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US News:

Ohio woman sits next to dad after he shot her ex-boyfriend dead

James Rayl, 22, was shot three times by Michell Duckro, 52, after he showed up unannounced to their home on July 31.

Rayl had dated Duckro’s daughter, Allyson, 22, previously but the pair broke up a year and a half before the tragic incident.

Rayl left his ex-girlfriend a voicemail the night before the shooting, saying he wanted to see how she was doing.  

Chilling Ring camera footage caught the moment Duckro fired through the front door of his property on North Kuther Road, killing unarmed Rayl.

Rayl can be seen trying to push his way into the property, as Duckro says ‘James no, get off my porch’ and then ‘I have a gun’ before shooting him.

A grand jury ruled 8 to 1 that Duckro should not be indicted on a felony charge, under the ‘Stand Your Ground’ ruing in Ohio State legislature.

Wisconsin morning news anchor Neena Pacholke dead at 27 of apparent suicide

Neena Pacholke/Facebook
Neena Pacholke/Facebook

News of WAOW anchor Neena Pacholke’s death left her family and colleagues stunned, and she was remembered for her contagious smile and happy-go-lucky demeanor.

“Neena Pacholke, our beloved morning anchor passed away suddenly Saturday,” 9 WAOW said in a statement. “The entire team here at News 9 are absolutely devastated by the loss as we know so many others are as well.”

Pacholke, who grew up in Tampa and played basketball for the University of South Florida, was engaged to be married at the time of her death, her older sister Kaitlynn Pacholke told Tampa Bay Times.

“She was just like a little ball of sunshine, and her smile was massive,” Kaitlynn Pacholke said Monday morning. “My sister was by far the happiest person I thought I knew.”

Delaware County EMT charged with taking photos of woman in the back of an ambulance: Police

Kevin Hakeem Pressley
Kevin Hakeem Pressley

BROOKHAVEN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — Police in Brookhaven Borough, Pennsylvania are investigating an alleged indecent assault that happened while a woman was being transported to an area hospital in the back of an ambulance.

During the transport, it is alleged that an EMT caring for the woman in the back of the ambulance exposed the victim’s breasts and took photographs of her, police said.

The EMT has since been identified as Kevin Hakeem Pressley, 24, of Philadelphia. At the time of the incident, he was employed as an EMT by the Brookhaven Fire Company Ambulance, police said.

According to the criminal complaint, when investigators asked Pressley if they could search his phone for the alleged photos, Pressley made a series of disturbing statements including being involved with illegal firearms purchases.

Biden administration to cancel $1.5B in student loans for former Westwood College students

(AP/Evan Vucci / AP Images)
(AP/Evan Vucci / AP Images)

Any federal student loans used to attend the for-profit school over a 13-year stretch will be canceled, the Education Department says, with the financial decision coming just days after President Biden unveiled a plan to forgive $10,000 in federal student debt for all borrowers with incomes less than $125,000 a year or $250,000 per household. 

The Westwood College cancellation applies to all students who attended the chain from Jan. 1, 2002, through Nov. 17, 2015, when the college stopped enrolling new students before its 2016 closure. Students will not need to apply for the relief. 

Before its closure, Westwood operated 15 campuses in California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois and Virginia, along with online programs. 

In Illinois, the chain’s criminal justice programs told students they could expect law enforcement jobs in agencies including the Illinois State Police, but Westwood never had the accreditation needed to meet employment requirements for the state, authorities found. 

“Westwood operated on a culture of false promises, lies, and manipulation in order to profit off student debt that burdened borrowers long after Westwood closed,” said James Kvaal, under secretary of education. 

8 numbers PROVE our economy & energy crisis are WORSENING

Americans are struggling to pay rent, with millions expecting to be evicted by the end of August. In fact, evictions are spiking in major cities across the U.S.

Additionally, car payments — for both new and used cars — have skyrocketed to INSANE levels.

And it’s not just America.

Prices and electricity costs around the world prove one thing: Our economy AND our energy crisis is worsening.

In this clip, Glenn shares 8 numbers — plus a SHOCKING story from England — that prove we’re facing more financial difficulties ahead. Plus, he explains WHY this is happening.

The Fight Against Government-Induced Censorship & Vaccine Mandates: Jenin Younes

“When the government gets involved in telling a private company what to do, that is no longer a private company’s action. That’s state action. And that implicates the 1st Amendment.”

Civil liberties attorney Jenin Younes has been leading major cases against government induced-censorship on social media platforms.

She argues they’ve coerced private companies into censoring individuals like Stanford professor of medicine Jay Bhattacharya or former Harvard professor of epidemiology Martin Kulldorff.

Exclusive: Citizens for Sanity Releases Advertisement Blasting ‘Woke Racism’

Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The ad from Citizens for Sanity begins by noting, “President John F. Kennedy told us that citizens should enjoy the privileges of being an American without regard to race or color.

But today, the radical woke left is injecting racism, bigotry, and discrimination throughout American life. A major airline now recruits pilots based on skin color, not flying ability.”

United Airlines recently announced that they “plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color.”

“Major corporations are using explicit racial quotas in hiring, promotion, and bonuses,” the ad continues.

American Express is currently facing a lawsuit from a former employee who alleges that the financial company “unambiguously signaled to White employees that their race was an impediment to getting ahead in the company” and that “executives were given financial incentives … to decrease the percentage of White employees in their departments.”

“In Minnesota, a school district agreed to fire teachers not designated as minorities,” the ad also notes.

WATCH: Joe Rogan slams Psaki as ‘propagandist,’ praises McEnany

“She was a propagandist,” the comedian and UFC commentator said while speaking to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on The Joe Rogan Experience.

“She just f***ing flat-out lied on not just one occasion, multiple occasions,” he continued. “I mean, maybe they had a narrative that they told her, maybe these were talking points, maybe that’s her job.”

Psaki was never truly challenged by the legacy media, Rogan said.

“Most of it, the hard questions were all by Peter Doocy on Fox News,” he said. “He was, like, the only guy that was pushing back against her.”

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who worked under former President Donald Trump, is a different story, Rogan argued.

Shocking new images reveal the extend of homelessness in San Francisco

Business owners in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood have threatened to stop paying taxes if woke politicians don’t start cleaning up streets of litter and stopping people from openly taking drugs. 

In a letter to city officials earlier this month, The Castro Merchants Association said some of the homeless people in the streets outside their stores had been harassing customers and needed help.

‘They need shelter and/or services and they need them immediately,’ the Merchants Association said. 

‘Our community is struggling to recover from lost business revenue, from burglaries and never-ending vandalism/graffiti (often committed by unhoused persons) and we implore you to take action.’ 

They hope other business associations in different parts of the city will join them to force city officials to finally take action after years of lax policies. 

‘If the city can’t provide the basic services for them to become a successful business, then what are we paying for,’ the business association’s co-president Dave Karraker told The San Francisco Chronicle. 

Report: Reshoring of American Manufacturing Jobs at ‘Record High’

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

The report, published by the Reshoring Initiative, reveals that a record number of American manufacturing jobs have been brought home after being offshored and outsourced to foreign countries over the last two decades when China entered the World Trade Organization (WTO).

“In 2021 the private and federal push for domestic supply of essential goods propelled reshoring and foreign direct investment (FDI) job announcements to a record high,” the report states.

In 2022, the report projects that about 350,000 American jobs are expected to be reshored to the U.S. labor market — another record after 2021 set a record when 260,000 American jobs were brought home.

“If the projection is achieved, 2022 will bring the total jobs announced since 2010 to over 1.6 million,” the report continues.

A similar recent analysis by Bloomberg showed that former President Trump’s hyper-focus on American manufacturing, mostly via billions worth of tariffs, helped spur an industry boom.

The number of American jobs being reshored, though at a record high, pales in comparison to the number of American jobs that have been eliminated as a result of decades-long free trade policy governing the economic consensus in Washington, DC.

Dashcam Video Shows High-Speed Chase With Attempted Human Smuggler

DPS Troopers were involved in a vehicle pursuit with a silver Chevrolet SUV that was transporting six illegal immigrants in Webb County. During the pursuit on US 83, the illegal immigrants bailed out while the vehicle continued traveling south.

DPS used spike strips to stop the vehicle and, shortly after, the driver crashed with a Dodge pickup truck. The driver of the Chevrolet SUV was apprehended and charged with human smuggling, evading with a vehicle and reckless driving.

The driver of the Dodge pickup was not hurt. All six illegal immigrants were referred to US Border Patrol.

Border Chief: Biden’s migration policies have ‘no consequences’

In Fiscal Year 2022 so far, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has encountered more than 2 million migrants at the southern border – a historic number that will rise even more in the final quarter.

The highest-ever crossing figure was reached in May this year, when CBP reported it encountered 241,166 migrants in a single month.

In a recorded deposition before the Florida Attorney General, Ortiz said under oath that there is a lack of ‘consequences’ for migrants flooding the southern border.

Ortiz appeared for a deposition on July 28 as part of discovery in a lawsuit by Florida AG Ashley Moody against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and border agencies that fall under the department’s purview.

Since Biden took office, hundreds of thousands of migrants have been released in the interior of the U.S.

Wauwatosa Police Shoot Armed Teen During Stolen Vehicle investigation

Wauwatosa Police Officers, Dexter Schleis and Evan Olson discharged their firearms at 17-year-old Damiso Lee after after he refused to drop a gun and attempted to flee the two officers.

As officer Olson was parked, a silver car passed by. An automatic license plate reader system installed in Olson’s squad activated, linking the vehicle to a stolen car report.

Although the system is automated, Olson needed to do some additional fact checking. According to the district attorney’s decision summary, Olson checked the squad’s computer to see if the photo captured by the plate reader matched the vehicle.

FBI Official Accused of Shutting Down Hunter Biden Probe Resigns

Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images
Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Timothy Thibault, a former assistant special agent in charge in the FBI’s Washington Field Office, resigned from his post and was seen being escorted out of his building on Friday, the Washington Times first reported.

Thibault, who had been with the FBI for more than two decades, had been on leave for a month and it remains unclear if he was forced to resign or if he left on his own accord, the report noted.

Thibault was at retirement age and being escorted out is standard protocol for those who leave, according to CBS.

Thibault’s exit from the bureau happened after he came under fire over multiple whistleblower allegations leveled against him this year.

Big tech “fact-checkers” silencing anyone they disagree with

Social media “fact-checkers” are working overtime, but Conservatives say it’s in effort to block their voices ahead of midterms.
One America’s Stella Escobedo spoke with Anthony Raimondi, TPUSA Ambassador and social media influencer about the issue.

Kash Patel says he was intentionally named in FBI affidavit for ‘political purposes’

Former Trump official responds on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ after he was named in the redacted version of the affidavit used to obtain a warrant for President Trump’s Florida home.


‘Incredibly ironic’: Look whose presidential campaign gets fined for taking illegal action

(Video screenshot)
(Video screenshot)

The ruling comes on the heels of Sanders’ 2016 campaign entering into an FEC agreement in 2018 to pay a penalty of $14,500 for accepting volunteer delegates from the Australian Labor Party — a left-leaning party currently running Australia’s government. Sanders’ presidential campaign violated The Federal Election Campaign Act since the foreigners provided campaign services to Sanders’ committee, the FEC found.

“They were tasked with planning and executing events intended to mobilize the Spanish-speaking and Latino communities to support Sanders and serving as contacts for Latino media outlets,” the FEC ruling on the staffers says. “The employees worked to help craft and deliver campaign policy on the issue of immigration and other issues of interest to the Latino community.”

The undocumented DACA staffers for both campaigns included former Latino Outreach Organizer Maria Bélen Sisa, former National Latino Outreach Strategist Cesar Vargas and former Press Secretary for Latino Outreach Erika Andiola, according to the ruling. Andiola and Vargas are from Mexico while Sisa is from Argentina, the ruling said.

Beware the Attack of Dem Bureaucrats

Biden’s new ill-named “Inflation Reduction Act” is set to unleash a tidal wave of new IRS agents on the American Public.

While claiming to reduce inflation, the act is really a disguise to redistribute wealth.

Now, Robert Reich is rolling out his latest propaganda to help push the Democrats “Soak the Rich” narrative.

But Mark is here to push back against their lies and expose their continued quest to control society.

Biden’s Unconstitutional and Delusional Decrees, Mandates, and Orders

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci
Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

There is no debate that the current Biden administration, actually Obama’s third term, is potentially the most unconstitutional presidential administration we have seen. The disregard for our rule of law is evident in the disregard of the Constitution’s guarantee clause, Article IV, Section 4 when it comes to the open borders policy of Biden.

Last week we witnessed yet another act of blatant overreach of executive power in our system of governance. When Joe Biden stepped forth and issued his decree that he was forgiving student loan debt, he far exceeded his constitutional enumerated powers. 

Regarding our military, Joe Biden, as the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces, issued not just an unconstitutional mandate, he gave our military an unethical, immoral, and unlawful order.  

His shot mandate ploy was a political maneuver to shift the narrative away from Afghanistan, where Biden was responsible for the deaths of 13 Marines, Soldiers, and Sailors.

Biden Raid on Trump Home Was ELECTION INTERFERENCE!

Judicial Watch President @TomFitton joins John Solomon and Amanda Head on “Just the News, Not Noise” to discuss the affidavit used by the FBI and DOJ to raid President Trump’s home.

Tucker Carlson: Things are falling apart every quickly

Fox News host Tucker Carlson reacts to Europe moving backward over energy on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

World News:

Russians on the run: Putin’s troops scramble through ditches as Ukrainian missiles rain down in Donetsk

Footage has emerged of Russian soldiers scrambiling for cover as they are targeted by artillery while cowering in trenches  as Ukraine’s counter-offensive in the south of the country continues. 

Vladimir Putin‘s forces are videoed by drones trying to avoid shelling by scrambling through ditches close to Donetsk Airport – which is in a Russian controlled area in the east of the country. 

As they move around the corners, missiles then coming raining down causing the troops to be covered in grey smoke.

It is unclear if anyone died in the attack but some soldiers – with white armbands which the Russians have been wearing during the war – do appear to pause after being hit. 

Iranian calls for Israel’s annihilation met with silence; IAEA probe must hold TV7 Israel News 30.08

1) As part of Operation “Waves Breaker”, IDF, ISA (Shin Bet) and Border Police Special Operations Forces conduct counterterrorism activity – apprehending at least 99 suspected terror operatives over the course of the past week – alone.

2) Israeli President Isaac Herzog calls on the world not to stand silently by while Iran openly calls for Israel’s annihilation.

3) The Iranian Foreign Ministry proclaims that the days of American unilateralism and hegemony has come to an end – and that the Islamic Republic stands by China and Russia in opposing Western policies.

Taiwan fires warning shots at Chinese drone: Report

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen

The Chinese drone was spotted above an islet controlled by Taiwan near the Chinese coast, and it returned to the mainland after the warning shots were fired, the spokesperson added, per Reuters. It’s the first time Taiwan has done this under these circumstances.

Also, on Tuesday, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said she had instructed the leaders of the armed forces to take “strong countermeasures” when necessary to protect the country’s airspace, according to CNA English News.

“I have ordered the Ministry of National Defense (MND) to take necessary and strong countermeasures at appropriate times to defend the security of the nation’s territorial airspace,” she said during an inspection tour of troops on the island of Penghu.

Serbia Cancels EuroPride Celebrations Following Protests

AP/Darko Vojinovic
AP/Darko Vojinovic

Chanting slogans such as “Hands off our children!” and “Stop the parade of shame!” Belgrade residents rallied in support of traditional family values and against LGBT indoctrination.

The protest also received support from the Serbian Orthodox Church, which has voiced opposition to the gay pride event taking place in Belgrade. Following Vucic’s announcement Saturday, church officials praised the decision, saying the scheduled pride events were aimed at promoting “LGBT ideology being imposed on Europe and the so-called Western world in general.”

A similar massive demonstration took place in Belgrade Sunday evening, with many of the marchers carrying Christian icons, flags, crosses, and banners, one of which read “Save our children and family.”

Orthodox Bishop Nikanor addressed the crowds, lauding the decision to cancel what he called “a desecration of our country, our church and our family” and adding that the people oppose “those who intend to destroy Serbia’s values.”

European Pride organizers had chosen Belgrade three years ago in the hope it would represent an important breakthrough for a conservative, mostly Christian, Slavic country.

U.K. Government Has Launched Program To Pay Covid Vaccine Victims

The British government recently included Covid-19 on its list of covered vaccines for its Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme. The first victims to substantiate their vaccine injury claims have begun to receive financial compensation.

“Vikki Spit from Cumbria is believed to be the first person to receive compensation, after her 48 year old partner, Zion, became ill eight days after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine,” BMJ notes. “Zion, a former rock singer, died at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle in May 2021.”

“A handful of other people have received payments in the past few days under the government’s vaccine damage payment scheme (VDPS), which pays out up to a maximum of £120 000 (€140 000; $150 000),” the journal adds.

Climate Crazy EU Faces up to Decade of ‘Terrible’ Winters Thanks to Russian Gas Addictions

Thierry Monasse/Getty Images
(Photo by Thierry Monasse/Getty Images)

Nations across the European Union could be facing a future of five-to-ten years of energy insecurity thanks to its climate crazy energy policy, something that saw many countries within the bloc addict themselves to Russian gas in service of their green agendas.

Fears are already spreading in many countries in Europe and beyond in regards to the possibility of public unrest as a result of expected financial hardship this coming winter, with government bigwigs in France and Germany expressing concern that citizens could react poorly to what has been termed by the President Emmanuel Macron as the “end of abundance“.

However, according to Belgium’s energy minister, problems in the EU look set to last far longer than one year, with the government official saying that the bloc could face up to a decade of energy insecurity if action is not taken now.

Europe’s Winter of Chaos: Russia Cuts Gas Supply to France as PM Warns of Future Energy Rationing

France's Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne delivers a speech during the Medef summer conference at the Hippodrome de Longchamp racetrack in Paris on August 29, 2022. (Photo by Eric PIERMONT / AFP) (Photo by ERIC PIERMONT/AFP via Getty Images)
France’s Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne delivers a speech during the Medef summer conference at the Hippodrome de Longchamp racetrack in Paris on August 29, 2022. (Photo by Eric PIERMONT / AFP) (Photo by ERIC PIERMONT/AFP via Getty Images)

Vladimir Putin’s Russia has once again cut down on the amount of gas it is sending to a European state, this time targeting France with the reduction in its much relied upon energy exports on Tuesday.

The action follows a warning from the French Prime Minister that the central European state could be forced to ration the use of energy over the winter months, while begging industry in the state to do all they can to reduce their own usage.

According to a report by Le Figaro, Russian state gas company Gazprom announced that it was reducing the amount of gas it is sending to French energy company Engie with immediate effect.

Engie has said that the sudden reduction in supply was allegedly down to what it called a “disagreement between the parties on the application of contracts” for the reduction.

Heat banks? Re-educating people to give up independent life. Dependency is beguilingly easy

‘This Is Not a Revolution’: Shiite Cleric Tells Iraqi Rioters to Stop After 30 Deaths, 400 Wounded


Prior to Sadr’s speech, “supporters of al-Sadr could be seen on live television firing both machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades into the heavily-fortified area through a section of pulled-down concrete walls,” the Associated Press reported. Minutes after the speech on Tuesday, Sadrists reportedly began departing their occupied positions in the capital.

Muqtada al-Sadr is one of Iraq’s most influential political figures, often clashing with the current, post-Saddam Hussein government because of his opposition to Iranian influence in Iraqi politics. Hussein, a Sunni Muslim, had widely oppressed Shiite Muslims. In the aftermath of his overthrow, Iranian-backed political groups have largely cemented their control of Baghdad, vying for power against Sadr’s political bloc, which advocates Iraqi nationalism and opposes both an Iranian and American presence in America.

Sadr has retired several times in the past similar citing disgust with Iraqi politics, but has repeatedly insisted this week that this retirement is “final.”

Armed Sadr protesters fire RPGs in Baghdad violence

Armed Iraqi protesters loyal to cleric Moqtada al-Sadr fired rocket-propelled grenades on Tuesday (August 30) as clashes continued for a second day between rival Shi’ite Muslim groups in Baghdad. Meanwhile supporters set fire to offices belonging to one of their political rivals, Badr Organization, in Baghdad.

Taliban Shows Off ‘Pride’ of Its Military: the ‘Martyrdom Brigade’ Suicide Bombers

Taliban fighters stand guard at the backstage as the army chief of staff Qari Fasihuddin Fitrat (L), acting defence minister of Afghanistan Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid (C) and Taliban defence ministry spokesman Enayatullah Khawarizmi speak during a press conference in Kabul on August 28, 2022. (WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP via Getty Images)
Taliban fighters stand guard at the backstage as the army chief of staff Qari Fasihuddin Fitrat (L), acting defence minister of Afghanistan Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid (C) and Taliban defence ministry spokesman Enayatullah Khawarizmi speak during a press conference in Kabul on August 28, 2022. – Mujahid on August 28 accused Pakistan of providing its airspace for US drones to enter Afghanistan, calling it Washington’s continued “invasion” of the country. (Photo by Wakil KOHSAR / AFP) (Photo by WAKIL KOHSAR/AFP via Getty Images)

The Interior Ministry praised the would-be suicide bombers on the same day the Taliban “defense ministry” accused Pakistan of allowing American drones to fly out of its skies to conduct operations within Afghanistan, condemning the measure – a notable accusation in the aftermath of an American drone strike killing Ayman al-Zawahiri, the elderly head of al-Qaeda in Kabul in early August.

Taliban jihadists, who have for decades maintained cozy relations with al-Qaeda, have denied having any evidence Zawahiri was in Afghanistan and claimed they have yet to find his body. The Taliban has been in control of Afghanistan for over a year after the collapse of the U.S.-backed government in August 2021. It has used its power to establish an authoritarian sharia state it refers to as the “Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.” The regime has been defined by its thugs regularly harassing citizens to maintain Islamic beards, keep their women from leaving the house, and obey the mandates of its “Ministry of Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice,” which replaced the Afghan women’s ministry.


The Full Babylon Bee Interview on Censorship, Cancel Culture & Anti-Woke Comedy

The conservative Christian satire group is part of a growing movement of new, anti-establishment comedy.

‘No Apologies’ Book Illustrates The Vicious Cycle Of Weak Men, A Stand-In State, And Societal Decline

CC BY 2.0

Now, most people recognize the obvious differences between men and women in athletics, but it seems to generate less attention these days with regard to putting women in some of the most dangerous and physically demanding positions in our military. But be that as it may, there are many other arenas in which men and women differ from one another. These tend to be ignored or outright denied nowadays. 

One such area concerns vision. According to Esolen, “men do not see colors with the same boldness that women do. Women do not see things in distant and coordinated motion as keenly as men do. Men often miss the trees for the forest. Women often miss the forest for the trees.” 

Further, women can more effectively interpret other people’s emotions than men. That is why the mother is more important to the newborn baby. It is not simply that her body provides the sustenance, but that she sees more deeply into the human person, into the baby who depends on her.

The man’s vision, by contrast, tends to “systematize, to abstract from the individual, to grasp at the whole.” Essentially, he is more adept at looking out for the family as a unit, while she is better equipped to take intimate care of its members.

Furthermore, Esolen argues that men and women also differ in their inner strength.