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Washington woman escapes being buried alive by husband: police

Young An, left, told police she escaped after her estranged husband, Chae An, right, allegedly abducted her, stabbed her and buried her alive in the woods. (Thurston County Sheriff's Office)
Young An, left, told police she escaped after her estranged husband, Chae An, right, allegedly abducted her, stabbed her and buried her alive in the woods. (Thurston County Sheriff’s Office)

Police responded to the Rossberg Street home of Young An, 42, on Sunday afternoon after a dispatcher answered a call and overheard “muffled screaming and sounds of a struggle,” the Lacey Police Department said in a statement.

“There was just constant screaming, and it was unknown if it was medical or not,” according to court documents. The dispatcher also overheard banging and a barking dog — but then it got quiet.

An later told police she dialed 911 from her Apple watch after her hands were bound behind her back with duct tape, according to a probable cause statement obtained by Fox News Digital. She said her estranged husband, Chae An, eventually smashed her watch with a hammer and dragged her out of the home.

Responding officers arrived at an empty house with the garage door open, according to police. The couple’s children turned up a few minutes later and told them that their parents had been there 30 minutes earlier. A friend also arrived and told police she had received an “emergency text notification” from An’s phone.

Arctic drilling: Alaska could auction a Netherlands-sized area to oil and gas companies

If the land is successfully auctioned, it will lead to an expansion of oil and gas production in the Arctic.

769,000 hectares of Arctic North Slope land and sea is already under lease by fossil fuel companies. Alaska’s state-wide lease takes place every year, though this is the largest yet.

The oil industry is a huge source of revenue for the state. The Arctic Alaska province produces about 1.5 million barrels of oil per day and accounts for nearly 25 percent of all current US daily oil production.

However, recent years have seen environmental pushback. In June 2021, President Joe Biden suspended oil drilling licences in Alaska’s Arctic national wildlife refuge. This reversed Trump administration-era policies that allowed drilling.

But the land up for auction this month – until 3 November – is owned by the state of Alaska, not the US federal government.

“The State of Alaska remains open for business,” said Alaska’s Republican Governor Mike Dunleavy.

Texas AG Paxton seeks PROSECUTION against sexually explicit drag shows for children

The Lone Star State is being overrun with child groomer drag queens who are appearing at many of the state’s restaurants to corrupt children and lure them into transgenderism. And Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton wants it to stop.

The final straw for him was an especially obscene drag event that recently occurred at Ebb & Flow in Plano, which featured a male in stripper clothing gyrating and lifting up his skirt while singing about “p***y” and oral sex.

The evil event was marketed to the community as “all ages,” and families with very young children, including toddlers, were seen there. Paxton says it is the responsibility of district and county attorneys to prosecute these types of “inappropriate acts,” which constitute pedophilia and sexual assault against minors.

Heather Hobbs: Invasion & Child Trafficking at Southern Border

JBS Field Coordinator for eastern Texas Heather Hobbs shares with The New American how border patrol agents have found the bodies of women and children left to die along the border by drug cartels who use them as “insurance.”

Ever since the Biden administration changed the policy to keep “families” together, cartels have begun kidnapping and drugging innocent children in Mexico to create the illusion that they are traveling as a family in order to be released within 48 hours in the event they are captured by border patrol.

Hobbs also describes seeing buses filled with illegal migrants driving across the border without being stopped.

She also explains how cartels intentionally leave dead bodies in the counties of good constitutional sheriffs in order to deplete their financial resources and neutralize them.

Gordon Chang: Pentagon is not prepared to think about China in a realistic way | John Bachman Now

On Friday’s “John Bachman Now,” Author Gordon Chang discusses his thoughts on what to expect if China’s Xi Jinping wins a third term as leader.

Funding our own demise? China’s hypersonic missile program being funded by U.S. taxpayers as Beijing uses specialized tech made by firms Pentagon payrolls

Once again, China is making serious military advances thanks to American taxpayers and U.S. technology.

As the Pentagon struggles to develop its own hypersonic missile capability, China’s program is far more advanced — by years — and that is thanks in large part to the use of specialized technology obtained from firms funded by the Department of Defense, an explosive new report claims.

“American firms funded by the Pentagon are selling their technology to Chinese companies involved in hypersonic missiles, according to a new analysis,” reported the UK’s Daily Mail.  “Under U.S. law, the sale of American products to China is banned if there is knowledge or even reasonable suspicion that they will be used for developing a missile.”

However, the Washington Post, in a Monday report, noted that it had uncovered several examples of American firms supplying Chinese companies and operations with equipment and/or software, often through the use of middlemen.

The paper’s report notes:

Elon Musk closes in on Twitter takeover

Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios
Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios

Elon Musk’s $44 billion Twitter takeover is expected to close one week from today, with both sides privately expressing confidence. But of course, it can’t be quite that straightforward.

State of play: Twitter shares this morning opened at $50 per share, which is more than $4 below the price Musk agreed to pay. That means either the confidence is misplaced, or there is some very easy money to be made right now.

  • The stock dive seems tied to a Bloomberg report from late yesterday, claiming that the Biden administration may launch a national security review of certain Musk ventures. Included could be Twitter, ostensibly due to equity co-investments from foreign entities.
  • National Security Council spokesperson Adrienne Watson tells Axios that “we do not know of any such discussions.” In theory, CFIUS could be working independently on this, but Biden himself would have to approve any pre-merger block, and time is running short.

Elsewhere: There’s also a Washington Post story about Musk planning massive Twitter layoffs. This tracks with what I’m hearing about Musk operating as if he’s about to own the company.

Veteran groups grapple with declining membership. What’s at stake if they can’t bring in new blood?

Allyson Kropf is the commander of American Legion Post 158 in Tigard, Oregon. (Fox News/Hannah Ray Lambert)
Allyson Kropf is the commander of American Legion Post 158 in Tigard, Oregon. (Fox News/Hannah Ray Lambert)

TIGARD, Ore. – When a bill to aid military veterans exposed to burn pits and other toxins during their service stalled in the Senate, the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and other veterans groups sprang into action.

Two weeks later, President Biden signed the PACT Act into law.

But some veterans worry their political influence could decline as veterans service organizations struggle with dwindling membership levels.

Kropf joined her local American Legion post in Tigard, Oregon, last year, seeking the camaraderie she had been missing since leaving the Navy. At 39, she’s one of the youngest members but doesn’t mind that most of her buddies are in their 70s. She takes a seat at the Legion bar most Fridays and finds shared community and understanding.

The American Legion has lost more than 700,000 members over the last decade. The VFW has seen a similar decline. Between 2017 and 2021, membership dropped from 1.2 million to just over 1 million, according to VFW data.

Cardiologist Risks EVERYTHING To Warn Americans About mRNA Vax

Dr. Aseem Malhotra is on a mission to save lifes, no matter the personal cost.

Railroads reject demands from holdout union, raising odds of strike

 (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images / Getty Images)
 (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images / Getty Images)

The NCCC said that the additional benefits requested by the union were rejected by President Biden’s Presidential Emergency Board (PEB), and noted that BMWED signed off on a tentative agreement weeks prior to their membership voting on it.

The BMWED is the third-largest union involved in negotiations, and the only one thus far out of the dozen involved that has voted against ratifying their new contract. However, it may not be the last.

Six unions have signed off on their new deals so far, but another five unions’ votes remain outstanding.

When BMWED members rejected the deal, the union agreed to return to the negotiating table and hold off on striking until after Congress returns to session next month. 

Steve Bannon sentenced to 4 months in prison for contempt of Congress

Former Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon speaks with the media at the end of the opening day of his trial on contempt of Congress charges. On Friday, a federal judge denied his request for a new trial after he was convicted in July.  (Reuters/Michael A. McCoy)
Former Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon speaks with the media at the end of the opening day of his trial on contempt of Congress charges. On Friday, a federal judge denied his request for a new trial after he was convicted in July.  (Reuters/Michael A. McCoy)

Bannon was released pending appeal. If an appeal is not made, Bannon must surrender voluntarily by Nov. 15, U.S. District Judge Carl Nichols ruled.

The Justice Department had recommended a six-month prison sentence and a $200,000 fine for former Trump aide Steve Bannon due to his failure to comply with a subpoena to appear before the House Select Committee investigating January 6.

“I want to thank all you guys for coming,” Bannon said entering the courthouse Friday. “Remember this illegitimate regime, their judgment day is on eight November when the Biden administration ends. I want to thank you all for coming.”

Steve Bannon speaks after the sentence

FLASHBACK: Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder held in Contempt of Congress

Glenn: ‘DISAPPEARED’ reporter is the year’s BIGGEST STORY

James Gordon Meek. ‘Say his name,’ Glenn says, because it’s VITAL we do not allow this story to disappear just like James did.

In this clip, Glenn details a recent Rolling Stone report about an award-winning reporter, James Gordon Meek, who hasn’t been seen since April after a meet-in with the FBI.

Glenn explains why this story may be the biggest one of the year, why it’s fundamental to our First Amendment rights, and why we NEED answers…

Video: Dr. Janette Nesheiwat: No good reason for CDC’s approval of COVID vaccines for children

Fox News medical contributor Dr. Janette Nesheiwat discusses with Tucker Carlson the CDC recommending COVID shots as part of routine childhood vaccinations.

Comedian John Crist beats cancel culture, is out with new book called ‘Delete That’

Comedian John Crist joined "Fox and Friends" on Friday, Oct. 21, 2022, to discuss his new book and his return to the stage.  (Fox News)
Comedian John Crist joined “Fox and Friends” on Friday, Oct. 21, 2022, to discuss his new book and his return to the stage.  (Fox News)

In 2019, however, Crist was “canceled” because of accusations of sexual harassment.

That ultimately caused him to cancel his comedy tour and his Netflix special — and to postpone the publication of his book. 

After a few years of working on himself — Crist is back. 

It takes a deep dive into his life and some of the mistakes he’s made in the past. 

Crist said there are “good things about ourselves [and] bad things about ourselves.”

The comedian went on to read an excerpt from his book.”Although Christian culture typically lags behind mainstream culture in most areas, we were totally out in front of the mainstream when it comes to this whole idea of canceling people,” he said in the book. 

My decision to give away ownership of Hobby Lobby: I chose God

Hobby Lobby founder and CEO David Green.
Hobby Lobby founder and CEO David Green.

Patagonia’s founder recently made news when he gave away the ownership in his company to allow the mission and purpose to remain intact. His decision, while rare, reflects the decision of other business owners like Alan Barnhart of Barnhart Crane.

I experienced a similar decision-making process with my ownership of Hobby Lobby; I chose God.

The thought process reflects a basic competition of ideas that I think every business leader should reflect upon. What is the true source of your success? 

As an owner, there are certain rights and responsibilities, including the right to sell the company and keep the profits for yourself and your family. As our company grew, that idea began to bother me more and more. 

Well-meaning attorneys and accountants advised me to simply pass ownership down to my children and grandchildren. It didn’t seem fair to me that I might change or even ruin the future of grandchildren who had not even been born yet.

In Europe and other parts of the world there are businesses that have been in existence for more than 200 years. We tend to not think like that in the United States.

It’s made me think more and more about the idea of building a business to last 200 years – a business that would continue to honor God, reward employees with meaningful work and compensation, and be great contributors to hope and healing around the world. 

The responsibility to steward that kind of culture is powerful. Truly, that is noble work.

‘The Chosen’ Actress, Once Skeptical About God, Says Role Has Been Life-Changing

Photo credit: Courtesy of The Chosen
Photo credit: Courtesy of The Chosen

Tabish, who scored the role of Mary Magdalene in the series that explores Jesus through those close to him, said she was “pretty depressed” and was ready to walk away from acting before she got the part, The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN’s Faithwire) shared in a recent interview. However, now she sees there was a reason for the pain she went through and has a new belief in God’s love.

“I was not working enough to really make ends meet,” Tabish said. “I was barely making rent and I was in a depression at that time.”

She said she had decided if she didn’t get the role, she was done and was going to look for something else. However, that didn’t end up happening, and she said it’s “been really hard to ignore” that this whole experience has been something very special for her.

“Because of that, I’m realizing … God has been there the whole time,” she added. “There are these moments in the show where I’m actually saying that: ‘In the depths, in the heights, You are there.’ So there’s been these really sweet, sort of idiosyncratic things for me personally throughout this show that are constant reminders that God’s love is real. It’s a real thing and I’ve been slowly opening up to it.”

DOJ ‘Critically’ Needs $34 Million More for Jan. 6 Investigations

Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol (AP)
Jan. 6 at the U.S. Capitol (AP)

“The cases are unprecedented in scale and is expected to be among the most complex investigations prosecuted by the Department of Justice,” the DOJ wrote to Congress, NBC News reported.

While the message is yet to truly take hold with lawmakers, according to the report, the added funding would have to come in December’s spending bill when the Continue Resolution to fund the government expires.

If the DOJ’s requested boost fails to make it in the spending package, NBC News reported there’s concern that Republicans will not work to fund it if the GOP retakes the House majority in these midterms.

Attorney General Merrick Garland and Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco have vowed to spare no expense to prosecute Jan. 6 protesters, adding any shortfalls will be put on other areas of the DOJ, according to the report.


Biden appears to confuse Senate candidate and wife

Fox News radio host Jimmy Failla on John Fetterman’s wife blocking reporters from asking questions, while Biden appears to confuse which Fetterman is running for Senate.

Trump says he doesn’t foresee many 2024 challengers if he runs, says ‘nation in decline’ under Biden

Former President Trump stressed the importance of restoring law and order in America in his first speech in Washington D.C. since leaving office. (Getty Images)
Former President Trump stressed the importance of restoring law and order in America in his first speech in Washington D.C. since leaving office. (Getty Images)

Trump addressed other potential 2024 challengers and how he would handle running against other rumored nominees who served in his cabinet, such as former VP Mike Pence, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and former U.N. Amb. Nikki Haley.

The former president said he would “probably decide in the not-too-distant future” on whether to seek the White House again.

Trump touted his polling showing that he is leading the 2024 prospective field among Republican voters.

“The polls have me leading by 40, 50 points,” he said, expressing his doubts that many challengers would run against him if he chooses to run.

“Many of them have said they would never run if I run. So we’ll see whether or not that turns out to be true. I think it would be very disloyal if they did. But that’s okay, too,” he continued.

(READ) Republicans ask whether Nat’l Archives colluded with Democrats

Top House Republicans James Comer (R-Kentucky) and Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) are pressing Acting Archivist Debra Steidel Wall about the whether the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) was being pressured by Oversight Committee Democrats to pursue former President Trump.

Reps. Comer and Jordan have called for documents and communications to determine the extent of Congressional Democrats’ influence over and coordination with NARA.

According to the Republicans, Oversight Committee Democrats began pressuring NARA in December 2020 to pursue former President Trump while he was in office despite NARA finding no wrongdoing.

They also state that NARA has held at least one secret briefing with Democrats without inviting Republicans.On October 7, Acting Archivist Steidel Wall responded but failed to provide the information requested.

Mark Levin sounds off on far-left Democratic candidates ahead of midterms

‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ host Mark Levin sounds off on the marxist bent of today’s Democrats led by Joe Biden.

Nunes: Truth Social building uncancelable ‘parallel ecosystem’ for free speech

Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes reacts to the Igor Danchenko acquittal and the latest news about Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter on ‘Mornings with Maria,’ October 21, 2022.

Tucker Carlson: Why The Left Is Trying To Destroy Kari Lake

Tucker Carlson: Why the left is trying to destroy Kari Lake.

Tucker Carlson outlines just what the impact of the 2022 midterm elections will be on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake on the constant attacks from the media

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake on the constant attacks from the media:

“They’ve been lying and doing hit pieces about me … But the people just aren’t buying it anymore.”

Ingraham: How many times have we been told a Dem will be a ‘star’?

Dems’ bench of ‘future stars’ could get wiped out in the midterms.

World News:

Canada’s Trudeau announces ban on handgun sales, transfers, saying ‘fewer guns means safer communities’

Justin Trudeau, Canada's prime minister,  (David Kawai/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
Justin Trudeau, Canada’s prime minister, (David Kawai/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The handgun freeze, which went into effect Friday, outlaws sales, purchases and other transfers of handguns between individuals. Additionally, no foreign handguns may be brought into the country from abroad.

The Prime Minister’s Office released a document explaining Trudeau’s thought process and the additional safety they hope to propagate via the handgun freeze.

“Fewer guns mean safer communities. That’s why the Government of Canada is implementing some of the strongest gun control measures in a generation,” the office boasts on its website.

Giorgia Meloni set to be appointed Italy’s first female prime minister

Giorgia Meloni said the coalition and president agreed on the urgency of creating a new government | Fabio Frustaci/EPA-EFE
Giorgia Meloni said the coalition and president agreed on the urgency of creating a new government | Fabio Frustaci/EPA-EFE

Meloni joined her alliance partners Silvio Berlusconi, leader of the center-right Forza Italia, and Matteo Salvini of the anti-immigration League party, to meet President Sergio Mattarella at the Quirinal Palace in Rome on Friday for formal talks on the formation of the next government.

The coalition “unanimously proposed myself to the president as the person who should form the next government,” Meloni said. “We are ready and we want to move forward in the shortest possible time.”

Meloni said the coalition and president agreed on the urgency of creating a new government “because of the many urgent problems facing us at both national and international level,” referring to the energy and cost-of-living crises and war in Ukraine.

More than 12,500 people arrested in Iran protests, says human rights group

Protests in Iran Photograph:( AFP )
Protests in Iran Photograph:( AFP )

The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) said that the death toll has exceeded 250 and urged the Iranian military to stop using “excessive force”.

The Centre for Human Rights in Iran also said in their latest report that more than 3000 people have been arrested in the Tehran province alone. 

In the past few days, human rights groups around the country accused the security forces of attacking students and journalists.

On Thursday, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Maj Gen Hossein Salami, even said that they were close to “snuffing out the remaining protests” in Iran. 

Ukraine war: Six developments to know today

2. Ukrainian forces approach Kherson

Russian and Ukrainian troops are preparing for a major battle over the strategic southern city of Kherson, which Russian President Vladimir Putin has illegally annexed and subjected to martial law.

On Friday, Zelenksyy welcomed the “good results” of his army against Russian troops, claiming they had recaptured dozens of areas and recovered Russian weapons, including tanks and artillery.

3. Russia resumes ‘evacuations’ from Kherson

Russian-installed officials have urged residents in Kherson to “evacuate”, both for their safety and to allow the military to fortify.  

Kremlin-backed governor Vladimir Saldo said authorities were moving civilians to “keep people safe” and allow the military to “act resolutely”.

Others have claimed these “evacuations” of Ukrainian civilians to Russian-controlled territories are forced or that people have no alternative route to safety. 

Leaked media scripts tell of planned BLACKOUTS in Europe this winter

Europe is destined for blackouts this winter, and major media networks are already preparing emergency scripts in an attempt to keep the population calm and under control during uncertain times. Right now, the government’s plan is to keep Europeans from panicking.

A spokesperson for the BBC said, “The government is confident that [blackouts] are not a scenario we will face this winter.” Ministers have been going around to the public, reassuring businesses and homeowners that blackouts are unlikely.

However, the BBC Broadcasting House in London is preparing for reduced BBC radio service and has already designated an emergency broadcasting center in an anonymous, rural location.

In the event of blackouts, the BBC would provide news updates every half hour on Radio 2, Radio 4 FM, and long wave frequencies, while providing special air time for government officials to make emergency announcements.

Israel’ robust counter-terror activity; Iran tells West to ‘mind own business’ TV7 Israel News 21.10

1) Tensions continue to run high throughout the West Bank districts of Judea and Samaria.

2) Israel rejects a UN Commission of Inquiry report as neither legitimate nor credible.

3) The Islamic Republic of Iran tells the West to mind its own business – as the Ayatollah regime is vigorously condemned for its brutal crackdown of protests.


Neil Oliver – ‘…something bad’s coming & it might be coming for you’

‘….when the sovereignty & the sanctity of any individual is sacrificed there is something wrong’

Will Their Minds Change On Abortion | Los Angeles

The truth changes hearts and minds on abortion: “It’s really grotesque. I never knew what it entailed. That was kind of eye-opening, actually. I think everybody should watch that video.”