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US News:

Three suspects charged in San Jose infant kidnapping

Jose Ramon Portillo, Yesenia Guadalupe Ramirez and Baldomeo Sandoval. (Credit: San Jose Police Department)
Jose Ramon Portillo, Yesenia Guadalupe Ramirez and Baldomeo Sandoval. (Credit: San Jose Police Department)

Police identified three suspects charged in the broad daylight kidnapping of 3-month-old Brandon Cuellar in San Jose, California.

The San Jose Police Department said San Jose residents Jose Ramon Portillo, 28, Yesenia Guadalupe Ramirez, 43, and Baldomeo Sandoval, 37, have all been charged in the case.

Charges against the suspects include kidnapping, conspiracy to commit kidnapping, child abduction and home invasion.

Police say the child was snatched from inside his home while his grandmother was downstairs unloading groceries and his mother was at work.

FCC Rejects Call to Block Elon Musk’s Twitter Purchase

(Photo by AMY OSBORNE/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by AMY OSBORNE/AFP via Getty Images)

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr on Wednesday rejected a call to block Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

Carr, in a statement, said the FCC “has no authority to block Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, and to suggest otherwise is absurd.” He added, “I welcome the full FCC making it clear that we will not entertain these types of frivolous arguments.”

It came, according to the FCC, after the Open Markets Institute issued a release calling for the agency to block Twitter’s sale to Musk. Both Twitter and the Tesla CEO confirmed the company would be purchased by Musk, the world’s richest person, for $44 billion on Monday.

University of California Will Pay All College Costs for Native Americans in the State

Getty Images/epeterhansen
Getty Images/epeterhansen

U.C. system President Michael Drake made the announcement in a letter to chancellors about the “U.C. Native American Opportunity Plan,” which will “advance critical efforts to expand student diversity and make the University of California more affordable and accessible for California’s Native American undergraduate and graduate students.”

Drake considers this move a form of reparations.

“The University of California is committed to recognizing and acknowledging historical wrongs endured by Native Americans,” Drake wrote.

In-state tuition at U.C. colleges is around $15,000 a year for tuition and fees, and almost $18,000 for on-campus housing.

But the San Francisco Chronicle reported the giveaway comes up short:

Google Parent Company Alphabet Reports Poor Revenue, Weak Earnings

Sabo mocks Google CEO Sundar Pichai (
Sabo mocks Google CEO Sundar Pichai (

Google reported revenue of $68.01 billion, representing growth of 23 percent from the same period last year. However, this was a slowdown from the 34 percent growth it saw in the first quarter of 2021.

Google further reported $54.66 billion in advertising revenue for the quarter, an increase from $44.68 billion last year.

YouTube ad revenue fell short of analyst expectations following impressive growth during the pandemic when users were primarily at home and spending more time online.

CFO Ruth Porat said that YouTube experienced “modest growth,” primarily in direct response ads. Porat noted that the poorer results are highlighted due to a tough comparison to an extremely strong first quarter in 2021.

Oak Park High School closed after intruders fought students, staff

Oak Park High School closed Wednesday following a violent incident on the property Tuesday afternoon. Out of an abundance of caution, the high school will switch to remote classes for the rest of the week. 

The altercation happened just before 3 p.m. Tuesday, when eight to 10 adult men pushed past high school security and began fighting with students and security personnel, according to a statement released by Oak Park Schools Superintendent Jamii Hitchcock. No weapons were reportedly involved in the altercation. The unidentified males fled the scene prior to police arrival, officials said.  

Hitchcock said officials believe the fight may have been triggered by another incident that occurred off of school property over the weekend. 

California to raise its gas tax, already the highest in the nation

Gas prices are displayed at a Mobil gas station in West Hollywood, Calif., Tuesday, March 8, 2022. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong / AP Newsroom)
Gas prices are displayed at a Mobil gas station in West Hollywood, Calif., Tuesday, March 8, 2022. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong / AP Newsroom)

“It is clear now that the Legislature will not act in time to provide that immediate, limited relief, but we look forward to working with lawmakers on the Governor’s proposal for direct payments to Californians wrestling with rising prices,” Newsom’s spokesperson Alex Stack said in a statement.

California already has the nation’s highest gas tax at 51 cents per gallon. The levy will rise to 53.9 cents per gallon at the beginning of July. Still, an analysis from LAO found it would only save drivers about 3 cents per gallon. 

Newsom’s office has also floated the possibility of a rebate that could go toward residents with cars registered in California.

California state Republicans introduced a bill in January that would immediately suspend the gas tax in response to the surging prices and backfill the projects from the state’s $45 billion surplus, but the proposal failed to secure enough votes in March. 

A Direct Look At the Border’s “Controlled Flow”

Ben Bergquam reports from Yuma, AZ:

Jan 6 Investigation – Full Breakdown

Lily Peters killing: Judge sets $1M bond for 14-year-old suspect in girl’s shocking death

Liliana "Lily" Peters, 10, was reported missing in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, around 9 p.m. Sunday, according to Matthew Kelm, the city’s police chief. (Chippewa Falls Police Department)
Liliana “Lily” Peters, 10, was reported missing in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, around 9 p.m. Sunday, according to Matthew Kelm, the city’s police chief. (Chippewa Falls Police Department)

Wisconsin 10-year-old Lily Peters was sexually assaulted after her strangling death at the hands of a boy four years her senior earlier this week, prosecutors revealed in a harrowing bond hearing Wednesday afternoon.

Judge Benjamin Lane agreed to prosecutors’ request to set bond at $1 million and ordered the defendant to avoid contact with minors, except his siblings, so long as such contact is supervised.

Prosecutors identified the suspect through his initials and only as a 14-year-old boy and alleged that the eighth-grader admitted to physically assaulting the child before strangling her to death and then sexually assaulting her.

Russia releases US Marine vet detained nearly 3 years

Trevor Reed (GoFundMe/Released)
Trevor Reed (GoFundMe/Released)

Reed had been jailed in Russia for nearly three years for allegedly assaulting Russian police officers in mid-August 2019.

Reed’s case was reportedly marred with inconsistent testimony. Police claimed Reed assaulted the officers after they placed him in a police vehicle, hitting one officer and pulling on the wheel of the car to cause it to swerve.

Reed’s defense team was reportedly never given any copy of the video from inside the police vehicle, purporting to show Reed’s actions. Video shown in court did not appear to establish that Reed took any actions that caused the police vehicle to swerve.

Nevertheless, Reed was found guilty and was given a nine-year prison sentence in July 2020.

LEAKED RAW AUDIO: Full Twitter All-Hands Call 04-25-22

In a company-wide call that lasted around 45 minutes, Twitter employees questioned board member, Bret Taylor, and CEO, Parag Agrawal, about the company’s direction and Musk’s motives for buying the social media platform.

Taylor kicked off the meeting recognizing that many on the staff were shocked by how quickly the Twitter-Musk negotiations unfolded.

“I also just want to acknowledge all the emotions of today. It is an emotional day. I want to acknowledge it,” Taylor said. “By law, we are required to act in the best interest of our shareholders,” he said while justifying the company’s sale.

Biden admin to comply with court order blocking removal of Title 42 border restrictions

A Louisiana district court judge has announced plans to block such a move until Biden negotiates a deal with Republican border states. A senior administration official said the White House plans to comply with that order Tuesday, according to Politico.

“If and when the court issues the TRO [temporary restraining order] the department is planning to comply with that order,” the official said, going on to complain about the decision. “It really makes no sense to us that the plaintiffs would demand, and the court would order, that [Department of Homeland Security] be stopped in its use in expedited removal, which is going to prevent us from adequately preparing for the aggressive applications for immigration law when public health expires.”

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a plan on how to deal with post-Title 42 surges in migration on Tuesday. 

The plan would surge resources for medical support and transportation at the border, but it is not significantly different from what DHS released when it first announced plans to end Title 42 on April 1.


District attorney in Pennsylvania warns May primary voters to submit only their ballots

The Republican district attorney’s office said in a news release that according to state law, a voter may only submit their own ballot via the mail or a drop box, according to local TV station 69 News.

In a letter to the Lehigh County Election Board on Tuesday, Martin suggested that more prominent signs be placed on and near drop boxes explaining that if voters submit ballots other than their own, then they could face up to a $2,500 fine and/or up to two years in prison upon conviction.

He also said that county detectives will monitor “from time to time” surveillance video of drop box locations during the primary election so that “any persons identified as depositing more that one ballot envelope may be prosecuted and face the penalties set forth in the Election Code.”

Martin’s announcement followed his April 4 report that found “at least 288 people deposited more than one ballot at five area drop-boxes from Oct. 18 and Election Day, Nov. 2, 2021,” the news station also reported. 

JD Vance’s Campaign Gets New Life After Trump Endorsement

J.D. Vance, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Ohio, shakes hands with former President Donald Trump during a rally hosted by the former president at the Delaware County Fairgrounds on April 23, 2022 in Delaware, Ohio. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
DELAWARE, OH – APRIL 23: (L-R) J.D. Vance, a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Ohio, shakes hands with former President Donald Trump during a rally hosted by the former president at the Delaware County Fairgrounds on April 23, 2022 in Delaware, Ohio. Last week, Trump announced his endorsement of J.D. Vance in the Ohio Republican Senate primary. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

“It’s great to have a public poll showing JD in a winning position. The only poll that matters, though, is the one on Election Day. We are confident JD will be the Republican nominee,” Taylor Van Kirk, press secretary of Vance’s campaign, told the Daily Caller News Foundation in a statement.

Trump endorsed Vance on April 15, wading into the primary despite the objections of the Ohio Republican Party and the author’s criticism of the former president during the 2016 presidential election.

Respondents said they prioritized a candidate’s electability in the general election over their support for Trump, though Vance was the top choice among both groups.

“Like some others, J.D. Vance may have said some not so great things about me in the past, but he gets it now, and I have seen that in spades,” Trump said in a statement announcing the endorsement.”

New York’s top court throws out district lines and delays primary

The New York Court of Appeals, the state's highest court, tossed the state's new district lines on Wednesday and delayed the June 28 primary, | Hans Pennink/AP Photo
The New York Court of Appeals, the state’s highest court, tossed the state’s new district lines on Wednesday and delayed the June 28 primary, | Hans Pennink/AP Photo

The Court of Appeals found that lawmakers failed to follow the “prescribed constitutional procedure” for drawing maps and that those they created “were drawn with an unconstitutional partisan intent.”

That will likely lead to a delay to at least some of the primaries that were due to be held on June 28.

The court — where every judge was appointed by a Democratic governor — split 4–3.

The majority’s decision went further than even a decision from a Republican judge at a lower level in March, which left open the possibility of letting the Legislature draw new lines itself.

Republicans pushing to impeach DHS secretary over growing border crisis: Report

Go Nakamura/Getty Images
Go Nakamura/Getty Images

The Republican Study Committee, the largest House GOP caucus, is pushing for the impeachment of Mayorkas and even “laying the groundwork” for taking such action against him, Axios reported.

The problem? Mayorkas has failed to properly address the border crisis.

In fact, 133 caucus members sent Mayorkas a letter on Monday addressing his “actions to dismantle the security of our nation’s southern border and disregard for the enforcement of U.S. immigration laws.”

Biden admin confirms talks about using Veterans Affairs resources to treat migrants at southern border

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (House Appropriations Committee)
DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas (House Appropriations Committee)

Mayorkas first attempted to skirt around the question.

“Let me be clear, because an interagency effort is precisely what the challenge of migration requires – and it’s not specific to 2022, 2021, 2020 or any of the years preceding,” he said, before Hinson cut him off.”

“I’m just asking you a yes or no question,” she pressed. “Are you planning on taking resources away from our veterans to help deal with the surge at our southern border? That’s a yes or no question.”

Hinson then pressed him once again on whether he was aware of any conversations he or others at the DHS have had about reallocating VA resources.

DHS Secretary: Blame Trump and Congress

Special Counsel with the Thomas More Society Erick Kaardal on Election Integrity news out of WI

Special Counsel with the Thomas More Society Erick Kaardal talks to John and Amanda about the latest Election Integrity news out of Wisconsin.

Sen. Hawley demands answers from Google after study shows stark ‘political biases’

(Andrew Harnik/Pool via REUTERS)
(Andrew Harnik/Pool via REUTERS)

“New research reveals that your company makes it much harder for Republicans to reach their supporters even while your company makes it very easy for Democrats to reach theirs,” Hawley said, adding that the internet plays a crucial role for political campaigns to reach their voters. 

Hawley went on to reference a study published last week by North Carolina State University’s Department of Computer Science titled, “A Peek into the Political Biases in Email Spam Filtering Algorithms During US Election 2020.”

The study further observed that the percentage of emails Gmail marked as spam from right-wing candidates increased as Election Day approached, while the percentage of emails marked as spam from the left-wing candidates remained about the same.

True the Vote Founder Catherine Engelbrecht on the latest election integrity revelations from GA

Founder of True the Vote Catherine Engelbrecht joins John Solomon and Amanda Head to break down the latest election integrity revelations from Georgia.

Rep. Blake Moore (R-UT) on his latest trip to the Southern Border

Congressman Blake Moore (R-UT) talks to John and Amanda about his latest trip to the southern border.

Hunter Biden assistant believed Joe Biden would cover legal fees tied to business deals: 2019 email

President Biden and his son Hunter (Getty images)
President Biden and his son Hunter (Getty images)

Hunter Biden’s assistant said it was her “understanding” that Joe Biden would temporarily cover his business debts of up to $800,000, according to a 2019 email.

Katie Dodge, Hunter’s then-assistant, emailed Virginia-based Global DEEZ bookkeeping firm founder Linda Shapero in January 2019. In her email discussing debts and bills racked up by Hunter Biden, Dodge claims that “Hunt’s dad” would be footing the bill for a while as his son transitioned careers, according to the New York Post.

“I spoke with Hunter today regarding his bills,” Dodge wrote. “It is my understanding that Hunt’s dad will cover these bills in the short-term as Hunter transitions in his career.”

GOP Lawmaker Condemns California Government Over Water Restrictions

In remarks on the House floor on Wednesday, Rep. Doug LaMalfa (R-CA) spoke about farming.

How Democrats Trick Black Voters into Choosing Failure | Candace Owens | POLITICS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks to Candace Owens about how the Democratic Party creates a victim mentality in black voters, the similar results from slavery and Democratic policies on black literacy rates, how utopian ideas like the war on poverty fail those they intend to help, and why no black Americans are moving to Africa, in this special “best of” episode.

Candace explains her political journey and how black Americans can choose a victor mentality over embracing victimhood and the myths of systemic racism.

Candace also explains her own red pill moment involving Zoe Quinn, Gamergate, and Kickstarter. Candace also explains the importance of becoming a resilient person and much more!

Sen. Josh Hawley to Biden’s judicial nominee: “I can’t believe you’ve been nominated for this position.”

Sen. Josh Hawley to Biden’s judicial nominee:

“I can’t believe you’ve been nominated for this position. I can’t believe that the President of the United States would nominate someone from [the Southern Poverty Law Center] with this record.”

‘How Many Members Of The US Senate Are White Supremacists?’: Ted Cruz Grills Biden Judicial Nominee

At today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) questioned Nancy Abudu, nominee to United States Circuit Judge for the Eleventh Circuit.

Dr. Paul Slams Democrat Covid Hypocrisy on Spicer & Co. – April 26, 2022

Biden Admin Stalls Natural Gas Pipeline At The Behest Of Environmental Activists

  REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein
REUTERS/Evelyn Hockstein

The Biden administration quietly reversed a decision granting an energy utility company in Kentucky a federal permit to begin constructing a natural gas pipeline.

The pipeline — which would transport natural gas to an under-serviced area south of Louisville, Kentucky — cannot be constructed pending further environmental review, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation on Tuesday. The USACE finalized the reversal on April 20, but the administration appears to have not issued any public announcement or press release about the action.

“The Corps has suspended the Nationwide Permit 12 (NWP) verification previously issued for this project,” USACE spokesperson Katie Newton told the DCNF in an email. “A decision will be made either to reinstate, modify, or revoke the authorization under the NWP pending completion of formal [Endangered Species Act (ESA)] consultation.”

The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) recommended that the USACE rescind the permit after two environmental groups, the Center for Biological Diversity and Kentucky Resources Council, threatened to file a lawsuit over the project. The groups sent a 60-day notice of intent (NOI) to sue for alleged violations of the ESA to the Department of the Interior, FWS and USACE on Feb. 28.

GETTR CEO on Biden’s big lie to Americans about Hunter

GETTR CEO Jason Miller says the truth behind Hunter Biden’s laptop is an example of the danger from ‘centralizing’ free speech.

Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Prohibiting Nonbinary Birth Certificates

Oklahoma Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt
Oklahoma Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt

Oklahoma Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt signed a bill on Tuesday that bans the use of nonbinary as a gender option on state birth certificates.

The new law, SB 1100, requires all birth certificates to allow only male or female as gender options.

The text of the law states that it “requires the biological sex designation on a birth certificate to be either male or female and prohibits a nonbinary or any symbol representing a nonbinary designation.”

SB 1100 also prohibits people from changing the gender on their birth certificates.

Another potential Hunter Biden bombshell uncovered

FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, Dagen McDowell and Fox News Contributor Joe Concha discuss ongoing reports coming out of the Hunter Biden laptop story and the media’s lack of coverage on the matter.

Critics blast Adam Schiff as ‘king of disinformation’ following his concerns about Musk’s Twitter purchase

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

The liberal congressman has, himself, faced years of criticism for spreading misinformation concerning the investigation into alleged collusion with Russia by former President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in order to win the 2016 election.

He was most notably scorned over his role in promoting the discredited anti-Trump Steele dossier, being accused of promoting Russian disinformation.

Critics quickly took to social media to blast Schiff, citing his role in pushing false information throughout the Russian collusion investigation to argue he was actually one of the biggest spreaders of misinformation and referring to him as “the biggest liar in Congress.”

“Remember when you knowingly and maliciously pushed disinformation for YEARS, falsely claiming to have evidence of Trump colluding with Russia to steal the 2016 election?” wrote Fox News contributor Mollie Hemingway, while writer Jeff Carlson tweeted, “Here’s my take on the biggest liar in Congress: You’re frightened by your loss of power.”

Tucker: This will happen unless conservatives get their act together

Fox News host gives his take on government officials opposing transparency following Elon Musk buying Twitter on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

World News:

Report: Antisemitic Incidents Surge to Global Record High


The report published by Tel Aviv University’s Center for The Study of Contemporary European Jewry showed incidents peaked in May, during the war between Israel and the Hamas terror group in Gaza.

Conspiracy theories blaming Jews for the coronavirus pandemic also ran rife in 2021, the report showed.

The number of antisemitic attacks in the United Kingdom nearly doubled from 97 in 2020 to 173 last year. In Germany antisemitic incidents rose by almost a third in 2019 to 3,028 in 2021.

“Something just isn’t working. In recent years, the fight against antisemitism has enjoyed extensive resources worldwide, and yet, despite many important programs and initiatives, the number of antisemitic incidents, including violent assaults, is rapidly escalating,” said Uriya Shavit, the head of the center. “The easy thing is to say that more laws and more funding are required. But what we really need is a courageous and unsparing examination of the efficacy of existing strategies.”

Similar findings were released Tuesday by the Anti-Defamation League which examined antisemitism in the United States.

Woman suicide bomber who killed 3 Chinese was a student at Karachi University

Police officers and crime scene unit gather near a passenger van, after a blast at the entrance of the Confucius Institute University of Karachi, Pakistan April 26, 2022. Photograph:( Reuters )

Police officers and crime scene unit gather near a passenger van, after a blast at the entrance of the Confucius Institute University of Karachi, Pakistan April 26, 2022. Photograph:( Reuters )

The woman suicide bomber responsible for an attack that killed four people  including three Chinese nationals near Karachi university on Tuesday (April 26) was a teacher who had enrolled for a master’s degree at the Pakistani varsity, news agency Reuters reported on Wednesday, quoting an official. 

At least four people were killed, including three Chinese nationals, in the attack on a vehicle carrying staff from the Confucious Institute affiliated with the Karachi University. 

Later, the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) had taken responsibility for the blast. The group’s spokesman Jeeyand Baloch said in a statement published in English on Telegram messaging app. 

Responding to the incident, China’s Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the attack. The ministry further demanded Pakistan punish the perpetrators. 

WATCH: Macron Pelted With Tomatoes in First Public Outing After Re-Election


During a a visit to a market in the commune of Cergy in the Parisian suburbs on Wednesday morning, President Macron was bombarded with tomatoes as he tried to meet members of the public.

The French leader was said to have not been injured in the attack, with his security detail quickly covering up Mr Macron with umbrellas as the tomatoes came down upon him.

According to a report from the French broadcaster BFMTV, the visit to the market in the Val-d’Oise prefecture was the first interaction the head of state has had with the public since securing a second five-year term on Sunday. The broadcaster went on to note that the visit was only announced early Wednesday morning.

Putin threatens ‘lightning’ fast strikes on any nation that ‘interferes’ with Russia’s war in Ukraine

FILE - An airman checks a Russian Air Force MiG-31 fighter jet prior a flight with Kinzhal hypersonic missile during a drill in an unknown location in Russia, in this still image taken from video released February 19, 2022.  (Russian Defence Ministry/Handout via REUTERS)
FILE – An airman checks a Russian Air Force MiG-31 fighter jet prior a flight with Kinzhal hypersonic missile during a drill in an unknown location in Russia, in this still image taken from video released February 19, 2022.  (Russian Defence Ministry/Handout via REUTERS)

“If anyone ventures to intervene from the outside and [pose] unacceptable threats of a strategic nature to Russia, they should know that our counter-retaliatory strikes will take place with lightning speed,” he said.

Russia once faced international ire this week after it suggested Western support of Kyiv during Russia’s more than 60-day invasion could lead to nuclear warfare. 

But despite calls from nations like the U.S. and U.K. to stop the aggressive rhetoric, Putin escalated the tough talk Wednesday. 

“We have all the tools to do this. The kind that no one else can boast of right now,” he said alluding to Russia’s deployment of a hypersonic missile last month. 

IAF allegedly strikes Damascus; IDF NORTHCOMM asserts Hezbollah has no future TV7 Israel News 27.04

1) Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel began this evening with a state ceremony at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Museum in memory of the six million Jewish victims of the atrocities committed by Nazi Germany and its culprits during World War Two.

2) IDF Northern Command Commander Major General Amir Baram asserts the Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah’s threats directed at Israel from his hiding-place in his Dahia (District) bunker is the best testament to fact that neither he nor his Iranian-proxy have any future.”

3) Unidentified aircraft conducted a deadly strike at the Damascus International Airport, in a third such aerial bombardment this month which Syria attributed to the Israeli air-force.

Report: US helped Ukraine shoot down Russian plane carrying hundreds of troops

Russian military IL-76MD transport plane. (Dmitry Terekhov, Wikimedia Commons/Released)
Russian military IL-76MD transport plane. (Dmitry Terekhov, Wikimedia Commons/Released)

According to current and former U.S. officials who spoke with NBC News on Tuesday, the U.S. provided critical intelligence about likely targets of Russian military strikes, giving the Ukrainian military the critical heads up they needed to prevent tons of their military equipment from being destroyed in the early hours of Russia’s invasion.

The officials said U.S. intelligence also enabled the Ukrainian military to shoot down a transport plane, helping it to repel an attack on a key airport near the capital city of Kyiv during the early days of the invasion.

Unconfirmed footage purported to show the wreckage of a Russian IL-76 transport aircraft burning in a field in Ukraine on Feb. 26.

The U.S. officials described the intelligence sharing about the Russian transport plane as part of a “massive and unprecedented intelligence-sharing operation” they said has helped Ukraine continue to fight against the larger and better equipped Russian military.


It is clear that ‘hate speech’ is anything that liberals disagree with

Mike shares with you a monologue that Jesse Watters delivered focusing on on how ‘hate speech’ is really just anything that liberals disagree with. The Left uses the phrase ‘hate speech’ as a way to argue that certain people must be silenced.

How A Biblical Worldview Can Help Defeat Evil in Politics: Stacy Washington

A broader understanding of the Bible and a deeper biblical worldview by self-proclaimed Christians can and must be critical parts of turning the political system around in America, nationally syndicated radio host Stacy Washington tells The New American magazine’s Alex Newman in this interview for Conversations That Matter.

According to Washington, who goes by “Stacy on the Right” and recently released the book “Eternally Cancel Proof,” the Bible has answers to all of the contemporary questions and controversies in government and life.

And Christians need to stop compartmentalizing their faith, instead walking out their beliefs and principles in politics, family, and government.