters went so far as to ratify “the time as a record under the World Athletics policy for trans athletes.”

Terror claims additional lives in Israel; U.S. demands Israeli accountability TV7 Israel News 28.02

1) Terror continues to plague Israel, with repeated shooting attacks throughout Jude and Samaria claiming a 14th victim in the month of February, alone.

2) A dangerous uptick in attacks by Israeli settlers, directed toward IDF forces, is raising concerns among Israel’s defense establishment.

3) The United States reiterates its call upon Israel and the Palestinian Authority to adhere to understandings reached during the Aqaba Summit.

German babysitter sentenced nearly 15 years for more than 100 child sex crimes: ‘Unimaginable brutality’

The defendant in the Wermelskirchen abuse complex holds a folder in front of his face in the courtroom in Cologne, Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2023.  (Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa via AP)

The 45-year-old man was convicted Tuesday in a Cologne, Germany regional court and sentenced to 14 years and six months after investigators say he had documented the abuse of babies, children and teenagers, and shared videos and images of “unimaginable brutality” with dozens of people.

In total, prosecutors say the man was involved in more than 120 cases of sexual abuse against 13 children between 2005 and 2019, with the youngest victim being just 1 month old. 

When investigators arrested the married man at his home in Wermelskirchen, Germany, investigators said they had never previously “encountered such a level of inhuman brutality and callous indifference to the suffering of young children.”

US Behind Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotage Attack, Says Renowned Columbia Professor

Renowned Columbia professor Jeffrey Sachs has claimed that the US was behind the Nord Stream pipeline blast, citing a lack of motive for Russia and no evidence from NATO intelligence agencies.

Sachs has called for a UN Security Council investigation into the incident, which he considers an act of international terrorism.

Spain makes having SEX with Animals LEGAL!

We owe them NOTHING

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, who wants to see white men become extinct, wonders why white people don’t want any more of her fellow travelers.

War Game Simulation: China Loses in War Over Taiwan | China In Focus

In a Japanese think tank’s latest #simulation predicting who would win a cross-strait war, #Taiwan emerges victorious, with Beijing failing to conquer the island.

But both sides sustain heavy losses.

As for the players, Beijing is on one side facing off with Taiwan, the United States, and Japan.

The year is 2026, and the losses are tens of thousands killed or wounded on either side—with the tide turning at a key point in battle.

But what about after 2026, when most experts predict China’s military growth will reach a new stage?


Calls for Dutch PM to resign after parliamentary inquiry finds government chose profits over people in Groningen gas scandal

(AP Photo/Peter Dejong, file)

An overwhelming 83 percent of respondents in a recent poll published by the De Telegraaf newspaper believe Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte should resign after a parliamentary inquiry concluded on Friday that his administration put profits before people and ignored the risks of gas production in Groningen for years, causing misery for people living in the area.

The damning report described how the Rutte government had permitted multinationals like Shell and ExxonMobil to extract natural gas at what is the largest gas field in Europe located in the Groningen province, and had gravely underestimated the devastating impact the practice would have on the community.

The report, which followed a two-year investigation into the activities conducted by energy giants for decades, found that residents had been “structurally ignored” for decades “with disastrous consequences.”

The activity by gas giants resulted in an earthquake and hundreds of tremors that left thousands of homes structurally unsafe.

Nigeria election results 2023: Bola Tinubu takes strong lead over Atiku Abubakar and Peter Obi

Bola Tinubu based his campaign on his record of rebuilding Lagos

Mr Tinubu, 70, a wealthy businessman and former governor of Lagos state, has 39% of votes counted so far.

Former Vice-President Atiku Abubakar has 31%, while third-party candidate Peter Obi has 20%.

The parties of both Mr Abubakar and Mr Obi have called for the election to be cancelled and rerun, alleging that the inability of the electoral commission to upload results to its website showed that the results had been manipulated.

Many voters reported problems with uploading results through the new electronic voting system, which was intended to speed up the process.

Janet Yellen Makes TONE DEAF Visit To Ukraine As Americans Are BURIED In Inflation: Analysis

Briahna Joy Gray, Robby Soave, and Spencer Brown discuss Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s Ukraine visit.

Trump Excoriates Biden For ‘Nation-Wrecking Policies,’ Pushes New Plan To Cut Trade Deficit

In a video released to social media, former President Trump proposed his plan to cut the trade deficit.

“A Hate Crime on the American People”; Chip Roy Goes NUCLEAR on Committee Democrats

Labor must win 2025 election if they want to introduce doubled super taxes

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced on Tuesday taxes will double on the earnings of superannuation accounts containing balances of over $3 million with Labor still maintaining there will be “no changes this term.”

The 30 per cent tax rate won’t be implemented until July 2025 and will raise about $2 billion in its first full year after the election.

Sen Hawley Catches Biden’s National Archivist Nominee Lying Under Oath

“I have never seen a witness blatantly lie …She is misleading us right now before our eyes”

Zelenskyy undercut Joe Biden on China’s peace plan: Ric Grenell | Wake Up America

On Tuesday’s “Wake Up America,” former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell sounds off on the Biden administration being slow to engage in diplomacy over Ukraine.

Why is all of this coming forth?: Kevin McCarthy

Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy discusses the GOP’s plans to probe into the Biden admin on multiple issues on ‘Hannity.’

Tucker: This is an outrage

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to report that the Energy Department has concluded COVID-19 most likely came from a Chinese lab on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’