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US News:

Bodycam Shows Aurora Police Shooting Suspect Wielding a Knife on RTD Bus

As Collins continued to walk toward the back of the bus with Officer Wong grabbing him from behind, Officer Manley deployed his Taser to stop Collins. The Taser was ineffective.

Officers Jordan Diekneit and Jason Oviatt stood outside the bus at the open rear door as Officers Wong and Manley struggled to control Collins inside the bus.

They heard officers give commands, “Get off the bus!” and “Drop the knife!” while the dog made contact with Collins.

They observed Collins armed with the knife as he continued to move toward the passengers on the back of the bus.

Former President Trump Appears in Court, Pleads Not Guilty to 34 Counts of Falsifying Business Records

 Former U.S. President Donald Trump is accompanied by members of his legal team, Susan Necheles and Joe Tacopina, as he appears in court for an arraignment on charges stemming from his indictment by a Manhattan grand jury, April 4, 2023. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
Former U.S. President Donald Trump is accompanied by members of his legal team, Susan Necheles and Joe Tacopina, as he appears in court for an arraignment on charges stemming from his indictment by a Manhattan grand jury, April 4, 2023. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly.

Wearing a dark blue suit and red tie, Trump, 76, exhibited little emotion on his face when he waved to a crowd assembled outside the courthouse after he was driven in a motorcade from his New York residence at Trump Tower.

Taken together, the charges carry a maximum sentence of 136 years in prison under New York law but an actual prison sentence if he is convicted at a trial would almost certainly be far less than that.

Trump, who has called the charges politically motivated, held his fist in the air in a gesture to reporters as he departed Trump Tower.

NYPD Officers Call Out Sick To Avoid Arresting Donald Trump

While rallying in support of President Trump in West Palm Beach while his motorcade drove him to Palm Beach International airport to fly to New York to be indicted, Laura Loomer spoke with a Florida resident whose son, an NYPD officer, said many NYPD officers are planning to have “Blue Flu” today so that they don’t have to go into work and process President Trump at the Courthouse where he is expected to be arraigned at 2 pm EST.

NY CHAOS: Carjackers Slam into SCHOOL BUS in Wild Police Chase

That didn’t go as planned! After a young couple reportedly carjacked a 51-year-old woman at knife point, they backed into a police vehicle, then slammed into a school bus.

Thankfully, none of the 17 students on board, nor the bus driver, were injured in the crash, according to police.

‘Donald J Trump is innocent’: MTG joins hundreds of supporters outside of Manhattan court ahead of arraignment

Outside the Manhattan Criminal Courthouse on Tuesday, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene joined the New York Young Republicans Club to protest of the indictment of former President Donald Trump, who is set to be arraigned later today.

Addressing the crowd as police officers push back protestors and media members crowding the stage, Greene told the crowd she came to New York City to “peacefully protest against the persecution of an innocent man.”

Some protestors called her a “fascist,” but she was undaunted, as seen in footage from Meech Memez. He’s “not just any man,” she said, “this is the former President of the United States of America. And the government has been weaponized against him.”

Nashville students continue to rally for gun control in wake of deadly school shooting

Students are demanding stronger gun laws following the deadly shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. Hundreds of students participated in the March for Our Lives rally at the Tennessee State Capitol on Monday, calling for an assault weapons ban and the implementation of Extreme Risk Protection Orders.

Fake cops making traffic stops, robbing drivers, Cleveland police warn

Police spokesperson Sgt. Jennifer Ciaccia told Fox 8, “If you get pulled over by an unmarked car and you are worried about that, you can just stay in your car and call 911 and the dispatcher will be able to tell you whether that’s a Cleveland police vehicle with you or not.”

Investigators say there have now been at least five incidents where a group of young men in a black SUV with flashing lights have posed as police, pulling over unsuspecting victims and robbing them of their valuables and in some cases, taking their vehicles.

Anyone who can help identify the suspects posing as police officers is asked to call the real Cleveland police or Crime Stoppers at (216)252-7463.

Roy McGrath, former Gov. Hogan staffer and FBI fugitive, shot dead during standoff with police

Roy McGrath, chief executive officer of the Maryland Environmental Service,  (Pamela Wood/The Baltimore Sun via AP, File)

Attorney Joseph Murtha confirmed in a statement to Fox News that his client is dead after succumbing to gunshot injuries following a standoff with police late Monday night. 

During the standoff, at least one FBI agent fired a weapon and McGrath was injured. Law enforcement officials, however, have not revealed if he was struck by police or if the injuries were self-inflicted. 

McGrath, who also served as the director of Maryland Environmental Services, was wanted for failing to appear for his federal trial in Baltimore, Maryland, on March 13. The United States District Court for the District of Maryland issued a federal arrest warrant later that same day after he was charged with failure to appear.

The standoff kicked off Monday after the FBI received a tip McGrath was in Knoxville, Tennessee, and agents confronted him.  

Matt Gaetz Asks Former FBI Agent Timothy Thibault’s Girlfriend to Preserve Docs

Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images

FBI “point man” Timothy Thibault allegedly “improperly” “shut down” a probe into Hunter’s laptop that is likely unrelated to the ongoing criminal probe concerning reported tax fraud by the president’s son.

“The Twitter account of disgraced FBI agent Timothy Thibault’s girlfriend was uncovered this past weekend. Her public tweets suggest the FBI is going to retaliate against the whistleblowers who came forward to Congress about his role in covering up Hunter Biden’s laptop,” he said.

“The account also alludes to having insider knowledge on both the whistleblowers and the congressional investigations into Mr. Thibault,” he continued.

Trump hits Alvin Bragg with accusations of illegal info leaks

Former Acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker on the arraignment of former President Donald Trump and the possibility that DA Alvin Bragg’s office is leaking information regarding his indictment.

Kid Rock responds to Bud Light tapping Dylan Mulvaney as spokesman in most Kid Rock way imaginable

38 Camo-Wearing Migrants Found in Arizona 19 Miles North of Mexican Border

U.S. Border Patrol/Tucson Sector

Tucson Sector Chief Patrol Agent John R. Modlin tweeted a photo of a group of migrants apprehended by Border Patrol agents near the Arizona and New Mexico border with Mexico.

The agents, with the assistance of an AMO helicopter crew located the group of 38 migrants on March 28 about 19 miles north of Mexico.

The day after the apprehension of the group by horseback Border Patrol agents, Ajo Station agents arrested a U.S. citizen smuggling four migrants, Modlin tweeted.

6,000 Known Migrant Border Crossers in One Texas Sector During Past Week

File Photo: VERONICA G. CARDENAS/AFP via Getty Images

Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens tweeted a video weekly recap featuring Acting Eagle Pass South Station Patrol Agent in Charge Russell Becker. During the report, Becker reported the agents in the Del Rio Sector apprehended 3,850 migrants.

This is down from nearly 5,300 migrants apprehended the week before.

Russell also reported that 2,242 migrants were known to have crossed the border between ports of entry without being apprehended. This is down from just over 3,000 one week earlier.

Migrant apprehensions in the Del Rio Sector apprehended approximately 24,000 migrants in March, according to an unofficial report reviewed by Breitbart Texas. While this is an increase from the 22,543 apprehended in February, it represents a significant decrease from the 41,631 apprehended in March 2022.

Federal Report: Biden’s Catch and Release for Border Crossers Plagued with ‘Misuse of Funds and Fraud’

Demetrius Freeman/The Washington Post/Joe Raedle/Getty Images

In 2021, Biden authorized the use of $110 million in American taxpayer dollars to go to newly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens who are released into the U.S. interior.

The taxpayer money, allocated through the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Emergency Food and Shelter Program, goes to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in border states like California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas that then funnel the money to the new arrivals.

A Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Inspector General (IG) report, though, accuses the agency of misspending the money and not requiring NGOs to verify to whom the money is going.

“We reviewed $12.9 million from 18 [NGOs] and found they did not always use the funds consistent with the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Humanitarian Relief Funding and Application Guidance,” the federal report states:

Investigation: Killers, Gang Members Posing as Migrant Children to Get into U.S.

U.S. Border Patrol/Tucson Sector

“Many of the facts we have learned are depressing to contemplate and provoke a great deal of outrage,” the statewide grand jury writes before revealing their findings.

Among those findings are that the UAC pipeline into the U.S. interior is being exploited by illegal alien adults, posing as children, who go on to commit murder and many of whom are gang members associated with the likes of MS-13.

One particular case cited by the statewide grand jury was that of 24-year-old Yery Noel Medina Ulloa who posed as a UAC to get released into the U.S. interior.

Prosecutors allege that Ulloa was sent to live with 46-year-old Francisco Javier Cuellar, a father of four, by the federal government. In November 2021, Ulloa allegedly murdered Cuellar.

Similarly, the statewide grand jury details how hundreds of illegal alien adults attempt to use the UAC pipeline every year to get into the U.S. interior. Many end up being gang members.


Humiliated on Twitter: WaPo “Fact-Checker” Proves Title Is a Fraud | SYSTEM UPDATE

Tennessee’s Hero Cops

Newly released body cam footage shines a light on the outstanding bravery of the Metro Nashville Police as they respond to the mass shooter at a private elementary school.

And it puts the lie to all those who wish to defund the heroic police who put their lives on the line for us.

Mark takes you through their emotional and powerful textbook response to an active shooter situation. Unlike Uvalde, Texas, Nashville got it right.

World News:

As German public support for Ukraine dwindles, AfD calls for parliamentary veto on government military support for Kyiv

FILE – German soldiers stand with guns and bazookas at the army base Field Marshal Rommel Barracks in Augustdorf, Germany, Wednesday, March 30, 2022. (AP Photo/Martin Meissner, File)

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) opposition party has called for the German parliament to retain a veto over any future federal government plans to send arms to conflict zones after expressing their concern that indirect German military intervention is fueling the ongoing war in Ukraine.

The AfD parliamentary group has put forward a proposal that would give MPs the right to stop governments from acting unilaterally should they oppose the supply of arms to any country involved in a conflict.

Specifically, the group is calling for a parliamentary veto if arms exports could trigger or exacerbate existing tensions or conflicts.

TikTok hit with multi-million dollar fine over child data safety

Photograph: Morgan Hancock/AAP

Tensions are running increasingly high around the most popular social media platform not based in the West, with increasing support in the US government for the idea of banning the app completely, and countries around the world boycotting it from government devices – the latest national government to jump on that bandwagon being Australia’s.

The ICO’s fine, by comparison, is rather more “business as usual” in the world of social media than it is “global espionage plot.”

That’s not to make light of the seriousness of the deficiencies that have brought TikTok its mega-fine.

The ICO says that between 2018-2020, TikTok did not do enough to check who was using its platform – meaning it did not act to remove children under-13, who are not supposed to have access to TikTok, from the platform, and so was deemed to have used the children’s data improperly.

In September, 2022, Meta’s Instagram platform was fined a much more significant $443m for exposing the contact details of teenagers who used it.

In fact, across the course of 2022, Meta paid out over $728 million in fines for breaking the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – over 80% of all GDPR infractions that year.

Reporters Without Borders blocked from Assange prison visit

UK officials have barred Reporters Without Borders (RSF) from visiting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in prison, the media watchdog said in a Tuesday statement.

RSF Secretary-General Cristophe Deloire and Director of Operations Rebecca Vincent were denied entry to the prison despite having obtained prior “official authorization,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, Assange’s wife Stella was allowed to enter the complex as planned. She told reporters in front of the prison that Assange’s physical state was deteriorating “every day,” but that the Wikileaks founder sought “not to give up and to keep fighting.”

Ukraine Hopes to Get $1.8 Billion From IMF in Two More Tranches in 2023

REUTERS/Yuri Gripas

 Ukraine hopes to receive two more tranches worth $1.8 billion from the International Monetary Fund this year under its newly-approved four-year lending program, top Ukrainian central bank officials said on Tuesday.

Ukraine this week received the first $2.7 billion tranche under the program, which is a part of a bigger $115 billion global package of support.

“We hope to receive all planned tranches this year with an overall amount of $4.6 billion. It includes two more tranches worth $0.9 billion each,” said Serhiy Nikolaichuk, one of the central bank’s deputy governors.

Ukraine faces an unprecedented budget deficit this year and is relying heavily on Western financial support. The Finance Ministry said it had already received a total of $12.6 billion in foreign aid so far this year.

4th Damascus strike amid Israel-Iran escalation; US Strike-Group moves vs Syria TV7Israel News 04.04

1) Tensions continue to rise amid repeated acts of terror directed at Israelis in the center of Israel and the northeastern edge of the Samarian hills.

2) A fourth strike in less than a week destroyed multiple installations belonging to the Islamic Republic of Iran in the vicinity of Damascus – as well as Syrian military infrastructure in the south of the war-torn country.

3) Amid escalating tensions in Israel’s northern neighbor, which included repeated strikes by Iranian-proxies against U.S. servicemembers; the USS George H W Bush Strike Group has been deployed adjacent to Syria.

U.S tells allies of possible interim nuclear deal with Iran

U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration informed Israel and European powers a few weeks ago that it was studying the possibility of advancing a partial nuclear agreement with Iran, which would be based on the freezing of certain parts of Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for certain sanctions relief

Gravitas | Ukraine War: The next big battle | Russia attacks Odesa, eyes total control of Black Sea

Russia has launched an attack on Ukraine’s port town of Odesa. The tension has now moved to the south.

Analysts say Russia is eyeing total control of the Black Sea. What does this mean for Ukraine? Molly Gambhir tells you.

No Joke: Russia Assumes Presidency of U.N. Security Council

Spencer Platt/Getty

The presidency has rotated monthly in alphabetical order among its 15 members since it was founded at the conclusion of World War II.

Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told reporters there will be no change in the rules of the body with Russia committed to maintaining international peace, security and co-prosperity for all.

AP reports he said Russia has been “an honest broker” during past council presidencies, a role “which we value and cherish, and we are always trying to maintain it” as it served the broader objectives of the United Nations organization.

Four More Philippines Military Bases Opened to U.S. Troops

U.S. and Philippine troops fire a High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) during live fire exercises as part of U.S.-Philippines army-to-army joint drills on March 31, 2023 in Laur, Nueva Ecija, Philippines. (Ezra Acayan/Getty)

The United States had two major military bases in the Philippines but they were closed in the early 1990s after growing nationalist sentiment.

U.S. troops return to the Philippines every year for joint military exercises, including Balikatan, which kicks off next week.

With more than 17,000 soldiers taking part, it will be the largest yet.

Those forces gather as an increasingly assertive Beijing challenges all and sundry who send any military forces into the area surrounding the South China Sea.

Last year a Chinese fighter jet challenged an Australian reconnaissance plane in the area, flying close by before releasing flares and bundles of chaff that entered at least one of its target’s engines causing a return to base.

CENTCOM says ISIS leader killed in Syria as Israel allegedly carries out 4th airstrike

Syria says 2 civilians were killed in an airstrike they blame on Israel, in what could be the fourth Israeli strike in the span of a week.

Meanwhile, CENTCOM confirmed that on Monday the leader of ISIS was killed in Syria.


Top US diplomat in Budapest takes issue with Orbán support for Trump

U.S. Ambassador to Budapest David Pressman.

The U.S. ambassador in Budapest, David Pressman, has publicly criticized Hungarian Foreign Affairs Minister Péter Szijjártó for a tweet by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán showing solidarity with former U.S. President Donald Trump.

The spat is the latest installment in the increasingly uneasy relationship between Hungary and the U.S. delegation in Budapest.

“Keep on fighting, Mr. President! We are with you!” Orbán wrote ahead of Trump’s historic court appearance in New York on Tuesday.

The tweet sparked a reaction from Pressman, appointed to his role by the Biden administration.

The previous U.S. ambassador to Budapest, David Cornstein, had an excellent relationship with Hungary’s conservative government and Prime Minister Viktor Orbán personally, but Biden appointee Pressman has on several occasions criticized the Hungarian government for what he considers an anti-democratic stance.

Interview with Vivek Ramaswamy

The Daily Caller’s Grayson Quay sits down with the current Presidential candidate to discuss his potential policies, background, and never before heard viewpoints on the country today.

Chicago election and Manhattan prosecutorial abuse

Chicago is holding a crucial election that will either save or destroy the city. Plus, Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg is too busy attacking Trump than helping keep residents safe from the criminals he won’t prosecute.

Jason Rantz helped break it down on the Faulkner Focus! (April 4, 2023)

Tulsi Gabbard: Nancy Pelosi abuse of power

Pelosi and others don’t see anything wrong with abusing their power to enrich themselves through insider deals, stock trading, etc.

So it’s no surprise they will weaponize law enforcement/security state to go after political opponents.

We must reclaim our democracy by voting the self-serving politicians out of office.

Tucker: Criminals are now a protected class

Fox News host Tucker Carlson shreds Alvin Bragg for his approach to the justice system and indictment of Trump on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Candace Owens: This is incredibly despairing

‘The Candace Owens Podcast’ host reacts to the indictment former President Trump on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Tucker eviscerates Dems for exploiting ‘suffering’ people

Tucker Carlson says Democrats have moved away from Black Lives Matter because they have a new victim class to exploit: trans people.

Conservatives Demand Republican AGs Charge Bidens with Corruption: ‘Get Creative’

The Associated Press

Hunter Biden is known to have used his father’s name — and his office — to make money from foreign firms, and there is evidence he funneled cash to his father, and that he tried to cut his father into at least one deal.

Last month, the House Oversight Committee revealed that Biden’s family received cash that originally came from a Chinese firm with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party, for unexplained business transactions.

Aside from tax violations — for which Hunter Biden, the president’s son, has admitted he is under investigation — there would appear to be potential lobbying violations, as well as corruption and perhaps even bribery.

Yet U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland has declined to appoint a special counsel to investigate allegations against the Biden family, who appear to have been protected by the FBI, as well as Silicon Valley and the media.

WHO’S RESPONSIBLE? GOP rep. tears into leaked indictment details

Rep. August Pfluger, R-Texas, discusses congressional Republicans’ priority energy bill and leaked information surrounding former President Donald Trump’s indictment.

Democrats drop oppo dump on Ron DeSantis in effort to derail White House hopes

(Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images)

The research, released as a standalone website titled “DeSantisResearchBook,” seeks to establish DeSantis as a “MAGA extremist,” and highlights his voting record in Congress as well as his actions as governor.

American Bridge 21st Century, the group behind the dump, calls DeSantis a “failed governor” and a “hypocrite,” though there are no significant allegations in the report.

The website breaks down DeSantis’ political history into an issue-by-issue format, detailing his voting record and positions on issues like hurricane relief, abortion and the economy.

The site confirms that many Democrats view DeSantis as a major threat to President Biden’s re-election chances should he win the Republican nomination. American Bridge also released an opposition research website targeting Trump in 2020.

Tennessee lawmakers lose committee assignments after storming state Capitol

David Underwood/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Tennessee House Republicans voted Monday to strip committee assignments from state Reps. Justin Jones, Justin J. Pearson and Gloria Johnson, according to WPLN. 

A potential expulsion for the three lawmakers could come later this week.

The lawmakers joined anti-gun protestors in storming the Capitol last week after a 28-year-old transgender person opened fire inside the Covenant School in Nashville, which killed six people, including three children.