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US News:

SECOND batch of Biden classified documents found at another location

Aides to President Biden have discovered a second trove of classified documents in a different location from the last set, a person familiar told NBC News.

The classification level, number and exact location of the documents remain unclear. 

The source said that since the first discovery of classified materials in November, Biden aides have been searching for additional secret documents that need to be returned to the National Archives. 

On Wednesday White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked whether Biden had looked into whether he might have possibly taken other documents to any other office he has or his homes in Wilmington and Rehoboth, Delaware. 

She refused to provide an answer. ‘I’m just not going to speak to this. I’m going to let the process continue. It’s an ongoing process. And so, I’m just not going to, to speak to this from here. It is more prudent and more appropriate for my colleagues at the White House Counsel.’

Ohio student dies of heart attack at 17…

Western Brown High School is mourning the loss of one of its students, who died after suffering a medical emergency Monday, school officials said. Superintendent Raegan White said Blaze Jacobs, a junior at the school, suffered cardiac arrest and was taken to Children’s Hospital, where he later died.

Details surrounding the incident were not made available.

Adam Schiff faces bombshell accusation from reporter

Journalist Paul Sperry discusses the Twitter files and classified documents being kept at a private office of President Biden’s think tank.

Following days of rain, floodwaters surround homes and vehicles in the Planada community of Merced County, California, on 10 January. Photograph: Noah Berger/AP
Following days of rain, floodwaters surround homes and vehicles in the Planada community of Merced County, California, on 10 January. Photograph: Noah Berger/AP

California is facing a new round of brutal storms that will bring torrential downpours and gale force winds in the north as the state scrambles to clean up and repair widespread damage amid a break in the weather.

The state has been ravaged by a relentless string of storms that have killed at least 17 people – a number the governor warned was likely to grow.

The bout of extreme weather has closed highways, knocked out trees and infrastructure and cut power to thousands of people.

More than half of California’s 58 counties have been declared disaster areas.

Republicans seek $22 billion from UN funding to fund border wall

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images
Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

The House Freedom Caucus has filed legislation that would take approximately $22 billion from United Nations funding for finishing the U.S.-Mexico border wall for two years.

The Close Biden’s Open Border Act would take the approximate $11 billion annual funding the U.S. sends to the U.N. and “redirect the money towards completion of the wall,” according to a press release from Republican Rep. Bob Good of Virginia.

The “commonsense solution” is in direct response to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies that says the U.N. is funding nonprofits in Mexico that assist asylum-seekers with “repressed memories.”

The report alleges that at least two U.N.-funded nonprofits in the border states of Chiapas and Tabasco “pay stables of clinical psychologists to help migrants recover ‘repressed memories’ of government persecution and other hardship stories that qualify migrants for Mexican asylum and a residence card.”

‘Twitter Files’ show today’s censors continue to be terrible at their jobs

Twitter owner Elon Musk’s ongoing release of the “Twitter Files” is exposing the horrifying and absurd level of government involvement—from intelligence agencies to legislators—in shaping narratives through censorship on social media around issues like elections and COVID-19. Most of the coverage rightly focuses on the moral (and possibly legal) scandal this represents. 

Today’s censors are at least as incompetent as those throughout history.

As Twitter Files journalist Matt Taibbi points out, of the list of 25 “misinformation”-spreading accounts that included the unfortunate Baldwin brother, many “were satirical in nature,” and “nearly all —with the exceptions of Baldwin and @RSBNetwork — were relatively low engagement.” 

That said, Twitter probably appreciated the relative selectivity of that list. In May 2020, the State Department sent Twitter a list of 5,500 accounts as a sample of their larger database of 250,000 supposedly suspicious accounts that seemed “inorganic” and followed two or more Chinese diplomats, which included users from CNN and the Canadian military. 

Closer to the 2020 election, the FBI overwhelmed Twitter with requests to examine accounts for policy violations, sending email after email attaching spreadsheets with supposed violators. 

URGENT: 17 percent of teenagers had heart symptoms after their second Pfizer mRNA jab, a new peer-reviewed paper shows

Researchers in Taiwan have added to the increasingly negative picture of the impact the mRNA Covid vaccines have on the hearts of young men.

The researchers conducted electrocardiograms (ECGs), which measure the heart rhythm, on 4,928 high schoolers in Taipei City, the capital of Taiwan, before and after their second Pfizer shot. Over 90 percent of the students were male.

They found 51 students had significant changes in their ECGs after the second Pfizer jab. One of those was diagnosed with myocarditis, and four more had “significant” heart rhythm disturbances. Those included a student with premature ventricular contractions, which can raise the risk of sudden cardiac death.

“The arrhythmia triggering effect by BNT162b2 [Pfizer] vaccine needs further study to elucidate,” the scientists wrote.

Pfizer Board Member Urged Twitter to Censor Posts on Natural Immunity, Low COVID Risk for Kids

A Pfizer board member who used to head the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) lobbied Twitter to take action against a post accurately pointing out that natural immunity is superior to COVID-19 vaccination, according to an email released on Jan. 9.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb wrote on Aug. 27, 2021, to Twitter executive Todd O’Boyle to request Twitter take action against a post from Dr. Brett Giroir, another former FDA commissioner.

Giroir pointed to what was at the time a preprint study from Israeli researchers that found, after analyzing health records, that natural immunity provided better protection than vaccination. The study was later published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases following peer review.

Researchers said the data “demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity.”

Landmark Lawsuit Slaps Legacy Media With Antitrust, First Amendment Claims for Censoring COVID-Related Content

The lawsuit targets the Trusted News Initiative (TNI), a self-described “industry partnership” launched in March 2020 by several of the world’s largest news organizations, including the BBC, The Associated Press (AP), Reuters and The Washington Post — all of which are named as defendants in the lawsuit.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit include CHD, Kennedy, Creative Destruction Media, Trial Site News, Ty and Charlene Bollinger (founders of The Truth About Cancer and The Truth About Vaccines), independent journalist Ben Swann, Erin Elizabeth Finn (publisher of Health Nut News), Jim Hoft (founder of The Gateway Pundit), Dr. Joseph Mercola and Ben Tapper, a chiropractor.

All of the plaintiffs allege they were censored, banned, de-platformed, shadow banned or otherwise penalized by the Big Tech firms partnering with the TNI, because the views and content they published were deemed “misinformation” or “disinformation.” This resulted in a major loss of visibility and revenue for the plaintiffs.

White House Colluded With Twitter to Censor RFK, Jr., Emails Reveal

series of Jan. 6 tweets by newly sworn-in Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey detailed how Biden officials sought to censor tweets by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman and chief litigation counsel of Children’s Health Defense (CHD), conservative commentator Tucker Carlson and others.

Citing documents and emails between social media employees and White House officials, Bailey exposed how the White House sought to censor Kennedy for a tweet questioning “suspicious” deaths of elderly individuals after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and seeking a good faith investigation into the true causes of the deaths.

The White House specifically targeted Kennedy’s Jan. 22, 2021, tweet about the then-recent death of baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron, 18 days after he publicly received the Moderna vaccine.

Tucker Carlson says the White House pressured Facebook to censor his show

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World News:

Mom Allison Holthoff dies after waiting seven hours in Nova Scotia ER

A Canadian mom of three died in agony at a Nova Scotia hospital after waiting for medical help in the emergency room for nearly seven hours on New Year’s Eve — and now her widowed husband is demanding answers.

Gunther Holthoff told reporters earlier this week that his 37-year-old wife, Allison, woke up on Dec. 31 complaining of what she thought was an upset stomach.

He said Allison had fallen off a horse back in September and had been suffering from pain ever since, according to reporting by CTV News.

Throughout the day, her condition deteriorated, and after taking a bath, the woman ended up writhing in pain on the floor.

4 Submarines, 12 Warships, Hypersonic Missiles & Nuke Bombers: Russian Military Set For Massive Boost In 2023

“Suvorov” Borei-A class submarine (via Twitter)
“Suvorov” Borei-A class submarine (via Twitter)

As more military assistance is pledged to Ukraine by its allies in the West, the Russian military’s top brass has announced plans to significantly bolster its military in 2023 by inducting top-of-the-line military hardware.

When intense combat unfolds in the east of Ukraine, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu vowed on January 10 to expand the country’s weaponry and advance aviation technology and increase drone production.

Earlier this month, President Vladimir Putin ordered Shoigu to create a report on how military units are supplied, including details of weapons and equipment delivered to the military and suggestions for enhancing the defense ministry’s operations.

The order was given in the wake of some significant losses incurred by the Russian military on the battlefield.

Teen arrested in Germany for stabbing teacher to death after receiving one-day expulsion for misbehavior

The 55-year-old teacher known only as Ms. K. was killed at the Ibbenbüren vocational college on Tuesday.
The 55-year-old teacher known only as Ms. K. was killed at the Ibbenbüren vocational college on Tuesday.

A 17-year-old boy with a migration background was arrested in Germany on Tuesday on suspicion of murdering his 55-year-old school teacher with a knife just hours after he had been expelled from school for one day for misbehaving.

The attack occurred shortly before 3 p.m. at the Ibbenbüren vocational college in North Rhine-Westphalia.

According to German media, the attacker, Sinan B., had been suspended from school earlier that day, but returned to the college equipped with a knife before searching for his victim.

Afghan attempted murder suspect indicted for rape of 14-year-old boy in French village

An Afghan migrant, who has been living in France illegally, has been arrested on suspicion of the aggravated rape of a 14-year-old boy in a French village on Christmas Eve last year.

The attack reportedly took place at approximately 3.30 p.m. on Dec. 24 in the village of Croisilles (Pas-de-Calais) where the minor was raped and had his mobile phone stolen, a police source confirmed by the Arras prosecutor’s office told French broadcaster CNews.

Journalist Amaury Bucco tweeted on Monday that local officials had initially refused to respond to questioning about the rape when approached last month by CNews, citing only the theft of a mobile phone during the incident, however the local prosecutor’s office has now confirmed an investigation is ongoing into the attack and indictment proceedings have been opened against a 25-year-old Afghan national.

The suspect has a history of violence, and was “already known locally for having been dismissed in 2020 from the reception and situation examination center (CAES) in Croisilles, set up in 2017, where the administrative requests of migrants are examined,” Bucco reported.

Afghanistan: Deadly suicide bombing outside foreign ministry

Image caption
GETTY IMAGES Kabul’s police said five people were killed but another Taliban official put the number of dead at 20

Police said at least five civilians had been killed but another Taliban official put the toll as high as 20.

The attack took place about 16:00 local time (11:30 GMT) when the bomber tried, but failed to enter the ministry building itself, the Taliban said.

No group has claimed responsibility. Several countries, including Turkey and China, have embassies in the area.

Reports suggest a Chinese delegation was due to hold talks with the Afghan officials inside the foreign ministry building at the time of the attack.

The Italian humanitarian agency, Emergency NGO in Kabul said it had received more than 40 wounded people and the casualty numbers were continuing to rise.

How TERRIFYING new ESG rules will transform the ENTIRE WORLD

ESG is here, and now, it could fundamentally transform the entire Western World OVERNIGHT.

New ESG reporting rules from the European Union (EU) will affect nearly every major American corporation — meaning YOUR life likely will fundamentally change as well.

In this clip, Glenn is joined by The Heartland Institute’s Justin Haskins to discuss these new standards.

Together, they explain how the EU’s plan will affect U.S. businesses, how it will affect YOUR life, and why — when it comes to the transformation of society — this is the MOST IMPORTANT story, period…

At least 6 injured in attack at Paris train station

The suspect is hospitalized after being shot by police after attacking travelers with a knife at a Paris train station.

Canada police ID Toronto homeless man, 59, allegedly murdered by 8 teen girls in ‘swarming’ attack

Police say Ken Lee, 59, of Toronto, was stabbed to death by a group of eight teen girls last month. (Toronto Police Service )
Police say Ken Lee, 59, of Toronto, was stabbed to death by a group of eight teen girls last month. (Toronto Police Service )

Toronto Police Service identified the victim as Ken Lee, 59, of Toronto. Lee, who reportedly was originally from Hong Kong and was looking for housing, was allegedly assaulted and stabbed by a group of three 13-year-old girls, three 14-year-old girls, and two 16-year-old girls shortly after midnight on Dec. 18. 

The girls allegedly attacked the homeless man shortly at a plaza near the main rail station of Canada’s largest city.

Witnesses told police the girls attempted to steal a liquor bottle from Lee’s female friend, and when Lee tried to intervene, the teens unleashed their deadly assault, Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) reported. 

Canadian Doctors Boast Of Euthanizing Hundreds Of People

Rebel News’ David Menzies and Tamara Ugolini discuss two Canadian doctors who claim euthanizing hundreds of people has been some of the most “rewarding” work of their careers.

Israel to remind enemies of its “red lines”; CENTCOM intercepts Iranian vessel TV7 Israel News 11.01

1) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proclaims that Israel’s enemies will receive a reminder of Jerusalem’s unrelenting resolve to preserve its red-lines.

2) The U.S. defense establishment accuses Iran of acting in a manner which has a destabilizing effect on the Middle East.

3) Germany calls upon the international community to hold Iran accountable for its repeated human rights offenses.

Turkey and Israel restore diplomatic ties with new ambassador

An important day in Israel-Turkey relations as Ankara’s envoy presents his credentials to Israel’s President Herzog, who invites Turkey’s President Erdogan to visit Israel.

Brits Win Battle Against 1,100 Asylum Seekers for Small Village

Islam’s War on Dogs: Muslim Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison for Raping Flicka

On Monday, January 9, Muslim Nour El Islam Benostmane was sentenced by a French court to four years for animal theft, abuse, and rape of an eight-month-old female Samoyed dog named Flicka. 

Nour El Islam had 24 prior convictions, previously disfigured a dog, and had already spent twenty years in prison for primarily violent crimes.

Until now, animal theft and rape have not existed in France’s penal code. However, after the latest cases, people are demanding laws be enacted.

Tucker Carlson Praises CDM Contributor Matt Tyrmand’s Brazil Coverage

Matthew Tyrmand was arrested in Brazil for spreading truth and his coverage is second to none on the events on the ground in-country over the last several months.


Harmeet K. Dhillon: Biden was getting paid $900,000 annually by a Chinese-funded think tank

65 Dems vote against new China committee – who were they?

(Stefani Reynolds/CNP/Zuma Press/TNS)
(Stefani Reynolds/CNP/Zuma Press/TNS)

The motion to create a “Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party” passed 365-65, with 146 Democrats supporting joining the Republican-led effort, according to the House Clerk website. 

Among the Democrats who voted against the committee are progressive “Squad” Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, and Ayanna Pressley. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), also a “Squad” member, broke with her longtime allies to vote in favor of the committee.

“This is an issue that transcends political parties,” McCarthy said on the House floor Tuesday. “We want the very best ideas, and it doesn’t matter where they come from. … We’ll just need one philosophy, with one principle, and America will be stronger for the future to come.”

The resolution requires the committee to submit its policy recommendations by Dec. 31, 2023, and submit all its reports by Dec. 31, 2024.

Hey, Mitch! Bridge This!

Joe Biden and the Democrats are determined to kneecap your family’s future.

In just two short years they’ve added $6.1 TRILLION dollars of new debt to our country’s ledger. That avalanche of debt will fall squarely on your children and grandchildren. Who is going to stand up and say “no more!”?

If you said the GOP, you are sadly mistaken.

Now, Mark is angrier than hell, as he exposes Mitch McConnell’s complicity in placing pocketbook over policy.

The Democrat’s insatiable desire for a blank checkbook knows no bounds. Is there anyone in the GOP with the stones to stand up to them?

‘We’ve seen the corruption’: House GOP aims to end career politics with vote on term limits for Congress

Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said on Fox News Channel this week that his constituents are "excited" about term limits legislation. (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)
Rep. James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said on Fox News Channel this week that his constituents are “excited” about term limits legislation. (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

Several Republicans have announced support for a measure imposing limitations on how long members may serve in the House and Senate.

Earlier this week, GOP South Carolina Rep. Ralph Norman introduced H.J.Res.11, an amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would limit the number of terms someone may serve.

The proposed amendment from Norman, if ratified, would limit those serving in the House to three terms, for a total of six years, and those serving in the Senate to two terms, for a total of 12 years.

For those elected during a special election to fill a vacancy, the legislation, according to Norman’s office, defines the length of a “qualifying term” as at least one year in the House of Representatives and at least three years in the Senate.

‘This is unprecedented’: Biden think tank’s potential ties to China

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the Biden classified documents controversy and his think tank’s possible ties to China.

House GOP file articles of impeachment against Alejandro Mayorkas

Tennessee Rep. Mark Green discusses steps Congress can take to manage the crisis at the border after House Republicans filed articles of impeachment against Secretary Mayorkas.

Tucker Carlson: Biden trusts Beijing more than he trusts you

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to allegations President Biden mishandled classified documents and asks what the president was doing in Ukraine on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Video: President Donald J. Trump Calls for Probe into Intelligence Community’s Role in Online Censorship

This gas stove ban is a complete fraud: Ronny Jackson | National Report

On Wednesday’s “National Report,” Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson sounds off on a proposed ban on new gas stoves.


Thomas Sowell – Observations and Insights

In 1995, Thomas Sowell was interviewed on CSPAN by Brian Lamb. This video contains excerpts from that broadcast.

Elitist Corporate Media Attacks Populism | SYSTEM UPDATE with Glenn Greenwald

This is a clip from our show SYSTEM UPDATE, now airing every weeknight at 7pm ET on Rumble.

Elitist Corporate Media Attacks Populism, Briahna Joy Gray on Dem v. GOP Dissent | SYSTEM UPDATE #19

The REAL Reason Behind Biden’s Possible GAS STOVE BAN | @glennbeck

Thanks to a new ‘study,’ the Biden Administration now is considering a gas stove ban throughout America. Why?

Because your gas stove — or really, any gas connection in your house — apparently causes pollution inside your home which, allegedly, has been ‘linked’ to asthma in ‘some’ children.

But if you think this possible gas stove ban is really about the health and safety of our children, think again.

In this clip, Glenn and Stu discuss what they believe are the TRUE reasons behind such a move, which will only further our energy crisis even more…

Chef speaks out over proposed ban of gas stoves: ‘I’m livid’

Chef Andrew Gruel shares why gas stoves shouldn’t be banned on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’