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US News:

Yes, Safe Smoking Kits Include Free Crack Pipes. We Know Because We Got Them.

Crack pipes are distributed in safe-smoking kits up and down the East Coast, raising questions about the Biden administration’s assertion that its multimillion-dollar harm reduction grant program wouldn’t funnel taxpayer dollars to drug paraphernalia.

The findings are the result of Washington Free Beacon visits to five harm-reduction organizations and calls to over two dozen more. In fact, every organization we visited—facilities in Boston, New York City, Washington, D.C., Baltimore, and Richmond, Va.—included crack pipes in the kits.

The kits became the subject of national attention in the wake of a Free Beacon report in February indicating that a $30 million harm-reduction program was set to fund the distribution of free crack pipes in “safe-smoking kits.” Pressed on the matter in a Feb. 9 press briefing, White House press secretary Jen Psaki issued a full-throated denial.

Twitter Suspends Conservative U. of North Texas Student After She Posts Pictures and Videos of Woke Crazies

Google Cloud/YouTube
Google Cloud/YouTube

“TX college conservative [Kelly Neidert] has been SUSPENDED by @Twitter for exposing leftists on Univ of Northern Texas campus who vandalized her apartment, threatened/stalked her & demanded she be expelled for standing up to alphabet mafia /woke mob,” Michelle Malkin tweeted earlier this week.

While it remains unclear which tweet triggered Neidert’s suspension, the college student had recently tweeted images and videos of protesters, as well as alleged vandalism left on her front door, which read, “Stay Home Nazi Cunt.”

In another recent post, Neidert shared a video of a “pro-abortion feminist” from her college “having a meltdown” about her pro-life sign.

Another recent tweet featured protesters staging a “die-in” protest on University of North Texas’ campus.

Two Twitter Executives Flee Company Ahead of Elon Musk’s Takeover

 (Robyn Beck-Pool/Getty Images)
 (Robyn Beck-Pool/Getty Images)

“We can confirm that Kayvon Beykpour and Bruce Falck are leaving Twitter. Jay Sullivan is the new GM of Bluebird and interim GM of Goldbird. Effective this week, we are pausing most hiring and backfills, except for business-critical roles. We are pulling back on non-labor costs to ensure we are being responsible and efficient,” Twitter spokesperson Adrian Zamora told The Verge in confirming the changes.

In a series of Twitter posts on Thursday, Beykpour wrote it wasn’t his decision to leave the firm, adding that he is currently on paternity leave.

CEO Parag Agrawal “asked me to leave after letting me know that he wants to take the team in a different direction,” he wrote. “The truth is that this isn’t how and when I imagined leaving Twitter, and this wasn’t my decision,” he added.

Bodycam Shows Intense Shootout Between Chicago Police And Carjacking Suspect

Footage shows officers pulling Jordan from the front seat of a stolen 2018 Porsche and throwing him to the ground. Officers cuff Jordan and tell him they are searching him for weapons. Jordan responds that he does not have any weapons on him.

Jordan asks officers to place his handcuffs in the front because he had third-degree burns on his hands. Officers refuse but tell him they will remove the handcuffs once they are at the station.

While in the SUV, Jordan was able to move his hands to the front and pulled the gun from his clothes, police said.

At the time of the shooting, Jordan was a convicted felon on parole for gun charges and had been on electronic monitoring until June 2020. Last month, Jordan was sentenced to 31 years in prison after pleading guilty. Shortly afterward on April 19, Jordan died when he hanged himself.

FDA to allow closed baby formula manufacturer to release products, shortage could last 8-10 weeks

Former FDA Associate Commissioner Peter Pitts explains the decision to shut down the Abbott plant in February, which led to the formula shortage.

Emails reveal top US scientist warned Chinese colleagues that Republicans wanted to investigate Wuhan lab for COVID-19 origins

Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images
Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

In emails from April 2020, Dr. James W. LeDuc, a professor and former director of Galveston National Laboratory at the University of Texas Medical Branch, warned the top scientist at the Wuhan lab, Dr. Zhengli Shi, that Republican lawmakers were pushing for an investigation of her lab, which received funding from the U.S. government to conduct research into coronaviruses.

“These startling documents show that China had partners here in the United States willing to go to bat for them on the Wuhan lab controversy,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

Judicial Watch obtained these email records through a public records request issued to the University of Texas Medical Branch. The Galveston National Laboratory at UTMB is among the largest active bio-containment facilities in the United States, hosting several biosafety level 4 labs where deadly diseases are studied under tight security restrictions.

Judge Throws Out Jan. 6 Plea Deal

EXCLUSIVE: Oath Keepers Stewart Rhodes Releases First Statement from Alexandria Prison to The Gateway Pundit – Feds Are Threatening Life in Prison (AUDIO)

Members of the Oath Keepers stand around and take photos inside the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.
Members of the Oath Keepers stand around and take photos inside the US Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

On January 6, 2021, several members of the Oath Keepers marched up the US Capitol steps, stood in a line, and sang the National Anthem with the tens of thousands of patriots outside the building.

Several members of the Oath Keepers, who were in Washington DC only to provide protection to speakers at several organized protests that week, walked into the US Capitol. They were seen taking pictures inside the building.

Julie Kelley reported on this atrocious development at American Greatness.

The government arrested Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes for his role in the Jan. 6 protests. Stewart told members of the Oath Keepers to leave their weapons in their hotel rooms. Stewart did not enter the US Capitol. He told his members NOT to enter the US Capitol. Despite this, Stewart has been sitting in prison for months and the Biden DOJ is threatening him with life in prison.

Stewart was moved from Dallas to Oklahoma and to Alexandria, Virginia where he is now being held.

Oath Keeper founder Stewart Rhodes released his first statement exclusively to The Gateway Pundit from the prison in Alexandria.

FBI marks parents with terrorist designation

The GOP blasts the FBI for investigating and marking parents with ‘threat tags’ in reference to counterterrorism.

FBI Whistleblower

GOP rep says illegal migrants sent ‘pallets’ of hard-to-find baby formula

“They are sending pallets, pallets of baby formula to the border,” Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., said in a video posted to Facebook Wednesday. “Meanwhile, in our own district at home, we cannot find baby formula.”

Cammack posted pictures to social media of empty formula shelves in Florida next to the pallets of food being sent to the border, saying in the video that a concerned border patrol agent sent her the image.

She said the picture comes from “Ursula processing facility” in Texas, where thousands are being housed and processed and then released.” The Florida lawmaker said the concerned agent told her that she “‘would not believe the shipment I just brought in.’”

West Coast Lightning Round: drug legalization and equity madness

Washington activists try to legalize all drugs, a school near Seattle lies about an incident to justify left-wing equity training, and the homeless have taken over our light rail system. Jason Rantz discussed this on FOX News at Night.


MTG: Biden Admin Gives Illegals Baby Formula Over American Mothers

ep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) discussed the baby formula shortage and how the Biden Administration has been supplying illegal immigrants with formula over American mothers during a press conference Thursday.

Tammy Bruce: Democrats failed every single woman with this economy

The Fox News contributor discussed the Democrats’ failed attempt to legalize abortion nationwide on ‘Outnumbered.’

The US Anti-War Left is Dead. The Squad’s $40b War Vote Just Killed It.

Tipping Point – Ballot Chaos

VOA Misallocates Funds and Suppresses Negative Stories About Iran. This Lawmaker Wants To Investigate.

Rep. Scott Perry (R., Pa.) / Getty Images
(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Voice of America (VOA), the taxpayer-funded government media network, is obstructing a congressional investigation into “waste, fraud, and abuse,” including partisan advocacy in favor of President Joe Biden and misuse of a visa program to “onboard foreign nationals,” according to a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The U.S. Agency for Global Media (USAGM), which oversees VOA and other government media outlets, has obstructed several congressional investigations into its misallocation of taxpayer funds and slanted coverage, including suppressing stories about the Iranian regime’s mass human rights abuses.

A government watchdog has also cited USAGM for failing to properly vet 40 percent of its workforce, which includes those with security clearances and many foreign nationals, including Iranians.

Rep. Scott Perry (R., Pa.), a Foreign Affairs Committee member, in March called on VOA and USAGM to turn over reams of information that he said would shed a light on the broadcasting giant’s abuse of taxpayer funds. The agency has failed to do so, fueling accusations it is trying to hide this information.

Biden admin. lied about targeting parents

It turns out that the Biden administration really did target parents who pushed back at dangerous school COVID policies. Plus, on COVID, the public is finally starting to feel normal again. Jason Rantz discussed on the Faulkner Focus. (May 12, 2022)

HUGE EXCLUSIVE: Voting Systems Used Across the Country Have Functionality to Create Ballots and Fill Them Out – Why Are They Allowed?

This past week auditors in New Mexico identified that the voting systems used in the counties under review have the ability to fill in ballots. 

This was noted in the presentation before officials in Otero County, New Mexico.  We then learned earlier today that a prior New York state investigation identified malicious code that could do this.

In addition to this breaking news, TGP identified other system issues within the voting systems.  According to the Dominion website, its election system has the ability to print ballots.

58 BILLION to Ukraine but using VETERAN funds for border?!

If there’s something that’s going to make Glenn LOSE IT, it’s this: the Biden administration — with Congress’ recently approved 40 billion — has approved in total 58 BILLION dollars to Ukraine since March. That’s just 5 billion away from Russia’s YEARLY military budget.

So, why then did DHS Secretary Mayorkas make it seem during testimony last month that there are not enough funds to adequately secure our southern border after Title 42 is lifted?

So few funds, in fact, the Biden administration may plan to divert money from the already struggling VA! Our veterans deserve better, our national security deserves better, and the thousands of Americans who have been directly impacted by the border crisis ALL DESERVE BETTER than this…

Tucker: There is something really wrong

Fox News host voices his concerns about lawmakers prioritizing solving Ukraine’s problems over America’s on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.

World News:

Female student in Nigeria beaten to death over ‘blasphemy’

Photograph: Graeme Robertson/The Guardian
Photograph: Graeme Robertson/The Guardian

A female student in Nigeria was beaten to death and set on fire by fellow students who accused her of posting “blasphemous” statements in a WhatsApp group, two witnesses have said.

“There is a WhatsApp group being used by the students, and her Muslim colleague student posted an Islamic piece. She criticised the posting,” said one of the witnesses, who declined to be named.

“She composed an audio that contains blasphemous comments on the prophet of Islam and posted in the group. That is what triggered everything.”

School security and police attempted to rescue the girl but were overwhelmed by the students, the witnesses said.

Gravitas: US is running out of baby formula

There is a shortage of baby formula in the United States. Several supermarkets have run out of baby food. The out-of-stock rate is over 40%. How does America plan to feed its babies? Palki Sharma brings you a report.

Finland to join NATO

Russia suffers heavy losses in failed Donbas river crossing

Russia has suffered yet another battlefield humiliation after Ukraine successfully thwarted its attempt to cross a river in Donbas, destroying dozens of vehicles and inflicting heavy casualties.

Satellite images lay bare the scale of the failure with the remains of two pontoon bridges drifting in the Donets River at Bilohorivka, west of the city of Lysychansk, surrounded by the ruins of tanks and armoured vehicles.

It appears Russian commanders were attempting to surround Lysychansk – and its sister city of Severodonetsk – with the crossing, but saw their sneak-attack turn into a massacre when Ukraine correctly guessed their plans. 

‘Maxim’, a Twitter user claiming to be a Ukrainian military engineer, says he identified the spot where Russia was most-likely to try crossing the river on May 7 and told his commanders to listen out for the sound of tugboat engines pushing a pontoon bridge into place as a sure sign that a crossing was imminent.

How to stop nuclear war.

Watch my latest thoughts on NATO expansion.

Islamist Palestinian neutralized at Temple Mount Gate; Iran-EU discuss JCPOA – TV7 Israel News 12.05

1) A Palestinian Islamist was neutralized after attempting to attack Israeli police officers at the entrance to Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

2) The Palestinian Authority calls for an international investigation into the death of Al-Jazeera veteran Journalist Shireen Abu-Akleh.

3) The U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency Director Lieutenant General Scott Berrier confirms the lifting of sanctions on Iran could increase their targeting of Washington’s regional partners as well as U.S. forces.