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Truth Social: beta testers get a glimpse of Donald Trump’s new social media app

Truth Social allows users to post and share a “truth” the same way they would share a tweet. Photograph: Leon Neal/Getty Images
Truth Social allows users to post and share a “truth” the same way they would share a tweet. Photograph: Leon Neal/Getty Images

Liz Willis, a correspondent and vice-president of operations at Right Side Broadcasting Network, told Reuters she received an email Tuesday stating that “T Media Tech LLC has invited you to test Truth Social.”

Truth Social allows users to post and share a “truth” the same way they would with a tweet. There are no ads, according to Willis and a second source familiar with TMTG.

Users choose who they follow and the feed is a mix of individual posts and an RSS-like news feed. They will be alerted if someone mentions or begins following them.

On Wednesday morning, Devin Nunes, TMTG chief executive, who joined the app on 10 February, posted: “Good morning Truth testers. Please screenshot any bugs when the screenshot preview comes up.”

If a tester sees anything that they don’t like, they can screenshot it and report it to the developers.

Lawsuit seeks to prevent ‘Zuckerbucks’ influence on future elections

(NBC video screenshot)
(NBC video screenshot)

A lawsuit filed against a Michigan official charges that the $17 million “donation” from Mark Zuckerberg to spend on the 2020 presidential election was diverted from its ostensible purpose of purchasing personal protective equipment to fight COVID-19, and instead was used to “boost Democrat candidates.”

The action filed by the Thomas More Society is not intended to relitigate the 2020 results. But it wants to prevent a similar election manipulation from occurring again.

The Society currently is fighting demands from Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson that the case be dispensed with quickly using a summary disposition.

Tipping Point on OANN: America’s ‘ENDLESS’ Public Health Emergency Declaration

On January 14th, U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra declared the ninth straight “Public Health Emergency” because of the Covid-19 pandemic,

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) one federal Medicaid funding provision tied to the renewal of the emergency declaration — a 6.2% FMAP increase— carried at least a $50 billion price tag over 33 months (January 1, 2020-September 30, 2022). 

Broken down, that means that each time the HHS Secretary extends the PHE for 90 days, federal taxpayers shell out at least $4.5 billion in additional Medicaid spending. This does not count increased federal Medicaid costs for Covid, which CBO noted in its 2020 estimate, was “likely to be substantial.” (See Section 6008.)

School Board Member Storms Out Of Meeting After Parent Shows Picture Of Her Without A Mask

School Board Member Storms Out Of Meeting After Parent Shows Picture Of Her Without A Mask.

VIDEO: Hundreds of California High Schoolers Walk Out of Class to Defy Mask Mandate


Students at a California high school staged a massive walkout on Tuesday protesting the district’s mask mandate after elites in the state were seen maskless at the Super Bowl.

Video footage shared online appeared to show hundreds of young people at Oak Ridge High School in El Dorado Hills gathered outside.

“This was a homegrown thing between the parents and then the kids working together to get everyone on board,” Yoder explained, adding students without masks were dismissed.

“It just kept growing and growing. And then they eventually just got up and left those classrooms and ran outside and started their protest,” she continued.

How the Canadian truckers’ frozen bank accounts affect YOU

The Canadian government is going to new lengths to SQUASH the truckers’ freedom convoy.

Now, some bank accounts of those involved in the protest have been frozen and those even just associated with the movement could be next.

This is the Great Reset in action, Glenn explains…Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is just doing it under the guise of emergency powers.

So, pay attention to what’s happening in the north, Glenn warns. Because it may be happening here, next.

FDA Executive Officer Exposes Close Ties Between Agency and Pharmaceutical Companies

Project Veritas published Part Two of its series on the FDA on Wednesday night which featured FDA Executive Officer, Christopher Cole, speaking about the inner workings of the agency including the FDA’s conflicts of interest, overspending, and why it’s hard for those within the agency to speak out on such abuses.

James O’Keefe joins Sean Hannity to discuss new #ExposeFDA bombshell report by Project Veritas

Tucker : Sports reporter’s shocking reason for leaving NBC

The sports reporter discusses why she is getting involved in politics on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Texas Nat’l Guard unionize over US-Mexico border mission

(Air National Guard photo by Airman 1st Class Derek Gutierez)
(Air National Guard photo by Airman 1st Class Derek Gutierez)

The Texas State Employees Union’s Military Caucus has already scheduled their first meeting for “early next week,” according to a Reddit post created by a soldier leading the effort, whose identity was verified by Army Times on Wednesday.

According to Army Times, this is the first time troops have organized under a union while on active duty.

In U.S. Department of Justice filing last month, DOJ lawyers wrote that a federal law prohibiting military members from unionizing “does not apply to Guard members on state active duty or in the Inactive National Guard.”

Truck driver shot multiple times on I-75; police searching for shooter who sped off

Officers responded to I-75 in Cobb County around 1 p.m. to a tractor-trailer that was blocking the on-ramp near Wade Green Road. (Georgia Department of Transportation / FOX5 Atlanta WAGA)
Officers responded to I-75 in Cobb County around 1 p.m. to a tractor-trailer that was blocking the on-ramp near Wade Green Road. (Georgia Department of Transportation / FOX5 Atlanta WAGA)

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Cobb County police said a tractor-trailer truck driver was shot multiple times by a driver who sped off on Interstate 75 Wednesday afternoon. Police are calling it case of road-rage.

Police said they responded to reports of a tractor-trailer blocking the highway highway onramp in the northbound lanes near Wade Green Road.

They found the driver suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, at least two of which were in his torso. The driver was able to tell police that a driver shot him and then drove off before he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

2 men free on bond from Texas jails shot dead hours apart in separate police-involved shootings

Scene where two sheriff's deputies were wounded in a shootout with 42-year-old Alan Huaracha in Katy, Texas.  (KRIV)
Scene where two sheriff’s deputies were wounded in a shootout with 42-year-old Alan Huaracha in Katy, Texas.  (KRIV)

“He began to raise his shirt, he had two handguns in his waistband, began reaching for the handgun. At which time, two law enforcement officers discharged their weapons multiple times striking the suspect who is deceased here at the scene,” Bruegger said.

Rodriguez was freed from jail Aug. 28, 2021, on two misdemeanor bonds for carrying a weapon and drug possession.

A week after that, police say Rodriguez shot and killed 42-year-old Nolberto Lopez.

Just 12 hours prior to the police shooting involving Rodriguez, two Harris County sheriff’s deputies were wounded in a shootout with 42-year-old Alan Huaracha.

Missouri mom decapitates 6-year-old son and dog, placed horrifying 911 call: Police

Booking photo of Tasha Haefs from Jackson County Detention Center (Jackson County Detention Center)
Booking photo of Tasha Haefs from Jackson County Detention Center (Jackson County Detention Center)

Tasha Haefs allegedly called 911 on Tuesday night telling authorities that she believed the devil was trying to attack her, KCTV reported. She denied having a mental illness before hanging up the phone. 

Officers arrived at her home and found blood on the front steps and could hear a woman singing. The woman allegedly sang louder as they knocked on the door. 

One officer saw what appeared to be a severed head inside the residence. Authorities went through the backdoor and found Haefs with blood on her legs and feet. 

Florida woman accused of using COVID-relief loan to hire hitman charged in TSA agent’s murder: reports

Jasmine D. Martinez, 33,(St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office)
Jasmine D. Martinez, 33,(St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office)

Martinez is accused of collecting $15,000 in PPP money, most of which went toward hiring Carter to allegedly gun down Le’Shonte Jones, 24, in front of her 3-year-old on May 3, according to the Miami Herald, which obtained court records containing the allegations.

Romiel Robinson, who has been in custody since before the attack, reportedly served time with the ex-con Carter and allegedly set up the hit. (Miami-Dade County)
Romiel Robinson, who has been in custody since before the attack, reportedly served time with the ex-con Carter and allegedly set up the hit. (Miami-Dade County)

After  Martinez collected the coronavirus-relief money, Robinson allegedly negotiated a $10,000 fee for Carter using coded language, according to NBC 6 Miami, which also obtained the warrant.

Javon Carter is the suspected hitman. (Miami-Dade County)
Javon Carter is the suspected hitman. (Miami-Dade County)

After the shooting, the documents allege that Carter collected his money, posed with it in a selfie video and said, “Just another day at the office.”

Martinez has a 22-page rap sheet in Florida including convictions for domestic violence, theft and selling a firearm with an altered serial number, records show. Several of them involved Jones as a victim, including a pending robbery case, as well as assault charges that had been dropped.

Carter’s rap sheet is almost twice as long, and includes numerous felony convictions, including on firearms and weapons charges, burglaries and grand theft. 

Devin Nunes provides an update on TRUTH Social and the Durham probe

Trump Media & Trump Group CEO Devin Nunes joins Matt Schlapp of CPAC to discuss the latest updates on TRUTH Social and Special Counsel John Durham’s probe.


Sanders’ Scary History of Socialist Praise

Bernie Sanders says he’s a democratic socialist.

But his record shows he’s constantly praised NON-democratic socialists when he was mayor.

Maxim Lott compiled his most effusive praise:

 Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton discusses how the truckers in Canada are fighting against tyranny and why is President Biden treating Americans as terrorists? WATCH NOW!

Tucker: Democrats think our democracy is this fragile

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host examines how the left addresses unpopularity with voters.

World News:

Massive U-Turn: Austria to Repeal Almost All ‘Corona Apartheid’ Rules Targeting Unvaxxed


From Feb 19th, regulations banning the unjabbed from bars and restaurants are to be relaxed, with individuals who have neither been vaccinated, nor have recovered from COVID-19, once again to be allowed present a negative test for the disease in order to enter such establishments.

What’s more, Austria’s unjabbed will not even have to put up with this inconvenient measure for long, with the use of vaccine passes in the country set to be all but abolished on March 5.

The almost complete removal of vaccine passes from Austrian life will coincide with the abolition of the vast majority of Austria’s other COVID lockdown rules, such as a curfew on the nation’s hospitality sector.

Free New South Wales bus trips as drivers strike

Up to 200,000 New South Wales commuters are expected to travel for free today as bus drivers strike across the state.

Three bus operator companies will switch off their Opal card readers in a push for increased support from the state government.

Bus drivers are calling on improved pay and reasonable conditions across the industry. The Transport Union has flagged strike action may continue if requests are not met.

Israel allegedly bombs southwest of Damascus; IDF alert for Iranian UAV attack TV7 Israel News 17.02

1) Syria accuses Israel of bombing targets southwest of Damascus city.

2) Israel’s Defense Establishment is preparing for a possible Iranian assault by means of unmanned aerial systems.

3) A Turkish delegation visits both Jerusalem and Ramallah – as part of Ankara’s bid to normalize its relations with the state of Israel.

Mike Lindell Stopped at Border from Delivering Pillows to Canada Convoy Truckers

Chrystia Freeland: “The names of both individuals and entities as well as crypto wallets have been shared by the RCMP with financial institutions and accounts have been frozen and more accounts will be frozen.”

Fencing is being installed at Parliament Hill, with some entry points onto the grounds having been completely blocked off

Police move through the peaceful freedom protest in Ottawa handing out notices to leave

Jewish Conservative MP Melissa Lantsman speaks out after Justin Trudeau suggested she stood with Nazis

The Canadian House of Commons erupted in shouts of condemnation Wednesday after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau replied to a Jewish member of Parliament by accusing members of the opposing Conservative Party of “standing with people who wave swastikas.”


FARRELL: Obama, Biden, Clinton, Comey and More Conspired to Take Trump Down

Judicial Watch Director of Investigations & Research Chris Farrell joins Sebastian Gorka on “America First” to discuss the latest findings in the Durham Probe and MORE!

Will Hillary Clinton Be Questioned By John Durham About Spying on the Trump Campaign?

Judicial Watch President @TomFitton appeared on “Hold the Line” on First TV and talked with Buck Sexton for a discussion to talk about the latest findings in the Durham Investigation. WATCH NOW!

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