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Desperate hunt for girl, 18, abducted by ‘a homeless man’ in Nevada

Naomi Irion, 18, was last seen in the parking lot of the Walmart in Fernley, Nevada, around 34 miles east of Reno, on March 12 at 5am. 

She parks her car in the Walmart parking lot then takes a shuttle bus to her job at Panasonic that is laid on by the company. 

According to her family, surveillance footage shows a man who had just walked to the parking lot from a homeless encampment getting into her vehicle. 

He approached the car while she was sat in the driver’s seat, ‘said something to her’ and she moved over into the passenger seat. 

NATO Allies demonstrate strength and unity with exercise Cold Response in Norway

A Spanish Leopard tank drives through an open field near Rena, Norway during Exercise Brilliant Jump 2022.
A Spanish Leopard tank drives through an open field near Rena, Norway during Exercise Brilliant Jump 2022.

Tens of thousands of troops from across Europe and North America are training together in harsh climatic conditions as part of Norwegian exercise Cold Response 2022.

The exercise is defensive and long-planned, and it demonstrates NATO’s ability to respond decisively to any threat, from any direction.

Around 30,000 troops from 27 nations, including NATO’s close partners Finland and Sweden, are taking part in the exercise, as well as about 220 aircraft and more than 50 vessels.

Video: NATO forces conducted military exercise ‘Brilliant Jump 2022’ near Rena, Norway.

Two caught rummaging through dying Philadelphia man’s pockets: video

Two people were caught on surveillance video rummaging through the pockets of a Philadelphia man who was dying on a sidewalk after being shot, police said.

The 38-year-old victim took three bullets to his chest after getting into a fight with a man in the city’s Hunting Park neighborhood Wednesday evening.

During the fight, a third man pulled a gun from his waistband and shot the victim, Chief Inspector Scott Small told reporters.

The two men involved in the shooting then fled in a dark Dodge Charger as the victim collapsed on the sidewalk.

China has ‘ambitions’ to be the world’s ‘biggest and strongest’ economy

Sky News Business Editor Ross Greenwood says China has “ambitions” to be not only the “biggest economy in the world but the strongest economy” in the world in terms of political power.

“That’s one of the reasons why it’s seeking to wean itself eventually off the US dollar,” he told Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

Shanghai grapples with China’s new COVID wave in echoes of 2020

Residents line up at a makeshift COVID-19 testing site in Shanghai. (cnsphoto via Reuters)
Residents line up at a makeshift COVID-19 testing site in Shanghai. (cnsphoto via Reuters)

In neighborhoods particularly hit hard, apartment buildings are required to lock down for 48 hours even without any cases — and no one is allowed to leave until all residents test negative on two PCR tests during the isolation period.

“This is getting close to how things were in early 2020,” said one Shanghai man.

Since China’s first case of the omicron variant was confirmed in Tianjin in December, the virus has been spreading across China, with daily new infections in the mainland exceeding 5,000 on March 14. Thursday’s count was lower at 4,292, but the virus is spreading fastest in major cities.

Russia celebrates eight year anniversary of Crimea annexation

Russia is celebrating its eight year anniversary of Crimea’s annexation – as its military intensifies its aggression in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin hailed the efforts of his troops in Ukraine in front of a packed Moscow stadium.

Rochester Schools paid $188,750 to settle lawsuit over district’s dossier of critical parents

Nam Y. Huh / AP
Nam Y. Huh / AP

The Center Square reported the lawsuit in February but couldn’t find the settlement amount except through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The settlement was split: lawyer Deborah Gordon received $72,540.36, while plaintiff Elena Dinverno received $116,209.64. In the lawsuit, Dinverno claimed she was fired because a school official called her employer and claimed she was threatening the district.

The settlement says parties must keep settlement terms confidential, and no one admitted liability.

The lawsuit alleges that RCS public relations members Amy DiCresce and Lori Grein were assigned to compile a dossier on district parents’ social media posts and comments critical of the school district, which were circulated to school officials.

Israel urges US not to delist IRGC; Jerusalem allocates funds for Laser-System TV7 Israel News 18.03

1) Israel urges the United States not to go through with the revocation of the IRGC’s designation as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

2) US CENTCOM Commander General Kenneth McKenzie stresses that Iran’s primary presence in Syria is to stage attacks against Israel.

3) Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz approves the allocation of a significant budget to develop and produce the high-power laser system designed to intercept aerial threats.

DHS Calls for Detainees’ Immediate Removal From New Mexico ICE Facility

 (Photo by PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images)

Inspector General Joseph Cuffari issued a management alert for the Torrance County Detention Facility in Estancia, New Mexico, directing ICE to address “critical staffing shortages” and “egregious conditions.”

CNN reports that this is the first time the DHS inspector general has called for the immediate removal of detainees from an ICE facility.

According to CNN, Houser said ICE has “serious concerns about the accuracy and integrity of this report” and whether the report met standards for inspection and evaluation, saying it “appears the inspector general falsified or mischaracterized evidence and ignored facts.”

A Chick-fil-A in California may be declared ‘a public nuisance,’ city council plans vote

Chick-fil-A logo sign (iStock)
Chick-fil-A logo sign (iStock)

As desiring customers flock to the Chick-fil-A drive-thru, those who do not fit in the parking lot are forced onto the adjacent roadway, blocking traffic, residents have alleged, CBS News reported.

“Chick-fil-A has a good problem here. They are so successful, they have outgrown their site. It’s possible they were oversized for that site, to begin with,” Santa Barbara City Council member Kristen Sneddon said during a hearing earlier this month, according to the report.

The city council then unanimously voted to advance a motion that would label the restaurant a “public nuisance,” but Chick-fil-A requested a delay, so the restaurant could take action once more to rectify the situation, CBS News reported.

Filthy rich Hollywood stars pressure bank to defund pipeline as energy prices soar

The letter, signed in solidarity, urges the Royal Bank of Canada to “withdraw support from the Coastal GasLink pipeline, effective immediately.” 

The letter goes on to say, “City National Bank’s parent company Royal Bank of Canada is bankrolling the climate crisis and violating the rights of Indigenous Peoples.” 

More than 65 celebrities, including Mark Ruffalo, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Stiller, Scarlett Johansson, Taika Waititi, Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon and Robert Downey Jr., banded together to send the letter to City National Bank’s parent company. 

Warren: COVID, Oil and Meat Industries to Blame for Inflation

In an interview Wednesday on CNBC’s The Exchange, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) blamed everyone and everything but the Biden administration for the record-high inflation in the United States: the coronavirus pandemic, the oil industry, and the meat industry.

Absolutely false. This is pure anti-business demagoguery from the capitalist-hating Warren who coined the phrase, “You didn’t build that!”

The fact of the matter is that our economic woes are 100% the result of Democrat policies. Warren will never admit that it is, but the American people suffering under an accelerating economic burden are not fooled by the Democrat Narrative that corporate greed and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine are to blame.

Amid soaring inflation, skyrocketing gas prices, Congress brings back earmarks: ‘Cocaine of this generation’

American Earmarks
The pork you're paying for
American Earmarks
The pork you’re paying for

Congress’ massive spending bill shows the institution reverting to the old guards’ ways by using earmarks, which could cause prices to rise further than they already have.

Originally taken down during the Republican Tea Party wave during former President Obama’s administration, earmarks were used for decades to give lawmakers a loophole to fund pet projects back home.

The appropriations screen pass was brought back this year by Congress, as Democrats and some Republicans used thousands of earmarks in the $1.5 trillion omnibus bill to get millions of dollars in taxpayer money to fund projects back home in their districts.

From $584,000 for “a self-reliant urban solar village” in Pennsylvania to a $300,000 Hawaiian tree census, here are some states where lawmakers bought items with your tax cash in the hastily passed appropriations omnibus bill last week that also included nearly $13 billion in aid for war-torn Ukraine.

As prosecutors weigh charges, memos show Hunter Biden was alerted to legal exposure years ago

Two of the most tantalizing memos involve Hunter Biden’s relationship with Burisma Holdings, the Ukrainian gas firm long regarded as corrupt by U.S. officials that hired Hunter Biden and his now-convicted business partner Devon Archer to its board in spring 2014.

The hirings coincided with a trip then-Vice President Joe Biden made to Kyiv as President Obama’s newly named point man for U.S.-Ukraine policy.

The memos openly discussed a desire to avoid registering as lobbyists.

Memos obtained by Just the News more than a year ago show the president’s son was warned as early as 2016 by a business associate and accountant that he had failed to pay taxes on large payments he had received from Burisma.

HUGE ripple effects from today’s oil market INSTABILITY

What exactly is going on with the oil industry, the petrodollar, Russia, China, and the U.S.? Professor and economy expert David Buckner joins Glenn to break it all down.

He explains how current oil sanctions have caused massive, market instability and he details ripple effects the world — specifically the U.S. dollar — may experience as a result of it all…

Here’s How Dr. Fauci Used the AIDS Pandemic to Gain Power

Watch the full episode exclusively on Daily Wire –

Fox45: Transparency in Baltimore’s Safe Streets Program

While it’s unclear whether a program designed to curb violence in Baltimore is working, the organizations running it continue to get millions of taxpayer dollars funded through federal, state, and city grants.

Bodycam Shows Suspect Shooting Oklahoma City Cop at Close Range During Pat-Down

The Oklahoma City Police Department released body-camera footage that shows the moment Crasteven Kennon Wilson, 23, shot Officer Bryce Sheehan in the leg as he tried to search the suspect for weapons in southeast Oklahoma City.

VIDEO: Wildfires in Texas Prompt Evacuations, Burn Nearly 40K Acres

Per the Associated Press (AP):

Several wildfires merged to form what fire officials call a “complex” that was burning near Eastland, about 120 miles (195 kilometers) west of Dallas.

As of Friday morning, the fires had burned about 62.5 square miles (162 square kilometers), according to Texas A&M Forest Service. It was only 2% contained and fires were burning in thick brush and grass fields.

In a social media post Thursday evening, the Texas A&M Forest Service said fires were sweeping across approximately 13,000 acres.

Exclusive — Chip Roy: Air Force Mandating Wounded Warriors to Be Vaccinated

Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images
Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

This policy unnecessarily barred many of these brave heroes, their family members, and caregivers from participating in the very program created to support them,” the Texas congressman wrote in a letter to Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall.

Roy sent the letter to Kendall on Friday morning, requesting that he “immediately eliminate” any COVID-19 vaccine requirement for all future Air Force Wounded Warrior program events.

He reminded the Air Force secretary that the Wounded Warrior program is a congressionally mandated and federally funded organization created to care for wounded or inured Airmen, Guardians, and their families on their journey to return to active-duty status or transition into civilian life.

Democrat Rep. Stephanie Murphy Unloads on Democrat Party: ‘You Can’t Keep Promising Rainbows and Unicorns’

Mandel Ngan/Pool via AP
Mandel Ngan/Pool via AP

Murphy spilled the beans, telling Politico Playbook the Democrat leadership would beat her and other moderate Democrats “into submission” for the purpose of pushing a radical agenda item that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) proposed.

“I can’t tell you the number of times I said, ‘You can’t keep promising rainbows and unicorns when your political reality is such narrow margins in the House and a dead-even Senate,’” Murphy said. “They took the difference between rainbows and unicorns and political reality — which is anger and disappointment — and turned that anger and disappointment against their own members.”

Murphy said hardball tactics are consistently used by Democrats to push members to “take one [vote] for the team” in order to satisfy the Democrat leadership, such as Biden’s lieutenants at the DCCC.

“Waste Of The Week” on The National Desk: $1.5T Spending Bill Passed 24 Hours After Being Released

President Joe Biden signed a $1.5 trillion spending bill last week that passed in the House — but only 24 hours after the bill was released.

It was 2,700 pages long,. When lawmakers voted on this, they didn’t know what they were voting on.

Read the full article at @The National Desk:

Federal Gov. REQUIRED to pay Special Master Following Unconstitutional Raids on Veritas Journalists

We know why they lied about Hunter Biden’s laptop: Devine

Columnist Miranda Devine says it’s ‘delicious’ to watch the media ‘squirm’ over reality on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Bill Barr reacts to Hunter Biden news, cartel violence

Former attorney general also discusses new book ‘One Damn Thing After Another’, on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’.

Tucker: This is a highly dangerous situation

Fox News host voices his concerns over illegal immigration on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Exclusive–Ashley Hinson: Biden Is Surging Illegal Immigration While Driving Down Deportations

Alex Wong/Getty Images
Alex Wong/Getty Images

During an exclusive interview with SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Daily, Hinson slammed Biden and his Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for their unwillingness to stem illegal immigration before it spills into American communities.

“Illegal immigration is surging up, deportations are down and that is a direct result of the policies from this administration,” Hinson said. “We know that there were over 164,000 illegal immigrant encounters at our southern border in February. That is, of course, the worst February on record in more than 20 years and again, we continue to see the reports of the dangerous sex criminals and gang members.”

“The administration has no idea who is coming into our country and its clear, they don’t care,” Hinson continued.

Report: Biden Frees More Criminal Illegal Aliens into U.S. Communities Thanks to ‘Sanctuary Country’ Orders

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images/AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images/AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

The most expansive is Biden’s so-called “sanctuary country” orders that prevent ICE agents from arresting and deporting most illegal aliens by focusing on a small percentage who commit violent crimes, are terrorists, or who are known gang members.

In addition, Biden has given illegal aliens a number of “protected areas” where they can avoid arrest and deportation, is currently working to further crack down on ICE arrests, and has shielded illegal aliens from being arrested at most courthouses.

Stephen Dinan at the Washington Times, though, exclusively published unreleased figures that show the Biden administration arrested 48 percent fewer convicted criminal illegal aliens, conducted 63 percent fewer deportations for convicted criminal illegal aliens, and issued 46 percent fewer requests for ICE agents to take custody of criminal illegal aliens in Fiscal Year 2021.

As a result, the figures indicate, more criminal illegal aliens are continuing to live freely in American communities without the fear of being arrested and deported by ICE agents.

Biden’s DHS Hides Data on Arrests, Deportations of Criminal Illegal Aliens

ICE/Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images
ICE/Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

The report showed that Biden has drastically gutted interior immigration enforcement with arrests of illegal aliens dropping nearly 50 percent and deportations getting slashed by 78 percent since Fiscal Year 2019.

Overall, just a little more than 74,000 illegal aliens were arrested from October 2020 to September 2021. A bulk of was arrested while former President Trump was still in office, making Biden’s arrest count even smaller.

Likewise, less than 60,000 illegal aliens were deported.

Notably missing from the report is a laundry list of datasets, such as the number of illegal aliens that were issued ICE detainers in the Fiscal Year 2021.

U.S. soldiers alive, despite Russian ‘fake news’ report, U.S. military says

Tennessee National Guard troops board a plane in Smyrna, Tenn., on June 4, 2020. Three current and former members were falsely identified in a Russian media report as mercenaries killed in Ukraine, the Tennessee Guard said.Mark Humphrey / AP file
Tennessee National Guard troops board a plane in Smyrna, Tenn., on June 4, 2020. Three current and former members were falsely identified in a Russian media report as mercenaries killed in Ukraine, the Tennessee Guard said.Mark Humphrey / AP file

“The Tennessee Guard is aware of the fake news coming out of Russia,” said Tracy O’Grady, a spokesperson for the larger U.S. National Guard.

The Tennessee Guard said in a statement: “They are accounted for, safe and not, as the article headline erroneously states, U.S. mercenaries killed in Donetsk People’s Republic.”

The National Guard speculated the militia picked the three men while reviewing official imagery associated with a 2018 deployment by Tennessee’s 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment to Ukraine, suggesting all three had been in Ukraine.

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