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US News:

56-year-old woman charged with federal hate crime in stabbing of Asian Indiana University student

A woman accused of repeatedly stabbing an 18-year-old Indiana University student in the head for “being Chinese” has been charged with a federal hate crime, according to federal officials.

Billie Davis, 56, was previously booked on state charges of attempted murder and aggravated battery in connection with the harrowing Jan. 11 attack, which took place on a city bus in Bloomington.

Davis allegedly told police that she targeted the victim for her race, saying that she “would be one less person to blow up our country,” court records stated.

Biden DOJ Indicts Four Americans for “Weaponized” Free Spee

Bing GUAN / AFPMembers of African People’s Socialist Party demonstrate during a Black Lives Matter protest against racial injustice and police brutality in La Mesa, California.

AFP reports that the conspiracy charges carry a sentence of up to ten years, with three of the four APSP members additionally charged with acting as unregistered agents of Russia which carries another five years.

“Russia’s foreign intelligence service allegedly weaponized our First Amendment rights – freedoms Russia denies its own citizens – to divide Americans and interfere in elections in the United States,” said Assistant Attorney General Matthew G. Olsen in the DOJ’s press release regarding the indictments, adding, “The department will not hesitate to expose and prosecute those who sow discord and corrupt U.S. elections in service of hostile foreign interests, regardless of whether the culprits are U.S. citizens or foreign individuals abroad.”

Looks like the United States has decided to dispense with those freedoms as well

Hunter Biden’s attorneys to meet with Justice Department next week

Hunter Biden’s lawyers are scheduled to meet next week with US attorney David Weiss to discuss the investigation into President Joe Biden‘s son, according to a new report on Friday.

Hunter Biden legal team had reached out to Justice officials, CNN reported, asking for an update on the case. That lead to the scheduling of next week’s meeting.

Weiss, the US Attorney in Delaware who was appointed by former President Donald Trump, is overseeing an the investigation into Hunter Biden.

Suspect Gets Shot After Exchanging Gunfire With an Oregon State Police Trooper

As Trooper Tuttle pulled up closer to the semi-trailer, he observed an adult male suspect (later identified to be 31-year-old Felipe Amezcua Manzo) in the roadway with a firearm in his hand.

Trooper Tuttle saw Amezcua Manzo point the firearm at the driver of the semi-trailer and then saw him point the firearm at a driver of a nearby SUV and try to force open the passenger side door of that vehicle.

At this time, Amezcua Manzo noticed Trooper Tuttle and started to run to the east, toward the CarMax (located adjacent to I5).

The ATF Is SPYING on You! What You Need to Know Before Buying Your Next Gun…

Texas has been secretly giving its citizens’ income to the ATF. ATF Director Steve Dettelbach was asked a simple question on Tuesday about firearms but admitted he could not provide an answer.

Hunter Biden Lawyer Calls IRS Whistleblower a Criminal

Hunter Biden

“It’s really unfortunate that statement was made,” Mark Lytle, a lawyer for the whistleblower, said in response to Clark’s statement. Lytle, a veteran whistleblower attorney, added that his client expected to be attacked for coming forward and that “attacks like [Clark’s] were really what he was worried about.” He said Clark’s statements will likely thwart future whistleblowers from coming forward. “I don’t think it helps whistleblowers as a whole,” Lytle said.

The statement from Biden’s attorney marks a surprising turn for Democrats, who staunchly defended whistleblowers in the Trump administration against attacks on their credibility. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D., Md.), who led impeachment proceedings against former president Donald Trump, said the whistleblower who kicked off that investigation “will go down in history as a hero.”

A report on Thursday appeared to lend some credence to the whistleblower’s claims. According to NBC News, there is “growing frustration” at the FBI because agents finished their Biden investigation a year ago. IRS agents completed their investigation more than a year ago.

Report: FBI Stalling Release of Nashville School Shooter’s Manifesto

AP Photo/John Amis

Metro Nashville Council Member Courtney Johnston talked to the Postsaying, “What I was told is, her manifesto was a blueprint on total destruction, and it was so, so detailed at the level of what she had planned.”

She added, “That document in the wrong person’s hands would be astronomically dangerous.”

Johnston claimed the FBI is stalling the release and, even if the release happens, only portions of the manifesto will be made public.

John Jay College of Criminal Justice’s Joseph Giacalone commented on the release of the manifesto, saying,

“I think what the FBI is really concerned here with, and I think law enforcement, is that if there is something in there that is truly damaging for the transgender community, I think they are hesitant to do it because they are afraid of a violent backlash against that protected class of people.”

California School District Works to ‘Decolonize Education’

Jonathan Wiggs/The Boston Globe via Getty

QES describes itself as a “Queer, Black, and Indigenous women-led education consulting firm” that exists to guide schools as they “make cultural and policy changes that reflect an antiracist climate, praxis, and pedagogy.”

QES, which is based in Oakland, California, explains one of their goals is “To empower BIPOC communities to decolonize education.” 

“We are interested in partnering with educational institutions committed to dismantling oppression and creating new possibilities for liberation in education,” QES states.

One contract from Sunnyvale School District noted that they would pay QES a sum of money “not to exceed $39,000” in exchange for multiple courses on “antiracism.”

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Hayward Unified School District, which is also located in California’s Bay Area, paid $57,000 to a group called “Woke Kindergarten” to “disrupt whiteness.” In addition, the school also paid Quetzal Education Consulting $23,000 to help “disrupt white fragility” and embed Critical Race Theory into math classes.

High school volleyball player says she suffered concussion after being injured by trans athlete, calls for ban

“Due to the North Carolina High School Athletic Association policy of allowing biological males to compete against biological females my life has forever been changed,” McNabb said. 

“On Sept. 1, 2022, I was severely injured in a high school volleyball game by a transgender athlete on the opposing team. I suffered from a concussion and a neck injury that to this day I am still recovering from. Other injuries I still suffer from today include impaired vision, partial paralysis on my right side, constant headaches, as well as anxiety and depression.” 

McNabb said she was unable to compete in her final season, and while she currently plays for her school’s softball team, she’s unable to “perform as well as I have in the past,” due to her injuries. 

US House Passes Bill to Protect Girls, Blocking Trans Athletes From Women’s Sports

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed legislation on Thursday to protect the rights of female athletes, blocking transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports.

House members voted along party lines to pass the “Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act.” The measure would amend Title IX to recognize a person’s sex as the one given at birth. It would also threaten funding to any federally funded school or college that allows a transgender athlete to compete on a women’s or girl’s team.

Republicans say it’s about fairness and protecting women and girls from unfair competition with biological males.

Trans TikToker’s eerie viral comment raises concern on social media: ‘Threatening women’s safety’

The biological male, who identifies as female and goes by Tara Jay, made the controversial statement in a viral video circulating the internet Thursday.

“If you back a wild animal into a corner, they’re going to become a dangerous animal,” Jay said on camera. “So if you want to die on that hill of yours, of righteousness and moral majority, then you go right ahead. I dare you to try and stop me from going into the women’s bathroom. It will be the last mistake you ever make.”

“I dare you to try and stop a transgender woman, in my presence, from using the bathroom. It will be the last mistake you ever make,” the TikToker said.

“This is a call to action,” said Jay, encouraging those who identify as LGBT to buy guns. “Arm up… Go out buy a gun, learn how to use it.”

The comment quickly sparked concern from thousands of Twitter users.

Catalytic-converter theft suspect stabbed to death in South El Monte driveway

Deputies made contact with the resident of the house, who said he had been sleeping when he heard people outside tampering with his car. He went outside to investigate, where he was confronted by three to four people. An altercation ensued and one man was fatally stabbed.

Two to three other suspects ran away, and were last seen driving eastbound on Thienes Avenue in a compact vehicle, according to investigators.

Tools found at the scene indicate the suspects were in the process of attempting to steal catalytic converters, according to Gomez. Several vehicles were seen in the driveway.

The deceased suspect, reportedly about 35-45 years old, was lying partially underneath one car in the driveway.

Ainsley Earhardt: Merrick Garland could be in trouble if this is true

‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts discuss the possibility of obstruction in the Hunter Biden laptop investigation after the whistlebower allegations.

This Hunter Biden news could lead to indictments: Concha

Fox News contributor Joe Concha discusses a report that Sec. Antony Blinken worked to discredit the Hunter Biden laptop story before the 2020 presidential election.

World News:

CBI suspends all key activity after membership exodus during day of chaos

The rush for the exit door came after the Guardian newspaper reported that a second woman had made a rape allegation – against two male CBI co-workers – building on the series of historic serious misconduct claims to have engulfed the body in recent weeks.

It came at the end of a bruising day which saw dozens of firms from across all sectors of business and industry pull their support from the group.

Banking giant NatWest Group said: “Following careful consideration, and having previously paused all activity, NatWest Group has today withdrawn its membership of the CBI with immediate effect.”

A spokesperson for Facebook owner Meta also confirmed that they had paused engagement with the CBI while the investigation is ongoing.

BT Group said: “In light of the appalling allegations made, BT Group has decided to suspend its membership of the CBI with immediate effect.”

Military aircraft put on ‘readiness to move’ to evacuate embassy staff and UK citizens amid clashes in Sudan

Dozens of UK diplomats and other officials are thought to be at the embassy in Khartoum. Pic: AP

No decision has yet been taken by the Foreign Office for the armed forces to mobilise to help with any rescue mission, according to Whitehall sources.

They described the activity within the Ministry of Defence (MoD) as “prudent planning” to prepare for any eventuality.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is due to chair a ministerial meeting on Sudan on Friday evening.

The different types of aircraft that could be used in an evacuation include helicopters and transport planes with the ability to operate in an active conflict zone.

US says Khartoum still too unsafe to evacuate embassy

People flee the southern part of Khartoum as street battles between the forces of two rival Sudanese generals contine. PHOTO: AFP

The Pentagon has mobilised in the east Africa region to bring out US staff from the Sudan capital.

However, “due to the uncertain security situation in Khartoum and the closure of the airport, it’s currently not safe to undertake a US government coordinated evac,” said State Department spokesman Vedant Patel.

The State Department has sought to gather US staff in one location in the Sudan capital to better protect them from the fighting outside and prepare for an evacuation.

How that would take place is not clear.

Russia’s Su-35, US F-16 Engage In ‘Dangerous Encounter’ Over Syria; US Releases Footage Of ‘Clash’


Both videos appear to have been captured using aircraft targeting pods or similar sensor systems, and one provides a clear infrared image of one of the Su-35s in question.

The development comes when the US military’s leaked documents continue to make news, hogging the global limelight.

One of the two videos, released on April 20, was captured recently on April 18 by an unknown aircraft. The Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS) website of the US military described the video as “Declassified footage of a Russian Su-35 that violated Coalition Force airspace in Syria.”

“On April 18, 2023, US Air Force fighter aircraft took off from air bases in the region and intercepted the Russian fighter. During the intercept, the Russian pilot maneuvered unprofessionally within 2,000 feet of US aircraft, violating standing deconfliction protocols.”

Denmark and Netherlands join forces to send more Leopard tanks to Ukraine

FILE: Denmark’s Leopard 2A7 tanks move during the Winter Camp 23 military drills near Tapa, Estonia, Sunday, Feb. 5, 2023.   –  Copyright  AP Photo

The 14 Leopard 2 battle tanks will be delivered at the beginning of 2024 in a deal worth an estimated €134 million. 

In March, Denmark already announced it would team up with Germany and the Netherlands to donate at least 100 Leopard 1 tanks, which should be ready for Ukrainian forces to begin training in the coming weeks. 

Leopard 2s – which Kyiv has repeatedly asked for since fighting began – are considered one of the most effective and advanced tanks produced. 

An ‘international tank coalition’ was formed to provide them, which included a number of NATO countries. 

In addition, the US, UK and France have donated other types of modern tanks to the Ukrainian military.

UK Interest in New Electric Vehicles Crashes by Two Thirds

AP Photo/David Zalubowski, File

The volume of new EV searches, ad views and messages to retailers on the Auto Trader platform was down nearly two thirds (65 percent) from the beginning of last year to March this year, it reported.

Ian Plummer, Auto Trader’s commercial director, told “These are difficult times for the UK’s electric ambitions, however, and we’re in danger of veering off-track.

“Although used electric demand remains buoyant, the wider EV market is in a precarious position. To avoid more than just a small pothole on the road to 2030, more information, more incentives, and more equality is urgently required.”

In January 2022, EVs made up 16.3 percent of new car ad views on the website but by March 2023 it had fallen to 10.54 percent, Auto Trader said.

Belarus Threatens to Use Tactical Nukes Against West

Belarus’s defense minister has announced that they are willing to use tactical nuclear weapons after Russia transferred the weapons to Belarusian territory, adding that sites are being prepared to host the new weapons.

The statement follows Russia’s decision to station nuclear weapons in Belarus to reduce the amount of time they take to reach targets in the event of a nuclear war, as the alliance between Belarus and Russia is cemented amidst concerns over the presence of US tactical nuclear weapons in European countries.

China Accelerating Nuclear Armament ‘Without Any Transparency’: NATO Chief

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which rules China as a single-party state, has long refused to participate in arms control talks. While that refusal was previously viewed with some annoyance by the international community, the regime’s sudden push to create a world-leading nuclear arsenal has triggered widespread alarm.

Pentagon reports estimate that the regime will obtain 1,000 nuclear weapons by 2030 and 1,500 by 2035. Likewise, the regime now fields more launchers for land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles than the United States.

Stoltenberg said China is part of a broader movement of authoritarian nations—including Russia, Iran, and North Korea—seeking to destabilize the international community through nuclear proliferation.

To that end, NATO would need to push back against such threats while engaging with Beijing to bring it to the negotiating table, he said.

Switzerland Refuses to Send Weapons to Ukraine

Switzerland, a traditionally neutral country, has refused to send weapons to Ukraine despite pressure from the EU and US.

The country maintains its neutrality, which dates back to 1515, and has instead pledged €1.8 billion in non-lethal aid to Ukraine.

In pictures: Thousands of people descend on London for Extinction Rebellion’s ‘The Big One’

People take part in the ‘People’s Picket’ outside The Department for Energy Security and Net Zero’s building, in London.HENRY NICHOLLS/REUTERS

The four-day action is supported by more than 200 organisations including Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and the PCS Union.  Friday’s day of events has been titled “Unite to Survive” with banners and flags expected to fill Westminster. 

The group says some 50,000 people will descend on London from today until Monday as part of the action to demand an end to fossil fuels. 

This is the first major event since XR announced that it would be abandoning disruptive tactics to “prioritise attendance over arrest” and “relationships over roadblocks”. Rather than blocking roads, stewards have been asking people to crowd onto pavements.

U.S. to Begin Training Ukraine Forces on Donated Abrams Tanks

Artur Widak/NurPhoto via Getty

The United States is ready to begin training Ukraine forces on how to use and maintain donated Abrams tanks as it continues to fast track efforts to get them onto the battlefield against Russia, U.S. officials said Friday.

According to officials cited by AP, 31 main battle tanks will arrive at Grafenwoehr Training Area in Germany early in May and the troops will begin 10 weeks of training soon after.

The heavy armor will not be the examples given to Ukraine as it fights against Russia’s invasion. Instead, another 31 M1A1 battle tanks are being refurbished in the U.S. and those will go to the frontlines when ready.

U.S. President Joe Biden announced the donation of the tanks and training to go with them in January, as Breitbart News reported.

‘Made in Europe’ debate blocks EU deal on ammunition deliveries for Ukraine

Copyright  Alex Brandon/Copyright 2022 The AP. All rights reserved.

Despite a political agreement reached one month ago, the novel proposal finds itself stuck in negotiations, a delay that stands in stark contrast with the brutal developments on the battlefield.

Patience in Kyiv is wearing thin: in an unusually harsh rebuke, Ukrainian Foreign Affairs Minister Dmytro Kuleba openly deplored the protracted stalemate as “frustrating.”

“For Ukraine, the cost of inaction is measured in human lives,” Kuleba said on Thursday.

At the core of the ongoing dispute is the ideal of “strategic autonomy,” a policy concept that posits the European Union should become more independent and self-reliant, particularly in matters of defence, where an alliance with the United States has for decades set the terms.

Video shows the moment a Russian jet accidentally fires on a Russian city near Ukraine

A Russian Sukhoi-34 warplane accidentally fired a weapon into the Russian city of Belgorod near Ukraine, injuring three people and causing extensive damage to roads and homes.


Biden signs EO to enforce environmental social justice, enacts ‘scorecards’

President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Friday, prioritizing so-called “environmental justice” across federal agencies, while also forcing agencies to be subjected to an environmental “scorecard.”

The order establishes a White House Office of Environmental Justice, headed by a Federal Chief Environmental Justice Officer who will oversee “environmental justice” goals throughout the government.

Friday’s order comes after Thursday, when President Biden pledged $1 billion to help other nations around the world fight climate change, and another $500 million to help curb deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

‘What Scientists Were Involved?’: Andy Harris Grills Miguel Cardona On New Trans Title IX Guidance

Germany to Ban New Gas and Oil Heaters in Buildings by Next Year

Michael Matthey/picture alliance via Getty Images)

According to the draft legislation, the plan would cost the Geman public some 9.16 billion euros ($10 billion) per year until at least 2028 when the government projects that costs would fall to 5 billion per year on the expectation of ramped-up production of heat pumps.

The move comes amid a wider push by the government to transition the German economy to climate neutrality by the year 2045. 

According to Reuters, heating represents over 40 per cent of the nation’s gas consumption, with nearly half of the 41 million households using natural gas for heating and 25 per cent using oil.

The green agenda push is apparently not appreciated by the German public, who have been suffering under an energy crisis as a result of dried-up supplies of Russian gas, which former Chancellor Angela Merkel turned to in order to make up the difference between the energy needed and the amount supposedly green sources were able to produce.

Hunter Biden scandal is ‘not a conspiracy theory’: Rep. Nancy Mace

South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace calls for a full investigation following ‘troubling’ reports that the Hunter Biden probe was improperly handled.

She also discusses Republican messaging on abortion.

‘We’ve had enough of 80-year-old presidents’: Joe Biden a ‘pathetic candidate’

Centre of the American Experiment President John Hinderaker says Joe Biden is a “pathetic” presidential candidate.

“I think DeSantis is the man, I think 2024 is his hour, I think if he runs against Joe Biden he almost certainly will win,” Mr Hinderaker told Sky News host James Morrow.

“But I do think that Joe Biden would beat Donald Trump, he beat him in 2020, Trump is bogged down, Trump has got so much baggage he’s hauling around, multiple legal issues, he’s under indictment.”

Authoritarian “Congresswoman” Threatens Matt Taibbi w/ Jail Over #TwitterFiles | SYSTEM UPDATE

Tucker Carlson: Democrats know where the power is

Fox News host Tucker Carlson gives his take on the investigation into Hunter Biden and the perceived double standard of justice in the DOJ on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Tucker: This is the end of the First Amendment

Fox News host Tucker Carlson sounds off on the U.S. government arresting people for saying things the White House doesn’t like for the first time in history on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’


The Purpose of the Alphabet Mafia REVEALED

A man who thinks he’s a woman releases a TikTok video warning people not to mess with the trans community. This man isn’t saying anything new.

This mentality is at the heart of BLM and at the heart of Antifa. This was never about black lives.

It was always about the “Alphabet Mafia” movement.

Why THIS Hunter Biden whistleblower is a ‘REALLY BIG DEAL’

There have been several Hunter Biden developments ever since the laptop controversy began soon before the 2020 election.

And yet, despite all the updates, little action has been taken to actually discipline Joe Biden’s son for his alleged crimes.

So why is Glenn calling this latest update a ‘really big deal’?!

In this clip, Glenn details new testimony from an IRS whistleblower that not only further implicates Hunter and Joe Biden — but Attorney General Merrick Garland (and others!) as well…

Interviewing the Directors of Nefarious – Spiritual & Earthly Battles

I interviewed Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, the directors and writers of the new thriller Nefarious.

They explained their struggles with canceling in Hollywood, how bizarre spiritual battles impacted the production, and the greater point of the movie as it relates to our culture. Check out the interview and go see the movie!


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