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US, Politics: Biden’s NIH Refuses To Answer Questions About University Of Pittsburgh Experiments On Aborted Babies


Senate Pro-Life Caucus Chair Steve Daines, R-Mont., derided NIH’s response as “extremely concerning and completely unacceptable” and the investigative findings by the law firm Pitt commissioned as “woefully inadequate.”

“Rather than conducting its own investigation, the Biden administration has chosen to rely on a woefully inadequate outside report paid for by Pitt,” he told me.

“This report fails to address our concerns that Pitt’s research may have involved fetal tissue harvested from babies who were born alive or where the abortion methods were altered.

This type of research is not only unethical and completely repulsive, but contrary to federal law. We need answers.”

US: Texas election commissioner resigns after 10,000 uncounted ballots found in last week’s primary

The elections commissioner in Texas’ largest county has resigned after revelations that 10,000 ballots were not counted in the Houston area in last week’s primary election.

Longoria said her resignation would take effect July 1 to ensure “there is a presiding officer during the May and June elections and allows the election commission the time they need to find a replacement.

I remain committed to the office and its mission and hope to aid in defeating harmful rhetoric to ensure successful elections in the future.”

US: Navy says destroyer can’t sail because commander won’t get COVID vaccine — and his superiors want him gone

U.S. Navy via Getty Images
U.S. Navy via Getty Images

The United States Navy is refusing to deploy a guided-missile destroyer because the ship’s commanding officer is unvaccinated for COVID-19 and allegedly has disobeyed orders related to COVID.

The ship’s commander initially joined a lawsuit last October requesting relief from the mandate religious grounds.

The commander then dropped from that lawsuit and filed another lawsuit, along with a Marine lieutenant colonel, in U.S. district court in January alleging their First Amendment rights were violated when they were subject to reassignment for refusing to get the COVID vaccine.

Thus, the Pentagon claimed Merryday’s order “effectively places a multi-billion dollar guided missile destroyer out of commission” because it is “forcing the Navy to keep in place a commander of a destroyer who has lost the trust of his superior officers and the Navy at large.”

US, Politics: Mike Lee CALLS OUT Biden’s climate obsessed ‘GOD COMPLEX’

President Biden announced on Tuesday a ban on oil from Russia in response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

But his ban will only harm Americans further if the Biden administration does not re-open oil drilling in the United States as well.

Senator Mike Lee joins the show to discuss the latest developments, Biden’s ‘obsession’ over climate change, and the ‘God-complex’ our president demonstrates by believing he can successfully lead the world to the energy answers we all need…

Commentary/Opinion: Katie Hopkins on Ukraine. 2 parts straight talk. 0 parts Bullsh*t

US, Politics: Episode 8 | Members of Congress Received 8,000+ Free Trips | Rip-Off The Week 2022

Members of Congress Received 8,000+ Free Trips—Including Hundreds Paid for by Non-Profits Who Pocketed $100+ Million in Federal Funding At arms-length, all the trips are legal.

However, the pattern is a troubling conflict-of-interest!

Commentary/Opinion: Analyzing the War in Ukraine and the War at Home

John Daniel Davidson and Emily Jashinsky join Federalist Radio Hour.

US: Illegal alien protest shuts down bridges in New York City to demand $3 billion in unemployment benefits

Image Source: WCBS-TV YouTube video screenshot
Image Source: WCBS-TV YouTube video screenshot

The illegal aliens and their activist supporters shut down traffic lanes on the Brooklyn bridge and the Manhattan bridge Tuesday morning.

Protesters called on New York Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) to place more taxpayer funding into the “Excluded Workers Fund,” which was initially created to pass out $2.1 billion of unemployment payments to illegal aliens affected by the pandemic.

WCBS-TV reported that the funds were distributed to about 130,000 illegal alien recipients before it ran out. Each received the maximum benefit which was $15,600.

US, Politics: GOP senators meet Supreme Court nominee Jackson, previewing ‘no’ vote arguments

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson continued her meetings with lawmakers on Wednesday as she approaches her confirmation hearings, convening with Republican Sens. Josh Hawley and Mike Lee.

Lee and Hawley have recently expressed concerns about her nomination to succeed retiring Justice Stephen Breyer, who will step down from the high court later this year.

Hawley recounted that he was troubled by Jackson’s “record on crime and criminal justice” in a statement last month, while Lee has “grave concerns” about the “precedent she would seek to set” as a justice, he said in a Feb. 25 statement.

US: Exclusive – Biden’s Ambassador to Germany Has Spent Last Two Weeks in America, Not Europe

Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Gutmann’s confirmation was rushed by the U.S. Senate after it was held up for some time, ostensibly because the White House pressured senators earlier this year claiming that Biden needed her engaged in diplomacy amid this crisis in Europe.

But the fact she has not even been to Germany since Russia invaded Ukraine–never mind even on the continent of Europe, spending the entire time for more than two weeks in the United States instead–raises serious questions about that.

Some U.S. Senate sources say the credibility of the White House on such matters is now in doubt, with one senior GOP Senate aide telling Breitbart News that senators will no longer as a result of Gutmann’s behavior since confirmation take Biden seriously when he asks for a speedy confirmation favor like this.

US, Politics: Exclusive — Jim Jordan: NSBA Colluded with Biden Admin to ‘Intimidate and Silence Parents’ Using Federal Law Enforcement

Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images
Michael Reynolds-Pool/Getty Images

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) is demanding answers from the National School Boards Association (NSBA) regarding its “collusion” with the Biden administration to use federal law enforcement to investigate parents attending school board meetings as “domestic terrorists.”

In a letter obtained exclusively by Breitbart News, Jordan — who is the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee — points out that the NSBA’s original letter to President Joe Biden prompted a “rapid and stunning response … that culminated in a directive from the Attorney General for federal law enforcement to monitor school board matters.”

Jordan also pointed out in the letter that the NSBA and Biden administration sought to manufacture a reason for federal law enforcement to go after parents, saying, “We still have concerns about the NSBA’s collusion with the Biden Administration to develop a pretext for invoking federal law enforcement to intimidate and silence parents.” [Emphasis added].

NYT Reporter tells O’Keefe he “Absolutely” stands by comments made on undercover video

• NYT National Security Correspondent, Matthew Rosenberg, contradicts his own January 6 reporting: “There were a ton of FBI informants among the people who attacked the Capitol.”

• Rosenberg: “It was like, me and two other colleagues who were there [January 6] outside and we were just having fun!”

• Rosenberg: “I’m like come on, it’s not the kind place I can tell someone to man up but I kind of want to be like, ‘dude come on, you were not in any danger.’”

NYT Reporter: Jan 6 Media ‘Overreaction,’ FBI Involved; Traumatized Colleagues are “Fu*king Bit*hes”

• NYT National Security Correspondent, Matthew Rosenberg, contradicts his own January 6 reporting: “There were a ton of FBI informants among the people who attacked the Capitol.”

• Rosenberg: “It was like, me and two other colleagues who were there [January 6] outside and we were just having fun!”

World: Israel Advises Iran to Leave Syria; Two IRGC Officers Killed in Damascus Strike TV7Israel News 09.03

1) Thousands of Ukrainians, including a number of orphanages that were forced to flee the war in Ukraine, have sought refuge in Israel.

2) Iran condemns Israel over the death of two IRGC operatives who were killed in an attack on the outskirts of Damascus, which Syria attributed to the Israeli Air Force.

3) The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps announced that it successfully put a second military satellite into orbit, dubbed Noor 2.

US, Politics: Tulsi Gabbard: Our leaders are selling us lines of ‘crap’

Tulsi Gabbard tells Laura Ingraham that this war is not in the best interests of the American people or the world.

World: Tamara Lich, Canada’s political prisoner, regains her freedom in part

Tamara Lich is one of the fundraising organizers for the Freedom Convoy of truckers, who protested peacefully in Ottawa against the ongoing violations of the Charter rights and freedoms of Canadians.

After spending five nights in jail, Ms. Lich was denied bail on February 22 by Justice Julie Bourgeois, a Liberal candidate in the 2011 federal election. Justice Bourgeois’ decision to keep Tamara Lich in prison was highly unusual, considering that Ms. Lich has no criminal record and was not charged with a violent offence.

People accused of drug trafficking, possessing illegal firearms and violent offences are routinely granted freedom prior to trial.

US, Politics: House reaches $1.5 trillion government funding deal

The $1.5 trillion deal reportedly includes $13.6 billion in funding for security and humanitarian aid for Ukraine, as well as $15.6 billion for COVID-19.

The omnibus plan will also include money for infrastructure, $730 billion in non-defense funding, and $782 billion in defense funding.

The House is scheduled to vote on the passage of the deal later today, as well as the stop-gap funding measure.

They are also expected to vote on a bill banning Russian energy imports, mirroring the announcement made by President Biden yesterday.

Commentary/Opinion: SHOCK: Biden working with Putin to resuscitate Obama’s Iran deal: Yair Netanyahu

Yair Netanyahu reacted as the US and Russia continue to negotiate re-entry into the Iran nuclear agreement, on Wednesday’s “Wake Up America.”

US, Politics: Idaho House Committee Passes Texas-Style Bill to Ban Abortions on Babies With Beating Hearts

Idaho already has a law in place that will ban abortions once Roe v. Wade is overturned. The state legislature also passed a heartbeat law in 2021 that prohibits abortions once an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detectable, but, because of current court precedent, it is not in effect either.

Until the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, neither of those abortion bans can be in force. Now, just in case the nation’s highest court doesn’t reverse the infamous decision this summer, Idaho lawmakers want to pass a Texas-style bill to ban abortions once a heartbeat is detected and to have a private enforcement mechanism.

The Idaho Senate voted 28-6 on Thursday approved the bill, which bans aboritons starting at six weeks when the heartbeat of an unborn baby can be detected.

US, Politics: Tucker: You are about to get a lot poorer

Fox News host reacts to Biden banning Russian oil and natural gas imports on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

US: Bryce Mitchell on why said he would stay and fight if war made its way to Arkansas

Bryce Mitchell joins Tucker Carlson after he said he would stay and fight if war made its way to Arkansas.

Commentary/Opinion: Ep. 1721 What’s Going On With The Bio “Research Labs” In Ukraine? – The Dan Bongino Show

What is going on with those “biological research facilities” in Ukraine? In this episode I address the growing controversy and the potential dangers ahead.

Commentary/Opinion: Putin snickers: Guess who owns a big chunk of Venezuela’s oil?

Russia had been sending about 600,000 barrels of oil a day to the states in a big export surge, following Biden’s bans on federal leases for drilling, halt to the Keystone XL pipeline, and other measures intended to bankrupt Big Oil in the name of “going green.”

The rise actually started late in the Trump administration’s term, but it spiked sharply higher when Biden started clamping down on American production. As of the state of the Ukraine war, Putin has been taking home about $56 million a day from sales of crude to the states.

Well, this ought to fix them, right?

Not so fast. Biden went on to say that the loss of supply would raise energy prices for ordinary consumers and there was nothing he could do because Putin did it. His “solution” has not been to restore America’s energy independence seen during the Trump years but to buy from and become dependent on other suppliers.

In 2020, Rosneft handed all of its Venezuelan assets to a 100% Russian state-owned entity to avoid U.S. sanctions.

The Associated Press reported at the time:

Propoganda Equals News?

Jeremy Herrell: Does Propaganda equal actual News today? Well, apparently it does in most cases… #FakeNews.

COVID: Experts Agree There Is No Place for COVID Theater

There is no place in Florida for COVID theater.

These experts agree – no masking, no mandates and no medical censorship.

US, Politics: Democrats break ranks, demand Biden increase domestic oil production as he looks to Venezuela and Saudi Arabia

Scott Olson/Getty Images
Scott Olson/Getty Images

A group of Texas Democrats sent President Joe Biden a letter Tuesday calling on him to “unleash” American production of energy sources to “counter reliance on Russian oil and gas.”

The letter — signed by Reps. Vicente Gonzalez, Sylvia Garcia, Henry Cuellar, and Filemon Vela — demanded that Biden send a “strong signal” to the world “that the United States will be a reliable producer and supplier of oil and natural gas for the foreseeable future.”

Despite pleas from his own party, Biden has not signaled that he will urge American oil producers to help alleviate the growing energy crisis.

In fact, the Biden administration is reportedly looking internationally — to Venezuela and Saudi Arabia — to help meet American oil needs.

US: Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Set to Be Released in California and Florida

(Victor Moriyama/Getty Images)
(Photos by Victor Moriyama/Getty Images)

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Monday approved use of the genetically engineered insects in pilot projects in specific districts across both states.

The mosquitoes were made by UK-based biotechnology firm Oxitec, which is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, in an effort to combat insect-borne diseases such as dengue fever, yellow fever, and the Zika virus.

Since it was first detected in California in 2013, the Aedes aegypti mosquito has spread rapidly to more than 20 counties throughout the state, increasing the risk of mosquito-borne diseases being transmitted to humans.

Oxitec’s new technology consists of genetically-modified male mosquitoes, which do not bite, that will be released into the wild where they are expected to mate with females, which do bite.

World: China’s state media buys Meta ads pushing Russia’s line on war

Photo illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios. Photo: Sergei Guneyev/SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images
Photo illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios. Photo: Sergei Guneyev/SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images

Ads from Chinese state broadcaster CGTN are running on Meta-owned Facebook, targeting global users with pro-Russian talking points about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Driving the news: Meta said last week it would ban ads from Russian state media and stop recommending content from such outlets. But that hasn’t stopped countries close to Moscow, like China, from using their state channels to buy ads pushing a pro-Russian line.

Details: China Global TV Network, a China state-controlled outlet with nearly 118 million followers on Facebook and 2.4 million on Instagram, placed at least 21 advertisements on Facebook this month, most featuring newscasts about the war or media briefings from Chinese officials.

‘IN FOCUS’– Stephanie Hamill with Gordan Chang

Biden Slammed In Bipartisan Fashion For Sending Delegation To Meet Maduro

Joe Biden sends a delegation to Venezuela and is now receiving bipartisan criticism over the move as details emerge. One America’s Sam Valk with more.