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States vs. Biden’s Prison-to-Streets Pipeline for Illegal Immigrant Convicts


The Biden administration has allowed a more than eleven-fold increase in the number of illegal immigrant offenders let out of Texas prisons and into the general U.S. population, despite federal immigration law requiring ICE to take convicts into custody after serving their time, usually in advance of deportation.

The disclosure emerges from state-initiated litigation that is beginning to shed light on what critics call the administration’s secretive and lenient handling of immigrants beginning last year – treatment that is imperiling public safety, alarmed state authorities say.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry, whose state has joined Texas in suing the Department of Homeland Security and other federal immigration agencies over the issuesaid testimony in the case being heard in U.S. District Court in Houston makes clear the Biden administration does not want the public to see how similar releases unfolded nationally in its first year.

Arizona, Ohio, and Montana are pursuing a similar lawsuit in Ohio. Last week the judge in that case, U.S. District Judge Michael Newman, appointed by President Trump, issued a preliminary injunction favoring the three states.

“Can the Executive displace clear congressional command in the name of resource allocation and enforcement goals? Here, the answer is no,” Newman wrote.

Social media tries to cancel Jim Carrey with decades-old video after he dares to speak out against Hollywood

Photo by Rich Fury/WireImage
Photo by Rich Fury/WireImage

Social media users took to Twitter in an uproar over Carrey’s remarks on Tuesday and Wednesday, accusing him of inappropriately acting out during an awards ceremony that took place a quarter-century ago.

Social media user yasmin shared the original clip in question, which, according to Newsweek, showed Carrey “seemingly forcing a kiss” on Silverstone as he accepted the award for Best Comedic Performance in 1996 comedy “Cable Guy.”

The user captioned the clip, “[S]ays the guy who sexually assaulted alicia silverstone on stage.”

Eight Indicted For Raping and Filming Rapes of Two 13-Year-Old Girls

bunditinay / iStock / Getty Images Plus
bunditinay / iStock / Getty Images Plus

The eight suspects in custody have claimed that the sex with the two girls was consensual and that they believed the girls were at least 16 or 17 years old at the time of the incident.

One of the young men, a 19-year-old, was denied a request for release after 15 months in pre-trial detention and has been convicted of crimes six times in the past, including violent robbery. He was also shot in the head previously at a drug deal in a case of attempted murder.

The indictments come just months after French police arrested a man, said to be a radical Islamic extremist, who was accused of kidnapping a 15-year-olf Iraqi girl and raping her in his home over a period of several days.

The girl was rescued by a neighbour of the man who claimed the teen also displayed signs that she had been physically abused and strangled.

African Migrant Gang Accused of Robbing Ukrainian Refugees in Spain

Warning Ukrainian Refugees Vulnerable to Trafficking, Forced Prostitution
Criminal organisations are looking to exploit refugees and traffic them into prostitution, the drugs trade, and possibly worse.
Warning Ukrainian Refugees Vulnerable to Trafficking, Forced Prostitution
Criminal organisations are looking to exploit refugees and traffic them into prostitution, the drugs trade, and possibly worse.

The Spanish Civil Guard arrested a 47-year-old man — identified only by his initials RMJ — and identified another person as being behind at least eight thefts and three counts of damage to vehicles located in rest stops on Spanish highways. Both men are said to be part of a larger North African criminal gang.

The North African gang is said to target elderly travellers and foreigners in rest areas along the A-1, A-62 and AP7 highways and among their alleged victims was a family of Ukrainian refugees who were fleeing the conflict in their country, the newspaper La Razón reports.

According to the newspaper, the gang purposely targetted foreigners who may be unfamiliar with the Spanish language and are less likely to pursue charges or attend criminal hearings.

In Switzerland, Ukrainian refugee women have also complained of poor treatment from other migrants in an asylum centre in Chevrilles.

Russian jets that violated Swedish airspace ‘were equipped with NUKES’

The jets violated the country's airspace over the island of Gotland on March 2
The jets violated the country’s airspace over the island of Gotland on March 2

Two Russian planes that violated Swedish airspace earlier this month were equipped with nuclear weapons, it has emerged. 

The flyover near the island of Gotland on March 2 was a deliberate act designed to intimidate Sweden, according to Swedish news channel TV4 Nyheterna.   

A total of four planes had taken off from the Russian air base of Kaliningrad. 

They consisted of two Sukhoi 24 attack planes, which were escorted by two Sukhoi 27 fighter jets. 

It was the two attack planes which were, according to TV4 Nyheter sources, equipped with nuclear weapons. 

Sri Lanka faces worst-ever economic crisis, triggering food and fuel shortages and protests

There are now daily power cuts in Sri Lanka to preserve fuel supplies
There are now daily power cuts in Sri Lanka to preserve fuel supplies

Since the beginning of March, the Sri Lankan rupee has fallen by almost 45% against the US dollar and its foreign exchange reserves have fallen to crisis levels.

Sri Lanka imports a lot of essential items, but its inability to pay for them has resulted in shortages of food, fuel and baby milk.

While the country relied heavily on borrowing from China, which may have helped in the short term, it is now on the verge of sovereign debt default.

Unable to buy fuel the Ministry of Power announced a six to seven-hour daily power cut across the country, while supplies for buses and lorries have also been rationed.

Biden’s Deputies: 500,000 Migrants Per Month Expected at Border

AP Photo/Sandra Sebastian
AP Photo/Sandra Sebastian

“Homeland security officials on Tuesday described contingency plans for managing as many as 18,000 encounters a day at the border, regardless of the cause,” reported the New York Times.

That inflow would add up to more than 500,000 people a month — or more migrants than American births in a month. The southern flood would exacerbate the economic damage already caused by the flood of roughly 1 million legal immigrants and perhaps 400,000 new visa workers.

The media briefing was likely intended to help persuade other officials at the White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – as well as judges – to preserve the Title 42 barrier when it expires this week.

Reparations Panel in California, a Free State, Votes 5-4 to Limit Benefits to Descendants of Slaves

Manny Ceneta/Getty Images
WASHINGTON, DC – AUGUST 17: Andrea Levy (R) from Queens, New York, joins other demonstrators for slave reparations on the National Mall August 17, 2002 in Washington, DC. Hundreds of blacks rallied, saying it is long past time to compensate blacks for the ills of slavery. (Photo by Manny Ceneta/Getty Images)

A state panel considering reparations for slavery in California, which entered the Union in 1850 as a free state, voted 5-4 on Tuesday to limit benefits to those who could actually show they were descended from slaves, not all who happen to be black.

As Breitbart News began reporting in 2020, Democrats in California passed legislation at the height of the Black Lives Matter riots to create a commission to consider the issue of reparations, even though the state was a free state at its birth:

Despite California’s free history, the reparations task force is assigned the mission of evaluating the history and impact of slavery on the United States as a whole.

The goal, as with many California policies, is to be a model for liberal policies elsewhere — or, as Newsom said, according to The Hill, to be “a paradigm that we hope will be resonant all across the United States.”

The nine-member panel, which did not appear to have any white or Hispanic members, launched last year, amid statements about the importance of slavery to the U.S. as a whole, and the anniversary of deadly race riots in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1921.

Speculation of Rationing As German Minister Prepares Emergency Measures Over Gas Supply

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP via Getty Images
German Economy Minister Robert Habeck TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP via Getty Images

Economy Minister Habeck, a member of the Greens, declared an early warning level on Wednesday as part of a three-stage emergency gas plan that could eventually see the state step in and intervene in the energy market and possibly even ration supplies of gas.

“There are currently no supply bottlenecks,” Hackeck said but added, “Nevertheless, we must increase the precautionary measures in order to be prepared for an escalation on the part of Russia,” the German tabloid Bild reports.

According to the newspaper, the emergency plan consists of three stages. The first is simply a warning level that includes no state action. The second, the alarm level, would also not see state intervention but the third level, Emergency, could see “non-market measures” used by the government to limit and distribute gas supply.

Watch: RNC Unveils ‘Unchecked’ Series Highlighting Joe Biden’s Record-Breaking Illegal Immigration Crisis

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has released part one of a video series, which Breitbart News obtained a first look at, hitting President Joe Biden for record illegal immigration at the United States-Mexico border where more than two million border crossers and illegal aliens were encountered in 2021.

The RNC’s video series, “Unchecked,” sheds light on the “human cost” of the Biden administration’s record-setting rate of illegal immigration to the U.S.

In 2021, more than two million border crossers and illegal aliens arrived at the porous southern border — a foreign population larger than the resident population of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

EXPLAINED: The new Hunter & Joe Biden FAMILY CRIME details

Hunter Biden and his infamous laptop may be back in the news (well, back in SOME news…) but this is NOT a Hunter Biden story.

This is a Biden FAMILY CRIME story, Glenn says, with President Joe Biden included. Glenn explains the latest updates: from possible next steps for Hunter Biden, and who’s really investigating the details, to how all of it possibly could relate to Russia and Ukraine…

Rep. Boebert, OMB Director Discuss the National Debt

During a House Budget committee hearing, Rep. Boebert and OMB Director Shalanda Young discussed the national debt and how President Joe Biden’s budget might impact it.

Third deadly terror attack strikes Israel; Ukraine-Russia talks mark progress TV7 Israel News 30.03

1) A third deadly terror attack within one-week plagues central Israel – claiming the lives of three Israelis and two Ukrainian refugees.

2) Israel raises its level of alert to the highest possible level – while the Islamist Hamas welcomes the murder of Israelis – dubbing it a source of “pride” for the Palestinian people and the Muslim “Umma.”

3) Direct negotiations between Ukrainian and Russian delegations in the Turkish city of Istanbul reportedly mark the most significant progress in discussions to date.

PICTURES: Palestinians Celebrate, Hand out Candy After Terror Attack that Killed 5 in Tel Aviv

AFP via Getty
AFP via Getty

Palestinians in multiple cities came out in droves to celebrate a shooting attack by a terrorist in a Tel Aviv suburb on Tuesday evening that killed five people.

The terrorist, identified as Diaa Hamarsheh, 26, a Palestinian from near the West Bank city of Jenin, smuggled into Israel illegally and began a shooting spree with an M16 assault rifle in the ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak in central Israel, as Breitbart News reported.

Palestinians celebrated outside Hamarsheh’s family home and in other Palestinian cities later that evening.

Dozens of pictures and videos emerged of Palestinians all over the West Bank and Gaza handing out sweets as per the tradition in the aftermath of a deadly attack against Israelis.

Disney’s woke agenda revealed in leaked audio

‘Fox & Friends’ co-hosts sound off on Disney for expressing opposition to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Parental Rights in Education law.

WATCH: UK Leftist Leader Stumped When Asked if Women Can Have Penises

Britain’s leftist Labour Party, Keir Starmer, Victoria Jones - WPA Pool/Getty Images
Britain’s leftist Labour Party, Keir Starmer, Victoria Jones – WPA Pool/Getty Images

A question on whether or not women could have penises left the leader of Britain’s leftist Labour Party, Keir Starmer, stumped during a radio interview on Monday.

Starmer has already come under significant fire from certain self-described feminists over his stance on transgender issues, with famous novelist JK Rowling previously hitting out at the Labour leader after he insisted that “trans women are women”.

Things have since taken a turn for the bizarre, with the leftist politician being left stuttering after being asked if a woman can have a penis during an interview with LBC.

Scoop: FEC fines DNC and Clinton for Trump dossier hoax

The Federal Election Commission has fined the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign for lying about the funding of the infamous, and discredited, Russian “dossier” used in a smear attempt against Donald Trump weeks before he shocked the world with his 2016 presidential victory.

The election agency said that Clinton and the DNC violated strict rules on describing expenditures of payments funneled to the opposition research firm Fusion GPS through their law firm.

The FEC, in a memo to the Coolidge Reagan Foundation, which filed its complaint over three years ago, said it fined Clinton’s treasurer $8,000 and the DNC’s treasurer $105,000.

The memo, shared with Secrets, is to be made public in a month.

A Scary Antifa Story From The Portland Riots | Andy Ngo & Jordan Peterson

In this episode, I discuss Andy’s experiences with Antifa, race riots, autonomous zones, and the ‘summer of love’ in Seattle.

We also exchanged thoughts on the psychology of mob violence, journalistic integrity, dealing with criticism, using people for political ends, attempts to destabilize the police, and lots more.

Pennsylvania judge boots 5 Dems from school board over mask mandate

West Chester Area School District Board Meeting March 28, 2022. (West Chester Area School District)
West Chester Area School District Board Meeting March 28, 2022. (West Chester Area School District)

The order is a result of a parent-filed petition to the West Chester Area School District back in February, according to public media organization WHYY. One of the parents, Beth Ann Rosica, argued that under the Pennsylvania school code districts have no authority to require students to wear masks.

The decision from the Court of Common Pleas “states that the removal of the board members named in the petition was a ‘procedural result’ and does not address any of the allegations made in the complaint” a statement from Superintendent Dr. Robert Sokolowski reads.

“Special counsel to the district is in the process of preparing a substantive response on behalf of those school board members named in the petition.” 

Judge Mahon gave both parent petitioner Rosica and the school district seven days to submit recommendations for replacement board members.

Hunter Biden saga: Washington Post authenticates laptop after dismissing ‘fake’ scandal in 2020

Photo credit: Getty Images
Hunter Biden Photo credit: Getty Images

The Washington Post has authenticated thousands of emails from Hunter Biden‘s laptop after the paper joined other outlets in downplaying and disparaging the New York Post’s reporting during the 2020 presidential election.

The Washington Post published a lengthy report on Wednesday about Hunter Biden’s “multimillion-dollar” financial ties to the Chinese energy company CEFC China Energy.

The latest reporting from The Washington Post comes days after The New York Times released its own bombshell report which also authenticated Hunter Biden’s laptop.

In the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, The Washington Post largely kept its readers in the dark as to the seriousness of the Hunter Biden scandal.

US commander admits Biden’s deterrence strategy failed in Ukraine

U.S. Gen. Tod Wolters
U.S. Gen. Tod Wolters

Wolters made the admission in response to questions from Republican Wisconsin Rep. Mike Gallagher. While Gallagher did not reference Biden by name, he questioned Wolters about the effectiveness of the U.S. effort to deter Russia’s invasion by non-military means in the months leading up to the invasion.

“You as a combatant commander felt that you were part of an inter-agency effort intended to deter Vladimir Putin from invading Ukraine?” Gallagher asked.

“That’s correct,” Wolters responded. “Deter and dissuade.”

“Would it be fair to say that deterrence failed in Ukraine?” Gallagher pressed.

“Number one I would say that NATO’s solidarity remained,” Wolters began, before being cut off by Gallagher pressing for a direct answer to the question.

“I can’t argue with your conclusion,” Wolters finished.

The exchange comes as the Biden administration continues to insist its threats of sanctions against Russia were never meant to deter an invasion. 

U.S. astronaut returns to earth after record ISS mission

A U.S. astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts safely landed in Kazakhstan on Wednesday after leaving the International Space Station aboard the same capsule despite heightened antagonism between Moscow and Washington over the conflict in Ukraine.

DuckDuckGo Embraces Censorship, Destroys Brand


And yet, you had to have been living under a rock to not have noticed the number of individuals complaining of censorship and reported removal of “misinformation” and “disinformation” from social media platforms in the last two years.

In fact, Google’s move to remove content they didn’t agree with cracked down in June 2019 when their algorithm replaced crowdsourcing with crowd control and removed nearly every article published on from the search engines.

The move by DuckDuckGo is yet another in a long list of censorship actions designed to keep you in the dark.