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US News:

Gavin Newsom launches $569 BILLION reparations plan for California

Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom’s reparations panel is to recommend delivering $223,200 each to black descendants of American slavery who are residents of California, a project that would cost the state $569 billion, in order to combat housing discrimination. 

A focus of the nine-member “Reparations Task Force,” formed by Newsom in 2020, is to compensate black Californians who were affected by discriminatory housing discrimination practices utilized from 1933-1977, reports the New York Times

The effort may turn out to be the largest restitution paid to American descendants of slaves in recent history.

 “We are looking at reparations on a scale that is the largest since Reconstruction,” said Jovan Scott Lewis, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and one of the task force members. 

No murder charge for California robber who fatally shot gas station clerk

A man who fatally shot a Chevron station clerk during a robbery in Antioch, California, will not be facing murder charges, prosecutors for the case have said, arguing that because the suspect was shot at while fleeing, his shooting back would be considered self-defense.

The incident took place Saturday, November 26 while James Williams, 36, was working the early morning shift.

Ronald Jackson Jr., 20, and another suspect who has yet to be identified, reportedly entered the gas station at around 2 a.m. and pulled out a gun, according to KTVU.

Williams then allegedly pulled out a weapon of his own, following which the two suspects ran out of the store, dropping stolen goods as they did so.

NYC subway attack: Woman in critical condition after face is burned by ‘unknown chemical substance’

The female suspect wanted by the NYPD for a subway attack in Brooklyn on Friday morning. (NYPD)
The female suspect wanted by the NYPD for a subway attack in Brooklyn on Friday morning. (NYPD)

A 21-year-old New York City woman is in critical condition after being hit in the face with an “unknown chemical substance” on a subway platform in Brooklyn, police say. 

The victim — identified by Fox5 NY as a hospital worker who was on her way to her shift — was taken to a local hospital in “critical but stable condition with burns to the left side of the face,” the NYPD says.

Investigators described the suspect as a female with a dark complexion, medium build and black hair, around 20 to 30 years old. 

She was last seen wearing “a black jacket with a brown fur on the hood, black pants with white drawings on the legs and black boots,” the NYPD said. 

Elon Musk Announces He’ll Release Details About How Twitter Censored Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Twitter CEO Elon Musk said Friday afternoon that he will release more information about how the platform censored the New York Post’s bombshell report about Hunter Biden’s laptop just weeks before the 2020 presidential election.

Musk tweeted, “What really happened with the Hunter Biden story suppression by Twitter will be published on Twitter at 5pm ET!”

The New York Post first reported messages from Biden’s laptop in October 2020, weeks before a presidential election. Social media giants, including Twitter, cracked down on the story to prevent its spread. Current and former national security officials claimed at the time that the Biden story was likely Russian disinformation and a veiled attempt from Moscow to intervene in U.S. elections.

Media outlets such as The Washington ExaminerCBS NewsThe New York Times, and The Washington Post have confirmed the laptop’s contents and messages, in part regarding foreign business deals Hunter Biden worked on in Ukraine, China, and elsewhere.

Secession movements gain traction in US amid deepening political rifts: ‘A long-standing problem’

Daniel Miller offered the unrestrained influx of illegal immigrants on the Texas border as a prime example of why the state should secede from the union and go its own way. (Fox News)
Daniel Miller offered the unrestrained influx of illegal immigrants on the Texas border as a prime example of why the state should secede from the union and go its own way. (Fox News)

Grassroots movements of Americans seeking a political divorce from their fellow citizens have recently gained traction amid deepening cultural rifts, according to multiple figures involved with secessionist organizations who spoke to Fox News Digital.

Such movements have emerged in every region of the U.S. and vary in their goals. Some aim for entire states to leave the union to form a new country, while others endeavor more simply that rural red counties secede from the domination of blue urban centers to form new states.

All agree that the disagreements with their political opponents have grown intractable.

“We’re at a point, I think, where America is not necessarily in the balance, but the institution known as the United States is in the balance,” Daniel Miller, president of the Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM), told Fox News Digital.

Miller’s organization endeavors to see Texas leave the union and revert to the sovereign republic it was from 1836, when it broke from Mexico, until it was annexed by the U.S. in 1845.

“People are beginning to ask themselves this question: ‘If their state was already a self-governing, independent nation, knowing everything they know about the federal government, would they vote to join the union today?’ And I think many people are coming to the conclusion that the federal government is not really fit for purpose; there is a better way,” Miller said.

Lara Logan Joins Emerald Robinson To Talk About Project Veritas’ HHS Child Trafficking Investigation

Judicial Watch: Secret Service Finds Hunter Biden Gun Probe Documents It Denied Having

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images
NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images

Judicial Watch has been investigating if the Secret Service protected Hunter from scrutiny after the president’s son revealed in a 2019 text message the FBI got involved in the case of a missing firearm tossed in a Delaware dumpster by Hunter’s former sister-in-law-turned-lover.

Nobody was charged with wrongdoing, according to reports.

Judicial Watch has sued the Secret Service for all documents related to the firearm owned by Hunter.

The conservative watchdog has accused the agency of repeatedly changing its position on its possession of inflation related to Hunter’s potential gun violations. “The Secret Service’s changing story on records raises additional questions about its role in the Hunter Biden gun incident,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a press release.

“The Secret Service now says it now located over 100 records, totaling over 400 pages and will complete its initial processing of the records by January 9, 2023,” he said:

“Waste of the Week” on TND: $1.4B in PPP Loans Paid to Wealthiest Law & Accounting Firms

We took a snapshot of forgiven Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans and found nearly $1.5 billion went to the wealthiest law and accounting firms — firms Adam Andrzejewski says didn’t show any financial hardships.

Key border number shatters record: ‘Through the roof’

Fox News senior correspondent Casey Stegall provides details on the border crisis after Customs and Border Protection reported 73,000 known ‘gotaways’ in November alone.

Alarming survey shows Americans losing trust in the military

Outnumbered’ panelists discuss issues within the military that have led to a severe drop in trust and low recruitment numbers.

Planned Parenthood director is a kid ‘porn literacy’ advocate who claims children are ‘sexual beings’ from birth — and the abortion organization is on board

Photo by: Don and Melinda Crawford/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Photo by: Don and Melinda Crawford/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Planned Parenthood is not just the second-largest provider of sterilizing hormones to transsexuals and responsible for killing over 8.6 million babies in its nationwide network of abattoirs since 1970.

It also touts itself as “the nation’s largest provider of sex education,” with a center that publishes “sexuality education manuals used throughout the world.”

recent Fox News Digital report unearthed unseemly comments made by the head of that center. William Taverner, executive director of Planned Parenthood’s New Jersey-based Center for Sex Education (CSE), has advocated for so-called “porn literacy” for kids and claimed that children are born “sexual.”

Perhaps even more troubling is how the controversial stances taken by Taverner are not at odds with the views held by the broader organization.

Ingraham: This all leads to the devaluing of human life

Laura Ingraham examines the disturbing ‘human extinction’ movement that some believe is necessary to save our planet on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

Study: Offshore wind farms hyped by Biden administration have ‘substantial impact’ on ecosystem, marine life — not in a good way

Photo by Mehmet Toktas/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images
Photo by Mehmet Toktas/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

In September, the Biden administration announced its “ambitious” plans to expand American offshore wind energy “while advancing environmental justice, protecting biodiversity, and promoting ocean co-use.”

A new study has cast significant doubt on whether the White House’s plan and similar initiatives to tackle so-called climate change can be accomplished without creating some substantial negative environmental changes all their own.

In addition to impacting regional atmosphere, “multiple physical, biological, and chemical impacts on the marine system have been identified,” all resultant of these “environmentally jus[t]” solutions.

Previously, researchers had only theorized about the impact of the wind wake effect offshore wind farms had on marine life and ocean conditions. A peer-reviewed study published in the Springer Nature journal “Communications Earth & Environment” revealed that the effects of these wind farms are “substantial.”

Alex Jones files for bankruptcy after Sandy Hook verdict

InfoWars founder Alex Jones speaks in Waterbury, Conn. Photo: Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images
InfoWars founder Alex Jones speaks in Waterbury, Conn. Photo: Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images

Alex Jones filed for personal bankruptcy in Texas on Friday, according to a court filing.

The Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing comes after Jones and his company, Free Speech Systems, were ordered to pay almost $1.5 billion in damages for falsely claiming the Sandy Hook mass shooting was a hoax.

A Connecticut jury ordered Jones to pay $965 million in damages to Sandy Hook victims in a defamation lawsuit back in October, per Axios.

  • In mid-November, a judge ordered Jones to pay an additional $473 million in damages for making false statements that the shooting was a hoax.

Charlie Kirk speaks out after masked protesters target his speech at UNM

Turning Point USA founder and president joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to discuss riot police being mobilized for protests at the University of New Mexico against his speech on campus.


West Virginia, Louisiana State Treasurers Criticize Joe Biden Rule Allowing Companies to Prioritize ESG Initiatives for Retirement Plans

AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File, PAUL ELLIS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images
AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin, File, PAUL ELLIS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

“I’m extremely disappointed the Biden administration has rolled back President Trump’s rules that protected Americans’ retirement plans from unsound ESG investment practices,” West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore said.

“The ESG and socially responsible investment trends are nothing more than a marketing gimmick used by liberal activists and firms like BlackRock to prop up political allies and favored social initiatives.”

ESG policies are a form of leftist activism in financial investing that has become the latest vector to influence the way Wall Street financial firms and corporations continue to take social and political positions that do not relate to their business, such as stances associated with climate change, as well as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) agenda.

Ultimately, after the rule comes into effect, it empowers managers to push these leftist ideas through unelected channels by considering something other than earning returns.

Given the political beliefs behind ESG investing, Moore explained that asset managers should strictly use objective financial metrics — which is what the Trump-era rule required — in their fiduciary decisions other than following the uncertain “political nature of ESG investing” and urged Congress to take a stance:

When Texas Says Goodbye

Texas is ready to declare independence and Bill tells why we should support that.

Exclusive: GOP Lawmakers Pledge Vote Against Spending Bill Unless Biden Takes Action to Secure Border

Rep. Barry Moore(Alex Wong/Getty Images)
Rep. Barry Moore(Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The Republicans sent a letter, obtained by Breitbart News, to Biden on Friday outlining four border-related demands amid a looming government shutdown, set to take place as early as December 16, when current government funding runs out.

The letter, heavily focused on the fentanyl epidemic, comes ahead of an anticipated congressional fight about whether to pass a continuing resolution to extend current funding into next year or to pass a new omnibus bill, which Democrats are angling to do before the lame duck session concludes.

“We cannot, and will not, support any appropriations package for FY2023 unless you immediately take action to strengthen and restore the integrity of the southern border and protect the American people, especially our children, from deadly fentanyl,” the Republicans wrote.

The Republicans’ letter comes as illegal border crossings continue to surge under Biden’s leadership, and as the GOP ramps up pressure on the administration to address the matter.

Border agents encountered a jaw-dropping 2.4 million illegal migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in fiscal year 2022, and fiscal year 2023 is currently on pace to be just as high.

Jim Jordan sounds alarm on ‘rot’ in FBI: ‘You can’t stop this kind of behavior’

Exclusive — Mitch McConnell Blocked from Moving Media Cartel Bill JCPA via Hotline

Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images
Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Before the close of business on Thursday, at least two GOP senators–including Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR)–objected to the effort and put a hold on the push.

To stop a bill from being passed unanimously through the Senate via the “hotline” track, only one senator needs to object. Sources told Breitbart News that more Republican senators are racing to express opposition to the proposal, and they expect more holds to be placed in the coming hours and days ahead.

Jamming through such a controversial piece of legislation with this procedure in a lame duck session of Congress before the new Congress the American people elected in November’s midterm elections takes office on Jan. 3, 2023, would be a massive escalation in an already chaotic process for the JCPA the past two years.

The JCPA would carve out for establishment media outlets an antitrust exemption allowing them to form cartels to collectively bargain with Big Tech companies. Proponents of the plan argue it would even the scales and force the hand of Big Tech by making the tech giants pay media outlets for their content, but critics worry it could make many of the problems facing both industries much worse because of serious structural flaws in the bill.

Another Dem lawmaker abandons Democratic Party to become a Republican. 

Senator Glenn Jeffries
Senator Glenn Jeffries

State Sen. Glenn Jeffries, who had been a Democrat, announced on Thursday that he is switching his allegiance to the Republican Party.

“I have the greatest respect for the many friends and supporters I have been blessed with during my time in public office,” Jeffries said in a statement. “I hope to continue and strengthen those relationships going forward.

“Our politics have gotten so personal and difficult,” he continued. “I want to make sure that I serve constituents and our state in a respectful, thoughtful way that leads to a better life for all West Virginians.”

Tucker Carlson: Who exactly runs the Biden administration?

Fox News host Tucker Carlson delves deeply into top leaders of the Biden admin on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Unsolved Mysteries: 7 Deep-State SECRETS Biden Wants Buried | Glenn TV | Ep 238

The Biden administration has weaponized the federal government against the American people. But officials have hidden most of their attacks behind a secretive and cavernous bureaucracy.

There are so many unsolved mysteries that Joe Biden and the Democrats not only refuse to answer, but in some cases appear as though they are ACTIVELY trying to cover up.

Like what happened on January 6? Who is Ray Epps? Who planted the pipe bombs? What’s in Biden’s executive order on elections?

What happened to the SCOTUS Dobbs leaker? What’s the COVID origin story? What’s happening with crypto, FTX, and the Central Bank Digital Currency?

These are just a few of the unsolved mysteries that we need to DEMAND answers on.

Glenn outlines a chalkboard that will leave you convinced the DOJ and FBI are LYING to the American people. The more secrets the Deep State holds, the more its power over us grows.

World News:

U.S. Space Force sets up South Korean HQ to monitor N Korean missiles

An ICBM is launched in an undated photo released by North Korea in mid-November that could not be independently verified. (KCNA via Reuters)
An ICBM is launched in an undated photo released by North Korea in mid-November that could not be independently verified. (KCNA via Reuters)

SEOUL — The American and South Korean militaries are setting up space-monitoring organizations in South Korea, aiming to keep an eye on North Korea’s nuclear and missile activity as its capabilities continue to improve.

The U.S. Space Force launches a regional command this month in South Korea, whose own air force consolidated space-related units into a Space Operations Squadron on Thursday. They are expected to use satellites to strengthen reconnaissance.

North Korea is believed to have successfully tested in November an intercontinental ballistic missile that could reach the American mainland.

China’s COVID Lockdown

As nations ease COVID restrictions and rebuild from its human and economic devastation, China is relentlessly pursuing its iron-fisted COVID lockdown policies.

In a city in the western province, 53 souls perished in a locked-down high-rise as fire swept through the building. Now, as citizen protests erupt across the Chinese landscape,

Covid-19: Hong Kong nurse jailed for 6 months after faking vaccination records

Coronavirus vaccination in Hong Kong. File photo: GovHK.
Coronavirus vaccination in Hong Kong. File photo: GovHK.

The Kwun Tong Magistrates’ Courts on Friday meted out prison term to 34-year-old Carmen Ho, who pleaded guilty in July to two counts of conspiracy to defraud, local media reported.

Magistrate Minnie Wat said Ho’s behaviour was “disappointing” and breached her integrity as a medical professional.

The defendant, who worked as a part-time inoculation nurse at a Community Vaccination Centre, was said to have forged vaccination proof for six people between January and late February.

The case against Ho stemmed from a corruption complaint received by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), which revealed that supervisors at the vaccination centre recovered six syringes of unused vaccine from a sharps disposal box in Ho’s booth.

Australian MPs to reportedly visit Taiwan

Trade, security and agriculture are expected to dominate talks during the five-day visit, as Australia aims to preserve peace in the Indo-Pacific Region.

Israel accuses PA of weak governance; U.S. urges Turkey against Syria invasion -TV7 Israel News 2.12

1) Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz warns that Iran could enrich uranium at 90% military grade within two weeks of a decision.

2) The IDF concludes an exercise simulating war with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

3) The United States and Russia are separately stepping-up efforts to sway Turkey from launching a full-scale ground offensive into northern Syria.You are welcome to join our audience and watch all of our programs – free of charge!


Watch Apple CEO’s Face When Asked the One Question He Fears | ROUNDTABLE | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Melissa Chen, Kurt Schlichter, and Kyle Becker about Apple CEO Tim Cook being confronted by Fox News’ Hillary Vaughn about the changes to AirDrop that hindered communication between protesters fighting against China’s zero COVID policy.

Apple’s CEO Colludes with Communist China Against their People | Guest Krysia Lenzo | Ep 294