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Armed black rights groups march demanding Biden ‘close the border’

Armed activists with a coalition of black self-defense groups marched in Austin, Texas over the weekend calling for an end to illegal immigration and demanding that President Biden close the borders.

Some of the activists chanted ‘close the borders’ and ‘take your a** home’ as they marched toward the Texas Capitol in the ‘Second Amendment Unity Walk’ on Saturday. 

The march was led by The Elmer ‘Geronimo’ Pratt Pistol & Rifle Gun Club. Their demands also included reparations for descendants of enslaved people and a hate crime bill protecting Black Americans.

The group faced opposition from a handful of Trump supporters and other protesters gathered at the Texas State Capitol to support January 6 defendants.

Chicago man is shot in the face after breaking into SWAT team training exercise and grabbing two guns from table

The unnamed man was picking up personal property from the evidence collection center at Homan Square in Chicago. 

He scaled a fire escape five floors and entered the building, interrupting a training exercise for the city’s SWAT team. 

They had placed their weapons on a table. Unbeknownst to the suspect, the guns did not contain live rounds – instead, they had been switched out for rubber pellets. 

He grabbed two of the weapons and pointed them at officers, who shot him in the face with live rounds in retaliation. 

The man is now in the hospital recovering from non-life-threatening injuries.  

The man involved has a ‘lengthy’ criminal history of arrests, according to Chicago Police Chief David Brown. 

Storm Ian strengthens to hurricane and will hit Tampa

Floridians have been urged to ‘get out now’ as Hurricane Ian barrels towards the Sunshine State and is set to bring 15ft waves and 140mph winds.

Local officials warned residents ‘do not wait’ and stressed ‘time is of the essence’ as the monster storm loomed in the Caribbean Sea just south of Cuba.

They ordered more than 300,000 people to evacuate their homes in parts of Hillsborough – including Tampa – Manatee, and Hernando counties, with more expected to follow.

Terrified residents have started desperately digging huge trenches to redirect flood water while others have stripped shelves bare of water and essentials.

UPDATE: Defense attorneys in Oath Keeper case file motion to REVEAL identities of federal informants

Biden’s Department of Justice admitted on Friday, via a motion for a protective order, that there were federal informants with the FBI working within the Oath Keepers organization. Members of that group have been charged with “seditious conspiracy” stemming from the Capital riot on January 6.  

Now, as the trial of Oathkeeper Stewart Rhodes and four co-conspirators is set to begin on Tuesday, attorneys for the defendants have filed a counter motion, saying that “none of the [confidential human sources] provided evidence of guilt on the part of the Oath Keepers as an organization, or the individual defendants in this case.” 

“With its Motion for Protective Order,” the filing continues, “the Government has now liften the veil on its use of CHSes in this face, a fact that has been concealed from public knowledge…”

While the motion states that the government had good cause to keep the identities of the confidential human sources protected, the filing states that it was “only recently disclosed” to defendants that “none of the CHSes provided evidence of guilt on the part of the Oath Keepers as an organization, or the individual defendants in this case.”

FBI whistleblower speaks out to TPUSA: ‘the patriots are being attacked’

Guandolo reveals that enemies of the state are much closer than most realize, and are on “American soil, present within our institutions, and advising those who are sworn to represent us throughout the highest levels of our federal government.”

A statement from TPUSA says that the “crucial conversation tackles the undiscussed network of jihadists and communists that have worked together to undermine America at its root, and how local communities can change the culture by pushing back against big government overreach.

From 9/11, to the Las Vegas shooting, to January 6, the Mar-a-Lago raid, Ray Epps, and the NSA –  John tells truths that American intelligence agencies have long sought to deprive every American citizen of.”

Tucker Carlson delivers tribute at California funeral of Hells Angels biker gang founder

Tucker Carlson made a surprise appearance on Saturday to deliver a tribute at the funeral of Hells Angels biker gang founder Sonny Barger in California.

Carlson said what he learned from Barger,

“Stand tall, stay loyal, remain free and always value honor. And I thought to myself if there is a phrase that sums up more perfectly what I want to be, what I aspire to be, and the kind of man I respect, I can’t think of a phrase that sums that up more perfectly than that,” Carlson added, “that came from Sonny Barger the famous outlaw biker.”

Ralph ‘Sonny’ Barger, who was from Modesto, California, died at the age of 83 in June from a battle with throat cancer. A crowd of over 7,000 assembled at the Stockton 99 Speedway for Barger’s funeral.

Facing officer shortage after the ‘defund police’ movement, New Orleans to dispatch civilians to crime scenes

New Orleans police hire civilians to combat officer shortage
© Provided by News Nation
New Orleans police hire civilians to combat officer shortage© Provided by News Nation

Democrat Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s New Orleans, now America’s murder capital, not only faces skyrocketing crime rates but a dearth of police officers to bring the corresponding chaos under control.

As part of a new initiative aimed at bolstering the force and its crime-fighting response, the New Orleans Police Department will re-deploy officers to the streets who were previously working in administrative, specialty, and detective capacities.

Extra to dispatching trained police and prompting previously rejected applicants to reapply, the NOPD will also be enrolling 50 to 75 civilians in support roles.

NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson indicated on September 22 that the new civilian employees will be tasked with monitoring phones and online reports; surveillance of certain events; issuing traffic citations; and doing investigative work.

Investigative work may include collecting evidence at crime scenes and responding to thefts.

Clean Water | Full Measure

Fifty years ago, a bipartisan majority in Congress passed a landmark piece of legislation: the Clean Water Act.

As the law marks its half-century, there’s another potential challenge: what some call the crisis of global warming. So what can we learn from the history of the Clean Water Act? Here’s Lisa Fletcher.

Air Force Academy Holds ‘Transgender Visibility’ Seminar

Air Force Cadets (Getty Images)
(Photo by Michael Ciaglo/Getty Images)

Events of this nature are part of a wholesale push by the U.S. military to foster a more culturally inclusive environment.

Critics say this type of training is part of a woke cultural agenda that is being mainstreamed by the Democratic Party’s far-left flank.

The Army, for instance, mandates gender identity training and instructs its officers on the best time to offer subordinates gender-transition surgery. The seminar was held on the same day the Free Beacon reported on an Air Force Academy course teaching cadets to “use inclusive language” that avoids gender pronouns.

The first 40 cadets to attend the seminar received a free lunch.

Amish Education | Full Measure

The U.S. is said to be more educated than ever before, with one in three Americans getting a college degree. But many are asking, has that really made us any smarter or better-equipped to earn a living?

Today, we look for lessons to be considered in Pennsylvania Amish Country, where they’re bucking outside trends and often managing to achieve incredible success off no more than an 8th grade education.

Cayler Ellingson’s alleged killer not under house arrest, no curfew after posting ‘very low’ bond: court docs

A North Dakota man who ran down 'Republican' teen says he does not want his own life, job jeopardized. (Foster County Sheriff, Facebook)
A North Dakota man who ran down ‘Republican’ teen says he does not want his own life, job jeopardized. (Foster County Sheriff, Facebook)

Shannon Brandt, who is accused of fatally hitting 18-year-old Cayler Ellingson with an SUV, is not under house arrest and has no curfew after posting a $50,000 bond, court documents obtained by Fox News Digital show.

Court documents obtained by Fox News Digital show that Brandt was not placed under house arrest and has no curfew after posting bond. Under the terms of Brant’s bail order, he cannot leave North Dakota, cannot drink alcohol and must participate in a 24/7 sobriety program with constant testing.

Brandt is also not allowed to possess “a firearm, destructive device, or other dangerous weapon,” and cannot go within 300 feet of the Ellingson family.

Steve Hilton: ‘Woke’ Big Tech deplatforms opposing views as censorship tool

‘The Next Revolution’ host Steve Hilton speaks with Clay Travis and Jaimee Michell about the role big tech plays in censoring accounts and platforms whose political views don’t align with its own.

Dozens seen ransacking Philadelphia Wawa store, throwing food

Footage shows people throwing food and standing on furniture as employees are helpless to stop the chaos. The aftermath saw trash and products littering the store’s floor as throngs of people milled about outside.

The Philadelphia Police Department confirmed to Fox News Digital that officers are investigating the incident.

The video is only the most recent example of a string of smash-and-grab style crimes, which see organized groups stealing goods from stores with near impunity.

LAPD Cop Shoots Man Brandishing a Toy Airsoft Rifle Outside His Home

informational purposes only) * Los Angeles, California — On September 17, 2022, 19-year-old Luis Herrera, called 911 twice requesting police be sent to his house and complaining that his father was allegedly drunk and beating his mother.

Body camera footage shows two police officers arriving at the Los Angeles home at approximately 1:20pm.

As the officers approached the residence, Herrera came out the front door holding what appeared to be a black rifle. The officers gave Herrera commands to drop the rifle, however, Herrera did not comply.

Pennsylvania pro-life activist arrested by FBI, charged with assaulting clinic escort

Planned Parenthood signage separate from the clinic in Pennsylvania.  (Getty Images)
Planned Parenthood signage separate from the clinic in Pennsylvania.  (Getty Images)

Houck’s wife, Ryan-Marie, told Catholic News Agency that a “SWAT team of about 25 came to my house with about 15 vehicles and started pounding on our door.” 

“They said they were going to break in if he didn’t open it. And then they had about five guns pointed at my husband, myself and basically at my kids,” she said. 

Houck’s wife told the website LifeSiteNews her husband drove two hours south every Wednesday to speak outside of abortion clinics for six to eight hours at a time and at times would bring their 12-year-old son.  

She contended that her husband had shoved a man who had gotten into the personal space of their son and said obscene things about Houck. She told the outlet that the man tried to sue her husband, but the District Court in Philadelphia threw out the case earlier this summer, and it was picked up again by Merrick Garland’s Department of Justice.

Zero arrests in at least 17 Jane’s Revenge attacks on pro-life organizations

Mother's Day arson attack at pro-life group Wisconsin Family Action. (WKOW)
Mother’s Day arson attack at pro-life group Wisconsin Family Action. (WKOW)

Jane’s Revenge has claimed responsibility for at least 18 arson and vandalism attacks on crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) and other faith-based organizations throughout the U.S. since the May 2 leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overturned Roe v. Wade.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation first told Fox News Digital in June that it had launched an investigation into the targeted vandalism.

The FBI said in a Sept. 7 statement that it was still investigating the “series of attacks and threats targeting pregnancy resource centers, faith-based organizations, and reproductive health clinics across the country, as well as to judicial buildings, including the US Supreme Court,” but it made no mention of Jane’s Revenge specifically.

Breaking Update From FBI Whistleblower (Ep. 1859) – The Dan Bongino Show

In this episode, I address the latest FBI attack on another conservative American citizen. I also address the latest update from the FBI whistleblower.


Biden student debt relief will cost US taxpayers $400B over 10 years

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office noted in a letter to the Senate and House Labor committees noting the high cost of the president’s relief plan, as well as reporting the plan would cause outstanding student loans to increase by $20 billion.

In August, Biden announced his plan to cancel $10,000 in federal student loan debt for borrowers making less than $125,000 individually and $250,000 jointly. That forgiveness would rise to $20,000 for those with Pell Grants.

The White House now says that more guidance is coming that will provide more information on how borrowers can apply for their slice of the forgiveness.

Congress squeezes $12 billion in MORE Ukraine aide into government funding bill: Brings total given to Zelensky to $66 billion – as negotiations to avoid a shutdown continue with five days to go

(Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)
(Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images)

Lawmakers have reached a deal to include $12 billion for Ukraine as it fends off a Russian invasion in a stopgap spending bill, bringing the total in US assistance approved by US Congress to around $66 billion. 

They have also agreed to include funding to resettle Afghan refugees, another request from the Biden administration, a source told Reuters. 

Earlier this month President Biden asked Congress for the additional $11.7 million in foreign aid to fight off Russian President Vladimir Putin

Congress faces a midnight deadline on Friday to pass a continuing resolution (CR) to fund the government at its current levels before negotiating a longer-term funding bill after the midterm elections

Congress initially offered $13.6 billion to Ukraine in March at the onset of the invasion and topped it off with a $40 billion aid package in May. 

About half of the $54 billion has been targeted toward security aid through the Department of Defense, the other half has gone through the Department of State and other aid agencies. 

Ukraine, already the largest recipient of U.S. security assistance in Europe since 2014, could become the largest recipient in the last century if the pace continues, surpassing other nations throughout history where the U.S. has had a heavy hand. 

‘She’s for the Criminals’: Slain Officer’s Family Blasts Cheri Beasley, Who Defended Cop-Killing Brothers

Senate candidate Cheri Beasley (D., N.C.) / Getty Images
Senate candidate Cheri Beasley (D., N.C.) / Getty Images

Beasley in 1998 served as one of the “key defense attorneys” for Tilmon and Kevin Golphin, brothers who one year before the trial killed two North Carolina police officers during a traffic stop that came after they robbed a loan agency at gunpoint.

Now, the brother of one of the slain officers, Al Lowry, is sounding the alarm on Beasley’s Senate campaign, saying it’s “B.S.” that the Democrat is portraying herself as a friend of law enforcement.

Just days ago, the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association, which has thrice endorsed Beasley, announced it is instead endorsing the Democrat’s opponent, Republican congressman Ted Budd.

The association cited Beasley’s decision to campaign with “defund the police activists”—in June 2021, Beasley authorized a joint fundraising committee with Missouri Democratic congresswoman Cori Bush, a self-described democratic socialist who says “defunding the police has to happen.” Budd is also backed by the North Carolina Troopers Association, which has endorsed Beasley in the past.

Congress flirts with government shutdown as Manchin permitting bill may drag down funding package

Sen. Shelley Moore Capito says she will support a permitting reform bill from Sen. Joe Manchin. (Pete Marovich/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
Sen. Shelley Moore Capito says she will support a permitting reform bill from Sen. Joe Manchin. (Pete Marovich/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The government is days away from shutting down, and the Senate may not have the votes to pass the initial version of its funding bill as top Democrats press ahead on a deal with Sen. Joe Manchin that may fail Tuesday.

Manchin, D-W.Va., agreed to help Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., pass Democrats’ social tax and spending bill last month. In exchange, Schumer promised Manchin a vote on an energy permitting reform to speed new projects. They are combining that with a government funding bill that must pass by Friday night or else trigger a government shutdown. 

However, with a major test vote with a 60-vote threshold set for Tuesday night, the legislation may not have the support to pass, with opposition coming from both parties. Manchin’s office says he is still optimistic. 

PROOF people around the WORLD are WAKING UP to the far left

Everybody can feel that something is wrong, Glenn says. And that’s not just in regard to American voters.

No, people EVERYWHERE are beginning to wake up and realize that far-left, elite politicians in governments around the WORLD (and their partnerships with large corporations) are a danger to freedom, to democracy, and to our republic.

In this video, Glenn proves these feelings aren’t just American.

Watch to see Italy’s new Prime Minister speak passionately about the very same sentiment, three years ago, in a POWERFUL speech…

Jen Psaki makes bombshell admission on Biden’s role in midterms

Fox News contributor Joe Concha joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss Jen Psaki’s admission on Biden’s role in the midterm elections and the release of his new book, ‘Come On, Man!’

Mark’s Deep Dive Into Electoral College History

Mark takes viewers on a deep dive on the constitution, election laws, and the political machinations the Democrats used prior to the 2020 election.

The Dem’s Diabolical History

The Democrat party doesn’t want to talk about inflation, immigration or crime. It wants to talk about race and abortion.

But as Mark illustrates, the history of the Democrat Party is filled with racists, anti-Semites and a eugenics-supporting founder of Planned Parenthood.

Steve Hilton: Americans are sick of Democrat extremism

Fox News host Steve Hilton slammed President Biden and the Democrats for ‘championing’ policies they won’t feel consequences of on ‘The Next Revolution.’

World News:

Who Wants Peace in the Middle East?

Sarah Idan was the first woman to represent Iraq in the Miss Universe contest in almost half a century. She went to the competition hoping to make friends.

She made one in Miss Israel, and then everything changed—but not in the way she expected.

Home Office U-turn over deportation of Albanian asylum seekers

The UK recorded 2,165 Albanians arriving by small boats between January and June 2022. Photograph: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images
The UK recorded 2,165 Albanians arriving by small boats between January and June 2022. Photograph: Ben Stansall/AFP/Getty Images

The Home Office has conceded that it does not have the right to fast-track the deportation of Albanian asylum seekers after their arrival in the UK, in an abrupt policy U-turn.

Priti Patel, the former home secretary, signed a deal with the Albanian government in August to return those who arrive illegally. She claimed it meant the UK could quickly return asylum seekers who arrived in the UK and made “spurious” claims.

But the government’s legal department has confirmed that the scheme will not apply to Albanians who apply for asylum in the UK.

Temple Mount’ tensions escalate;Saudi Arabia keen on normalization with Israel TV7 Israel News 26.09

1) Tensions across the West Bank districts of Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley continue to run-high – while tours by Jewish visitors on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount have simmered.

2) Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas pleads for full membership at the United Nation during his address to the General Assembly’s plenum.

3) Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan acknowledges the Kingdom’s keen interest in normalizing relations with Israel.

Vladimir Putin grants full Russian citizenship to Edward Snowden

Snowden, 39, fled the United States to Russia after revealing information about extensive surveillance operations being conducted by the National Security Agency (NSA). He is now a Russian citizen by presidential decree, Reuters reported Monday.

The announcement comes roughly two years after Russia granted Snowden permanent residency in the country.

Strategic intelligence expert and author of “Putin’s Playbook” Rebekah Koffler says the move likely signals Snowden working more closely with the Russian government. She says he is likely now subject to Putin’s mobilization order but will be assisting Russian intelligence rather than serving on the front lines.

“While before, Snowden was willingly providing help to Russian intelligence, as of today, he will be directed to do exactly what the Russian government and military want him to do,” Koffler told Fox News Digital in an email.

Russia to give troops who surrender 10 years in prison unless they are able to flee captivity

 (Photo by MIKHAIL METZEL/SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images)
 (Photo by MIKHAIL METZEL/SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images)

Putin’s move comes after he announced a partial mobilization in Russia last week, introducing conscription to a conflict that has been ongoing for seven months and has rarely gone according to script for Moscow. Now, those drafted into military service will face stiff penalties if they choose to abandon the fight in Ukraine.

Russian troops who are first time offenders, are able to flee captivity and return to their unit will be exempt from the prison sentence.

However, Koffler does not believe the move will solve the problems Russia has experienced on the battlefield, which have multiplied after a successful Ukrainian counteroffensive in September.

13 Dead including Seven Children, 21 Wounded in Russia School Shooting

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

The governor of Udmurtia, Alexander Brechalov, said in a video statement that the still unidentified gunman shot himself.

The school educates children between grades 1 and 11. It has been evacuated and the area around it has been cordoned off, the governor said.

According to the Investigative Committee, the gunman wore a black t-shirt with “Nazi symbols.” No other details about the shooter or his motives have been released.

In China, buyers occupy ‘rotting’ unfinished homes

For six months, home for Ms. Xu has been a room in a high-rise apartment in the southern Chinese city of Guilin that she bought three years ago, attracted by brochures touting its riverfront views and the city’s clean air.

Her living conditions, however, are far from those promised: unpainted walls, holes where electric sockets should be and no gas or running water. Rosanna Philpott has more.

Murder or Suicide? The Cop Who Knew Too Much | Under Investigation

A high-ranking detective found dead on an isolated beach. According to police, it’s a suicide…or is it?

On Under Investigation, our expert panel reopens the case of the cop who knew too much, by uncovering new evidence and revealing a shocking connection to Australia’s dirtiest cop.


A “baby” when it makes for a cute news story. A “fetus” when justifying killing them.

We need an awakening! If babies in the womb can taste, smile, suck their thumbs, cry, and grow, they are living humans who must be completely protected by our nation’s laws.

Pastor Andrew Phipps Decries How Liberals Have Stripped Human Life Of Its Sanctity

“If we can’t say that a person is dead until the heart stops beating, why can’t we say they’re alive when it starts beating?!”

Pastor Andrew Phipps joins Ed Henry and Karyn Turk to decry how liberals have rejected the sanctity of human life.