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US News:

‘I Have Sleep Apnea’: Bodycam Footage Shows City Council Member Trying To Explain Away Crack Pipe

Cranston City Council member Matthew R. Reilly faced calls to resign after video footage surfaced showing his Monday arrest.

Police officers found him unconscious and struggling to breathe behind the wheel of his car, allegedly with a crack pipe in his hand, The Boston Globe reported.

In the released bodycam footage, the officer explains to Reilly that someone flagged him down thinking the councilman was choking or suffering from a heart attack. “I have sleep apnea, I’m sorry,” Reilly explains. To which the officer replies, “You have a crack pipe in your hands.”

Upon further inspection of Reilly’s vehicle, police reportedly found crack cocaine inside, leading the councilman to later admit that he had purchased $100 worth of the drug the day before and smoked it “earlier” explaining to the officer he was on his way back from court.

This security guard in San Francisco isn’t getting the “Daniel Penny treatment”… gee, wonder why?

There’s a case unfolding in San Francisco that’s causing a lot of concern and getting a ton of attention.

A young, black transvestite was caught shoplifting, and as a result, a black security guard ended up shooting and killing him. The security guard says it was self-defense and authorities quickly agreed. No charges were filed and he’s completely off the hook.

Many people are noticing the differences between this event and a recent similar incident that took place on a New York City subway, where a violent “Michael Jackson” impersonator threatened a train full of commuters.

The outcome of that incident differed significantly, and many believe this is further proof that we have a broken, weaponized, political justice system.

FBI whistleblowers speak out against weaponization

FBI whistleblowers Garret O’Boyle, Stephen Friend, Marcus Allen and Tristan Leavitt recount their stories of retaliation by the agency – Via Thursday’s “National Report.”

Activists Demand Reparations for Latinos for Land Under Dodger Stadium

The activists formed an organization in 2018 called Buried Under the Blue. They drew encouragement from the successful effort to obtain restitution for the original black owners of Bruce’s Beach. As Breitbart News noted:

The owners, Willa and Charles Bruce, purchased the land in 1912 and created a beach resort catering to black clients before the city used eminent domain to seize the property.

The land was dormant for decades until the city built a park in 1960 and later renamed it Bruce’s Beach. Descendants of Willa and Charles Bruce sued, claiming the eminent domain program was racially motivated.

The website for Buried Under the Blue states that the group’s mission is “to preserve our history of our three destroyed communities” and “[t]o empower and educate all people to create healthier communities, sustainable communities, and maintain historical documents for self-determination.” While the Times describes the group as “Latino,” the website refers to the former inhabitants of the area under Dodger Stadium as “indigenous.”

8-Year-Old Migrant Girl Dies in Biden Admin Custody — 2nd Child Death this Month

File Photo: Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

“He told me he was in a shelter and not to worry because he was in the best hands,” his mother told the AP. “We only spoke two minutes, I told him goodbye and wished him the best.”

A few days later, a person who identified himself as the teen’s friend from the shelter called the mother and delivered the devastating news that her child was dead.

He said when he woke up for breakfast, Ángel Eduardo Maradiaga Espinoza was unresponsive and had died.

CBP officials did not release the identity of the eight-year-old girl who died on May 17 while in Border Patrol custody. They also did not release the nationality of the little girl and her family.

Record Number of Chinese Nationals Showing Up at U.S. Borders

U.S. Border Patrol/Rio Grande Valley Sector

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection Nationwide Encounters report for April shows an explosion in the number of Chinese migrants apprehended by Border Patrol agents this year. In April alone, agents apprehended 3,195 Chinese nationals.

This brought the seven-month total for Chinese migrants apprehended in FY23 (which began on October 1, 2022) to 9,753.

Of those, CBP reported that 8,207 (84) percent were single adults. Neary 5,200 of these migrants entered the U.S. in the Rio Grande Valley Sector in southeast Texas.

Mayorkas Welcomed Record Surge of Migrants in April

Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images, JOAQUIN SARMIENTO/AFP via Getty Images

The April inflow exceeded the 135,211 migrants who were admitted in April 2022.

Biden’s April 2023 inflow is 87 times as many as were admitted by President Donald Trump in April 2020.

The April inflow number also excludes the roughly 50,000 migrants who were invited to take Biden’s parole pathways, and it excludes the roughly 60,000 young migrants who sneaked past the thinly monitored border.

All together, Biden’s deputies have allowed 250,000 migrants in April. — or roughly two migrants for every three U.S. births.

Since January 2021, Biden’s deputies have admitted roughly 4.5 million migrants across the southern border.

Illegal Alien, Charged with Raping Teen Girl, Released into U.S. by Biden’s DHS

Jon Putman/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images/ACSO

“This rape never should have happened,” Autauga County District Attorney CJ Robinson told local media of the incident, noting that Zavala was an illegal alien who first arrived at the southern border in November 2021 using a fake name.

Despite having a criminal record in Honduras, Zavala was apprehended, processed, and quickly released into the U.S. interior by Biden’s DHS — ending up in Prattville, Alabama, to work in the local construction industry, illegally.

“We’re not interested in negotiating with the feds,” Robinson said of keeping Zavala in local custody. “They can take custody of his body when [Department of Corrections] is done with him. We aren’t going to negotiate for a lesser charge so the feds can deport him.”

Supreme Court Sides With Google and Twitter in Challenges to Internet Liability Shield

The Supreme Court on Thursday sided with Google and Twitter in a case centered on claims their social-media platforms “aided and abetted” terrorists. 

In doing so, the court sidestepped a separate legal challenge to Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, a 1996 law that protects internet companies from lawsuits related to content users share on their platforms.

“The fact that some bad actors took advantage of these platforms is insufficient to state a claim that defendants knowingly gave substantial assistance and thereby aided and abetted those wrongdoers’ acts,” Justice Clarence Thomas wrote for the court in a unanimous opinion in the first case, Twitter v. Taamneh.

FBI obtained Americans bank records without subpoena: Whistleblowers

The Federal Bureau of Investigation obtained the financial records of Americans from Bank of America “without any legal process” following the January 6, 2021 riot, according to an interim staff report from the House Judiciary Committee and Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government.

“Specifically, he testified that following the events at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, Bank of America (BoA) gave the FBI’s Washington Field Office a list of individuals who had made transactions in the D.C., Maryland, Virginia area with a BoA credit or debit card between January 5 and January 7, 2021. He also testified that individuals who had previously purchased a firearm with a BoA product were elevated to the top of the list provided by BoA,” it also read. 


Mike Rowe: This has ‘unleashed a storm’ of ‘unintended consequences’

MikeRoweWorks Foundation CEO Mike Rowe discusses a surge in white collar job layoffs and responds to Elon Musk’s comments on working from home.

The Durham Report Exonerates Trump. So How Do We Get Justice?

World News:

Trans butcher lured schoolgirl into his car while dressed as a woman before carrying out 27-hour-long sexual assault, Scottish court hears

Andrew Miller, also known as Amy George

Andrew Miller, a 53-year-old transgender butcher who also goes by the name Amy George, pleaded guilty to four charges of abduction, sexual assault, watching pornography in the presence of a child under the age of 13, and possessing 242 indecent images of children at Edinburgh High Court on Thursday.

The court heard how back in February Miller had seen the schoolgirl — whose age has not been revealed but was at primary school — walking home alone and approached her in his car.

Dressed as a woman, he offered her a lift home, which she accepted, but he instead drove past his victim’s home and took her to his house in the Scottish Highlands.

95-year-old fighting for life after being tasered by police

A 95-year-old woman with dementia is fighting for her life after being tasered by police in Southern New South Wales.

Three Jailed Iranian Protesters Send Plea For Help Fearing Their Executions Are Imminent

Names from left to right: Saleh Mirhashemi, Majid Kazemi, and Saeid Yaqoubi were implicated in an incident on November 16, 2022, during which two Basij paramilitary force members and a law enforcement officer were fatally shot in Isfahan.

The opposition activist collective 1500tasvir, known for its coverage of Iranian protest developments, released the note on May 17 after receiving it through intermediaries for the condemned men: Majid Kazemi, Saeid Yaqoubi, and Saleh Mirhashemi.

“Don’t let them kill us. We need your help,” read the note, which was released amid reports the men were given a final meeting with their families and has heightened fears that their executions could occur at any moment.

Adding to the apprehension, state-run TV aired a video of the three defendants’ “confessions” — which the families and human rights organizations say were likely made under duress — a night earlier, a move many saw as an attempt to justify carrying out the death penalty for the three, who were implicated in an incident on November 16, 2022, during which two Basij paramilitary force members and a law enforcement officer were fatally shot in Isfahan.

Russia Fires Dozens of Cruise Missiles at Ukraine


The missiles in the attack were believed to be older Soviet-era weapons.  An attack on Tuesday included newer hypersonic missiles.

Ukraine authorities say its military shot down two Russian exploding drones and two reconnaissance drones.

Meanwhile, Kremlin-installed authorities in occupied Crimea reported the derailment of eight train cars Thursday because of an explosion, prompting renewed suspicions about possible Ukrainian saboteur activity behind Russian lines.

While the ground fighting is largely deadlocked along that front line, both sides are targeting each other’s territory with long-range weapons.

Pentagon seeks authority to transfer nuclear submarines to Australia

Virginia-class attack submarine Montana successfully completed initial sea trials in February 2022. (Huntington Ingalls Industries)

Three legislative proposals, submitted on May 2 and first posted online Tuesday, would greenlight the sale of two Virginia-class submarines to Australia, permit the training of Australian nationals for submarine work and allow Canberra to invest in the U.S. submarine industrial base.

“This development must begin as soon as possible for Australia to become ready to own and safely operate these submarines in a manner that both maintains the highest non-proliferation standards and strengthens the global non-proliferation regime,” the Pentagon argues in the proposal.

Finally, the Pentagon is also asking Congress for permission to accept Australian payments to bolster the U.S. submarine industrial base. Australia has offered to make an undisclosed sum of investments in the U.S. submarine industrial base as part of AUKUS.

Woman Who Strangled Her Rapist to Death Sentenced to 6 Years for ‘Excessive Use of Legitimate Defense’

FILE – Activists paste photos of Roxana Ruiz that read in Spanish “Defending my life is not a crime” (AP Photo/Eduardo Verdugo, File)

In a ruling on Monday, the Mexico State court acknowledged Roxana Ruiz was a rape victim, but said in its decision that the 23-year-old was guilty of homicide because a “blow on the head” would have been enough to defend herself as opposed to killing her assailant. Ruiz was sentenced to over six years, and ordered to pay more than $16,000 in reparations to the family of the man who raped her, the AP reported.

Nos Queremos Vivas (We Want to Stay Alive), a Mexican organization that campaigns against violence issued the following statement, according to the Telegraph.

“No woman should be jailed for defending lives that the state does not protect.” The statement continued: “Roxana Ruiz’s life, as well as that of hundreds of poor women who are imprisoned today, will not improve by denying her the right to freedom; on the contrary, it perpetuates the existence of structural and cultural violence.”

According to the AP, Ruiz had put the man’s body in a bag in a panic after the incident when police officials approached her. While she shared her story and said that she had been raped, no forensic exam was taken. Instead, an officer allegedly accused her of changing her mind after wanting to have sex with the man.

Chips at center of G-7 discussion of how to counter China’s rise

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, second from left, meets with chipmaker executives in Tokyo on May 18. (Photo by Uichiro Kasai)

Japan will host the G-7 summit in the western city of Hiroshima starting on Friday. Supply chain resilience, including for semiconductors, will likely be a key item on the agenda for the leaders amid a fluid geopolitical environment.

U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is expected to announce a semiconductor partnership with Japan during a visit to Tokyo on Thursday, as the U.K. seeks to reduce geopolitical risk by diversifying its chip supply chain. 

Also on Thursday, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida encouraged more investment in Japan’s chip industry as he met with executives from seven major semiconductor companies from South Korea, Taiwan, the U.S. and Europe.


Durham report ‘conclusively’ proves Adam Schiff lied about Russia collusion: GOP rep

Rep. Mike Turner, R-Ohio, discusses whether Obama and Biden were involved in the Trump-Russia hoax on ‘Varney & Co.’

Take Back the Cities | Anthony Furey | EP 358

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson speaks with Anthony Furey on his current run for mayor of Toronto, breaking down the key issues in the areas of homelessness, injection sites, transportation, bike lanes, and general safety.

Anthony makes his case for running, and explains what he wants to focus on and what he places as top priority, driving the message that all politics are local, and so we can all fight for the changes we wish to see.

Rasmussen on War Room: Impeachment Week Begins with New Record. Majority Say Biden is Criminal

Less than a third of voters expect Congress to impeach President Joe Biden, even though a majority suspect Biden has committed impeachable offenses as president.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 53% of Likely U.S. voters believe that, since becoming president, Biden has committed high crimes and misdemeanors that would justify Congress impeaching him, including 38% who say it’s Very Likely.

Thirty-nine percent (39%) don’t think it is likely Biden has committed impeachable offenses as president, including 28% who say it’s Not At All Likely.

Sen. Rand Paul: This is ‘incredibly worrisome’

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., responds to claims from FBI whistleblowers about illegal retaliation and weighs in on the debt crisis.

Matt Gaetz Plays Shocking Video Of Whistleblower, Alleges ‘Political Capture’ Of FBI

All Hell Breaks Loose At FBI Whistleblower Hearing Between Jim Jordan And Wasserman Schultz

‘We Can Do This All Day!’: Sparks Fly Between Jim Jordan, Sylvia Garcia At FBI Whistleblower Hearing

Jim Jordan Chairs Weaponization Committee Hearing Targeting FBI & Featuring Whistleblowers

Israeli budget demands ramp ump amid protests ahead of deadline

Israel’s governing coalition is under intense pressure to find a solution to the country’s budget ahead of the May 29 deadline.

New Bill Could Stop Congress Members From Getting Paid If U.S. Goes Into Debt Default

Anew House bill will be introduced on Thursday to block Congress members for getting paid in case the U.S. hits defaults on its debt payments, according to documents obtained by NBC News.

The bill, which faces a steep uphill battle, would also prevent lawmakers from getting paid if the government shuts down. It will be called the “No Pay for Congress During Default or Shutdown Act.”

The bill will be introduced by Reps. Abigail Spanberger, D-Va., and Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa., according to NBC.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Makes Move, Introduces Articles of Impeachment against Biden

Greene’s post on Twitter links to a webpage to join her and be a citizen cosponsor of the articles of impeachment.

It is a page from Winred, the GOP’s fundraising mechanism, but it does not ask for cash at this time.

The congresswoman cited the crisis at the border and abuses of power from the weaponized U.S. justice system.

“Today, I’m introducing articles of impeachment against Joe Biden,” Greene said in a statement.

“I announced my Articles of Impeachment against Joe Biden, FBI Director Chris Wray, AG Merrick Garland, and Alejandro Mayorkas.

“Now I’m being attacked but I refuse to back down.

“Join the fight. Save our country.”

Congresswoman files resolution to expel Rep. Adam Schiff for pushing ‘false narratives’ in Durham report

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna, R-Fla. (Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

“Adam Schiff lied to the American people. He used his position on House Intelligence to push a lie that cost American taxpayers millions of dollars and abused the trust placed in him as Chairman. He is a dishonor to the House of Representatives,” Luna said in a press release Wednesday, May 17. 

Republicans, like Luna, have been vocal that lawmakers should face the consequences for the report after the Durham report found significant FBI failures and no evidence that Donald Trump’s campaign was coordinated with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election.