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Former Alabama children’s minister, boarding school worker facing 215 child porn charges

Steve Robert Wukmer, 66, of Rainsville, Ala., was arrested at his workplace in Fort Payne for 215 counts of alleged possession of child pornography. (Rainsville Police Department)
Steve Robert Wukmer, 66, of Rainsville, Ala., was arrested at his workplace in Fort Payne for 215 counts of alleged possession of child pornography. (Rainsville Police Department)

The Rainsville Police Department says Steve Robert Wukmer, 66, was arrested at his place of employment in Fort Payne just before noon Nov. 15. The investigation into Wukmer began earlier in the month after police received a tip.

Wukmer once worked at Agape Boarding School in southwest Missouri, former students told The Kansas City Star. 

“This guy was a full-time staff member at Agape when I was first there,” Colton Schrag, who did two stints at the school from 2004 to 2010, said. “He was pretty friendly to boys at Agape. He was over the 14 and younger boys in school. He always treated us better than most staff, but seeing the charges it makes sense now.

Wukmer is being held in Alabama’s DeKalb County Jail on $6.45 million bond, a jail employee told the newspaper Tuesday.

Police said it is unclear if there was any misconduct by Wukner in Ohio for similar behavior.

Fauci to be deposed this week in GOP lawsuit alleging COVID collusion with Big Tech

Republican AGs want to learn if Fauci worked with Big Tech companies to tamp down talk about the origin of COVID and other issues. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)
Republican AGs want to learn if Fauci worked with Big Tech companies to tamp down talk about the origin of COVID and other issues. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Dr. Anthony Fauci will sit for a deposition on Wednesday as part of a Republican lawsuit against the Biden administration that says the government colluded with social media companies to censor free speech related to COVID.

Last month, a federal judge ordered that Fauci’s high-profile public comments made him a key figure in the lawsuit from the Republican attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana, who allege “collusion” between the Biden administration and social media companies to censor speech that could be damaging to the White House, such as the origin of the virus and the effectiveness of masks.

The AGs said the deposition is scheduled for Wednesday, November 23, and will be conducted by Attorneys General Eric Schmitt and Jeff Landry, along with lawyers from their office. The deposition will be sealed by court order.

“Since we filed our landmark lawsuit, we have uncovered documents and discovery that show clear coordination between the Biden administration and social media companies on censoring speech, but we’re not done yet,” said Schmitt. “We plan to get answers on behalf of the American people. Stay tuned.”

Ex-Catholic priest caught making sex tape on Pearl River church altar pleads guilty to felony obscenity

The now former Rev. Travis Clark and two dominatrices, Melissa Cheng, center, and Mindy Dixon, right, were charged with vandalism following an alleged altar threesome at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in 2020. (St. Tammany Parish Sheriff's Office)
The now former Rev. Travis Clark and two dominatrices, Melissa Cheng, center, and Mindy Dixon, right, were charged with vandalism following an alleged altar threesome at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in 2020. (St. Tammany Parish Sheriff’s Office)

Travis Clark, 39, entered the plea before 22nd Judicial District Judge Ellen Creel, and received a suspended three-year prison sentence, three years of supervised probation and was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine.

Defense attorney Michael Kennedy, who represented Clark with co-counsel Marc Hoerner, said Clark already had paid $8,000 in restitution to the Archdiocese of New Orleans, after a furious Archbishop Gregory Aymond declared the altar desecrated and ordered it burned and replaced after the October 2020 incident.

Kennedy said he was grateful the judge suspended Clark’s sentence, but questioned the fairness of the state’s insistence that his client plead guilty to a felony.

The female performers involved in the incident — 30-year-old Melissa Cheng of Alpharetta, Ga., and 43-year-old Mindy Dixon of Kent, Wash. — pleaded guilty in July to only misdemeanor counts of institutional vandalism.

They also were spared prison time and were sentenced to just two years’ probation each.

White House shuts down reporter’s Fauci question on COVID origin: ‘I’m done with you’

(Win McNamee/Getty Images)
(Win McNamee/Getty Images)

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre snapped at reporters who raised questions about the origins of COVID-19 during Tuesday’s press briefing, which featured outgoing White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci

During questions after the White House coronavirus response team updated reporters on the administration’s vaccine efforts, Daily Caller White House correspondent Diana Glebova attempted to ask a question regarding what Fauci has done to investigate the origins of COVID-19. But Jean-Pierre shut Glebova down and rebuked her for speaking out of turn. 

“We have a process here. I’m not calling out on people who yell. And you’re being you’re being you’re being disrespectful to your colleagues, and you’re being disrespectful to our guest,” Jean-Pierre said. “I will not call on you if you yell, and also you’re taking time off the clock because Dr. Fauci has to leave in a couple of minutes.” 

Then Today Africa News journalist Simon Ateba spoke up and said her question was valid and should be asked. 

“You need to call people across the room! She has a valid question, she’s asked about the origin of COVID,” Ateba said. 

“It is not your turn!” Jean-Pierre shot back. “I hear your question, but we’re not doing this the way you want it. This is disrespectful …. Simon, I’m done. Simon, I’m done. I’m done with you right now. You’re taking time away from your colleagues.” 

Fauci’s fall from grace: how the Covid doctor lost the nation’s trust

Dr Anthony Fauci officially stood down from his government roles today after four decades spearheading America’s response to infectious disease threats.

He became one of the most-cited scientists on the planet for his work on HIV and other infections – before becoming the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) in 1984.

But Dr Fauci was not a name known to most Americans until 2020 when he became the face of the US’ Covid pandemic response. The 81-year-old was initially a revered figure — seen as a safe pair of hands in the face of a new, unknown pathogen and dubbed ‘America’s doctor’.

But his credibility has come under intense scrutiny in the two years since Covid struck after he exaggerated the effectiveness of vaccines to boost uptake, lied about face masks and pushed for lockdowns. 

In March 2020, when concern was rising globally over Covid, Fauci told Americans that there was ‘no need’ to wear a face mask. He insisted at the time that they may only help people ‘feel a little better’, and ‘might even block a droplet’ — but would not provide good protection.

White House Announces ‘New Enforcement Guidance’ on COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

(Nic Coury/AFP via Getty Images)
(Nic Coury/AFP via Getty Images)

Meanwhile, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), according to the White House will ask “governors for their assistance and partnership in increasing COVID vaccination rates for long-term care residents and highlight for them how their states are performing against their peers.”

Corporate and government COVID-19 vaccine mandates have largely fallen out of favor in recent months amid falling COVID-19 numbers. Tyson Foods, the largest meat company by sales in the United States, confirmed last week that it dropped its mandate, while a New York judge tossed New York City’s mandate for city employees in October.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said last year that the requirement covers 10.4 million health care workers at 76,000 facilities.

HHS-authorized report recommends masks, distancing for ‘long COVID’

Top HHS official, assistant secretary for health Rachel Levine, said helping long COVID patients was a priority for the Biden administration.
Getty Images
Top HHS official, assistant secretary for health Rachel Levine, said helping long COVID patients was a priority for the Biden administration.Getty Images

As a result, the report says, policymakers should “encourage or mandate policies and protocols regarding masking and social distancing in public spaces that protect people from infection or reinfection and possible long COVID.”   

While President Biden declared in a September “60 Minutes” interview that the “pandemic is over,” his administration asked Congress for an addition $10 billion last week to fight COVID, including $750 million specifically for long COVID.

“Listening to and learning from the experiences of long COVID patients is essential to accelerating understanding and breakthroughs,” said assistant secretary for health, Rachel Levine.

She said the new report was “evidence of our commitment to engaging communities to provide patient-led solutions.”

Two native Hawaiians guilty of hate crime in brutal beating of white man, federal jury finds: ‘You’ve got the wrong f****** color skin’

Image source: YouTube screenshot, composite
Image source: YouTube screenshot, composite

A federal jury found two native Hawaiian men guilty of a hate crime in connection with their brutal beating of a white man who was moving into their Maui neighborhood in 2014 with his three daughters — along with his wife, who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and forced to retire.

The U.S. Department of Justice said Thursday that Kaulana Alo-Kaonohi, 32, and Levi Aki Jr., 33, carried out “racially motivated attacks” on the victim, referred to in the DOJ’s report as “C.K.” The Associated Press identified the victim as Christopher Kunzelman.

The Justice Department said evidence showed the victim purchased a house in Kahakuloa, where various residents harassed and threatened him with statements such as, “This is a Hawaiian village. The only thing coming from the outside is the electricity” and “You don’t even belong in Hawaii.”

Driver Accused of Crashing SUV Into Apple Store Charged With Reckless Homicide

A worker secures a damaged SUV to a flatbed tow truck outside an Apple store in Hingham, Mass., on Nov. 21, 2022. (Steven Senne/AP Photo)
A worker secures a damaged SUV to a flatbed tow truck outside an Apple store in Hingham, Mass., on Nov. 21, 2022. (Steven Senne/AP Photo)

Authorities in Massachusetts have charged the driver of an SUV who crashed his vehicle through the front window of an Apple store with reckless homicide.

Bradley Rein, 53, was taken into custody Monday night after an arrest warrant was obtained following an “extensive” investigation by Massachusetts State Police and Hingham Police, Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz said in a statement on Tuesday.

Rein is scheduled to be arraigned in Hingham District Court, the district attorney added, without providing a date and time. In addition to the charge of felony reckless homicide by motor vehicle, the driver is also facing a reckless operation of a motor vehicle charge.

NASA: Humans will live on moon ‘certainly in this decade,’ official says

Artemis I and the Orion spacecraft shortly before rollout to the launch pad. (Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/TNS)
Artemis I and the Orion spacecraft shortly before rollout to the launch pad. (Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel/TNS)

Howard Hu, who oversees the Orion space capsule perched atop the Artemis 1 rocket that launched last week, made the confident assertion on the BBC show “Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg.”

“We’re going to be sending people down to the surface, and they’re going to be living on that surface and doing science,” Hu confirmed after surprising Kuenssberg with the seven-year timeline.

Hu said NASA moon-dwellers will have habitats and a “fancy rover they’re going to drive around.” But “it’s more than living – it’s really about science.”

He said the mission will be to get to the moon’s south pole because it’s theorized there could be ice there. Water from that ice could be converted into “a potential fuel for our propulsion systems,” he said, possibly turning the moon into a springboard for deeper space exploration.

And that’s not the only reason he said the discovery of ice would be “huge”: “If there are organisms that are embedded in that ice and things like that, could we be able to discover something new?”

The White House’s plan to colonize the moon, briefly explained

An artist’s rendering of Artemis base camp.NASA
An artist’s rendering of Artemis base camp.NASA

The White House’s national science and technology council last week released its new “National Cislunar Science and Technology Strategy,” a wide-ranging document that explains the Biden administration’s objectives for cislunar space, which is the area under the gravitational influence of the Earth and the moon.

The strategy outlines four primary goals that, broadly, seem to make a lot of sense. They include investing in research and development, cooperating with other countries, building communications networks in space, and boosting humanity’s overall situational awareness near and on the moon.

What this plan also hints at, however, is a range of open legal, political, and environmental questions about how life on the lunar surface should work.

“It’s very clear that this is not just about the research and the science, but it’s also going to be about the economic prospects from the moon,” explained Namrata Goswami, an independent space policy analyst. “Until now, the US has been very reticent to so clearly engage in a manufacturing use of lunar resources.”

Should the US succeed in its goals, the moon could eventually look quite different, Pace argues. Lunar orbit would be filled with many more satellites, including a lunar GPS network and a human space station capable of housing human astronauts that serves as a rest stop before they land on the moon’s surface.

Media outlet revises story about Joe Biden after legal scholar exposes ‘whopper of a claim’

Kris Connor/WireImage
Kris Connor/WireImage

The Associated Press revised a story about the Hunter Biden scandal after constitutional scholar Jonathan Turley spotlighted the “whopper of a claim” within it.

On Saturday, the AP wrote about House Republicans and their plan to investigate President Joe Biden for potentially being involved in his son’s business dealings despite his denials.

Buried deep within the story was a paragraph absolving the president of any wrongdoing. The AP reported:

Joe Biden has said he’s never spoken to his son about his foreign business, and nothing the Republicans have put forth suggests otherwise. And there are no indications that the federal investigation involves the president.

Turley quickly called out the “breathtaking but telling” claim.

Helicopter crashes along SC highway; 2 dead

I-77 traffic is seen from the bridge at Remount Road in Charlotte, NC., on Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022. Officials say 2 dead in helicopter crash off Interstate 77 in Charlotte. BY MELISSA RODRIGUEZ
I-77 traffic is seen from the bridge at Remount Road in Charlotte, NC., on Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2022. Officials say 2 dead in helicopter crash off Interstate 77 in Charlotte. BY MELISSA RODRIGUEZ

The 1999 Robinson R44 helicopter crashed along the highway around noon, local outlet WCNC reported

Two people were on board the helicopter, according to an FAA statement reported by WSOC-TV. Aside from the two dead, three others were transported to the hospital, according to the Charlotte Observer. It isn’t clear if all of the dead were on the helicopter or how others were injured.

Traffic on the interstate backed up as lanes and on-ramps were blocked by emergency vehicles. Local authorities expect I-77 to be entirely closed until midnight in the area of the incident, WCNC reported.

A WCNC reporter on the scene said witnesses told her the pilot was visibly trying to avoid putting the copter down in a safe area. She said there is a charter school in the vicinity.

50 Groups Target Bill Gates on Farming and Technology: ‘You Are Part of Creating the Very Problem You Name’

The letter’s lead authors, Community Alliance for Global Justice/AGRA Watch and the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa, wrote:

“In both articles, you make a number of claims that are inaccurate and need to be challenged. Both pieces admit that the world currently produces enough food to adequately feed all the earth’s inhabitants, yet you continue to fundamentally misdiagnose the problem as relating to low productivity; we do not need to increase production as much as to assure more equitable access to food.”

The authors also criticized Gates’ claims that we’ve “underinvested in agricultural innovation” and that the Green Revolution was “one of the greatest things that ever happened.”

They also criticized Gates’ push for genetically modified seeds, stating that “climate-resilient seeds are already in existence and being developed by farmers and traded through informal seed markets.”

Elon Musk Claims Twitter Layoffs Are Done and Company Is Hiring Coders

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

The Verge reports that Elon Musk said in an all-hands meeting with Twitter employees this week that layoffs have been completed and that engineering and sales positions are currently open.

These comments were made the same day that Twitter’s sales department was hit by an unexpected round of layoffs. Since Musk’s takeover, the company’s sales department has lost almost all of its senior leadership.

Musk didn’t disclose the kinds of engineering or sales roles Twitter was offering, and the firm doesn’t currently have any open positions listed on its website.

During the meeting, Musk stated: “In terms of critical hires, I would say that individuals who are terrific at writing code are the highest priority.” According to the Verge, recruiters were already contacting engineers last week and asking them to join “Twitter 2.0—an Elon company.”

Musk addressed Twitter employees for the first time since his “extremely hardcore” cultural reset, which led to over 1,000 resignations last week.

Musk, who fielded employee questions for about half an hour in Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters, said that there are “no plans” to move Twitter’s headquarters to Texas as he did with Tesla, but that it could make sense in the future to be “dual-headquartered” in California and Texas.

One Texas border city experienced 53,000 migrant encounters last month – residents warn that the town has become overrun: ‘They’re sleeping on the streets’

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

According to Border Patrol statistics, there were over 230,000 southern border migrant encounters in October. The El Paso border witnessed approximately 53,000 of those total encounters, a 280% increase compared to October 2021, significantly higher than any other border city.

An El Paso resident sounded the alarm about the impact the migrant crisis has had on the city.

Resident Luis Lujan, who lives less than two miles from the border, told the New York Post that residents have become concerned about their safety since their neighborhood has become overrun with migrants.

“They’re sleeping on the streets,” said Lujan. “We don’t have enough shelters for them. Why are you letting them in? It doesn’t make sense.”

After shelters in the area reached capacity earlier this month, hundreds of migrants were released onto the streets of downtown El Paso.

Fox News’ Bill Melugin reports the latest on the border crisis from El Paso, Texas.

Previously Deported Illegal Alien Charged with Killing 6-Month-Old in Drunk Driving Crash


Efrain Jimenez Lopez, a 24-year-old illegal alien from Mexico, has been arrested and charged with causing a fatal drunk driving crash on November 1 that caused the death of Alden Adams.

According to the St. Joseph County Sheriff’s Office, Lopez was driving without a valid driver’s license when he rear-ended a minivan driven by 30-year-old Samantha Adams who had her six-month-old baby, Alden, in the vehicle with her.

While Alden Adams was taken to a nearby hospital in Kamazaoo, Michigan, where he died from his injuries, police allege that Lopez admitted to crawling away from the crash, into a cornfield, in an effort to evade arrest.

Lopez was first deported from the United States in February 2019 after he illegally crossed the U.S.-Mexico border via Calexico, California. At a later date, unknown to federal officials, Lopez again illegally crossed the border and made his way to Michigan.

Massachusetts Taxpayers Asked to Pay $139M to House More Illegal Aliens


Just as Massachusetts residents are starting to see housing prices cool off, Gov. Charlie Baker (R) is asking for $139 million to hugely increase shelter space for border crossers and illegal aliens increasingly arriving in the state with little-to-no means.

The millions in new taxpayer funds would go to expand the capacity of the state’s shelter system, where many border crossers and illegal aliens are ending up, by adding 1,300 additional units and an initial intake center.

For months, officials in a number of Massachusetts towns said they have been blindsided by the arrival of hundreds of border crossers and illegal aliens who have been subsequently placed in hotel rooms.

Feds: Nearly 140 Illegal Alien Sex Offenders Arrested in Nationwide Sting


The sting operation, conducted from October 22 to November 4, saw ICE agents arrest 138 illegal aliens who are convicted sex offenders — including those guilty of rape.

A number of the illegal alien sex offenders were arrested in sanctuary states or cities.

For example, 21 of the illegal alien sex offenders were arrested in the sanctuary city of Los Angeles, California, 15 were arrested in the sanctuary city of San Francisco, California, and five were arrested in the sanctuary city of Seattle, Washington.

A handful of others were arrested in the sanctuary state of New York, including a 44-year-old illegal alien convicted of second-degree rape and promoting prostitution in September 2017. Another 42-year-old illegal alien arrested in New York had been convicted of first-degree rape in April 2002.

The latest ICE sting operation comes after the agency arrested 175 illegal alien convicts, many of whom had been arrested for drunk driving and some of whom killed American citizens.

Teachers’ Aide Arrested Following Allegations Of A Sexual Relationship With Student

Ashley Waffle, a 22-year-old teachers’ aide, has been fired after an investigation found she had allegedly been having sex with a 16-year-old student from Granite Public Schools in Oklahoma, according to KSWO News.

Waffle started at the school on Oct. 10 and 15 days later began communicating with the student via the social media platform Snapchat.

Waffle allegedly invited the student over to her apartment twice for sex before she was fired on Nov. 10 following an investigation by the Granite Police Department, KSWO News reported.

The police department had received complaints of a rumored sexual relationship, causing an investigation to be opened.

Musk says issue of child-sexual-exploitation content on Twitter ‘Priority #1’

Musk made the declaration in a tweet last Sunday night in response to a post about the issue.

Eliza Bleu, an advocate for human trafficking survivors, says the three biggest hashtags for selling CSE on Twitter had been “virtually eliminated.”

In a tweet Saturday, she also said that under Musk’s just weeks-long ownership, Twitter’s reporting system now includes an option to report such content, according to the news outlet ADN America.

Balenciaga releases ads with children holding “bondage” teddy bears, then scrubs its social media accounts after backlash.

Clearly the company was trying to make some kind of statement about child pornography, and not in the “we oppose child exploitation” way you would hope.

When the photos started making the rounds on social media calling them out. The company scrubbed every reference to the photos.

Even the photographer who had the photos on his Instagram deleted them from his portfolio.

Was it an ill-conceived, edgy ad gone wrong, or should investigators start digging into these people? 

Tucker Carlson: This should be a crime

WARNING: Graphic footage: Fox News host Tucker Carlson calls out ‘sexual mutilation’ of children and media coverage of the Colorado Springs shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub, on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.


Twitter gives White House ANOTHER fact check for deficit claim

The White House was pinged by Twitter after claiming the Biden administration was responsible for the biggest ever annual reduction in the deficit – with a context note pointing out that the difference between the federal governments income and expenditure was still the fourth biggest in history.

It is not the first time that White House claims have been fact checked on Twitter. 

Mostly recently officials deleted a tweet that took credit for a record increase in social security payments after users pointed out that it was an automatic raise based on high inflation

This time around it came after the White House said: ‘The Biden-Harris Administration lowered the deficit with the single largest one-year reduction in American history.’

Democrats have eroded public trust in our institutions

Florida Rep. Mike Waltz sounds off on the border, the Hunter Biden investigation and more – via “John Bachman Now.”

Supreme Court orders Trump’s tax returns to be turned over to House Democrats

Supreme Court of the United States (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)
Supreme Court of the United States (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Last month, Chief Justice John Roberts granted a stay, temporarily blocking the former president from having to turn over his tax records to Democrats on the committee.

Trump and his legal team had filed asking the Supreme Court to block the release of his tax records. 

But on Tuesday, Roberts formally denied the request.

“The application for stay of the mandate presented to The Chief Justice and by him referred to the Court is denied,” the order states. “The order heretofore entered by The Chief Justice is vacated.”

Trump’s tax records are currently in the hands of the Treasury Department, which had held off releasing them pending final court action. 

Rubio, Roy release ‘Woke Military’ investigative report

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) (Miami Herald/TNS)
Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) (Miami Herald/TNS)

The Republican report points to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s order in February of 2021 for a standdown to discuss extremism within the ranks of the military.

The report states that the military expended more than 5,359,000 personnel hours on these standdown discussions on extremism.

At the same time, the Biden Administration’s “Countering Extremist Activity Working Group” (CEAWG) found that “cases of prohibited extremist activity among service members were rare,” with only 100 cases among the more than 2.1 million personnel in the active and reserve components of the U.S. military.

Rubio and Roy’s report notes how the military has brought on diversity specialists — like Pentagon diversity advisor Bishop Garrison and Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) Chief Diversity Equity and Inclusivity Officer Kelisa Wing — who have made both racially and politically charged comments.

The Rubio and Roy report further describes how U.S. military service academies have implemented “Critical Race Theory” and academy leaders have instructed their students to read “How to Be an Antiracist,” a book that promotes the idea that “the only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination.”

Jonathan Turley: Has POTUS knowingly lied to the American people?

Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley joins ‘Hannity’ to discuss whether he believes there is political bias in the Department of Justice and the latest in the Hunter Biden investigation.

Andy McCarthy on Trump investigation: This is a lot of theater

Former federal prosecutor weighs in on a special counsel looking into Trump on ‘The Story.’

‘Not even close’: Dem senator holds nothing back against his own party for being out of touch on border crisis

Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

While Kelly believes that many Democratic lawmakers “don’t really understand” the border crisis, he also knocked Republicans who “just want to talk about it and use it for political purposes.”

The border crisis exploded when Joe Biden became president and has not slowed down. Immigration officials encountered more than 2.76 million migrants in fiscal year 2022. But the actual number of migrants who entered the U.S. is likely higher, because many were simply never apprehended by authorities.

Another 230,000 migrants entered the U.S. in October.

Per the calculations of Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) — the most outspoken Democrat on the border crisis — more than 5 million migrants have entered the U.S. under Biden’s leadership.

World News:

Excess deaths, lack of data

Since the pandemic began Over 30,000 excess deaths involving heart disease (average over 230 additional deaths a week)

Heart disease is among the most prominent diseases involved in the high numbers of excess deaths since the start of the pandemic.

While Covid-19 infection was likely a significant factor Covid infections no longer a driving force.

Case tossed out against Christian street preacher arrested for alleged homophobia

The U.K. government argued that John Dunn, a 55-year-old British army special forces veteran, was guilty of hate speech. Dunn's case has since been tossed out. (Christian Concern)
The U.K. government argued that John Dunn, a 55-year-old British army special forces veteran, was guilty of hate speech. Dunn’s case has since been tossed out. (Christian Concern)

Prosecution for the U.K. government argued that John Dunn, a 55-year-old British army special forces veteran who has preached openly for 15 years in the southwestern English town of Swindon, was guilty of hate speech when he offended members of the public by denouncing homosexuality, according to the London-based Christian Legal Centre.

Dunn was slated for another court hearing on Nov. 13, which could have seen him slapped with a criminal record, but the case was dismissed after the women who complained about him declined to further engage with the case.

During the Nov. 1, 2020, incident that led to his arrest, Dunn was preaching in the town center of Swindon when two women walked by him holding hands, and he said, “I hope you are sisters.”

When the women told him they were in a same-sex marriage, Dunn replied, “It says in the Bible that homosexuals ‘will not inherit the kingdom of God,’” quoting the sixth chapter of 1 Corinthians. The women subsequently reported him to the police.

Poland’s president duped by Russian prankster pretending to be Macron

Polish President Andrzej Duda speaks at a news conference in Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland, on June 2. (AP/Michal Dyjuk)
Polish President Andrzej Duda (AP/Michal Dyjuk)

Duda’s office took to Twitter to confirm that someone who impersonated Macron was able to connect with the Polish president and spoke to him for over seven minutes, according to some reports. 

“After the rocket explosion in Przewodów, during ongoing calls with heads of state and government, a person claiming to be French President Emmanuel Macron was connected,” Duda’s office said.  “On call President Duda realized from the unusual way of conducting the conversation by the interlocutor that there might have been an attempt at fraud and ended the conversation. 

“After this merger, the KPRP immediately undertook explanatory actions in cooperation with the relevant services,” the president’s office added in reference to Duda’s political party. 

According to a Reuters report, Russian comedians Vovan and Lexus posted the seven-and-a-half-minute call with Duda where someone could be heard attempting to put on a false French accent while engaging with the president.

U.S. and Israel discuss military drill to simulate conflict with Iran, proxies

(Ilia Yefimovich/picture alliance via Getty Images)
(Ilia Yefimovich/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Israeli Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi and Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley are considering holding a joint Air Force drill in coming weeks that would be meant to train soldiers for a possible conflict between Israel and Iran or Iran’s military proxies in the region, Fox News Digital has learned. 

“We are at a critical point in time that requires the acceleration of operational plans and cooperation against Iran and its terrorist proxies in the region,” Kochavi, who held a series of meetings in Washington, D.C. this week, said in a statement.

The press release from Kochavi said that the United States expressed it will stand behind Biden’s pledge to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons after talks about a potential renewing of nuclear deal with the country appear to have stalled

“The two also discussed the security situation in Judea and Samaria and the desire to maintain stability in the region and prevent the security situation from deteriorating,” the Israeli statement said. 

IDF Intelligence Chief ‘decision to face Iran draws-near’;US remains committed TV7 Israel News 22.11

1) Israel’s Military Intelligence assesses that a decision to kinetically face Iran’s aggression is drawing near.

2) The IDF assesses that Iran will soon opt to enrich uranium at 90 percent purity – the level necessary to produce nuclear payloads.

3) IDF Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi visits the United States with the aim of garnering American backing for a plausible conflagration with Iran.

Sudan arrests retired military who formed armed group

Khalid Alswarmi holds press conference to announce the estblishment of a new armed group, the Patriotic Entity Forces, in Khartoum on November 13, 2022
Khalid Alswarmi holds press conference to announce the estblishment of a new armed group, the Patriotic Entity Forces, in Khartoum on November 13, 2022

On November 13, a group of retired army officers in Sudan announced the establishment of an armed movement. The PEF aim to protect the interests of the people of central and northern Sudan, they said before calling to cancel the Juba peace agreement, which brought Darfur former rebels to power in Khartoum.

Hours after a press conference they held to announce the establishment of the armed group in Khartoum, the Sudanese army arrested Alswarmi and other leaders of the Patriotic Forces on Sunday evening.

“The military intelligence arrested the commander-in-chief of the Patriotic Entity Forces, Khalid Saad Alswarmi, and the group leader, Mohamed Rahma. The authorities are hunting several other members of the armed organization,” a military source told Sudan Tribune on Monday.

German Companies Scramble to Buy Generators Amid Grid Collapse Fears

Felix Kästle/picture alliance via Getty Images
Felix Kästle/picture alliance via Getty Images

Companies responsible for the sale of electricity generators in Germany are reported to be seeing their business boom with many enterprises reportedly fearing that there could be widespread power outages or even partial grid collapse throughout Germany this winter.

It comes after one senior official in Germany recently warned that the country must now “assume” there will be serious power outages over the coming months, and plan accordingly for them.

Despite attempts by authorities to quash this warning almost as soon as it was made, it appears that reassurances from various parts of the German federal government have failed to convince many businesses, with Der Spiegel reporting that the country is now well and truly experiencing a run on electricity generators.

Finland: Security Professionals Call For Return to Right of Armed Self Defence

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The group Citizens’ Initiative has called on the government to introduce reforms to allow individual citizens to be licensed to carry firearms for self-defence purposes, arguing that many may be at risk of violence and that police may be unable to help them.

“If you look at the situation in Sweden, that’s where the trends come to Finland. We also have more than a dozen street gangs and they involve murder trials. This in itself is an indication that the security situation is deteriorating all the time,” the group’s organiser Seppo Vesala told broadcaster Yle.

Vesala also added that the war in Ukraine and the possibility of Russian aggression toward Finland also played a role in the group’s demand saying, “I think it is possible that Russia may launch a slightly more rigid hybrid operation towards Finland. This idea is also behind this.”

According to Vesala, his group wishes Finland to return to a more liberal policy on self-defence, stating that in the 1990s many people were able to acquire firearms licenses for the purposes of self-defence.

However, the group states that they want to make any self-defence firearms license more difficult to obtain than a license for other shooting activities, such as hunting.


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