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In The News:

Mum gets 40 years in deaths of 2 babies left in trash bags

This December 2018 photo shows Alyssa Dayvault, the South Carolina mother on trial for placing two of her newborns in trash bags and throwing them away.
This December 2018 photo shows Alyssa Dayvault, the South Carolina mother on trial for placing two of her newborns in trash bags and throwing them away. (Photo: Horry County jail via AP)

Alyssa Dayvault had skipped the trial where she was convicted, but turned herself in the day after her trial ended. She remained in jail until Thursday (Nov 5), when Circuit Judge Steven John opened the envelopes where he placed her sealed sentences after the jury verdict on Oct 15.

Dayvault hid her pregnancies in 2017 and 2018 from everyone, including her boyfriend and her mother, gave birth at her North Myrtle Beach home alone then put the newborns into trash bags and threw them away, prosecutors said.

Dayvault cried as she was allowed to speak to the judge as her family and her former boyfriend and his family sat in the Horry County courtroom.

Man thinks he hears an intruder, shoots pregnant wife dead

The man told detectives he didn’t realize his wife was not in the room. He frantically called 911 and told dispatchers he had accidentally shot his wife, Snyder said.

The woman was taken to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

“He gave us a pretty in depth statement, in which he said that he awoke in the middle of the night, thought he heard somebody in the house, went to investigate with a handgun, saw a shape in the hallway and fired one round and unfortunately, it turned out to be his wife,” Snyder said.

The woman was six months pregnant, and doctors were able to save the baby, WPBF reported.

Modified Ford Truck Takes California Police On Wild Ride

image credit: YouTube
image credit: YouTube

Just when we thought we’d seen it all with a high-powered muscle car outrunning the cops and other crazy things, some guy went on a rampage from Malibu through the San Fernando Valley  before finally being thwarted by a light pole in a Taco Bell parking lot.

Even better, the modified Ford 6×6 truck he was driving should’ve been able to take that hit like a mosquito hitting a charging bull.

According to police, all the action started at about 6:30 pm  when a $350,000 Ford F-550 valued at about $350,000 was stolen from the service bay of a Ford dealership in Van Nuys. 

Utah mom, 12-year-old son among 3 killed in shooting by neighbor in Nevada

Henderson Police officers and SWAT vehicles are shown at the scene of a fatal shooting in an apartment complex in Henderson, Nevada. Four people were killed including the suspect in the shooting, police said.
Henderson Police officers and SWAT vehicles are shown at the scene of a fatal shooting in an apartment complex in Henderson, Nevada. Four people were killed including the suspect in the shooting, police said. (Steve Marcus/Las Vegas Sun via AP)

Police responded around 11 a.m. to reports of gunshots and “a subject down in the doorway” at an apartment complex, Henderson police said. Officers found the bodies of two women, ages 39 and 33, and an injured 16-year-old girl. All three had apparent gunshot wounds.

Officers located the suspect, identified as 38-year-old Jason Neo Bourne, armed with a handgun and barricaded inside a nearby vehicle with the 12-year-old boy.

“As officers attempted a de-escalation dialogue with the suspect, the suspect held his firearm to the juvenile’s head, resulting in an officer-involved shooting,” police said.

Virginia man who twice was arrested on his way back from Baltimore pleads guilty in fatal fentanyl overdose

Peter Andrew Romm, 35, of Reston pleaded guilty in federal court to one count of conspiracy to distribute 1 kilogram or more of heroin and 400 grams or more of fentanyl, and one count of distribution of fentanyl, according to a news release from the U.S. Department of Justice.

On Oct. 7, 2019, prosecutors said, Romm sold fentanyl to a person through a middleman. The buyer consumed the fentanyl and was found dead in his home the next morning. 

As recently as February, Romm was traveling to Baltimore regularly to buy fentanyl, prosecutors said and on Feb. 11, he was arrested on his way back from Baltimore in possession of approximately 75 capsules of fentanyl.

Eight days later, he was arrested again on his way back from Baltimore with 72 capsules of fentanyl in his vehicle, according to court documents.

Yes, the IRS is still sending stimulus checks. 9 reasons you didn’t get yours and what to do

Is your stimulus check hung up? Make sure you check out all possible scenarios.

Sarah Tew/CNET
Is your stimulus check hung up? Make sure you check out all possible scenarios.Sarah Tew/CNET

Talks of a second stimulus check are growing more urgent by the day, but if you’re still wondering where your “first” stimulus check is from all the way back in April when the IRS first began sending them out, we can help you figure out why it’s delayed.

Not all is lost. The IRS will continue to send the first batch of direct payments through Dec. 31 this year. 

In fact, you may be one of the millions of people who can still claim yours up until Nov. 21 at 12 p.m. PT (3 p.m. ET). 

‘Fox News SUCKS’ chant breaks out in AZ | REACTION

Supporters of President Trump in Arizona have been very vocal of their displeasure toward Fox News for ‘prematurely’ calling the state in favor of Joe Biden on Election Night.
While the state remains close in regards to ballot numbers, actress Alana Stewart reacts to AZ protests with Newsmax TV’s Shaun Kraisman and Emma Rechenberg.

FOX NEWS VIDEO: Parler CEO: Transparency during election ‘really important’

Parler CEO John Matze reacts to Maria Bartiromo being flagged on Twitter

Nevada officials provide election updates after Trump team files new lawsuit

Clark County, Nevada, voter registrar Joe Gloria provides updates on ballot counting after the Trump campaign filed a new lawsuit.

They HATE You: Kimmel Rages That He ‘Overestimated the American People’

Kimmel wasn’t alone in his bitterness as Jimmy Fallon mocked half the country that voted for Trump and Stephen Colbert made a Mussolini comparison.

Kimmel was so annoyed that he abandoned any pretense of making jokes.

He seethed, “I’m also shocked that it was this close. I mean, we reunited the cast of every movie and TV show ever made to win this election.

It is unimaginable to me that close to half of American voters saw what this man has done to this country over the last four years” [and wanted more].

Directly insulting half the country, the host raged, “What more did Trump have to do to show us that he’s insane and not fit to lead this country?

I feel like I overestimated the American people.”

Hundreds arrested after blocking traffic on I-94 in Minneapolis

According to video from the demonstration, protesters marched through Minneapolis for more than an hour before finally entering the freeway near eastbound I-94 and Riverside Avenue. Law enforcement formed a line across both lanes of the freeway and down the median, effectively surrounding the mass of protesters.

“You are all under arrest. Sit down and do it now,” an officer said through a megaphone. After some initial pushback, the protesters sat down on the freeway and awaited arrest for trespassing and unlawful assembly.

Both Minneapolis police officers and State Patrol troopers were called to the scene. The Minneapolis Police Department first reported around 7:45 p.m. that the area had been shut down.

Pics/Videos: Post-election unrest, violence erupts in DC, Denver, Portland, Seattle and more

Election Day confusion sparked civil unrest in cities across the nation Tuesday and Wednesday nights as demonstrators turned violent in anticipation of election results. Voters also crowded around voting centers amid scrutiny over ballot counting. 

Hundreds of protesters gathered in major cities throughout the country as tensions remained high in the wake of the election.

In Colorado, a group of demonstrators marched through downtown Denver Wednesday night, chanting, “No borders, no walls, no USA at all.”

In Washington, DC, hundreds of people in black clothing marched to Black Lives Matter Plaza just a block from the White House. Many were carrying black umbrellas despite dry weather.

Trump campaign claims Philadelphia defying court-ordered election observation

FILE - In this Feb. 22, 2018 file photo, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, speaks to reporters outside the West Wing in Washington.
FILE – In this Feb. 22, 2018 file photo, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, speaks to reporters outside the West Wing in Washington. Bondi spoke to reporters in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020 about a legal victory for the Trump campaign. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

WASHINGTON (Sinclair Broadcast Group) — Thursday morning a Pennsylvania appellate court granted the Trump campaign the right to observe ballot counters in Philadelphia after campaign officials said they were prevented from overseeing the process.

Later in the afternoon, former Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Trump campaign adviser Corey Lewandowski told reporters that the city was in defiance of the court order and observers were still being shut out.

The order allowed the president’s reelection campaign to immediately begin watching election workers count votes from 6 feet away, in accordance with public health rules.


TRUMP Campaign Holds Press Conference in Arizona11/5/20

TRUMP Campaign Holds Press Conference in Arizona.11/5/20.

Grenell: ‘Harry Reid Machine’ Caused Illegal Voting in Nevada

Ric Grenell (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell alleged Thursday that “the Harry Reid machine” played a starring role in non-residents voting in Nevada, adding that President Donald Trump’s campaign has filed a lawsuit.

During a press conference in Las Vegas, Grenell and other officials announced their legal action, saying illegal voting practices have occurred in Nevada. Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt noted that “thousands of ballots” have been found “in trash cans in apartment buildings.”

“The Harry Reid machine recklessly threw ballots into the mail, and now we cannot check whether or not there are non-residents, [of] which we have evidence, publicly available evidence, that you all in the media should be also looking at,” Grenell said.

Post-election unrest continues as results trickle in | Michelle Malkin

Newsmax TV’s Michelle Malkin reacts to ongoing protests in the moments post-Election Day as the country is tense over inconclusive results in many key states. – via John Bachman Now,

Pennsylvania, Arizona & Georgia UPDATE: Here’s the current vote count & Trump chances

What is going on in Pennsylvania, Arizona, and Georgia!?

These three states — along with North Carolina, Michigan, and Wisconsin — could be vital for Trump’s chances to win the race, but the vote count in every single one of them is EXTREMELY close.

Glenn and Stu break down the numbers — from what percentage of votes Trump needs to win, the number of votes left to count, and how many of them come from Biden or Trump-favored counties.

“Stop the Steal” Protest outside RNC to demand all Republicans defend election integrity…


Commentart/Opinion: Christina Bobb discusses the Democrats attempts to steal the election through fraudulent ballots and the Trump campaign’s efforts to recover the integrity of the vote.

Mollie Hemingway: Polling isn’t the Problem, Intentionally False Media Polls are the Problem

Commentary/Opinion: Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway joins Fox News to discuss the media reaction to 2020, specifically when it comes to their attempt to blame bad polling rather than their reliance only intentionally corrupt polling.

Tucker: Democrats fell short in bid to impose new ‘system’ on America

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host reacts to the election results and discusses the balance of power in government.

FOX NEWS VIDEO: Why hasn’t the elite media learned anything from 2016?

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to discuss how media misread America.

FOX NEWS VIDEO: Hanson: Election process leaves me ‘really worried’ for the republic

Historian Victor Davis Hanson reacts on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to media bias, baseless polls.

FOX NEWS VIDEO: Gingrich: Election ‘corruption’ is beginning of Trump’s second term

Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich discusses president’s chances of come-from-behind win .

Ben Shapiro Column: The Woke Lose

This is still a country that is one-third conservative, one-third liberal and one-third in the middle.

But one message resonated above all others: the outright rejection of the ongoing quest by Democrats and the media to paint Americans into racial categories and then declare demographics destiny.

Donald Trump bucked four long years of Democrats and media members labeling both him and his supporters white supremacists, bigots and homophobes.

He refused to be cowed by a media determined to paint him as a racist for refusing the faulty premise that America is institutionally bigoted.

And he won an increased share of black and Hispanic voters.

World News:

Israeli minister warns of war if Biden returns to Iran Deal

Iranian flag / Getty Images
Iranian flag / Getty Images

“Biden has said openly for a long time that he will go back to the nuclear agreement,” Hanegbi said. “I see that as something that will lead to a confrontation between Israel and Iran.”

Hanegbi said he is not concerned about a likely Biden victory on most fronts, including the area of settlements, but Iran is a glaring exception.

The minister told Channel 13 News that he, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and most Israelis saw the Iran Deal signed by the Obama administration in 2015 – known formally as the The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action – as “mistaken – and that’s an understatement.”

“If Biden stays with that policy, there will, in the end, be a violent confrontation between Israel and Iran,” he stated.

AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID Vaccine on Track for Year End, CEO Says

AstraZeneca Plc’s coronavirus shot could be ready for large-scale vaccinations as early as this year, Chief Executive Officer Pascal Soriot said, dismissing reports of delays and production snags.

The U.K. drugmaker is poised to unveil vaccine test results by year-end even after trials were slightly delayed over the summer as infection rates slowed in the northern hemisphere.

A recent resurgence has allowed scientists to gather the clinical data they need, according to Soriot. Astra and the University of Oxford are keeping the vaccine in a frozen bulk state to preserve its shelf life while they await final test results.

IRGC ballistic-program to impose will on foes;UK raises terror-threat level-TV7 Israel News 05.11.20

1) Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps unveiled a new missile system, which according to IRGC Commander Major General Hossein Salami ‘is capable of consecutively launching multiple long-range ballistic missiles.

2) Austrian Interior Minister Karl Nehammer confessed to an intelligence failure, while separately confirming that fourteen individuals have been arrested in connection with Islamist terrorism.

3) In light of the repeated Islamist attacks on the European mainland; the United Kingdom – which has a large Muslim community – announced its decision to raise its terrorism threat level to “severe” – meaning “an attack is now seen as highly likely.”

Palestinians Call for Boycotting Israel, Then Ask Israel To Save Their Lives

Pictured: Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in Jerusalem, Israel, where Erekat chose to be hospitalized and receive treatment.
Pictured: Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem in Jerusalem, Israel, where Erekat chose to be hospitalized and receive treatment. (Photo by Emmanuel Dunand/AFP via Getty Images)

On October 8, Erekat announced that he had been infected with COVID-19. A few days later, as his condition seemed to worsen, Erekat was rushed from his home in the West Bank city of Jericho to an Israeli hospital in Jerusalem:

The man who worked tirelessly to harm and slander Israel and who condemned Arabs for establishing relations with Israel in the end chose to seek medical treatment in a hospital belonging to the same state he has spent much of his life demonizing.

When he announced that he had been infected with COVID-19, Erekat received an offer from Jordan’s King Abdullah to receive medical treatment in the kingdom.

Expressing gratitude to the Jordanian monarch, Erekat did not take up him up on the offer.

Instead, when his health deteriorated, Erekat, along with his family and the PA leadership, ran to Israel for help.

‘The Terrorist Risk Is Everywhere’ — Macron Calls For Stricter European Borders After Recent Attacks

(Photo by KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Macron said that many of the criminal enterprises who frequently traffic migrants into Europe are linked to terrorist organizations, Reuters reported.

“I am in favor of a deep overhaul of Schengen to re-think its organization and to strengthen our common border security with a proper border force,” the French leader said while visiting his country’s border with Spain.

The Schengen Area is a group of 26 European countries that do not have any passport requirements or other border controls for travel between them.

This means that any person who successfully migrates into one of those 26 countries could then travel freely to any of the others under the current rules.


We Gamed Out A Contested 2020 Election, And Here’s What’s Next

America voted. Now the results will be determined by a combination of local election officials, state officials, corrupt urban political machines, targeted mass violence, lawyers, judges, and even Congress.

Added into the volatile mix will be a thoroughly partisan and untrustworthy legacy media, social media giants, and even hostile foreign powers. It is 2020, after all.

Four weeks ago, I designed and ran a post-election simulation.
It was a joint project of the Claremont Institute and the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

As a U.S. Army intelligence officer, now a lieutenant colonel in the retired reserve, I’ve used countless “wargames” as a planning tool to anticipate “what ifs?” and plan responses during a period of relative calm before a storm.

Our simulation came down to Michigan and Pennsylvania,