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US News:

MS-13 Gang Member, Released from Prison, Charged with Killing Uber Eats Driver in ‘Demonic’ Murder

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office

Oscar Solis, a 30-year-old MS-13 Gang member, was arrested on April 24 for allegedly murdering and dismembering 59-year-old Randall Cooke, a husband and stepfather, on April 19, as he was delivering food to the gang member’s home in his final delivery for the night.

“This person, you always say the word ‘evil,’ but this is demonic. This individual, what he did was demonic,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said. “… this person killed him for no reason and took him away from his family.”

According to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office, Cooke was texting with his wife, Kathy, whom he married in 2020, on the night of his murder.

Cooke had one final Uber Eats delivery to make, a job he got to support his wife and stepdaughters’ dreams of living oceanside.

’60 Minutes’ Ray Epps Story ‘Raises More Questions Than Answers’ On His Riot Urging

The only previous utterance of “Ray Epps” on CBS News was Adam Kinzinger ripping Ted Cruz over conspiracy theories on the June 12, 2022 Face the Nation.

Tristan Justice at The Federalist explored this in an analysis headlined “Ray Epps 60 Minutes Interview Raises More Questions Than Answers.” Justice noted “The network follows The New York Times in giving the Jan. 6 agitator a glossy profile, dismissing as “conspiracies” the allegations that Epps was in covert cooperation with federal law enforcement.”

It wouldn’t be the first time CBS picked up on a Times narrative.

Epps is on video agitating for people to enter the Capitol, on January 5 and 6, and he was never charged.

But people were prosecuted for merely “parading” inside the Capitol and taking pictures. Anna Morgan-Lloyd, an Indiana grandmother of five, was the first person sentenced for “parading.” 

‘Who Is Telling the Truth?’ Tucker Carlson Calls Out Corrupt Media and Politicians

Last week, before he left Fox News, Tucker Carlson delivered a commentary on corrupt media, corrupt politicians and “truth-telling.”

According to Carlson, the question to ask when assessing public figures isn’t, “Who is corrupt?” — because there are “too many to count.”

“The question is, Who is telling the truth?” Carlson said. “There are not many of those.”

Carlson singled out Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Children Health Defense’s chairman-on-leave who is seeking the Democratic nomination for U.S. president, as one of the few truth-telling public figures.

“The other channels took hundreds of millions of dollars from Big Pharma companies and then they shilled for their sketchy products on the air — and as they did that, they maligned anyone who was skeptical of those products,” he said.

Carlson pointed out that Kennedy and his father, Robert F. Kennedy — who sought the U.S. presidency 55 years ago — said things “you weren’t supposed to say” and were “hated” by some for their honesty.

Court finds geofence warrants to be unconstitutional

It’s a dragnet-style type of mass surveillance that determines a geographical area (typically as a criminal investigation is in progress – but the authorities really could use it for anything) – and then all those who happened to be in those confines, at a given time, with their mobile device broadcasting their location and other personal data, are basically fair game for searches.

Concerning and extremely sketchy – particularly without proper legal safeguards or even proper warrants – to say the least. And to say the most, straight up unconstitutional, on account of the Fourth Amendment (protecting from unlawful searches).

The latter definition of the practice is what the California Court of Appeals has gone for when it recently ruled in the People v. Meza case, during the appeals stage of the proceedings.

While it might sound logical to observers, the court’s decision is still very significant – digital rights group EFF says – because it set a precedent, being the first time a US appellate court looked into a geofence warrant.

EXC: Fauci, DOD, & CDC Funded Deadly Pathogen Research At Sudanese Biolab Seized By Militants.

FBI: California Professor Tried to Arrange Rape of Child, Lure Her with Doll — ‘University of the Horrific’

Rodger Githens “was arrested on April 21 on charges including receipt and distribution of images of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct,” the New York Post reported Tuesday, citing a criminal complaint based on an affidavit from an FBI agent.

Githens is reportedly an associate professor at the University of the Pacific. However, when Breitbart News searched and located a link featuring his name on the school’s website, it said, “You are not authorized to access this page.”

Per the complaint, Githens had online conversations with an undercover FBI agent who posed as a man claiming to be sexually active with his young niece.

Daily Dose: ‘Post COVID Syndrome’ with Dr. Peterson Pierre


RFK JR: “there is no time in history where the people censoring speech were the good guys”

In an interview with Breitbart News host Joel Pollak, Kennedy discussed censorship of alleged “misinformation.” Kennedy has experienced censorship first-hand for questioning measures taken during the pandemic.

“I’m wondering if you can make a pitch to our audience about a common cause that you, running as a Democrat, may have with many conservatives who feel that they’ve been canceled or otherwise censored or marginalized in public discourse,” Pollak asked.

“It’s more than a personal aggrievement. It’s really just a direct assault on our democracy,” Kennedy said.

According to Kennedy, when the founding fathers drafted the Bill of Rights, they “put the right to free expression in the First Amendment because all the other rights depended on it—because the government that has the power to silence its critics has license for any kind of atrocity.”

“They also understood just theoretically that the whole basis for democracy was the free flow of information,” he continued, adding that one great benefit of democracy over dictatorship is that “through the free flow of information, the best policies can triumph in the marketplace of ideas.”

Bombshell emails on Hunter Biden laptop reveal close ties with Blinken

FOX Business host Kennedy and New York Post reporter Jon Levine join ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss the ‘cozy’ relationship between Hunter Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken dating back more than a decade.

Rep. Ogles to Newsmax: Limit Border Crossings to 30K a Month

Rep. Andy Ogles, R-Tenn., told Newsmax on Wednesday that his bill would force President Joe Biden to limit border crossings to what they were under former President Barack Obama.

Ogles said on “Wake Up America” that “when you look back historically under Obama, 1,000 people a day crossed the border. That was a crisis. That’s 30,000 [per] month. So all we’re saying is, Look, let’s take that approach. Let’s go back to the 30,000 number, and if there’s more than 30,000 people coming across the border, [the bill] forces him to expel people, and it stops asylum applications.”

The congressman continued: “Imagine, for just a moment, that Obama’s policy, which was absurd, is now considered reasonable, and that Joe Biden is literally allowing our country to be invaded at the southern border, and we, the people are paying the price … . It’s a crisis, and they continue to blame the Trump administration.”

The Marxist Republic of Democrats

As the Democrat party lurches ever further Left, they are intent on destroying American civilization as we know it.

From the destruction of law and order, to insane economics, to disrupting all societal norms, their policies are introducing anarchy into the system.

Mark pushes back on their radical Marxist ideas and points out that, for Democrats, party takes precedence over country.

Michigan Democrat Sentenced to House Arrest for 2020 Ballot Sabotage

In January, Funk pleaded no contest to misconduct in office, which is treated the same as a guilty plea for sentencing purposes. 

As the Associated Press (AP) detailed

Funk had won the Democratic nomination by just 79 votes out of about 5,300. A recount was not conducted, and she subsequently won the general election that fall. Investigators say she sabotaged the ballot box after the primary election, an act that would make those ballots ineligible for a recount.

The 59-year-old Democrat official initially told Michigan police she thought someone broke into the township hall and damaged the seal on the ballot canister, per AP.

Macron Forced to Travel With Generator Truck as Unions Literally Cut Off His Power

Getty Images / @PaulLarrouturou

Under massive pressure as a result of his controversial pension reforms, Macron is currently undertaking a public-relations blitz in France in the hopes of rallying the general public to his side.

However, his whistle-stop tours of various regions across the country have not been going well, with the President’s visits often being met with protesters noisily banging pots and pans in the hopes of derailing the PR stunt.

To make matters worse, trade unionists with access to the country’s national grid have also taken to cutting the power in areas where Macron is stopping in an effort to cause even further chaos for the head of state.

Biden is the ‘frontman’ driving the administrative class’ agenda: Vivek Ramaswamy

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy discusses President Biden’s bid for re-election, his fight against government corruption, the Biden family business deals and his new book.

GOP Spending Cuts Protect Biden’s Migration Slush Fund

Alex Wong/RINGO CHIU/AFP via Getty Images

Biden needs the GOP to OK a $1.5 trillion expansion of the nation’s $31.4 trillion debt limit to allow more government borrowing.

But to get that OK, the GOP is demanding $130 billion in spending cuts in 2024– but not any cuts to Biden’s migration programs.

The absence of cuts to pro-migration spending will allow Biden’s pro-migration chief, Alejandro Mayorkas, to spend more than a billion dollars this year to catch and release millions of illegals for use by Fortune 500 companies and investors.

The GOP’s failure to seek cuts means that immigration reformers can only hope for spending cuts in the end-of-year 2024 appropriations bills.

Biden’s deputies ” have been using money that has been appropriated for [migration] enforcement for [the opposite task of] processing [migrants into the United States], and that needs to stop,” said Ira Mehlman, communications director at the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

Chicago: Kim Foxx, Woke Soros-Backed Prosecutor Who Bungled Jussie Smollett Case, Won’t Seek Re-Election

Brian Cassella/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Foxx announced her decision during a speech at the City Club of Chicago at lunchtime Tuesday, CWB Chicago reports.

She now intends to complete her term which ends in December 2024.

He is appealing his 2022 conviction for lying to police and was released from the Cook County jail in March as that effort continues.

After Smollett was convicted last year, Foxx dismissed it as “a kangaroo prosecution.”

As Breitbart News noted previously, referencing a Chicago Tribune article, Foxx also “dropped 25,000 felony cases,” which included cases involving murder charges, during her tenure.

Senate Dems Advance Nomination of Biden Labor Secretary Nominee Who Presided Over Mass Fraud in California

Deputy Labor Secretary Julie Su, left, and Sen. Mazie Hirono (D., Hawaii)(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Julie Su, who presided over an estimated $31 billion in fraud as California’s labor chief, heads for a full Senate vote to lead President Joe Biden’s Labor Department.

The Senate workforce committee in charge of vetting her qualifications for the post narrowly cleared her nomination for Senate approval on Wednesday, voting 11-10 along party lines.

The committee’s vote tees up a contentious vote on the Senate floor that is by no means certain to go Biden’s way. A handful of Democratic moderates, including Sens. Joe Manchin (W.Va.), Jon Tester (Mont.), Mark Kelly (Ariz.), and Kyrsten Sinema (Ariz.), have yet to commit to supporting her.

Biden Admin Taps Ford’s Top Electric Vehicle Lobbyist as Energy Department Adviser

Ford’s chief government affairs officer Christopher Smith (L) with Rep. David Kustoff (R) / Twitter, @RepDavidKustoff

Smith’s inclusion on the board comes as Ford attempts to fend off congressional scrutiny of its partnership with a Chinese battery maker.

The company in February announced its plan to open a multibillion-dollar battery factory in Michigan alongside Chinese manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited (CATL), which will provide technology, equipment, and workers to help build and run the factory.

Ford says it will use the factory to receive lucrative subsidies and tax breaks under President Joe Biden’s so-called Inflation Reduction Act, despite provisions in the massive climate package aimed at preventing China from receiving funds.

Gays Against Groomers to open MN chapter to fight ‘grave abuse being done to children’

An organization that fights against the “sexualization, indoctrination, and medicalization” of children is speaking out against the “freak show” in St. Paul.

Jaimee Michell, the founder and CEO of Gays Against Groomers, called it the “stuff of nightmares.”

“What’s going on in Minnesota and many other states around the country, it’s an absolute freak show,” Michell said on Liz Collin Reports.

World News:

NATO jets scrambled to intercept Russian aircraft in Norway and Baltics

Russian jets off the coast of northern Norway, 25 April 2023   –  Copyright  Norwegian Air Force

The Norwegian air force says it scrambled two F-35 fighters to respond to the sighting of several Russian planes off the northern region of Finnmark.

According to the air force, the group “consisted of two strategic bombers of the type Blackjack (Tu-160), followed by two tankers of the type Midas (Il-78), as well as three Foxhound fighter jets (MiG-31)”.

After Norway shared details of the incident, Russia’s ministry of defence issued a statement describing a “planned flight” of 14 hours during which “long-range aircraft crews carried out night and day refuelling in the air”. It did not give a reason for the exercise, simply saying that its pilots “regularly fly over the neutral waters of the Arctic, the North Atlantic, the Black and Baltic Seas, and the Pacific Ocean”.

The Finnmark incident echoes another that occurred in early March, when two Norwegian F-35s intercepted two Ilyushin IL-38 reconnaissance planes in the same area.

Hungary remains a beacon of hope for conservatives across the world, says CPAC Hungary organizer in new podcast

Speaking to Zoltán Kovács, state secretary for international communications and relations, in the latest episode of his “The Bold Truth About Hungary” podcast,

Szánthó praised the “success story” that Hungary has been over the past decade from a conservative perspective, a story widely recognized by conservative colleagues globally who view Hungary “not only as a lighthouse for this conservative renaissance,” but also see Budapest as a “hub for conservatives to come together to share ideas, to change or exchange recipes for conservative success.”

The pair discuss this matter amid the context of the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) to be held in Budapest on May 4-5. The event, held annually in the United States for conservatives, returns to Hungary for a second time after the country first hosted the event in May 2022, marking the first time a gathering of its nature was held on European soil.

New proposals would let governments seize domain names

Two US organizations – a non-profit and a corporation – are planning to “quietly” give governments around the world the right to seize domain names by means of canceling, redirecting, or transferring control.

This is based on the “Proposed Renewal of the Registry Agreement for .NET” – recently published by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and Verisign.

Verisign is in charge of operating .COM and .NET TLDs (top-level domains, and while what critically-minded observers say the controversial paper now aims to change relates only to the .NET domain names, the fear is that the world is in for a slippery slope, that could eventually – as it comes up on the agenda of contract renewal – affect .COM the same way.

The item, blasted as “dangerous and outrageous,” is “hidden” in the appending of the registry agreement proposal – specifically in Section 2.7 of Appendix 8.

Israel outraged over Russian UNSC Session; Congress supports US-Israel alliance TV7Israel News 26.04

Today’s top stories:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proclaims that the State of Israel is here to stay.

In a show of overwhelming support, 400 Members of Congress adopt a resolution in an expression of bipartisan support for the U.S.-Israel alliance.

Russia dismisses Israel’s outrage over Moscow’s decision to hold an anti-Israel’ U.N. Security Council session on the country’s Day of Remembrance.

Father-Son ‘Vigilante’ Duo Who Killed Prowling Thief With Samurai Sword and Dagger Get Life in Prison

David King and Edward King

Charles had allegedly been trying to steal a car or belongings belonging to the Kings which was parked outside their house in Bury St Edmunds and according to police had “tried” several car door handles and home doors in the neighbourhood that evening. The father-son pair, armed with bladed weapons and alerted to the presence of the thief by their home CCTV cameras, decided to confront the man.

The would-be thief reportedly sustained a number of injuries and his bicycle tyre was punctured while escaping the pair, with David King said to have inflicted one stab wound to the criminal’s chest that reportedly resulted in the man’s death two days later.

Both men have subsequently been found guilty of murder, with a jury unanimously agreeing with the prosecution that “the two men had actively gone out together to hunt down and attack Mr Charles in what can only be described as an act of vigilantism.”

The force also reportedly described the death of Charles as being “tragic”, while denouncing the actions and attitude of both David and Edward King in the wake of the criminal’s demise.

EU Announces Stricter Content Moderation Rules for Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Other Tech Platforms

pool/Getty Images

Under the European Union’s recently adopted Digital Services Act (DSA), which the bloc has described as providing “an unprecedented level of public oversight” on the internet, the European Commission will place at least 19 online platforms under its strictest level of censorship by August 25th.

Announcing the measure, European Commissioner for Internal Market Thierry Breton said: “With great scale comes great responsibility,” adding: “They will not be able to act as if they are too big to care.”

So far, the Commission has identified Alibaba AliExpress, Amazon Store, Apple AppStore, Bing,, Facebook, Google Play, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Shopping, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Twitter, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Zalando as those in need of stricter ‘content moderation’.

Sudan Fighting Resurges, Disrupting Ceasefire

Damaged buildings are seen following clashes between the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces and the army in South Khartoum locality, Sudan April 25, 2023. REUTERS/ Stringer

KHARTOUM (Reuters)—Fighting flared anew in Sudan late on Tuesday despite a ceasefire declaration by the warring factions, as a U.N. envoy said the truce was partially holding even though there was no sign that the two sides were ready for serious talks.

The Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) and paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) agreed to a 72-hour ceasefire beginning on Tuesday after negotiations mediated by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia.

But gunfire and explosions could be heard after nightfall in Omdurman, one of Khartoum’s sister cities on the Nile River where the army used drones to target RSF positions, a Reuters reporter said.


If You Can Choose Your Gender Can You Choose Your Race?

If it’s socially acceptable for people to identify as a different gender, would the same logic apply to choosing a different race?

Aldo asks students at UCLA what they think and whether there’s a double standard when it comes to “blackface” vs. “woman-face.”

Ray Epps Comes out of Hiding in BIZARRE ’60 Minutes’ Interview

Ray Epps, a Marine veteran whose actions on January 6 led to claims that he was an FBI infiltrator, spoke out on Sunday for the first time, telling “60 Minutes” the idea of him being an FBI informant was “a lie.”

Bannon: MAGA Has To Be The Hardliners On Debt Ceiling, Murdochs Are Anti-MAGA And Anti-You

John Fredericks: Fox News Is Just Conservative Inc., Tucker’s Departure Is Warning To Own Your Media

Be Careful In The Coming Days (Ep. 1999) – 04/26/2023

In this episode, I address the coordinated attacks coming against Tucker Carlson and the reasons behind them. 

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