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US News:

Fairfax County police take armed woman into custody, ending standoff | FOX 5 DC

After nearly two days, a standoff in the Hybla Valley area of Fairfax County is over after police took an armed woman who had been barricaded inside her vehicle into custody.

Brittany Copelin, 29, of Charles County, Maryland. (PHOTO: Fairfax County Police Department)

Bodycam Footage Shows Chula Vista Police Officer Shooting Armed Hostage-Taker

The callers stated that two homeless people were possibly setting up camp in an apartment stairwell, banging on doors, yelling, and possibly using drugs or dealing with mental illness.

When officers arrived, they located one of the subjects in an apartment stairwell. As they contacted him, he moved a blanket from in front of him and revealed that he was holding another male hostage with a knife to his throat.

No Free Dental for White Kids

Medical offices sometimes provide reduced-cost or free care to poorer clients, but recent advertising shows that there is a move to take such charity in a race-based direction, to exclude whites and Asians.

This is a continuation of the discriminatory theme that has become part of modern society, leaving white children with worse care than their black peers.

Kayleigh McEnany: We’re being laughed at for this

‘Outnumbered’ hosts react to Pentagon officials being questioned during a congressional hearing over drag shows hosted on U.S. military bases.

GOP lawmaker sparks outrage with response to Nashville shooting: ‘We need to repent’

House Oversight Committee member Rep. Tim Burchett discusses the recent hearing on the rise in crime in Washington, D.C. and calls for the immediate release of the Nashville shooter’s manifesto.

Insurrection at Tennessee State Capitol

Gun control activists have have caused an insurrection at the Tennessee State Capitol.

Gun control protesters rally in Tennessee Capitol building

‘Outnumbered’ panelists discuss protesters’ demands for a ban on assault weapons after six people were killed in the Nashville school shooting.

World News:

Covid symptoms

Covid symptom data mild, excess deaths high.

Pro-trans counter-protesters try to shut down Rebel reporting

Angelica Toy reports from outside a Calgary public library, where a group of counter-protesters turned up in response to a drag queen story time protest.

When we tried to speak to hear what these protesters had to say, the pro-trans counter-protesters tried to shut down Rebel News’ reporting, except for one pleasant person who was willing to speak with us.

Family enters Canada illegally, leaving paper trail of govt docs behind

Alexa Lavoie discovers papers that had been deliberately thrown away at Roxham Road.

These documents from the government of Canada belong to a Colombian family, a young couple with a young child.

Russia Arrests Wall Street Journal Reporter Evan Gershkovich on Espionage Charges

LONDON/WASHINGTON, March 30 (Reuters) – A Moscow court ruled that a U.S. journalist for the Wall Street Journal should be detained for nearly two months on suspicion of spying, the most serious move against a foreign journalist since Russia invaded Ukraine and one quickly condemned by Washington.

Russia’s FSB security service said on Thursday it had opened a criminal case against U.S. national Evan Gershkovich on suspicion of espionage.

The Kremlin said he had been “caught red-handed” but presented no documentary or video evidence.

The case will worsen already dire relations between Moscow and Washington, both nuclear powers. The U.S. is Ukraine’s biggest military backer as Kyiv battles a Russian invasion and has imposed sanctions on Moscow to try to persuade it to end its invasion of Ukraine.

Iran claims strikes on U.S. forces; Syria blames Israel for bombing Damascus TV7 Israel News 30.03

1) The United States urges Israel to resolve its internal strife by reaching a compromise on the Judicial reform “as soon as possible.”

2) While Iran claims responsibility for the strike on U.S. force in Syria – the U.S. Defense Department highlighted that it does not seek “conflict or war with Iran.”

3) Unidentified aircraft struck Iranian targets in the vicinity of Damascus, early this morning – in an attack which Syria attributes to Israel.

Explosion Rocks Gas Pipeline in Russia

A screen grab from social media purportedly shows a blast at a gas pipeline in the urban district of Pelym, Sverdlovsk Region. Russian energy giant Gazprom said no one had been injured in the incident which took place on March 29, 2023.VIA TWITTER

The 49-second clip which as of Thursday morning had received over 82,000 views shows a huge column of fire filmed from a distance while a male narrator describes what is happening.

“An emergency, a gas pipeline explosion. It appears to be near a road, next to a concrete highway on the way out of the village,” he said, “by the look of it, the taps are not turned off yet. It will be burning for a while.”

Maria Drutska, who writes about the war in Ukraine, tweeted video of the fire, writing, “Nothing is happening in Russia. Just some explosion followed by a fire occurred on a gas pipeline in the urban district of Pelym, Sverdlovsk Region.” Special Kherson Cat, which tweets about the war, also shared video of the blast.

“It burns well!” tweeted the account of Ukraine Front Lines.


Biden ATTACKS Israel’s democracy during Summit for Democracy | Wake Up America

On Thursday’s “Wake Up America,” President Joe Biden attacked Israel’s democracy while opening the ‘Summit for Democracy’ by criticizing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s attempts to reform the judiciary. NEWSMAX’s Daniel Cohen reports.

Protect Our Kids! Nashville Aftermath | Sean Spicer, Gary Chapman, Hank Kunneman on FlashPoint

 Bernie Sanders Blocks Mike Lee Bill To Remove Vaccine Requirement For Foreign Travelers

On the Senate floor Thursday, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), on behalf of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) blocked Sen. Mike Lee’s (R-UT) bill to remove the vaccine mandate for foreign travelers to the US.

State Treasurers Reject ESG: You Should Too | Derek Kreifels | EP 344

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and Derek Kreifels discuss the primary role of the state treasurer and why now, with the onslaught of ESGs and anti-fossil fuel divesting, their stewardship is so important.

Derek Kreifels is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the State Financial Officers Foundation (SFOF), the only nonprofit in the U.S. that combines ground-breaking free-market research with a strong network of states’ treasurers, auditors, and other financial officers, to actively sustain the health of each state’s economic outlook.

National Security Minister Ben-Gvir unveils plan for a new national guard force

Israel’s National Security Minister wants to create a national guard force — but what would they be responsible for?

Yishai Fleischer, an advisor to Minister Ben-Gvir, explains what the vision for the national guard would be in combatting crime in mixed cities and countering terror in Israel.

Tucker Carlson: No sane person wants this

WARNING: Graphic content— Fox News host Tucker Carlson weighs in on gun control following the Nashville school shooting on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Gaetz tells Tucker about drag queen story hours on military bases

Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., explains why he confronted top Pentagon officials about drag queen story hours on military bases on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

6 people are dead and all Jokin’ Joe Biden can do is sow the rancor and division that got us here

He is not interested in comforting the bereaved or reassessing his own role in stoking the mental health crisis that’s engulfing America’s youth, or speaking against the current anti-Christian fever in the country. 

The victims of Nashville’s Covenant School are just another political weapon to him.

All he has is sociopathic indifference in the guise of vacuous virtue-signaling. 

He knows his “assault weapons ban” isn’t the answer, won’t happen, and just fuels more division. 

There are 400 million guns in private ownership in this country under the protection of the Second Amendment.

If Biden didn’t get his bill through when Democrats controlled everything in Washington, he’s not going to get it through now. 

But he doesn’t even pretend to look for a good-faith remedy that everyone can get behind. 

More urgently, Biden needs to stop stoking the culture wars by forcing a twisted ideology onto children.

This peculiar obsession with children’s genitals by his ­administration is fueling a cultural contagion that exacerbates America’s mental health crisis in ways we can’t yet imagine. 


The Last Lie Government Will Ever Tell

In 2019, comedian and actor Volodymyr Zelensky was elected president with 73.23 percent of the vote.

In spite of the media’s love affair with Zelensky, portraying him “as something equivalent to a reincarnation of Winston Churchill and Mother Teresa,” the Ukraine government remains one of the most corrupt on the planet.

All this is well known.

Also well known among the sentient is the US having a history of lying the country into war (also here.)

When you’re a rich and powerful government, war can be a very lucrative undertaking—for some.

It’s rarely that way for the ones doing the actual fighting or for the taxpayers who aren’t connected to the US war industry.

But a thoroughly corrupt media ensures that such issues receive little or no light. We are the champions of the little guys, and a little guy is being picked on by perennially evil Russia.

People are beginning to wake up to the lies and censorship surrounding covid and its treatments, so why should they believe any government pronouncement, including the ones involving Ukraine and its enemy?

Going Nuclear

Throughout the Ukraine war’s one-year history we’ve heard repeated speculations about the conflict going nuclear. Don’t worry, we’re told, even if Putin decided to launch nuclear weapons they would likely be tactical, not the big ones that turn cities into moonscapes and their populations into dust….