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SWAT team responds to rifle-wielding woman at Trump Tower Chicago

Chicago police officers respond to a call of a person with a rifle at the Trump International Hotel and Tower, Wednesday, April 5, 2023.
Pat Nabong/Sun-Times

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that a “rifle-wielding woman” walked into the Trump International Hotel and Tower located in the city’s central business district overlooking the Chicago River at 11:25 a.m. Wednesday.

Armed officers were called to the 98-story building on North Wabash Avenue.

However, the incident was not thought to be related to the Trump family.

The Sun-Times stated that police sent officers to the building’s 27th floor, where a woman went after saying she was “tired of being abused by her husband.”

Donald Trump’s lawyer explains charges: ‘There IS NO CRIME!’

What EXACTLY are the charges being brought against Donald Trump in New York?

Well, they’re hard to explain because for the most part…THEY MAKE NO SENSE! In this clip,

Glenn is joined by Joe Tacopina, an attorney for the former president who will represent him in this case.

Tacopina answers all of Glenn’s questions, and he explains why there IS NO CRIME to discuss.

Plus, he explains why he took the case to begin with and why it shows that ‘rule of law is in danger in this country.’

Leonardo DiCaprio testifies that CCP-linked Malaysian financier, now a fugitive, sent $30 million to Obama during 2012 campaign

Prakazrel “Pras” Michel, founder of The Fugees, has been recruited by Low in an effort to funnel money to Obama’s re-election bid, because foreigners are not allowed to contribute to US campaigns. T

he report indicated that Michel had taken “tens of millions of dollars” to lobby the government on behalf of the Chinese government.

However, it turns out that much of the money was stolen. Low is now being accused of embezzling $4.5 billion from 1MDB, Malaysia’s state investment fund, per Reuters.

Prosecutors have claimed that Michel received over $20 million from foreign accounts, which were then passed off to 20 “straw donors from June to November 2012,” according to The Post.

These donors were believed to have made the contributions to the Obama campaign in their names so that money could not be tracked back to Low.

Bragg ripped for ‘insulting’ crime victims after touting Trump arrest

Former FBI agent Nicole Parker discusses Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s boasts of arresting former President Donald Trump as crime surges in New York City.

Leader of anti-police group wants no prison time for murder, burglars to clean homes as punishment

Moore received the key to Austin, Texas.
Chas Moore / Twitter

Woke Austin, Texas granted a key to the city to a radical defund the police protestor who doesn’t think anyone should be placed in jail — even murderers.

Despite the city setting a record for homicides in 2021 after dramatically cutting its police budget and 911 response times climbing to hours even for serious crimes, Chas Moore, head of the Austin Justice Coalition, believes police and prisons should be abolished.

“I believe that we can get to a world where we don’t have police and where we don’t have prisons,” said the activitist — whose grip on Austin officials is so strong, they declared Oct. 22 “Chas Moore Day” last year.

NY Judge Rules State’s ‘Red Flag’ Gun Law is Unconstitutional

(David Ryder/Getty Images)

A judge in New York has ruled that the state’s extreme risk protection order law, which allows law enforcement to temporarily seize a person’s firearms, is unconstitutional.

Brown’s ruling against New York’s Red Flag law could impact other cases involving people who have had their firearms seized under the legislation.

She said an appellate court could potentially overturn Brown’s decision, but that she has yet to see any of the rulings against the state’s Red Flag laws go before the state’s appellate court division.


Hunter Biden flashes cocky smile as DA goes after Trump in legal double standard

Hunter Biden is under investigation for allegedly leveraging the power of his father’s vice presidency.
AFP via Getty Images
Hunter Biden is under investigation for allegedly leveraging the power of his father’s vice presidency.
AFP via Getty Images

The week that Donald Trump was arrested in New York, less than a mile away from the courthouse, Hunter Biden was all smiles as he checked in on his latest art exhibition in Soho, at the George Berges Gallery, where his paintings reportedly sell for as much as $500,000 apiece to persons unknown.

The first son seemed untroubled by the ongoing investigations into the millions he was paid by China in return for leveraging the power of his father’s vice presidency around the world.

If ever you wanted proof of a dual system of justice, merry, privileged Hunter is its ultimate embodiment.

When the president was asked by a reporter Tuesday if Trump’s indictment is “politically divisive,” his face broke into a sly grin and then he quietly chuckled to himself, seeming to bite his lip to contain his glee.

Yes, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s sham indictment of Trump is a political gift to Joe Biden, whose bid for a second term rightly should be a dead duck in 2024, given his disastrous reign, advancing decrepitude, and growing family corruption scandals.

But everything — from Chinese spy balloons and mishandled classified documents to the border and debt crises — is buried under an avalanche of Trump derangement pumped out 24/7 by the media.

EXCLUSIVE: March Migrant Apprehensions in One Northern U.S. Border Sector Up 1000 Percent over Last Year

File: U.S. Border Patrol/Swanton Sector

In late March, Swanton Sector Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia tweeted multiple warnings about the dangers of illegally crossing the border from Canada.

On March 30 and 31, Canadian police recovered the bodies of eight migrants (including two young children) who died while attempting to cross the St. Lawrence River from Quebec into New York, Breitbart reported. Police continue to search for Casey Oakes whom they describe as a person of interest in the failed smuggling attempt.

The 700 migrants apprehended in March bring the total apprehensions for Fiscal Year 2023 to more than 2,600. This more than doubles the previous year’s total of 1,065 migrants and is nearly equal to the previous four years combined.

The apprehension of more than 2600 migrants in six months is on pace to shatter the record for the most Swanton Sector Migrant apprehensions. The previous record of 2,701 migrant apprehensions dates back to FY04.

Cash App creator Bob Lee, 43, killed in San Francisco stabbing: reports

Tech executive Bob Lee with his two daughters.Facebook

Tech entrepreneur Bob Lee, who created the mobile payment service Cash App, was stabbed to death in a well-to-do San Francisco neighborhood — in Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s district — on Tuesday morning, authorities and loved ones said.

Jake Shields, Lee’s friend, and a mixed martial arts champion, revealed Lee was attacked while he was walking.

“He was in the ‘good’ part of the city and appeared to have been targeted in a random mugging/attack,” Shields tweeted.

Elon Musk and other tech leaders decried the tragic stabbing. Responding to Shields’ tweet, Musk slammed San Francisco for what he described as an ongoing spree of “violent crime.”

“Many people I know have been severely assaulted,” Musk tweeted. “Violent crime in SF is horrific and even if attackers are caught, they are often released immediately.”

New York climate law defines ritzy communities with million-dollar homes as ‘disadvantaged’

In late March, the so-called Climate Justice Working Group (CJWG) — which consists of nine environmental justice advocates and four state government officials — released a list of disadvantaged communities as mandated under the 2019 Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act. Under the 2019 law, historically disadvantaged areas defined by the CJWG are required to receive no less than 35% of clean energy program funding.

However, the working group included the villages of Tuckahoe and Shinnecock, two ritzy neighborhoods located in the Hamptons on Long Island, New York.

The median home price in Tuckahoe, for example, is $4.2 million, according to the real estate firm Redfin. One home located in the village was sold for $4.4 million in December.

Appeals court orders Stormy Daniels pay Trump $122K in legal fees hours after arraignment

Daniels has vowed to not pay Trump “a penny” despite multiple court orders demanding that she pay his legal fees.
DPA/AFP via Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump secured a legal victory against Stormy Daniels hours after his arraignment in a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday in connection to a “hush money” payment made to the porn star during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday ordered Daniels to pay Trump $121,972 in legal fees stemming from a 2018 defamation lawsuit that she filed against him that was later dismissed.

“Alvin Bragg shut down New York City, brought in 38,000 NYPD officers, and will spend an estimated $200,000,000 of NYC funds,…

Howard University Hires Stacey Abrams to Focus on ‘Race and Black Politics’

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

“This appointment is extremely important for our students,” said the university president, who went on to say that when it comes to topics of black politics and the role politics plays in the lives of black people, “Stacey Abrams epitomizes that in our contemporary experience, in our society.”

Abrams, who is expected to begin the multiyear appointment in September, said, “We are entering an inflection point in American politics where the conversation of race and black politics will be a central facet.”

Abrams’ new role at the historically black college is the latest in a series of high-profile hires for the university in recent years.

The Bidens were basically laundering money: Comer

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., on the concerns with the Trump case and former Biden aide questioned in a classified document probe.


Nashville Mourning — Are Christians Being Hunted?

In the wake of the Nashville school shooting, it seems natural that we should study the shooter’s motivations, made most clear through her manifesto… but it hasn’t been released, and some groups are petitioning against it being divulged.

Passover with Dennis Prager (From 2020)

World News:

‘Network of child abusers’: 21 people convicted in biggest case of its kind for West Midlands Police

Clockwise from top left: Tracey Baker, James Evans, Mark Smith, David Baker and Natalie Wellington were handed the longest prison sentences

The crimes by a “network of child abusers” took place against seven victims, who were aged 12 and younger, spanning a period of nearly a decade in Walsall and Wolverhampton.

Prosecutors said the offenders carried out “the most appalling catalogue of sexual abuse of the utmost gravity” which caused their victims “physical harm and extreme psychological harm”.

A police officer involved in the investigation said the “systematic” abuse was “some of the most shocking I have seen in my career”.

AZ in Australia

AstraZeneca is no longer available in Australia.
There was a link between the AZ vaccine and a rare but serious side effect, thrombosis with thrombocytopenia (TTS)

Jerusalem tensions escalate; Gaza rocket-fire draws Israeli retaliatory strikes TV7Israel News 05.04

1) Palestinian Islamism launch multiple barrages of rockets from the Hamas controlled Gaza Strip toward Israel’s southern communities.

2) ISA Director Ronen Bar reveals that his agency managed to prevent over 200 serious terror attacks during the first quarter of 2023.

3) The Czech Republic, which currently holds the chairmanship at the IAEA Board of Governors, pledged to support Israel’s request to hold Iran account for its nuclear activities.

Four children killed after man wielding axe attacks nursery in Brazil

The man has been arrested in the southern city of Blumenau in the state of Santa Catarina. He turned himself in at a police station after the atrocity and did not appear to have any connection to the nursery.

Local security chief, Marcio Alberto Filippi, said the attacker scaled a wall to enter the private nursey, named Cantinho do Bom Pastor.

Amid rumours on social media of other potential attacks, Blumenau’s mayor, Mário Hildebrandt, said the city suspended classes and will declare a 30-day mourning period.

Attacks on schools and nurseries are uncommon in Brazil but have occurred more often in recent years.

Last week, a 13-year-old student in Sao Paulo stabbed a teacher, killing her, and also wounded several others.

Nuclear-Capable Missiles Now Deployed to Europe in Belarus, Claims Russia

Getty Images

Shorter range but operationally flexible, “Iskander-M tactical missile systems” have been deployed to Belarus, and Belarussian crews have travelled to Russia to receive training in their operation, Moscow has said.

The missile can be equipped with several different warheads using conventional explosives for different purposes, or it can carry a small nuclear warhead.

A statement published by a Russian government wires service on these comments by defence minister Sergey Shoigu on the deployment of nuclear-capable weapon systems to Belarus, which borders four European Union members, appeared to have been timed to coincide with Tuesday’s ceremony to welcome Finland to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

Russia has long campaigned against Finland joining NATO, and protested NATO expansion in general, accusing the bloc of encroaching upon their territory.

McCarthy Welcomes Taiwan President in Historic Meeting Amid CCP Threats

The historic meeting came amid escalating threats and military harassment of Taiwan by the Chinese Communist Party.

On the eve of the meeting, the Chinese Embassy sent a threatening email to members of the delegation, warning them to cancel the event.

“China will not sit idly by in the face of a blatant provocation and will most likely take necessary and resolute actions in response to the unwanted situation,” the email read.

The CCP has vowed to respond with “resolute measures” over the McCarthy’s meeting with Tsai, according to Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning.

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry dismissed Mao’s statements as “increasingly absurd,” stating Taiwan will not back down in the face of China’s authoritarian government and intimidation tactics.

Facing Riots at Home, Macron Heads to Beijing, Says China has ‘Major Role’ in Ukraine Peace

Getty Images

Speaking at a gathering of the French community in Beijing ahead of a meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on Thursday, Macron said France would seek to work with China “in this shared responsibility for peace and stability” in Ukraine.

“China, with its close relationship with Russia, which has been reaffirmed in recent days, can play a major role,” he said, noting Beijing’s stated opposition to the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine as well as its proposal for peace between Kyiv and Moscow.

The French president’s first trip to China in four years is set to be dominated by the conflict in Ukraine, with an official from his office telling reporters he would seek to stand firm in talks with Xi.

Ottawa government challenged to make ‘transformative’ response to ‘Freedom Convoy’: ‘Many continue to suffer’

A Freedom Convoy demonstrator holds a “Hold The Line” sign while dancing in Ottawa, Canada. (Fox News Digital/Lisa Bennatan)

The group wrote in their first report that “the thousands of people who live and work in downtown Ottawa endured several weeks of widespread human rights abuse, amidst a climate of threats, fear, sexual harassment and intimidation marked by racism, misogyny, antisemitism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia, and other expressions of hate and intolerance.” 

“The impact was, inevitably, greatest on the most vulnerable individuals and communities,” the first report said.

The OPC called on the city of Ottawa to issue formal apologies to the residents in addition to providing residents with “reparations for human rights abuses and violations” and “compensation for expenses, lost wages and income, business losses and other financial costs incurred as a result of the convoy occupation.”

US flies nuclear-capable B-52 bombers amid North Korea tensions

In this photo provided by South Korea Defense Ministry, U.S. Air Force B-1B bombers (bottom left) fly in formation with South Korea's Air Force F-35A fighter jets and U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter jets (bottom right) over the South Korea Peninsula during a joint air drill in South Korea. (South Korea Defense Ministry via AP)
In this photo provided by South Korea Defense Ministry, U.S. Air Force B-1B bombers (bottom left) fly in formation with South Korea’s Air Force F-35A fighter jets and U.S. Air Force F-16 fighter jets (bottom right) over the South Korea Peninsula during a joint air drill in South Korea. (South Korea Defense Ministry via AP)

The joint drill took place Wednesday as the US government continues to North Korea is preparing another nuclear test. 

It was the first B-52 deployment in the region in a month. 

The aerial drills are only one facet of a multidimensional campaign to flex U.S.-South Korean military might near their northern adversary.

The U.S. and its allies began naval anti-submarine drills Monday, their first joint exercise in six months. 


Chicago made a big mistake

Chicago voters determined their city hasn’t suffered enough, voting for Brandon Johnson to get the job done and ruin the city.

Meanwhile, Glenn Kessler keeps getting fact-checked for his fact-checking lies. Jason Rantz breaks it down on Varney and Co. (April 5, 2023)

Bret Baier: Legal experts have a real problem with this

Special Report’ host Bret Baier argues the felony charges brought by Manhattan D.A. Alvin Bragg are ‘very vague’ and discusses the possible impact on the 2024 campaign.

Concha blasts AOC: Isn’t she under investigation for the same thing as Trump?

Fox News contributor Joe Concha weighs in on the White House’s response to Trump’s indictment after reporters grilled press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

Mark Levin: Trump is a Martyr For LIBERTY

Trump’s indictment will ‘guarantee’ he’s back in White House: Former SCOTUS clerk

Former Gorsuch Supreme Court clerk Mike Davis joined ‘Mornings with Maria’ to react to former President Trump pleading not guilty to fraudulent charges. 

Number of Biden family’s suspicious bank reports could be up to 250, GOP rep. says

Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Texas, discusses the Trump indictment, the border crisis and President Biden’s handling of classified documents

North Carolina lawmaker officially leaves Dems for GOP, says turning point was American flag criticism

North Carolina state Rep. Tricia Cotham announces she’s leaving the Democratic Party and becoming a Republican at the North Carolina GOP headquarters in Raleigh, April 5, 2023. (Screenshot/WBTV)

A lawmaker in North Carolina announced Wednesday that she’s leaving the Democratic Party and becoming a Republican, giving the GOP a veto-proof majority in the state legislature.

State Rep. Tricia Cotham, who represents a district near Charlotte, joined state House and Senate Republican leaders at the North Carolina GOP headquarters for a press conference to unveil her switch.

The “modern-day Democratic Party has become unrecognizable to me and others across the state,” said Cotham. “I will not be controlled by anyone.”

Nevada lawmakers mull expanding voting access in jails

(Photo courtesy of Daniel Clark/Hope For Prisoners)

Lawmakers in Nevada’s Democratic-controlled Assembly heard a bill Tuesday that would expand already-existing voting rights to pretrial detainees in jails, marking the latest effort to make voting easier for pretrial detainees that is playing out in different forms nationwide.

Wisconsin senate supermajority win gives Republicans impeachment power

Photograph: Scott Bauer/AP

Wisconsin Republicans now control 22 of the senate’s 33 seats after Dan Knodl, a Republican, narrowly defeated Democrat Jodi Habush Sinykin in a special election to represent a district that includes Milwaukee’s northern suburbs.

Republicans also control 64 of the state assembly’s 99 districts.

The Wisconsin constitution authorizes the state assembly to impeach “all civil officers of this state for corrupt conduct in office, or for crimes and misdemeanor” by a majority vote.

Two-thirds majority is required in the senate for a conviction.