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US News:

Connecticut man who fought for Ukraine lied about being US war hero even to wife who has now dumped him

A Connecticut man fighting for Ukraine on the front lines has lied for decades about being a US war hero — even to his once-loyal wife, who confirmed to The Post on Monday that she has dumped him.

James Vasquez, 48, became one of the most high-profile Americans to race to help after the Russian invasion, sharing dramatic images from the front lines — and even sparking diplomatic controversy by claiming to have access to US weapons.

He repeatedly claimed to be a decorated US Army sergeant heroically sharing his priceless skillset from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

However, the Norwalk-based home improvement contractor has since admitted to the New York Times that he’d misrepresented his military record for decades — and was kicked out of the Army Reserves before ever going to war.

CHP involved shooting prompts closure of all lanes of 805 north near Imperial Ave

Pennings said after numerous verbal commands the suspect charged at the officer and the officer opened fire hitting the suspect multiple times.

More Migrants Apprehended in Canadian Border Sector in 7 Months than Last 4 Years Combined

U.S. Border Patrol/Swanton Sector

Swanton Sector Chief Patrol Agent Robert Garcia tweeted a shocking report revealing his agents apprehended more migrants so far this fiscal year than the previous four years combined.

Since October 1, 2022, Swanton Sector agents apprehended at least 3,060 migrants who illegally crossed the border from Canada into Vermont, New Hampshire, or parts of New York.

Between October 1 2018 and October 1, 2021 Swanton Sector agents apprehended 3,060 migrants according to official Border Patrol reports.

The agents apprehended 2,670 migrants during the first six months of this fiscal year plus at least 390 more so far this month, according to Chief Garcia’s tweet.

1,600 Migrants Apprehended in Single Texas Border Station in One Day

U.S. Border Patrol/Rio Grande Valley Sector

Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez tweeted photos Monday afternoon showing large groups of migrants being processed in the Brownsville Station area of responsibility.

The Brownsville Station agents apprehended more than 1,600 migrants on Sunday during the preceding 24-hour period.

One day earlier, Chief Chavez tweeted that Rio Grande Valley Sector agents were experiencing an increase in the number of migrants crossing the border.

“In recent days, BRP (Brownsville Station) has encountered over 1K of migrants daily.”

San Francisco Target Puts Inventory on Lockdown amid Crime Spree

AP Photo/Elise Amendola, Lindsey Nicholson/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Footage of a Target’s interior appeared to show aisles of Target merchandise protected by locks.

Although valuable items have been locked up in the past, inexpensive items such as mouthwash, shampoo, and lotion are now being locked to guard against shoplifters.

The San Francisco area has been hit by a crime wave since the coronavirus lockdowns, which has led large retailers to close their stores. Walgreens, for example, has closed five San Francisco stores.

The National Retail Federation’s 2022 retail security survey ranked San Francisco/Oakland area as the second affected crime area, losing only to the greater Los Angeles area.

The retailers listed body wash and over-the-counter medications as prime targets for criminals, who often then resell the items on the black market.

Toxic Trains | Full Measure

The train derailment and toxic explosions in East Palestine may have largely faded from the headlines, but for the 4,000 or so residents of the Ohio town, they’re still living under a cloud of uncertainty.

Mistrustful of government assurances, worried about the still unknown long-term safety risks, and wondering who will pay.

Scott Thuman reports from East Palestine to get at the facts.

Fox News Dumps Tucker Carlson, Ends Show

There was no immediate explanation from Fox about why Carlson was leaving.

Carlson became the network’s most popular personality after replacing Bill O’Reilly in the primetime lineup in 2016.

Carlson has been a controversial host, having questioned the support for Ukraine and been alleged to share anti-war sentiment that is not critical enough on Russia.

Also, Democrats had objected to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., granting Carlson access to Jan. 6 footage the former Democrat-led Congress did not show publicly during its Jan. 6 select committee hearings.

Twitter EXPLODES following Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News

Detransitioner Oli London tweeted, “Tucker Carlson is an American Hero who through his tenure at Fox was able to break some of the biggest and most important stories. Tucker has been fearless in sharing the truth and never afraid to speak out against topics other networks wouldn’t cover. Sad to hear he has left Fox. It was a pleasure speaking to him last year.”

Steve Bannon had said that “Tucker was the reason to watch Fox News.”

“Wow. Disastrous moment for Fox News. Tucker was by far the most important and relevant figure at the network, and in all of cable news,” wrote Matt Walsh.

The $1B dollar man: Fox stock takes huge hit after Carlson exit

Fox Corporation’s stock lost $1 billion in market capitalization just minutes after news broke that Tucker Carlson departed Fox News.

Fox Corporation, which owns Fox News as well as entertainment television and sports holdings, quickly plunged more than 5% after Fox News announced that Carlson and the media organization had “parted ways.” The announcement came as a surprise and appeared to catch shareholders off guard.

The massive evaporation of value speaks to just how much traffic the 53-year-old host of Tucker Carlson Tonight drove for the network. Fox News recently announced that in the first quarter of 2023, the show was the “highest-rated program in cable news in the younger 25-54 demo, averaging 3.2 million viewers, 443,000 in the demo and 299,000 in the 18-49 category.”


How the Left Tried to Ruin Tucker Carlson Before his Fox Exit, with Glenn Beck and Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly is joined by Glenn Beck, Blade TV Host of “The Glenn Beck Program,” to discuss how the left pinned the Dominion lawsuit on Tucker Carlson, the constant threats Tucker and his family received, whether new talent is replacing him, and more.

“This is a Massive Error”: Megyn Kelly on Tucker Carlson Leaving Fox News, with Steve Krakauer

Megyn Kelly is joined by Steve Krakauer, Executive Producer of “The Megyn Kelly Show,” to discuss possible reasons why Tucker Carlson left Fox News, how this will benefit his career, and more.

Here’s What Led Up to Tucker Carlson’s Departure From Fox News

This Could DESTROY Fox News…

In this clip, Glenn announces breaking news that may be the biggest story for media this year:

Tucker Carlson is OUT at Fox News. Glenn and Stu speculate why the number one host may be leaving, where Tucker will go next, and the DISASTROUS consequences this could have for the cable channel.

Could this DESTROY Fox News and be the end of the network…?

Media Literacy | Full Measure

Perhaps the single biggest influence on society today is the monolith of information comprised of the internet, social media, and online news and information.

Nolan Higdon studies the big picture when it comes to that and true media literacy — not telling people who to believe, but expanding their minds to understand the nature of information and those who shape or manipulate it.

He’s a professor of history and communication at University of California, Santa Cruz.

Tucker Carlson Keynote Address | Heritage 50th Anniversary Celebration

Tucker Carlson Keynote Address | Heritage 50th Anniversary Celebration

Pediatrician EXPOSES Behind the Scenes In Transgender Surge

WATCH: Tucker’s EPIC Good vs. Evil Speech From This Weekend

World News:

European countries sign declaration to make North Sea wind power hub

European leaders meet in Belgium to discuss increasing offshore wind power investment.   –  Copyright  AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert

Leaders and ministers from nine European countries signed a declaration in Belgium on Monday to accelerate the deployment of offshore wind power in the North Sea.

The joint goal is to boost offshore wind power generation to 120 gigawatts (GW) by 2030 and to at least 300 GW by 2050.

Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), said that the “potential we have in the North Sea in terms of offshore wind is huge.”

More than 100 companies and ministers from Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, and the UK also attended the summit.

French national reported shot as governments evacuate from Sudan 

A French national has been reported shot trying to evacuate from Sudan as fighting continues to rage in the capital Khartoum, despite a promised ceasefire.

The Sudanese military alleged that the rival Rapid Support Forces, or RSF, had opened fire on a French convoy during its evacuation, wounding a French national. In response, the RSF claimed it came under attack by military aircraft as French citizens and diplomats made their way to Omdurman after evacuating the embassy. It said the military’s strikes “endangered the lives of French nationals, injuring one of them.”

The French Foreign Ministry declined to comment on the details of the rescue operation or the reported shooting for security reasons, but said the evacuation was continuing as planned.

UK troops fly to Sudan as government works on evacuation plan for Britons

Smoke billows over Khartoum. Pic: AP

A team of British troops has flown to a port in eastern Sudan on a reconnaissance mission as the UK works out options to help evacuate British nationals stranded in the crisis-hit country, Sky News understands.

The soldiers landed at Port Sudan, on the Red Sea, on Monday.

Flight tracking websites showed a C-17 transport aircraft heading in the direction of Sudan.

It does not mean any rescue is imminent, however, as the government is working out what are the best options to present to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to help thousands of British nationals under fire in the Sudanese capital Khartoum.

Australia to overhaul military amid rising regional tensions to prepare for ‘missile age’

A file photo taken on May 9, 2019 shows an Australian main battle tank firing at a target during Exercise Chong Ju. PHOTO: AFP

SYDNEY – Australia unveiled plans on Monday to overhaul its military as it prepares for a new era in which the United States is no longer the uncontested leader in the Indo-Pacific region, and potential adversaries such as China can threaten territory and trade routes with long-range missiles.

The stark new vision of Australia’s security needs was outlined in a much-anticipated Defence Strategic Review released on Monday that marked, according to Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, the most significant shake-up of the military since World War II.

The 112-page report produced by former defence chief Angus Houston and former Labor defence minister Stephen Smith warned that Australia must prepare for the “missile age” by equipping itself to strike far offshore. The review was redacted from a longer, classified version.

Alleged Pentagon Leaks Say ISIS Regrouping in Afghanistan, Angering Taliban


Documents allegedly procured from a trove of Department of Defense leaks suggest the Islamic State’s Afghanistan operation, ISIS-Khorasan, has strengthened markedly under Taliban rule and is consistently plotting attacks around the world, the Washington Post claimed this weekend.

ISIS-Khorasan, or ISIS-K, has taken responsibility for multiple terrorist attacks in Afghanistan since leftist President Joe Biden abandoned the country to the Taliban, another jihadist terror outfit, in August 2021.

Several of those attacks have targeted Chinese interests in the country, which have expanded as the Taliban seeks investment from the Communist Party, disregarding China’s ongoing genocide against Muslim people on the countries’ mutual border.

Taliban officials enthusiastically reject all indications that the Islamic State is a threat to the stability of Afghanistan, however, and have repeatedly claimed that ISIS simply does not have a presence in the country.

Israel marks Remembrance Days; Damascus blames IDF of shelling border outpost TV7 Israel News 24.04

1) Israel marks its annual Remembrance Day – commemorating the 24,213 fallen Israeli troops and 4,255 Israeli victims of terror and acts of hostility.

2) Damascus blames Israel for shelling southern Syria – in a latest act of cross-border hostilities.

3) Russia is set to host the top defense officials of Turkey, Iran and Syria – in a latest bid to normalize relations between Ankara and Damascus.

Singapore, China navies to resume flagship bilateral exercise

SINGAPORE – The navies of Singapore and China will conduct joint drills in April following a hiatus that was caused in part by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Ministry of Defence (Mindef) said on Monday that the second Exercise Maritime Cooperation – the flagship bilateral maritime exercise by both countries – will be held from April 28 to May 1. The first edition of the exercise was held in Singapore in 2015, a four-day affair that involved three ships. 

This year’s exercise will involve four ships: Singapore’s Formidable-class frigate RSS Intrepid and Bedok-class mine countermeasure vessel RSS Punggol, and China’s Jiangkai II-class frigate CNS Yulin and Wozang-class Minesweeper CNS Chibi. 

Global Military Spending at Record High with Europe Leading the Way

AP Photo/Michael Sohn

The world has never spent so much on military muscle. Figures released Monday show $2.24 trillion was outlaid globally in 2022 with Europe leading the way due to Ukraine’s demands for continued supplies of battlefield hardware.

Spending overall rose for the eighth consecutive year, the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) said in its annual report on global military expenditure.

There was a 13 percent rise in Europe, the steepest in at least 30 years, coming on the back of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and broader insecurity around the world.

Some of the sharpest increases were seen in Finland (+36 percent), Lithuania (+27 percent), Sweden (+12 percent) and Poland (+11 percent).

“The continuous rise in global military expenditure in recent years is a sign that we are living in an increasingly insecure world,” Nan Tian, senior researcher with SIPRI’s Military Expenditure and Arms Production Programme, said.

China Loves Coal: World’s Largest Polluter Continues to Devour Fossil Fuels

Freighters unload thermal coal for use in domestic power stations at the port coal terminal in Lianyungang, East China’s Jiangsu Province, July 18, 2022. (Future Publishing via Getty)

China’s love for coal is insatiable. That was the simple, despairing message Monday from climate alarmists Greenpeace as the world’s single largest polluter rushed to embrace fossil fuels in the first quarter of 2023 while ignoring calls (and its own pledges) to reduce emissions.

AFP reports Greenpeace lamented the second-largest economy on the planet is also its biggest emitter of the greenhouse gases driving “climate change,” such as carbon dioxide (CO2), and Beijing’s emissions pledges are seen as essential to keeping global temperature rise well below two degrees Celsius.

Local governments in energy-hungry Chinese provinces drive the nation’s hunger for coal and approved at least 20.45 gigawatts (GW) of coal-fired power in the first three months of 2023, Greenpeace said.


Hunter Biden attorney asks IG to probe how ex-Trump aide ‘illegally’ got client’s bank records

Hunter Biden’s top attorney is asking the Treasury Department’s inspector general’s office to investigate how a former Trump aide obtained suspicious activity reports (SAR) on President Biden’s son that flag questionable financial activities.

Attorney Abbe Lowell alleges in a letter dated Monday to Deputy Inspector General Richard Delmar that former Trump White House aide Garrett Ziegler “illegally” obtained the reports from JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A.

He states that Ziegler, who published five SARs on the Marco Polo USA website, has already acknowledged having worked with one or more people inside of a bank to get the reports or information related to them.

House Republicans tout border security plan that would partially resume Border Wall construction

House Republicans on the Homeland Security Committee proposed legislation to bolster security at the border and resume construction on parts of a border wall.

The Border Reinforcement Act would mandate the construction of at least 900 miles of border wall, according to The Hill.

Construction on frontier barriers has largely slowed to a halt under President Joe Biden.

“We know physical infrastructure works. It’s crucial to meeting the challenges of a dynamic border threat environment and helping frontline law enforcement succeed,” said Committee Chairman Mark Green, R-Tenn., per the outlet. “Our goal is to give agents the tools they need to secure our border, not technological Band-Aids that incentivize more illegal immigration, such as the CBP One app.”

Biden Admin Doubles Down On Refusal To Negotiate On Debt Ceiling Despite Calls From Dem Senator

On Monday, Karine Jean-Pierre was asked whether President Biden is willing to sit down with Speaker McCarthy on the budget after comments made by Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN).

Exclusive: RFK Jr. Slams DNC for ‘Rigged’ Primary — No Debates, Moving South Carolina to First State

AP Photo/Hans Pennink

“The DNC, at this point, has taken the official position that there will be no debate, and I think that’s unfortunate… I think what the DNC did to New Hampshire is also unfortunate,” Kennedy Jr. said to the host, Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Joel Pollak, addressing what the DNC is doing to the primary system.

The Democrat described New Hampshire as “an exemplar for American democracy” that was the “gold standard” for election integrity since it was the “gateway” to the rest of the primaries for 100 years.

“It’s very cheap to campaign in. And it has the largest independent block in the country. And people [don’t] make their minds up until they see the candidates again and again and again, and they shake the candidate’s hands five times before deciding who to vote for,” Kennedy Jr. stated.

“They vet these candidates for the whole country, they vet them like you would get vetted if you were running for a city council seat,” he further explained why New Hampshire was the better first in the nation primary.

Report: Susan Rice to Leave Post as Biden’s Domestic Policy Chief Next Month

Win McNamee/Getty Images

Rice’s last day at the White House will be on May 26, according to a senior administration official who told the news publication. NBC noted that this would end her prolific, wide-ranging, and controversial time in the Biden administration overseeing the domestic agenda.

During her over two years in the Biden administration, the president signed numerous executive and legislative actions on health care, guns, student loans, policing, and other Democrat agenda items, revolving around her work, according to NBC.

Investigating the Investigators | Full Measure

There’s a new committee in Congress created by Republicans and modelled after the Church Committee in the 1970s. It’s already digging into alleged abuses by those in the FBI, the Department of Justice, and other federal agencies.


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