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US News:

Indiana inmates bought keys from jailer, raped and assaulted female prisoners in ‘night of terror’: lawsuits

Inset: Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel poses in his office. (Clark County Sheriff's Office, iStock)
Inset: Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel poses in his office. (Clark County Sheriff’s Office, iStock)

“On the night of October 23, and into the early morning hours of October 24, 2021, numerous male detainees used the keys obtained from Lowe to enter [women’s pods] where they raped, assaulted, harassed, threatened and intimated the plaintiffs in this lawsuit and other women for several hours, resulting in significant physical and emotional injuries,” a federal lawsuit reads.

“Amazingly, even though there were surveillance cameras positioned in locations that showed the male detainees accessing the women’s Pods, and even though the incident involved multiple male detainees and dozens of victims over an extended period of time, not a single jail officer on duty that night came to the aid of the Plaintiffs and the other victims.”

When they finally arrived, authorities allegedly punished the women by keeping their lights on for three days straight, confiscating personal items and revoking normal privileges.

Lowe allegedly sold the keys to the inmates, according to the lawsuit, but the suit also accuses Sheriff Noel of presiding over “a systemic failure” that included lack of training for his jailers, lack of supervision and lack of adequate security.

Full Measure: July 31, 2022 – Science Wars

Today we begin with a fundamental shift that’s happening in American science.

Over the centuries, scientific debate was usually considered invaluable in order for scientific advancements to take place.

But an information war launched by public health officials during the Covid pandemic has made many ask whether that longstanding dynamic is still possible.

San Francisco CEO mugged at gunpoint, warns Mayor Breed about the ‘absolutely unacceptable’ crime rate

Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg via Getty Images
Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Prologis CEO Hamid Moghadam was mugged outside his $15 million home in San Francisco last month.

Owned by the Vanguard Group and BlackRock, Prologis is the largest industrial real estate firm in the world.

Moghadam spoke to the San Francisco Business Times about the incident and explained that he had been attacked at gunpoint by two men in Pacific Heights. He stated that the altercation lasted approximately 30 seconds.

Moghadam said that his wife is still having nightmares about the attack.

The two muggers stole Moghadam’s Patek Philippe watch. The watch brand sells its pieces for anywhere from $12,000 to $2 million.

Facebook censors top economist for defining recession

American Institute for Economic Research senior research fellow Phillip Magness discusses Facebook’s censorship tactics enacted against him after he shared a post regarding the White House’s attempts to redefine ‘recession.’

Has Fox News Effectively Banned Trump From Appearing On Their Network?

Former President Donald Trump (AP)
Former President Donald Trump (AP)

A report by the New York Times noted that Trump has not appeared on Fox News in over 100 days in what seems to be part of an intentional effort to freeze out his 2024 candidacy.

Having last appeared on Sean Hannity’s show on April 13, Trump himself complained that his old friend “doesn’t seem to be paying him much attention anymore.”

According to Newsmaxthis is a clear sign that Fox is “banning” Trump from the network altogether as it prepares to throw its full weight behind DeSantis.

The right-wing news outlet pointed to a video released by Fox News two weeks ago which showed ‘man on the street’ style interviews with Trump supporters who said they don’t want him to run again and “unanimously backed DeSantis for 2024.”


George Soros Reform Prosecutors

House Oversight GOP investigating DHS efforts to ‘impede’ agency watchdog probes related to southern border


In a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the GOP lawmakers raised concerns about the internal memo which, they say, allegedly advised employees “on how to impede OIG investigations.”

“We write to investigate efforts by the Department of Homeland Security to obstruct oversight by the DHS Office of Inspector General. According to recent reports, DHS is advising employees on how to impede OIG oversight, including how to avoid turning over documents and systems access to the OIG,” they wrote.

The lawmakers state that if the reports are “true,” then “DHS leadership is deliberately undermining the OIG’s mission,” which is to “provide independent oversight to promote excellence, integrity and accountability within DHS.”

The memo the GOP lawmakers were referring to was allegedly circulated among U.S. Customs and Border Protection employees in preparation for a meeting with DHS OIG personnel.

“Essentially, the memo encouraged CBP employees to resist the OIG’s request for access to CBP systems. More alarming, CBP’s memo included flawed legal analyses—apparently sanctioned by DHS Office of General Counsel—to justify withholding information from the OIG,” they wrote.

Far-Left Commentator Slurs Black Republican Senate Candidate

Mystal, who is also black, said in an MSNBC interview that Walker is “so clearly unintelligent” and “so clearly doesn’t have independent thoughts” that, if elected, he will “do what he’s told.”

“That’s what Republicans like,” Mystal went on. “That’s what Republicans want from their Negroes.”

This is not the first time Mystal, who has said the Constitution is “actually trash,” has attacked Walker on the basis of race. In an April essay published in The Nation, Mystal called Walker’s candidacy “an insult to Black people” and a “political minstrel show” and said the candidate himself is “an animated caricature of a Black person drawn by white conservatives.”

Republicans say Biden spending bill raises taxes on average Americans — and offer evidence to prove it

Angelo Merendino/Getty Images
Angelo Merendino/Getty Images

President Joe Biden campaigned on a promise that he would not raise taxes on Americans who earn less than $400,000 per year.

But that is exactly what the so-called “Inflation Reduction Act” does, according to new analysis from the nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation.

The nonpartisan organization found that Americans in nearly every tax bracket will pay more taxes if the Inflation Reduction Act becomes law.

In 2023, for example, Americans who earn less than $10,000 will see their average tax rate increase by 0.3%, while Americans earning $30,000–$75,000 will see their average tax rate increase by 0.1%, and Americans earning more than $75,000 per year will see tax increases than range from 0.2%–0.6%.

The average increase across all income brackets in 2023 would be 0.3%, the analysis found.

Does political bias affect investigations conducted by the FBI?

Iowa senator Chuck Grassley discusses his letter alleging that the FBI downplayed investigations into Hunter Biden’s business dealings on ‘Sunday Night in America.’

Rep. Comer: 2 people have now identified Joe Biden as ‘the big guy’

The top Republican on the Oversight and Investigations panel, Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), said new information points to two people now positively identified Joe Biden’ as “the big guy.”

This nickname has referred to the person who supposedly received 10 percent of the profits from Hunter Biden” business deals. One America’s John Hines has more from Capitol Hill.

World News:

Gravitas Global Headlines: First grain ship departs from Odessa port | Sri Lanka economic crisis

Gravitas: Iraq’s political crisis raises risk of violence

The political impasse in Iraq has raised the risk of more violence. Over the weekend, the protesters stormed the parliament again. They have installed tents and refused to leave. Palki Sharma tells you more.

Iran pledges to adhere to One-China policy; Israel: PA not a partner for peace TV7 Israel News 01.08

1) Israeli Special Operations forces apprehend dozens of terror suspects – as the prolonged counter-terror operation “waves breaker” persists.

2) China and Iran highlight their deepening relations in the face of international complexities.

3) The Iranian Foreign Ministry warns that any new sanctions imposed against it by the United States would further impede on Western efforts to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement.

First ship carrying Ukrainian grain leaves Odessa Port | Shipment under UN-brokered grain deal

Turkey said the first shipment of grain had left the Odessa port for Lebanon and will reach Istanbul on Tuesday. According to Ukraine authorities, the ship is carrying 26,000 tonnes of corn.

China won’t ‘sit idly by’ if Pelosi visits Taiwan

China said on Monday (August 1) that its military “not sit idly by” if U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan.

Taiwan military trains amid threats from China

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi is expected to make a visit to Taiwan this week as part of her Asia tour.

China has strongly protested the visit and even threatened military action.

Tensions across the Taiwan Straits have heightened in recent months with China upping its rhetoric and military activities around Taiwan, which Beijing considers a Chinese province.

UN Chief & Putin In Rare Moment Of Agreement: World Is “One Miscalculation Away” From Nuclear Annihilation

Putin’s words came just as Russian media sources reported the Biden administration has offered to open talks with Moscow over a “new arms control framework” that could replace the New START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty).

The past half-decade has witnessed the deterioration and ultimately abandonment of some key Cold War era arms treaties, in addition to the collapse of monitoring agreements like ‘Open Skies’ – which the US recently pulled out of.

On the same day, UN Secretary General António Guterres warned that humanity is “one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation”. Thus it appears the UN chief and Putin are on the same page… a rare moment. He said the following upon the start of a conference of countries belonging to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) in New York:

We have been extraordinarily lucky so far. But luck is not a strategy. Nor is it a shield from geopolitical tensions boiling over into nuclear conflict,” Guterres said at the start of a conference of countries belonging to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

“Today, humanity is just one misunderstanding, one miscalculation away from nuclear annihilation,” he said, calling on nations to “put humanity on a new path towards a world free of nuclear weapons”.

Within the first two months of the Russian invasion, there were widespread reports and speculation that Putin ordered his armed forces to enter a heightened state of nuclear readiness. Later, top Russian officials vowed they will not use nukes in Ukraine.

36-year-old teacher justifies dating 15-year-old student | 60 Minutes Australia

He was a Melbourne schoolboy, she was his PE teacher. He was 15. She was 36 – old enough to be his mother – and she broke every rule in the book.

For her sins, Karen Ellis was branded a paedophile, convicted and jailed. After her release, she and her lover, Ben Dunbar, told 60 Minutes their story.

The attraction, the secret meetings, the love affair – her crime. Put bluntly, Karen Ellis betrayed a trust; she had illicit sex with a minor. And, surprising as it may seem, after all the notoriety, all the damage this affair caused, Karen Ellis and young Ben got back in touch.


George Soros’ Shocking New Plans (Ep. 1820) – The Dan Bongino Show

In this episode, I address the shocking George Soros’ article about his future plans.

Why the Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions

Are you a good person if you have good intentions?

Many seem to think so, but there are a lot of problems with this belief. In fact, it’s the source of much of the evil in the world. Dennis Prager explains.