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In The News:

Secy. Pompeo: MSM Complicit in China’s Campaign of Misinformation

Mike Pompeo condemns mainstream media for not sufficiently reporting on China’s various abuses of international law. One America’s Hans Hubbard reports.

Was China involved? | Gordon Chang

Asia analyst Gordon Chang on the recent cyber attack from Russian hackers and the potential involvement of Beijing and more – via Newsmax TV’s ‘John Bachman Now.’

This state is prioritizing inmates for COVID-19 vaccine

Massachusetts inmates will be some of the first to get the coronavirus vaccines after health care workers, emergency medical workers and residents of long-term care facilities get vaccinated.

Dr. Birx Planning to Retire

Dr. Deborah Birx (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Dr. Deborah Birx (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Birx said her decision to step down was sparked by the treatment of her family after it was reported that she traveled for Thanksgiving to a vacation property on Fenwick Island in Delaware.

According to the Washington Examiner, Birx had insisted the purpose of the weekend trip wasn’t for “celebrating Thanksgiving” but did acknowledge she shared a meal with family when she was there.

“It’s been very difficult on my family. I think what was done in the last week to my family, you know, they didn’t choose this for me.

Acting Defense Chief Visits Afghanistan During Troop Pullout

The Pentagon said the acting secretary met his military leaders to discuss the Taliban violence and the continuing U.S. mission there.

He also met service members at several locations “to thank them and acknowledge their sacrifice of being away from their families during a difficult holiday season,” the Pentagon said.

Miller also made stops at two Air Force bases in Britain on Monday.

He visited U.S. troops and military leaders at RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath. At Lakenheath he also received updates on COVID-19 testing, treatment and vaccinations.

Tucker breaks down prestigious private school’s latest diversity manifesto

Author Scott Johnston, who broke the story on NYC’s Dalton private school’s, discusses the meltdown over the school’s latest diversity plan.

San Francisco COVID rules: No kissing on dates!

One year ago, would you have mindlessly obeyed these power drunk politicians with their ridiculous, unscientific, unconstitutional, insane orders?

If not, why are you obeying them now?


Breaking Down Senate Majority Leader McConnell’s Conflict of Interest With China

As details continue to come to light about Hunter Biden’s suspicious dealings with China, Senate Majority Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has also been coming under fire for conflicts of interest with the communist country.

One America’s Richard Pollock spoke with Peter Schweizer and has more from Washington.

Did Bill Barr Fail the President? | Declassified | Gina Shakespeare

Barr also noted in his letter that the president has been subjected to “relentless, implacable resistance” whose purpose was to “cripple, if not oust, [his] Administration with frenzied and baseless accusations of collusion with Russia.”

The letter was issued on the same day that our nation officially entered a contested election, with dueling electors submitting their votes in seven key states.

‘Our darkest days are ahead of us’: Biden

“And here’s the simple truth, our darkest days in the battle against COVID are ahead of us, not behind us.

“So we need to prepare ourselves, to steel our spines.

“No time to waste in taking the steps we need to turn this crisis around. My administration will start to do this, its part, on our first day in office, with masking requirements, a new strategy for testing, accelerated protection and protective gear.

“We’re going to challenge Congress, and the American people, to step up immediately as well to do their part.”


COVID Relief Bill Included $600 for Americans and $10 Million for Pakistani Gender Programs

In the House, the COVID relief bill and a $1.4 trillion spending bill to fund the government were voted on separately, but in the Senate, those bills were combined.

Apparently, they couldn’t get Senators to vote to give a meager $600 to Americans they put out of work unless the bill also included things like $700 million dollars for Sudan, making “illegal” streaming a felony, and 10 million dollars for gender programs in Pakistan. Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

People are still digging all sorts of ridiculous things out of the bill.

Joe Biden’s Deputies Urge Intending Foreign Migrants to Be Patient

AP Photo/Moises Castillo
AP Photo/Moises Castillo

“Migrants and asylum seekers absolutely should not believe those in the region peddling the idea that the border will suddenly be fully open to process everyone on Day 1,” said Susan Rice, who is expected to be Biden’s top domestic policy chief.

“It will take months to develop the capacity that we will need to reopen fully.”

Neither official suggested any migrants would be rejected by their proposed “establishing a fair, humane, and orderly immigration system.”

President Donald Trump is denying asylum to migrants “rather than helping create alternative pathways to protection,” said Sullivan. “That is just not who we are as a country.”

FOX BUSINESS VIDEO: Swalwell’s purported Chinese spy ties ‘absolutely unacceptable’ for national security: Rep. Jody Hice

Rep. Jody Hice- R-Ga., discusses Rep. Swalwell’s alleged ties with China and election integrity in the Georgia Senate runoffs.

Peter Navarro on Newsmax TV: Stolen Election ‘Brass Knuckle Politics’

Exposing the “chessboard” of the stolen election, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro on Newsmax TV rebuked the “Democrat Party strategic blueprint for toppling” President Donald Trump.

“The top line here is very simple: The Democrat Party, as a coordinated strategy across six battleground states – you’ve got Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin – a coordinated strategy to stuff the ballot box with mail-in and absentee ballots, and do it in a way where they bend and often break the law,” Navarro told Monday’s “Greg Kelly Reports.”

New Findings Could Be Imminent but Access to Evidence Denied; Trump Team Shifted Focus,

Tucker Carlson: What if the ‘Woke Brain Virus’ Began to Infect the Military?

Monday, FNC’s Tucker Carlson warned of the consequences of the so-called “woke” trend underway becoming more prevalent in the U.S. military.

Carlson pointed to examples of the push against meritocracy in the name of diversity and inclusion in the U.S. Armed Forces, which could be accelerated under a Biden administration.

“Over the weekend, MSNBC assembled a panel of the usual highly credentialed geniuses to plan Joe Biden’s presidential candidate. Watch this and notice the criteria they’re using to staff your Federal government.”

Marc Morano: We Will Go From COVID Lockdowns To “Climate Lockdowns” Under Biden

Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano warned Biden and Democrats are using the COVID lockdown model to prepare for “climate lockdowns” in an interview Monday night with FOX News host Tucker Carlson.

“What they’re trying to do, you saw Biden elude to it there with ‘Build Back Better.’ They’re trying to essentially use the COVID lockdown model for the climate emergency model.

And they are going to go from COVID lockdowns to climate lockdowns,” Morano said.

World News:

Democrat Lam Cheuk-ting banned from leaving Hong Kong while on bail as prosecution cites Ted Hui case

Lam Cheuk-ting. Photo: RTHK screenshot.
Lam Cheuk-ting. Photo: RTHK screenshot.

Former lawmaker Lam Cheuk-ting was charged with rioting over a mob attack at Yuen Long MTR station in July last year.

In August he had been granted bail and given permission to leave Hong Kong if necessary to fulfil his duties as a legislative councillor. On Monday he was ordered to surrender his passport.

Prosecutors cited Hui’s situation without mentioning his name and and said the possibility of Lam absconding had increased.

Israel threatens Iran; Terror plagues Jerusalem; Knesset dissolves at midnight-TV7 Israel News 22.12

1) A terror attack plagued the alley-ways of Jerusalem’s Old City, last night – when an Islamist assailant opened fire at an entrance of the Temple Mount.

2) IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi levels a threat to Iran – encouraging it ‘not to attack Israel’.

3) Jerusalem is heading to a fourth-round of general elections.

China Imposes New Visa Limits in Back-and-forth with US

The visa action came in response to a State Department announcement Monday that said the U.S. will deny visas to Chinese Communist Party officials whose policies or actions are aimed at repressing religious groups, ethnic minorities, dissidents or others.

“China has taken reciprocal countermeasures against the U.S. individuals and their family members who are primarily responsible for recent interference in China’s internal affairs,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said.

Wang also said China opposed the Tibetan Policy and Support Act, which calls for the establishment of a U.S. consulate in Tibet as well as support for Tibetans to choose the next Dalai Lama, their spiritual leader, on their own.

37,000 Migrants Lost After Skipping Bail or Fleeing Detention Centres

Luke Dray/Getty Images
Luke Dray/Getty Images

The figures showed that in total, 37,302 foreign nationals have gone unaccounted for over the past three decades until the end of September this year, the Mail on Sunday reported.

The Home Office failures mean that a group of migrants equivalent to the entire population of British towns such as Redcar in North Yorkshire or Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire is now missing.

In response to the figures, Migration Watch Chairman Alp Mehmet said: “This is a shocking failure.

It is ridiculous to intercept those crossing the Channel illegally or after they emerge from the back of lorries, only to turn them loose to disappear into the undergrowth of the shadow economy.

Four convicted of Milton Keynes murder of two teenagers

(Left to right) Earl Bevans, Clayton Barker and Charlie Chandler.
(Left to right) Earl Bevans, Clayton Barker and Charlie Chandler. Photograph: Thames Valley police

Four people have been convicted of murdering two teenagers who were targeted in a “ferocious” ambush at a house party in Milton Keynes.

Dom Ansah and Ben Gillham-Rice, both 17, were fatally stabbed by masked attackers at the private party on the Emerson Valley estate in October 2019. Two others were stabbed and left with serious but non-life-threatening injuries.

Jurors on Tuesday found Charlie Chandler, 22, Clayton Barker, 20, and a 17-year-old and 16-year-old guilty of the murders and two counts of wounding with intent.

How carbon bureaucrats lied to get the policies they wanted

This video shows how the UK Climate Assembly report misrepresented the Assembly members’ recommendations.

These recommendations were then apparently used by the UK Committee on Climate Change (CCC) to make policy recommendations to the UK Parliament — which Parliament is almost certain to adopt.


‘Twas the Night before (COVID) Christmas

We must remember, no matter how gray, just why we celebrate this great Christmas day.

American Medical Association Approves Hydroxychloroquine

We warned this would happen and now it has. All year the liberal media has attacked Trump’s handling of the coronavirus, especially his endorsement of hydroxycloroquine as an effective treatment.

Now that Democrats believe the election is all over, their disgusting hypocrisy is reaching new heights!

The American Medical Association has amended their recommendations regarding Hydroxychloroquine, reversing their previous warning that a drug in common use for seven decades was somehow now dangerous.

This comes after the 2020 election, of course.

If they admitted the truth about HCQ before the election, it would have benefitted President Trump who has been recommending it for months.