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Las Vegas official’s home searched in connection to dead journalist

Police have swooped on the home of a Las Vegas lawyer who is also a top democratic public official after an investigative reporter was stabbed to death in Sin City.

Jeff German, 69, spent three decades covering crime and corruption before he was brutally killed outside of his home on Saturday in Clark County, Las Vegas.

Cops believe he had an altercation with someone shortly before his death, and had previously exposed public officials alleged infidelity and bullying in the workplace.

Authorities are searching the home of Clark County Public Administrator Robert Telles, 45, who had been the focus of recent articles by the reporter.

Colleagues of German, from the Review Journal, snapped pictures of Telles washing a car similar to one that cops said they were hunting as part of the probe into the reporters death. 

Legal group asks IRS to audit AFT teachers union’s political spending

White House Domestic Policy Council adviser Susan Rice, second from left, speaks during a White House Domestic Policy Council meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Aug. 31. Joining Rice are, from left, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, and Handshake CEO Garrett Lord.
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)
White House Domestic Policy Council adviser Susan Rice, second from left, speaks during a White House Domestic Policy Council meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, Aug. 31. Joining Rice are, from left, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, and Handshake CEO Garrett Lord.
(AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

EXCLUSIVE — A conservative legal group is accusing the American Federation of Teachers, the nation’s second-largest teachers union, of misreporting funds used on political causes to the IRS and is requesting an audit of the organization.

The union, led by President Randi Weingarten, has been a fixture of Democratic Party politics for years. Weingarten often appears with Democratic political candidates at campaign rallies, and the union has a long and well-documented history of supporting liberal causes,along with Democratic politicians and political action committees.

The union checked “no” in response to the form’s question from 2016 to 2019, according to 990 forms reviewed by the legal group.

The complaint to the IRS alleges that Weingarten and the AFT used funds from the “general treasury” to pay for various political activities, including campaigning on behalf of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in 2016, as well as sponsoring an “AFT Votes” bus tour during the 2020 campaign that “mobilized the public to vote for identified candidates for public office.”

“If AFT is using membership dues to finance political activities, the [IRS] should immediately assess applicable taxes and penalties,” the complaint said. “Moreover, agency fee payers and members should not have to finance political activities that they do not support.”

Sen. Burr Cited COVID When He Dumped Shares Ahead of Stock Market Crash, According to FBI Records

Al Drago/The New York Times/Redux
Al Drago/The New York Times/Redux

After Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., told his broker to sell off more than a million dollars in stock a week before the 2020 coronavirus market crash, he called his brother-in-law, Gerald Fauth. Immediately after, Fauth called his wealth manager to sell off almost $160,000 in stock.

That detail and others were revealed this week, after a judge ordered the Justice Department to further unredact documents related to its insider trading investigation into Burr.

Federal prosecutors closed that investigation without filing charges last year, but as of earlier this year, a civil investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission remained ongoing.

Before Burr’s big stock dump on Feb. 13, 2020, the senator engaged in another transaction that suggested he anticipated investor concerns.

The day before his big stock sell-off, Burr purchased $1,189,000 in the Federated U.S. Treasury Cash Reserves Fund, about three-quarters of all the money he and his wife had in their joint account. That purchase had not been previously reported. “Investors often purchase U.S. Treasury funds to hedge against a potential market downturn,” an FBI agent noted.

69M households now cancelling vacations and cutting grocery bills

The share of Americans who say inflation is causing them financial hardship has risen from 49 percent in January to 56 percent, with rising prices forcing 69 million households to make cutbacks, a survey revealed on Wednesday.

The Gallup survey found that ever-more wealthy and middle-class families were feeling the pinch from inflation, forcing them to spend less on groceries and other basics, drive less and cancel vacations.

A worrying 12 percent of the survey’s 1,570 respondents said they were experiencing ‘severe hardship’ that was lowering their standard of living — a rise on the 9 percent who said so at the start of 2022.

Even though gas prices have fallen to $3.78 per gallon and inflation dipped to 8.5 percent in July, the economy and rising prices remain a top concern for millions of cash-strapped voters heading in to November’s midterms.

Delco Man Turned in by Ex He Called ‘a Moron’ Gets Prison for Jan. 6 Capitol Riot

A suburban Philadelphia man charged in the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the U.S. Capitol has been sentenced to nine months in federal prison after he reportedly insulted the intelligence of an ex-girlfriend for not believing the election had been stolen and she turned him in to authorities.

Richard Michetti, 29, of Ridley Park, was also ordered Tuesday to spend two years on supervised release and pay a $100 special assessment and $2,000 in restitution. He had pleaded guilty in May in Washington to aiding and abetting obstruction of an official proceeding. Counts of trespassing, violent entry and disorderly conduct were dismissed.

FBI authorities said a former romantic partner of Michetti alerted authorities about his presence a day after the Capitol siege by supporters of then-President Donald Trump. Officials said photos showed him inside the Capitol Rotunda.

The affidavit alleged that Michetti said he was there to protest the election results and told the informant in a text message several hours after the siege began “If you can’t see the election was stolen you’re a moron.”

“The Regime of Censorship Being Imposed on the Internet is Dangerously Intensifying in Ways I Believe Are Not Adequately Understood”

U.S. journalist Glenn Greenwald has condemned the Government, media and Big Tech for coordinating to censor dissent. Writing on Twitter on Tuesday, the Intercept cofounder blasted those who have taken advantage of a series of ‘crises’ as a pretext to conspire to suppress their ideological opponents.

The regime of censorship being imposed on the internet – by a consortium of Washington D.C. Democrats, billionaire-funded ‘disinformation experts’, the U.S. Security State, and liberal employees of media corporations – is dangerously intensifying in ways I believe are not adequately understood.

A series of “crises” have been cynically and aggressively exploited to inexorably restrict the range of permitted views and expand pretexts for online silencing and deplatforming.

Trump’s election, Russiagate, January 6th, Covid and war in Ukraine all fostered new methods of repression.

There’s now an entire new industry, aligned with Dems, to pressure Big Tech to censor. Think tanks and self-proclaimed ‘disinformation experts’ funded by Omidyar, Soros and the U.S./U.K. Security State use benign-sounding names to glorify ideological censorship as neutral expertise.

Jordan Peterson’s New Relentless Attack on Twitter Policies & CEO | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Jordan Peterson’s fiery response to Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal about his Twitter ban and the how Twitter is making polarization much worse.

Andrew Tate Tells Tucker Carlson Why He Is the Most Censored Man Alive | DM CLIPS | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” shares a clip of Tucker Carlson talking to Andrew Tate about being banned from Instagram and other social media platforms and why Andrew thinks he was targeted.

Rumble Sets New Monthly Active User Record in August Citing Growth Among ‘Gen Z’ Users

TORONTO, Canada, September 7, 2022 — Rumble, the video-sharing platform, announced that its user
base reached a new record in August, increasing its global monthly active users (MAUs) to 78 million,
representing 77% year over year growth.

In addition, the company announced a new record for MAUs in the United States and Canada with 63 million, representing 103% year over year growth. Rumble also noted that a substantial portion of this growth came from users in the 18- to 24-year-old ‘Gen Z’ age group.

Chris Pavlovski. “In recent years, our user growth came primarily from consumers of news and political
content. As new content creators come to Rumble, we are seeing growth from the Gen Z demographic,
a massive new audience for our platform.”

Drought revives ideas to shift water from Mississippi to help West

Water flows down the Colorado River downriver from Hoover Dam in northwest Arizona, Aug. 14, near the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.John Locher | AP
Water flows down the Colorado River downriver from Hoover Dam in northwest Arizona, Aug. 14, near the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.
John Locher | AP

When Paul Cofell of Red Wing read a letter in the Palm Springs Desert Sun suggesting that water could be diverted from the Mississippi River and piped to the Colorado River basin, he couldn’t stay quiet.

Cofell wrote to the newspaper, advising Californians that if they come for the Midwest’s water, “we have plenty of dynamite in Minnesota.”

He didn’t anticipate the flood of responses to the paper that followed, some supportive, some angry. Cofell even got a call from the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office, who told him some viewed his letter as threatening and advised him not to make any more references to dynamite.

“The reaction I got was quite astounding,” Cofell said. 

One proposed solution making headlines is diverting water from the Mississippi River or some other water source to those drier states. Recent flooding along the Mississippi has led some to wonder, why not send some of that excess water to where it’s desperately needed?

Julie Makinen, the Desert Sun’s executive editor, said the topic of transporting water set off a cascade of interest, with letters pouring in from all over the world.

California Activates 4 Gas Generators for the First Time as Electric Grid Suffers Major Defeat

(Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)
(Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

“We have now entered the most intense phase of this heat wave,” said Elliot Mainzer, president and chief executive of the California Independent System Operator, according to The Sacramento Bee.

“The potential for rotating outages has increased significantly.”

He added that the grid faced “energy deficits of 2,000 to 4,000 megawatts, which is as much as 10 percent of normal electricity demand.”

The generators can provide up to 120 megawatts of power through natural gas. That’s enough to power about 120,000 homes, according to a Department of Water Resources news release.

The situation facing California was described by The Sacramento Bee this way:

“California’s increasing reliance on solar power and other renewable sources has made the grid susceptible to blackouts in the early evening, when solar panels go dark but the weather stays hot.”

NYC mayor sends delegation to Texas border

The ‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts discussed how Mayor Eric Adams is sending a delegation to the border amid his ongoing feud with Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

Smugglers Abandon 4-Year-Old Migrant Boy in New Mexico Desert near Border Wall

U.S. Border Patrol/El Paso Sector
U.S. Border Patrol/El Paso Sector

Agents patrolling the border near Santa Teresa, New Mexico, came across a four-year-old Ecuadoran child standing alone near the border wall, according to a tweet from El Paso Sector Chief Patrol Agent Gloria Chavez.

The child is one of nearly 20,000 unaccompanied alien children put across the border by what Chavez called “ruthless smugglers.”

The agents found the little boy holding a toy and carrying his Ecuadorian passport and parent’s contact information, Chavez reported. Officials did not disclose the location of the child’s parents or who paid the smugglers to bring him into the U.S.

Unofficial migrant encounter numbers obtained by Breitbart Texas show that the El Paso Sector became the second-busies in the nation in August. Agents in this sector apprehended just under 30,000 migrants in August. This was part of the nearly 117,000 migrants apprehended by the five Texas-based Border Patrol sectors that month.

Report: Migrant ‘Invasion’ Is Spiking Rents, Inflation

Luis Barron / Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Images
Luis Barron / Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Images

But the report is unlikely to get much criticism from pro-migration lobbies in the United States because it describes the criticism by Mexicans about Americans who use their income from U.S. jobs to occupy cheaper apartments in Mexico.

“Locals are calling it gentrification, a plague or even an invasion,” the report by Al Jazeera said.

“You’re thinking of moving to Mexico City? Wow,” one Mexico City resident told Al Jazeera. “One important recommendation: Don’t come,” he added.

“People who live in Mexico City, and people who work in Mexico City, such as myself, we want to get a place but it is really difficult because the prices as so high… It is messed up,” a second Mexican told Al Jazeera.

Hillary Clinton’s nonprofit funneled $75,000 to far-left defund the police group

Onward Together, which Clinton launched in 2017 to be part of the resistance against former President Trump, pushed the general support grant to the Washington, D.C.-based Alliance for Youth Action sometime between April 1, 2020, and March 31, 2021, its latest tax forms show.

The Alliance for Youth Action says the policing system “was founded on slave patrols and continues to target and murder Black people” and backs defunding law enforcement as a step toward outright abolishment.

“Centering Black people in our work means it is time to divest from police, and invest in Black futures,” the group’s website states. “Defunding the police as part of the path towards abolition is one of the many steps that must be taken to ensure that Black people are able to thrive.”

O’Keefe gives NewsNation LIVE update on #TheSecretCurriculum series…Hint: MORE TAPES coming…

Charlie Kirk speaks with Laura Ingraham about new WPATH guidelines that will lower the age of trans surgeries on minors

Tucker Carlson: This couldn’t be more horrible

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to Eliza Fletcher’s killing and what the fall of Memphis says about the nation on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Karine Jean-Pierre is an election denier: Concha

Fox News contributor Joe Concha on Karine Jean-Pierre backtracking on comments about ‘stolen’ elections and ‘The View’ defending Biden’s divisive speech.

Judge orders Biden admin to turn over Fauci, Jean-Pierre ‘misinformation’ emails sent to social media giants

The decision by Judge Terry Doughty, who was appointed by former President Trump, came as part of a lawsuit filed in May by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, accusing the Biden administration of suppressing the constitutionally protected right to free speech on elections, the COVID-19 lab leak theory, coronavirus-related lockdowns and other issues. 

The Justice Department objected to the handing over of the email correspondence under executive privilege and presidential communications privilege, but Doughty decided,

“This Court believes Plaintiffs are entitled to external communications by Jean-Pierre and Dr. Fauci in their capacities as White House Press Secretary and Chief Medical Advisor to the President to third-party social media platforms.” 

Schmitt, who is running for U.S. Senate in Misssouri, announced the development regarding his lawsuit on Twitter. 

Tucker Carlson reacts to Jennifer Lawrence saying she has nightmares about him

US launches Minuteman III ICBM in show of nuclear readiness

U.S. Air Force launched an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile test at Vandenberg Space Force Base. (Photo provided by Vandenberg Space Force Base)
U.S. Air Force launched an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile test at Vandenberg Space Force Base. (Photo provided by Vandenberg Space Force Base)

Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder first announced the missile test from the Pentagon Tuesday and said, “This ICBM launch will validate and verify the effectiveness and readiness of the system.”

“This launch is a routine test, which was scheduled far in advance and consistent with previous tests,” he told reporters.

The Wednesday test comes less than a month after a previous test was also launched.

Ryder said the U.S. notified the Russian government per treaty obligations ahead of the operational test and noted that the pre-launch announcement was pursuant to The Hague’s international Code of Conduct.

The missile test comes as concerns over nuclear security have once again mounted amid Russia’s war in Ukraine and flagging relations between Moscow and the West. 

US planning military testing site in Saudia Arabia: report

The new facility is currently called the Red Sands Integrated Experimentation Center. An existing facility in New Mexico used for extended-range missile testing is called the White Sands Missile Range. CENTCOM commander Army Gen. Michael “Erik” Kurilla reportedly had the idea for the new site when meeting with Middle Eastern allies in August.

“There was overwhelming support,” an official told NBC.

Two defense officials told the outlet that the U.S. would probably provide 20% of the funding for the facility and a similar share of the personnel. Allies would provide the rest. The officials said it is unlikely that it would open before the end of this year.

The news comes roughly two months after President Biden visited Saudi Arabia on a Middle Eastern trip. While there, Biden said the United States “is going to remain an active partner in the Middle East.” Weeks later, the State Department approved a potential sale of 300 Patriot missiles to Saudi Arabia for roughly $3.05 billion to help the Arab nation defend against Houthi drone and missile attacks.

‘Pike County Massacre’: Ohio man on trial for alleged murder of 8 members of rival family

A poster offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators in the Rhoden family massacre. Four members of a rival family were later charged with the 2016 slayings. (Ohio State Attorney's Office)
A poster offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators in the Rhoden family massacre. Four members of a rival family were later charged with the 2016 slayings. (Ohio State Attorney’s Office)

Eight members of the same family were executed in a remote area of southern Ohio one night six years ago, and four members of another family were charged for the shocking slayings that stunned the country. 

After numerous delays, George Wagner IV, 30, is the first defendant in the case to go to trial, which began last week in Pike County Court with the seating of 12 jurors. 

After seven adults and one teenager were found shot to death at three trailers and a camper on April 22, 2016, authorities launched what became the largest criminal investigation in Ohio’s history.

“There certainly was obsession with custody, obsession with control of children,” then-Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine said at a press conference announcing the arrests. “This is just the most bizarre story I’ve ever seen in being involved in law enforcement.”

California Heatwave Threatens Blackouts; Trump-Backed Geoff Diehl Wins MA GOP Gubernatorial Primary

NTD Good Morning—9/7/2022

  1. Body of Murdered Tennessee School Teacher Identified
  2. Brutal Heatwave Threatens California Power Grid
  3. Trump-Backed Geoff Diehl Wins Mass. GOP Gubernatorial Primary
  4. Fat Leonard Escapes
  5. Wildfires Engulf Forests in Idaho
  6. Juul to Pay $438.5M to Settle Teen Vaping Probe
  7. Good Opportunities in Job Market: Expert
  8. Russia May Buy North Korean Ammunition
  9. New Covid-19 Booster Rolling Out Across US
  10. 9 of 10 Most Unaffordable Cities in CA: Study
  11. NYC Returns to Italy Looted Antiquities Worth $19M
  12. Apple Orchard’s Outdoor Cider Bar
  13. NASA Captures Images of ‘Tarantula Nebula’
  14. Sea Lion’s Family Reunion at Chicago Aquarium


California Might Try It’s WORST Idea Yet to Solve a Problem It Created 

Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about how Gavin Newsom is continuing to lead California into an abyss as its electrical grid risks failure and they consider an insane solution to the Los Angeles homeless crisis by forcing L.A. hotels to house the homeless instead of dealing with the real reasons for its housing shortage

’60-day rule’ could halt Mar-a-Lago raid probe

Correspondent David Spunt reports the latest on the fallout over the Mar-a-Lago raid from the Justice Department.

Arizona Gubernatorial Candidate Kari Lake joins Charlie Kirk to talk about why Katie Hobbs is afraid to debate her

Lauren Boebert: We know how the ‘Department of Injustice’ feels about conservative Americans

Rep. Lauren Boebert: I’m MAGA. I am ultra-MAGA, and I’m proud of it. But that means that I believe in securing the southern border, reducing government spending, securing American energy and protecting our peace through strength.

Trump blasts FBI over seizure of medical, tax records, likens action to ‘Days of the Soviet Union’

“Not only did the FBI steal my Passports in the FBI Raid and Break-In of my home, Mar-a-Lago, but it has just been learned through court filings that they also improperly took my complete and highly confidential medical file and history, with all the bells and whistles (at least they’ll see that I’m very healthy, an absolutely perfect physical specimen!), plus personal Tax Records (Illegal to take), and lawyer/client/privileged information, a definite NO, NO,” Trump said in a post on Truth Social. “Days of the Soviet Union!”

The former president was not the only one to chastise the government. His attorney, Chris Kise, lambasted the Justice Department for leaks about their ongoing investigation to the media.

Most recently, this included a Washington Post report that said seized documents included material containing the description of a foreign government’s nuclear capabilities. When contacted about the report by Fox News, both the FBI and DOJ declined to comment.

Facing Indictment, Steve Bannon Set to Turn Himself in to New York Prosecutors

 (Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)
(Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Although the details of the criminal indictment against Bannon are still sealed, the charges reportedly stem from Bannon’s involvement in “We Build the Wall,” an online fundraising effort that purported to raise money to finish the construction of the southern border wall.

Bannon faced federal charges stemming from his involvement in that fundraising effort, and he pleaded not guilty in August 2020 but received a pardon from former President Donald Trump in the last days of his presidency.

Bannon blasted the Manhattan District Attorney for pursuing “phony charges” against him just two months before the midterm elections in a statement released Tuesday evening.

Pete Hegseth: ‘This looks like an inside cover-up’

Fox News’ Pete Hegseth discusses allegations the U.S. Treasury was ‘running cover’ for Hunter Biden.

Biden’s next dangerous nominee continues reign of energy terror

Richard Glick
Richard Glick 

In January 2021, Biden began his reign of energy terror by nominating Rep. Deb Haaland to serve as Interior Secretary. Her resume to that point included being one of the House sponsors of the Green New Deal, pledging to vote against all new fossil fuel infrastructure, and stating that she was “wholeheartedly against fracking and drilling on public lands.”

Unfortunately, this time a politician kept their word. Since becoming Secretary, she oversaw Biden’s moratorium on oil and gas leasing on federal lands and has held just one offshore oil and gas lease sale, but only because she was compelled by the courts.

Then in May, President Biden nominated Richard Glick to continue serving as the chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). This little-known commission is responsible for approving natural gas pipeline projects and for ensuring American energy is getting from point A to point B.

But earlier this year, Glick and his fellow Democratic commissioners tried to undercut that mission.

The high-level nominations coming from the White House have been a disaster for American energy workers and consumers. If Richard Glick’s nomination is not blocked by the U.S. Senate this fall, Americans can expect to see an even more aggressive push by these little-known government agencies, which harness way too much power in name of climate change with disdain for the American consumer.

Tucker Carlson: Biden criminalizes dissent

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host reacts to President Biden’s divisive speech and his attack on ‘MAGA Republicans.’

America understands EXACTLY what’s happening!

World News:

EU proposes price cap on Russian gas following threats from Putin to terminate all energy supply transfer

AP Photo/Virginia Mayo
AP Photo/Virginia Mayo

Apparently refusing to back down from existing sanctions, the economic bloc is playing a game of chicken with the Russians as winter nears, and reserves of oil and gas continue to dwindle in Europe. 

The standoff is threatening to drive up already skyrocketing prices even further, which is being passed down to working and middle-class citizens, who have already seen their electricity bills more than double over the past month. 

Some citizens have already begun taking to the streets in Germany and the Czech Republic to protest the soaring prices and demand that their governments step back from the brink with Russia and commit to neutrality in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine by lifting sanctions on their resource provider – Russia. 

IAF allegedly strikes Syria; JCPOA off-the-table raising prospects of “Plan B” TV7 Israel News 07.09

1) The nuclear talks with Iran are reportedly “off the table” until after the Mid-Term elections in the United States – drawing prospects for a ‘Plan B’.

2) Damascus accuses Jerusalem of striking Aleppo International Airport for a second time in one-week.

3) Russian President Vladimir Putin proclaims Moscow’s intention to turn to the Middle East, Iran and India – to avoid international Isolation.

Dutch Farmers: Agriculture Minister Resigns as Standoff over EU’s Green Agenda Continues

Oscar Brak/NurPhoto via Getty Images
Oscar Brak/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The announcement came just hours after Staghouwer had returned from Brussels where he negotiated the end of the EU exemption for the amount of animal manure Dutch farmers can spread on their own land to fertilise fields. Currently, only Denmark, Ireland, the Flanders region of Belgium and the Netherlands are permitted to exceed the EU cap of 170 kilos per hectare.

However, under the terms negotiated by the outgoing Agriculture Minister, this exemption will end in 2026, potentially impacting approximately 18,000 farms in the Netherlands, which spreads more manure on fields than other EU nations due to the country’s high level of clay and peat soil, preventing the animal waste from entering into groundwater as quickly.

Those farms that are affected by the decision will only be able to apply for 10,000 euros in assistance, which Staghouwer even acknowledged will not be sufficient to cover their losses, saying that it “is not a nice message” to the farmers.

Dutch Farmers Dragged Off the Streets by Government Agents

The Dutch farmer protesters are growing increasingly dangerous. Like an authoritarian dictatorship, undercover police officers run ‘snatch-and-grab’ arrests.

In Amsterdam, public footage has surfaced showing undercover police officers violently arresting a civilian. The undercover operation reveals a disturbing escalation in state action against the Dutch farmer protesters.

The Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, and the Flanders region of Belgium, had been allowed to exceed caps on how much manure farmers could return to their fields because of the country’s comparatively small land area. But Brussels wants to phase out this dispensation because the Dutch fail to meet EU’s radical water quality standards.

The EU was supposed to be a cooperative trade union, but now Brussels technocrats rule over every EU country in most matters.

Green Germany Backtracks on Nuclear Shut Down Amid Energy Crisis

Alexandra Beier/Getty Images
(Photo by Alexandra Beier/Getty Images)

The German government has announced that it will not be closing all of its nuclear power plants by the end of the year after all, and will keep two open until the spring as the country faces an energy crisis.

The Neckarwestheim 2 and Isar 2 nuclear reactors will remain available to Germany ‘for emergencies’ until April, according to an announcement by German Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck, a member of the Green Party.

Only the Emsland nuclear power plant in Lower Saxony will be shut down by the end of the year as the government had initially planned to kill all three remaining plants.

The shift in government policy regarding nuclear energy comes after Russia halted all natural gas supplies from the Nord Stream 1 pipeline in what was initially a three-day pause but has become an indefinite halt on natural gas.

Death toll from China quake rises to 74

Rescuers evacuated villagers and took stock of buildings destroyed by a 6.8-magnitude earthquake in China’s southwestern province of Sichuan, as the death toll from the disaster rose to 74, state media reported on Wednesday (September 7).

U.S. Nuclear-Capable Bombers Fly over Middle East amid Rising Iran Tensions

Staff Sgt. Charles Fultz/U.S. Air Force
Staff Sgt. Charles Fultz/U.S. Air Force

CENTCOM said the bombers took off from the Royal Air Force base at Fairford, England, and flew over the eastern Mediterranean, the Arabian Peninsula, and the Red Sea.

“This Bomber Task Force is a strong, clear representation of enduring US commitment to the region. Threats to the US and our partners will not go unanswered.

Missions like this BTF showcase our ability to combine forces to deter and, if necessary, defeat our adversaries,” 9th Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Alexus Grynkewich said.

Sunday’s mission was the fourth Bomber Task Force flight of the year. The previous flight occurred in June.



Hollywood elites are running their mouths. Jennifer Lawrence checks under her bed for Tucker Carlson, and Olivia Wilde proves she knows nothing about the preeminent psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson.

And the left continues to police speech and punish those who refuse to parrot their lies. #JordanPeterson #OliviaWilde #JenniferLawrence