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Police Beating of Unconscious Trump Supporter Was ‘Objectively Reasonable,’ Department Rules

The beating of an unconscious Trump supporter by a DC Metropolitan Police Department officer on January 6 was deemed to be “objectively reasonable” after an investigation by the department’s Internal Affairs Bureau, The Epoch Times has learned.

The Internal Affairs investigation was opened in September 2021 based on a complaint filed by a Texas man who assembled video evidence of the officer striking an unconscious Rosanne Boyland with a steel baton and a large wooden stick at the entrance to the West Terrace tunnel at the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021.

Boyland, 34, of Kennesaw, Ga., was pinned under a pile of protesters who fled the tunnel when police deployed a crowd-control gas. After several minutes of being crushed by the weight of other fallen protesters, Boyland lost consciousness and stopped breathing, witnesses have said.

Thug pours beer over girl… unaware she is a Muay Thai boxing champion

A spurned reveller who poured his drink over a girl after she rejected his advances suffered an embarrassing bout of instant karma – after she turned out to be a Muay Thai boxer.

Chainarong Mareejan, 35, tried to clink his glass with Pareploy Saeaia, 25, then asked for her phone number while they were eating at a street restaurant following a night of partying in Bangkok, Thailand, in the early hours of Sunday morning February 6.

Pareploy rejected his advances and CCTV footage shows how he responded by casually walking over to her table and emptying a pint of beer all over her.

Chainarong was evidently unaware that Pareploy had been taking part in notoriously tough Muay Thai fights since she was 13 – winning dozens of professional national competitions.

Florida couple ‘forced son, 14, to live in 8ft by 8ft locked box’

Tracy Ferriter, 46, and Timothy Ferriter, 46, both of Jupiter, have both pled not guilty to one count of aggravated child abuse and one count of false imprisonment. They were being held at Palm Beach County Jail before paying $50,000 bail apiece, according to WPTV.

The couple’s three other children have since been removed from their house by Child Protective Services, including one child who is two years old.

In court on Wednesday morning, the Ferriters were ordered by Judge Charles Burton not to have contact with any of the children without permission from the  Florida Department of Children and Families, according to People.

‘The juvenile was able to attend school; however, was confined to the structure during the remainder of the day,’ the Jupiter Police Department said in a press release. ‘Meals were brought to the child and the bucket was provided for bathroom use.’ 

CBP sounds alarm on criminal gangs recruiting teens on social media to smuggle migrants

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is seeing a growing trend of transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) using social media to recruit American teenagers to help them smuggle drugs, illegal immigrants and other illicit cargo into the United States.

In a release, CBP said agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector have encountered over 137,000 migrants between October and the end of December – a 163% increase over the same time in 2020. Additionally, it has seen a 43% increase in narcotics seizures.

“TCOs are luring minors to smuggle migrants across border towns in the Rio Grande Valley and into the U.S. interior with the promise of fast cash,” CBP said. “TCOs convince juvenile drivers that they will not face the same consequences as adults if apprehended or that law enforcement will disengage a pursuit if dangerous conditions are present.”

Man killed friend’s brother for teasing him for FaceTiming girlfriend

Jaran Hughes, 21, was found in Wisconsin on Tuesday and arrested in the fatal shooting of Marcell Wilson at the boy’s Englewood home on January 2.

Hughes, a father of two, had been playing video games at the home with Marcell and his other siblings after being kicked out of his girlfriend’s home earlier in the day, according to Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy.

Prosecutors said that while Hughes spoke to his girlfriend on FaceTime, Marcell started to tease him about his girlfriend and being kicked out of her home, prompting Hughes to point a handgun with an extended clip at Marcell’s chest before firing the weapon and killing the boy.

NYC couple exploited foster care system to pimp out young women in sex trafficking operation: prosecutors

(Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)
(Gary Hershorn/Getty Images)

Sharice Mitchell, 51, and her husband, Kareem “Napoleon” Mitchell, 38, were indicted by the New York Supreme Court for sex trafficking and conspiracy in the fourth degree. The couple is accused of running a sex trafficking operation involving at least eight women beginning in 2018. 

Two of the women had been placed in the wife’s care in her role as a certified New York State foster parent, prosecutors noted.

The husband was already a registered sex offender and is facing additional charges of promoting prostitution in the third degree and aggravated harassment in the second degree.

Texas prosecutors admit murder suspect freed on bond has been on the lam for MONTHS after she cut off ankle monitor and jumped bail before trial:

Karla Morales, 20, lured José Villanueva, 24, to a field near a Houston elementary school on July 29, 2018, with the promise that they were going to smoke marijuana to celebrate his birthday, according to prosecutors.

Instead, Villanueva was savagely attacked by five MS-13 gang members who hacked him with machetes. He was shot dead as he attempted to crawl away from his attackers. 

Morales, who was 17 at the time, was arrested and released on $60,000 bond. She was scheduled to report to court for the start of her trial October 20, 2021.

However, she removed her GPS ankle monitor five days before she was due in court and disappeared, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said in statement Wednesday.

Robbery suspect who caught a break from DA Bragg arrested again over attack on sanitation worker

A career criminal who had a felony robbery charge against him downgraded at the direction of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was busted again Wednesday in an unprovoked, sucker-punch attack on a city sanitation worker, The Post has learned.

Christian Hall, 30, allegedly sneaked up from behind as the victim, a 55-year-old man, was collecting trash outside 115 W. 23rd St. around 10 a.m., law enforcement sources said.

He then allegedly clobbered the unsuspecting civil servant in the head without warning, causing pain and swelling, sources said.

Texas couple locked 3 kids in cabinets for days at a time: Reports

Erik Jesus Martinez, 30, is facing multiple charges of child endangerment and unlawful restraint, according to police records. (Bexar County Records)
Erik Jesus Martinez, 30, is facing multiple charges of child endangerment and unlawful restraint, according to police records. (Bexar County Records)

Erik Jesus Martinez, 30, and Valerie Diaz, 34, are accused of locking up Diaz’s three children, ages 11, six and five inside the kitchen cabinets with screws and zip ties, KSAT reported on Wednesday, citing an arrest affidavit.

Police said the inside of the apartment appeared filthy and had little or no edible food, FOX29 San Antonio reported. Officers said cabinet doors had screws in them, and both used and unused zip ties were on the ground. Inside the cabinets, police said they found evidence of urine, feces and drawings.

Diaz told police that Martinez would hit the children with his hand or a belt, the affidavit states. 

Unmasked father is forcibly removed from New York school board meeting

The footage shows unmasked Dave Calus sitting in a chair as he watches a presentation at the Webster School Board meeting when the security guard approaches him.

The security guard reportedly tells Calus: ‘Sir, you need to put a mask on.’

Calus said he replied with ‘thank you,’ but the security guard persisted: ‘No, you need to put your mask on right now.’ The father said he thanked the guard again but was met with another demand to put on a mask. 

The guard is then seen grabbing the back of Calus’ chair, dragging him backward across the floor and yanking him out of his jacket, forcing him to stand.

Cost of living skyrockets under Biden as inflation hits 40 year high

Apartment rental costs rose 0.5% in January, the fastest pace in 20 years. Electricity prices were up 4.2% last month, the sharpest rise in 15 years and a 10% increase from last year.

Additionally last month, household furniture and supplies rose 1.6%, the largest one-month increase on records dating to 1967. 

The average U.S. household is spending an additional $250 a month because of inflation, according to analysts. 

‘A lot of people are hurting because of high inflation. $250 a month – that’s a big burden,’ Ryan Sweet, a senior economist at Moody’s Analytics who conducted the analysis, told the Wall Street Journal

Fed’s Bullard Calls For Big Hike In Interest Rates To Fight Inflation

  REUTERS/Edgar Su

St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard said on Thursday that he has become “dramatically” more hawkish in light of the hottest inflation reading in nearly 40 years, and he now wants a full percentage point of interest rate hikes over the next three U.S. central bank policy meetings.

“I’d like to see 100 basis points in the bag by July 1,” Bullard told Bloomberg News in an interview, after a U.S. government report showed inflation rose 7.5% in the 12 months through January.

With only three Fed meetings between now and July 1, Bullard’s comments point to at least one half-percentage-point rate hike, a big move the Fed hasn’t made in any recent rate-hiking cycle.

Devin Nunes on TRUTH Social’s plan to thwart Big Tech

Trump Media & Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes joins Newsmax’s ‘Spicer & Co.’ to discuss TRUTH Social’s partnership with Rumble and TMTG’s efforts to build technological infrastructure immune to Big Tech cancellation on February 9, 2022.

Moms For Liberty Attacked by Antifa!

For the last school board meetings Antifa has been attacking the Moms’ for Liberty at the Miami-Dade School Board monthly meetings.

Hear what they heard and saw directly from the local mothers woes children are attending the Miami Dade public schools.

‘Undercover Mothers’: Moms Form Covert Network to Expose Indoctrination Programs Plaguing Private Schools Across the Country

Cedar Attanasio, AP; iStock/Getty Images; BNN Edit
Cedar Attanasio, AP; iStock/Getty Images; BNN Edit

The central goal of the group is to expose and put a stop to political indoctrination in their children’s schools, declining academic standards, and opaque school governance and financial management — which they believe stems from NAIS.

The moms are of a variety of political leanings — some of whom told Breitbart News they have “maxed out” political donations to former President Obama and to Hillary Clinton — and do not have a collective political ideology. Their only stance is opposition to political indoctrination of any kind in school. 

Speaking to Breitbart News, the “Undercover Mothers” detailed what they believe to be an effort at “elite capture” of private school kids by Marxist ideologues, hoping to control the worldview of those likely to be influential when they grow up; as one explained, “1.2 percent of the nation’s schools are NAIS private schools, but a third of Biden’s cabinet went to these schools … once you’ve got the elite organizations, that changes the entire makeup of the country.” 

Watch – Virginia Students Serve Lawsuit to Mask-Crazy Loudoun County School Board

According to the Loudoun Times-Mirror, the affidavits were presented after a “speaker claimed that the school division failed to respond to a Feb. 2 notice of ‘maladministration, and demand to cease and desist enforcing what they said are unconstitutional mandates on students.’”

A spokesperson for the school board confirmed that the affidavits were delivered and that they would be examined. Upon delivery, Chair Jeff Morse called for an immediate recess.

Speaking to Newsmax, students said that “The masks, the sexual assaults, [and] everything that the county has done wrong” led to the affidavits.

San Francisco homeless man says he gets paid $620 a month

‘This right now is literally by choice, literally by choice. If we’re going to be realistic, they pay you to be homeless here,’ James, a homeless man with face tattoos who has been living in San Francisco since June, told Michael Shellenberger, author of ‘San Fransicko,’ a book about how the city’s progressive leaders are worsening homelessness, inequality and crime.

James said it only took one phone call to receive government assistance, including hundreds in cash and food stamps worth approximately $100, and notes that the ‘free money’ is motivation to remain homeless.

‘F*****g phone call bro… Two hundred food stamps and $620 cash a month. Forget about it. Why wouldn’t I do it? You know, it’s f*****g free money dude,’ he explained. ‘Why would I want to pay rent? I’m not doing s**t. I’ve got a f*****g cell phone that I have Amazon Prime and Netflix on.’

The interview comes as the city’s homelessness and drug problems have worsened amid the national opioid crisis that escalated over the course of the pandemic.

VIDEO: Pregnant Woman Allegedly Hit with Own Car in Alabama Carjacking

The video shows the victim opening her diver’s side door as the suspect begins driving, and he manages to close it before hitting a vehicle in an adjacent parking spot.

The woman then opens the back door as the suspect speeds in reverse, getting away from the woman. The victim then stands in front of the vehicle before the suspect plows through her, sending her onto the hood and slamming her to the ground.

The suspect fled and was still at large as of Tuesday, WKRG reports.

Rep. Comer: Did Fauci pressure dissenting scientists about COVID origins?

Emails obtained by the ranking member of the House Oversight Committee James Comer appear to show Dr. Anthony Fauci may have acted to alter the views of dissenting scientists who believed that COVID may have originated in a Chinese lab.

One America’s John Hines has more from Capitol Hill.

Dr. Rand Paul Addresses Dr. Fauci’s Call for a Fourth Booster Shot on Newsmax – February 10, 2022

NYC Man allegedly tries to rape woman in broad daylight on subway train

Suspect in attempted rape at Canal street subway station on Feb. 9 (NYPD Crime Stoppers.)
Suspect in attempted rape at Canal street subway station on Feb. 9 (NYPD Crime Stoppers.)

The 21-year-old woman was on a northbound E train at about 10:20 a.m. pulling into the Canal Street station in Lower Manhattan when the suspect allegedly pushed her into a corner and attempted to rape her, according to the New York Police Department. 

Suspect in alleged Feb. 4 sexual assault of a 40-year-old woman in Jamaica, Queens. (NYPD Crime stoppers)
Suspect in alleged Feb. 4 sexual assault of a 40-year-old woman in Jamaica, Queens. (NYPD Crime stoppers)

On Friday, a man allegedly stabbed a 40-year-old woman in the chest in Jamaica, Queens, behind a building before forcing her to perform a sex act, according to police.

On Jan. 14, a man allegedly assaulted and attempted to rape a 45-year-old woman just before midnight on the 1 train platform at 14th Street and 7th Avenue in Chelsea. 

Suspect wanted for the alleged stabbing and sexual assault of a 45-year-old woman at a Chelsea subway station Jan. 14. (NYPD Crime Stoppers)
Suspect wanted for the alleged stabbing and sexual assault of a 45-year-old woman at a Chelsea subway station Jan. 14. (NYPD Crime Stoppers)

The suspect allegedly punched the woman in the arm, threw her on the ground and tried to rape her. Other straphangers intervened, and the man fled onto a northbound train, police said. He is still at large.

Rapes are up 35.3% and other sex crimes have spiked 11% so far this year in New York City compared to the same period last year, according to public data.

State of Texas Makes Deal to Build Border Fence on Tribal Lands


On Tuesday, officials with the Texas Military Department and the Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol met with members of the Kickapoo Traditional Tribe to discuss the border fence project.

The exact scope of the project was not revealed. A Texas Department of Public Safety official says the project is part of Operation Lone Star.

“The border crisis has impacted the tribal reservation significantly. The tribal council has for the first time allowed a government to construct security fencing on the reservation,” Captain Joel Betancourt said.

As reported by Breitbart Texas, Governor Greg Abbott ordered the construction of more than two miles of border wall in Eagle Pass. Operation Lone Star has moved 10,000 National Guard troops and hundreds of Highway Patrol Troopers as well.

132 Migrants Found Locked in Tractor-Trailer in Far West Texas near Border

File Photo: Texas Department of Public Safety
File Photo: Texas Department of Public Safety

During the investigation, agents identified a tractor-trailer being utilized by the suspected smugglers early Monday morning. Agents carried out a traffic stop on the tractor-trailer and found 132 migrants locked inside with no means of escaping in the event of a crash or abandonment by the smugglers.

Agents reported the 132 migrants included two unaccompanied children from Guatemala. The 130 adult migrants were identified as citizens of Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, officials stated.

“Subjects amenable to Title 42 were expelled to Mexico,” the report states. The remainder were transported to the Centralized Processing Center.

Officials state the driver and passenger of the tractor were arrested and face charges for Conspiracy to Transport — Title 8 USC 1324.

Illegal Alien, Wanted for Raping Girls, Freed into U.S. During Obama Years


Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials confirmed this week that Monroy had been encountered at the border and was deemed inadmissible by U.S. Border Patrol.

Instead of being immediately returned to his native country, Monroy was referred to ICE for deportation but was able to remain in the U.S. for nearly a decade.

On January 20, after having lived in the U.S. for roughly nine years, Monroy was arrested by ICE agents outside of his residence in Winthrop, Massachusetts. He has been wanted in Guatemala for raping two young girls.

For years, Monroy has been wanted by Guatemalan officials for raping two young girls and was subsequently put on an Interpol Red Notice. He has been charged with felony aggravated sexual assault.

Biden Deputies Claim U.S. Is a ‘Nation of Welcome’ — Discard ‘Nation of Immigrants’ Pitch

AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd
AP Photo/Rodrigo Abd

The “Nation of Welcome” term is being adopted in a new mission statement announced February 9 by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) agency, which is part of Alejandro Mayorkas’ Department of Homeland Security:

USCIS upholds America’s promise as a nation of welcome and possibility with fairness, integrity, and respect for all we serve.

“We know that every time we grant an immigration or naturalization benefit, we are fostering the opportunity to help us build a stronger America,” said USCIS director Ur Jaddou  ”And when we offer refuge to those in need of protection we are living up to our nation’s highest ideals. ”


Biden’s plan to fund crack pipe distribution is ‘stupidity’: Sen. Kennedy

Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy slammed Biden for a program that could reportedly use taxpayer money to distribute crack pipes on ‘Hannity.’

Biden Fed Nominee Suffers from ‘Selective Amnesia’ More than 35 Times in Response to Senate Republicans

Photo by Bill Clark/AFP via Getty Images
Photo by Bill Clark/AFP via Getty Images

Sen. Cynthia Lummis (R-WY) roasted Raskin over how she may have used her influence as a former Fed governor to secure a lucrative financial tool for her company. Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), Raskin’s husband, also allegedly violated the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act by failing to disclose his wife’s $1.5 million stock payout.

Raskin has also faced criticism for advocating to use the Fed to advance a climate change agenda.

“Sarah Bloom Raskin, President Joe Biden’s latest Federal Reserve nominee, is a revolving-door lobbyist who used her access to get special treatment from the Fed for a company on whose board she sat. She thus made more than a million dollars for herself,” Tim Carney of the Washington Examiner wrote Tuesday.

In response to Toomey, the Senate Banking Committee ranking member, Raskin appeared to suffer amnesia, either saying she could not recall or was not aware of the situation..

Michigan House Passes Bill to Ban Research Using Body Parts From Aborted Babies

The Michigan state House has passed a pro-life bill to ban research using the body parts from aborted babies. Lawmakers approved a bill banning the sale or donation of aborted babies’ body parts with a vote of 55-51, along partisan lines with Republicans voting against the grisly research and Democrats voting for it.

House Bills 5558 and 5559, sponsored by state Reps. Thomas Albert, R-Lowell, and Bronna Kahle, R-Adrian, taken together would prohibit research with body parts or tissue obtained from babies killed in abortions and ban the option to donate remains of aborted babies to medical research, as well as make using cells or parts from aborted babies in medical research a five-year felony.

The measures now head to the Senate for consideration.

Tucker Carlson Tonight 2/9/22 Opening Monologue

It’d be pretty fascinating to see the Democratic Party’s latest internal polling on COVID restrictions. We haven’t seen it, but it must have been pretty awful, apocalyptic, because something spooked them bad. 

Over the course of less than a week, the same people who have systematically turned America into a quarantine camp suddenly, out of nowhere, started calling in unison for medical freedom. Suddenly, they sounded like Bobby Kennedy Jr., pretty much all of them. 

World News:

Conservative Leader Has Tense Debate With Justin Trudeau As Canada Grapples With Ottawa Protests

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau attends a session of the House of Commons as politicians have a fierce debate over vaccine mandates and protestors who have shut down Ottawa for two weeks, including blocking a bridge to the United States.

U.S. General warns Russia-Ukraine war to impact Syria; German FM visits Israel TV7 Israel News 10.02

1) German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock visits Israel, during which she reiterated her warning to Iran that nuclear talks in Vienna are running out of time.

2) White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki reiterates the U.S. President’s request of his team to prepare a range of contingencies if nuclear talks with Iran fail to bear fruit.

3) Designate CENTCOM Commander Lieutenant General Michael Kurilla acknowledges that a Russian invasion into Ukraine could impact the situation in Syria.

Canadian ‘Anti-Hate’ Group Head Used Miami Anti-Semitic Flyer to Smear Truckers

Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images
Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Bernie Farber, who is listed as the Chair of CAHN on the group’s website, tweeted on Sunday, stating, “Taken by a friend in Ottawa at the Occupation. Apparently in plain sight,” captioning a picture of an antisemitic flier.

The picture of the flier, however, was not from the Ottawa trucker protests against vaccine passports, vaccine mandates and Wuhan coronavirus restrictions – it was from an unrelated event in Miami, Florida, and first posted on Twitter on January 23rd. Farber defended the post before ultimately deleting his claims.

The failure to fact-check his own claims before going public is particularly concerning given Farber runs an organisation paid by the Canadian government to “[monitor] extreme-right groups, report on their activities and file complaints with law enforcement”, and which has been the main authority originating claims the trucker protest is extremist.

UK Antisemitism Incidents Soar to Record High as Violent Attacks Rise


May 2021 indicated a surge in antisemitism with 25 incidents containing discourse relating to Islam and Muslims occurring occurred in the month alone. This was also the month where Islamic radicals waving Palestinian flags on cars drove through predominantly Jewish areas of London, and individuals shouted “F*ck the Jews” and “rape their daughters”.

There were 120 recorded calls for the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel and 62 incidents comparing Israel and Nazi Germany – with many incidents also containing anti-Jewish comments.

Over 50 percent of the total antisemitic events (1,254) were recorded in Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan’s multicultural Greater London.

The past 12 months also marked the most violent year towards Jewish individuals with there being multiple violent antisemitic attacks against Jewish people with CST saying the 176 incidents were “the most ever recorded in any year”.

Paris Police Bar Entry of French Freedom Convoy to Capital

A man holds a banner reading "Macron, piss off too !" as he attends the "Convoi de la Liberté" in Nice, southeastern France, on february 9, 2022. -    (Photo by VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images)
A man holds a banner reading “Macron, piss off too !” as he attends the “Convoi de la Liberté” in Nice, southeastern France, on february 9, 2022. – (Photo by VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images)

Paris and Brussels have been targeted by those demanding an end to social restrictions, inspired by demonstrators who have taken to the streets of the Canadian capital Ottawa and elsewhere.

The Paris prefecture said the protesters would be prohibited from entering the capital from Feb. 11-14.

Police have warned anyone joining the protests risk a two-year prison sentence, a three-year driving ban plus a fine. The penalties have been invoked as France has seen weekly protests against vaccine rules and virus-related restrictions for several months. 

Small groups of drivers set out Wednesday from Bayonne on France’s Atlantic coast and Nice on the French Riviera, with stickers on their cars reading “Freedom Convoy.” Departures were also reported in other cities, AP reports.

Despite the ban, the Daily Mail reports organisers of the convoy have indicated that they will continue their journey to force a confrontation with the authorities.

Video/Pictures: 120 NZ Freedom Convoy Protestors Arrested in Police Crackdown

(Mark Mitchell/NZ Herald via AP)
(Mark Mitchell/NZ Herald via AP)

The estimated 120 individuals of all ages arrested were reported to have been attempting to camp in the capital Wellington for a third night, following two days of Freedom Convoy protests where initially over one thousand people and multiple vehicles gathered against against New Zealand’s vaccine mandates and coronavirus restrictions.

In an effort to deter future protests, police have warned all those arrested will face trespass and obstruction charges alongside prosecution in court.

The police had reportedly told the remaining around 150-200 protestors – many of whom had vowed to stay there “as long as it takes – that they were trespassing, despite it being common practice for protest groups to rally on the lawn outside the parliament, and police previously having said their presence did “not constitute a trespass notice.”


The Left is Trying to Gaslight You… Don’t Let Them!

They were never about following the science, guys.

Ep. 1702 This DHS Memo Is Terrifying – The Dan Bongino Show

The latest DHS memo is an overt attack on our Rights. In this episode I address the memo, and the potential ramifications.

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