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Michael Avenatti is GUILTY: Jury convicts disgraced lawyer

Michael Avenatti has been found guilty on counts of wire fraud and identity theft after a bizarre trial where the lawyer represented himself and botched his own defense. 

The jury reached a verdict Friday afternoon to find Avenatti guilty on both counts of wire fraud and aggravated identity theft for ripping off his porn star client, Stormy Daniels

He now faces up to 22 years in prison. 

Avenatti sat holding his hands together and staring ahead as the jury read out their verdict. Afterwards one of the lawyers who he ditched to represent himself – they continued to advise him during the case – patted him on the back.

California police arrest suspect following SoFi Stadium altercation that seriously injured 49ers fan

 (AP/Marcio Jose Sanchez)
 (AP/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

Butts said police sought the man who threw the punch based on a blurry video and the license plate of a car. 

Luna, who owns a restaurant in Oakland, was mingling in a crowd of about 16 people at SoFi Stadium, most of them wearing what appeared to be 49ers jerseys, when he pushed a man wearing a Rams jersey from behind, Butts said after viewing the video. 

When Luna turned to walk away, the man pushed Luna back, the mayor said. When Luna turned, the man punched him in the mouth, causing Luna to fall to the ground and hit the back of his head, Butts said, estimating that the encounter lasted less than five seconds. 

Georgia cop Leon Mitchell arrested for dealing pot while in uniform

Officer Leon Mitchell sold marijuana to undercover agents and was arrested on Jan. 28, 2022.
GBI Southwestern Regional Drug Enforcement Office
Officer Leon Mitchell sold marijuana to undercover agents and was arrested on Jan. 28, 2022.GBI Southwestern Regional Drug Enforcement Office

The GBI had been tipped off that Mitchell was dealing while on duty as a Warwick cop, the release said. He was arrested Jan. 28 at Warwick police headquarters, according to GBI.

Pot, scales and plastic bags were later found inside the car Mitchell was driving.

Mitchell is facing charges of sale of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute marijuana and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. He was also slapped with three counts of violating his oath of office and using a communication device during the commission of a felony.

Mitchell, a resident of Albany in the southwestern part of the state, was still in jail Friday after he was denied bail, according to The Associated Press.

Rapper who posted bail for shooting cop from record label deal is back in custody

NYPD officer shooting suspect Camrin Williams (Fox News)
NYPD officer shooting suspect Camrin Williams (Fox News)

The rapper, who has alleged gang ties, was able to cough up the cash due to a lucrative contract he signed with Interscope Records a few months earlier, sources told Fox News Digital. His bond was posted Jan. 27 by celebrity bail bondsman Ira Judelson, and he was released from juvenile detention.

But his freedom was short-lived. Williams was hauled back to Crossroads Juvenile Center in Brooklyn Thursday after a hearing held in family court determined he had violated probation by allegedly possessing a gun and shooting a cop.

Pelosi blasted for ‘insane’ request to US athletes at China Olympics

 ‘Fox & Friends’ hosts discuss the ‘insanity’ of Nancy Pelosi’s request for US athletes to remain silent on the human rights abuses in China while at the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Pentagon spokesman get grilled on Russian false flag intel

 Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino press Pentagon press secretary John Kirby on intel about Russia’s alleged false flag operation and ISIS attempting to reconstitute itself.

Hunter Biden’s ‘disgusting’ laptop: Computer repairman reveals what made him call FBI

Credit: CBS Sunday Morning
Credit: CBS Sunday Morning

What began as a simple computer repair soon turned into a troubling revelation, an “astounding” and “disgusting” volume of homemade pornography. In addition, Mac Isaac also uncovered a PDF indicating that Hunter had made $1.2 million for Burisma, a private energy company in Ukraine.

After researching Burisma and the contents of the laptop, John realized it was time to contact the authorities. Mac Isaac met with FBI agents, but they seemed to be in no rush to look into the laptop or take action.

“I think that was my first indication that maybe the FBI was more interested in returning the laptop to the former owner and protecting the Bidens than they were protecting me or getting this to the proper channel,” he said.

(READ) Trump announces ‘TruthSocial’ will welcome ‘Freedom Convoy’ with ‘open arms

Facebook and Big Tech are seeking to destroy the Freedom Convoy of Truckers. The Freedom Convoy is peacefully protesting the harsh policies of far left lunatic Justin Trudeau who has destroyed Canada with insane Covid mandates.
Now, thankfully, the Freedom Convoy could be coming to DC with American Truckers who want to protest Biden’s ridiculous Covid policies. Facebook is canceling the accounts of Freedom Convoy USA, and GoFundMe is denying access to funds that belong to the Freedom Convoy.

This is unacceptable and extremely dangerous in any country that values free expression. TruthSocial is announcing today that we are welcoming the Freedom Convoy with open arms to communicate freely on TruthSocial when we launch – coming very soon!

COMING SOON: Devin Nunes gives an update on TRUTH Social

Trump Media & Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes joins Newsmax’s Greg Kelly to give an update on TRUTH Social’s successful beta testing ahead of its upcoming launch at the end of March.

North Carolina veteran in need of kidney transplant vows he’ll die for his freedom

Veteran Chad Carswell is shown receiving dialysis, which he takes three times a week. He spoke to Fox News Digital on Feb. 3, 2022, and said, "I'm blessed." He's going to keep fighting for his health and for upholding the freedom of choice in his life and for everyone, he said. (Courtesy Chad Carswell)
Veteran Chad Carswell is shown receiving dialysis, which he takes three times a week. He spoke to Fox News Digital on Feb. 3, 2022, and said, “I’m blessed.” He’s going to keep fighting for his health and for upholding the freedom of choice in his life and for everyone, he said. (Courtesy Chad Carswell)

U.S. Air Force veteran Chad Carswell, 38, of Conover, North Carolina, is in desperate need of a kidney transplant to save his life.

But he does not believe that getting a COVID-19 vaccine is the best thing for him, and as a result — because he won’t take the vaccine, which is required for transplant candidates by hospitals in his area — he’s been denied a life-saving kidney transplant.

“I’ve had COVID-19 twice,” he told Fox News Digital in a phone interview on Thursday, 

NYC high school fires teacher for ‘politically charged’ tweet about gunned down cops

Fontbonne Hall (Google Maps)
Fontbonne Hall (Google Maps)

Laura Lynne Duffy, a math teacher at Fontbonne Hall in Brooklyn, tweeted that she was going to “intentionally” dress-up during the student-led “dress down” fundraiser on Wednesday in support of two New York City police officers who were killed while responding to a domestic violence call in January.

“If anyone was wondering, I am intentionally dressing up today. #Abolition #BLM,” Duffy said in a now-deleted tweet.

“The Sisters of Saint Joseph support the Administration of Fontbonne Hall Academy School which has determined that Laura Lynn Duffy is no longer in the employ of FHA effective Friday February 4, 2022,” the Facebook post said.


Wolf sides with local governments in rejecting gun rights bill


Gov. Tom Wolf has vetoed legislation designed to protect Pennsylvania residents’ Second Amendment rights against municipalities that enact restrictive gun ordinances.

“Once again, this governor has failed to live up to his oath to ‘support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this Commonwealth,’” said Rep. Matthew Dowling, R-Fayette, sponsor of House Bill 979.

“By vetoing this bill, the governor has put the Second Amendment rights of every citizen in jeopardy, effectively encouraging communities to continue enacting illegal gun control measures.”

The legislation would have established the state, not local governments, has the final say on regulations involving firearms and would have prevented municipalities from creating more restrictive rules.

The legislation also would have allowed a person adversely affected by local ordinances or rules to sue for declarative or injunctive relief and actual damages, such as lost wages.

Businessman Moreno exits GOP primary for Ohio Senate seat after meeting with Trump

The luxury car dealer and blockchain executive was among the leading Republican candidates competing to replace retiring GOP Sen. Rob Portman.

Moreno had already put millions of dollars into his campaign before meeting Thursday with Trump, according to the Columbus Dispatch newspaper.

The former president still holds considerable influence over the party and picking midterm candidates, as Republicans appear poised to retake the House and perhaps even the Senate.

Moreno said he asked for the meeting and that “after talking to President Trump we both agreed this race has too many Trump candidates and could cost the MAGA movement a conservative seat,” the newspaper also reports.

Genocide Games: How Pelosi Reined in Criticism of 2008 Beijing Olympics While Her Family Was Bagging Cash in China

D. Angerer, S. Kuykendal, T. De Waele/Getty Images; AP
D. Angerer, S. Kuykendal, T. De Waele/Getty Images; AP

Pelosi’s stance perhaps changed most rapidly during the debate over the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, an event human rights activists decried as a travesty given China’s extensive record of atrocities against its own people. Opponents of the Games argued at the time that granting China such a tremendous honor and showcase for the Communist Party would embolden it to commit even greater horrors.

A year later, China sent paramilitary troops to crush a peaceful protest by members of the Uyghur community of East Turkistan, killing dozens and setting in motion the events that would lead to dictator Xi Jinping currently presiding over concentration camps that, at their peak, were estimated to imprison as many as 3 million people.

Schweizer also notes that Pelosi “actually fought against most-favored-nation trade status and bringing Beijing into the World Trade Organization.”

As her husband Paul Pelosi’s business ties in China grew, however, Pelosi’s human rights advocacy waned.

Republican National Committee overwhelming votes to censure Cheney, Kinzinger for sitting on Jan. 6 committee

In an overwhelming voice vote by committee members gathered for the general session of their winter meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah, the RNC rebuked Reps. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. The resolution also states the RNC will “no longer support them as members of the Republican Party.”

But the resolution that passed the full RNC on Friday was watered down from its original version, which was introduced by David Bossie, a committee member from Maryland and a longtime Trump ally. The initial resolution called for ousting Cheney and Kinzinger from the House GOP conference.

The resolution was supported by RNC chair Ronna McDaniel, but it didn’t sit well with all the party’s committee members.

Tulsi has a warning for pro-censorship Americans

Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) warns there will be consequences if the “power elite” continue their assault on free speech through censorship and promoting “controlling propaganda.”

Gabbard told FNC host Sean Hannity on Thursday such a trend would end the democratic republic and lead to dictatorship.

World News:

Covid Rebellion Brews in Canada, Sending Warning Across Globe

© Bloomberg Demonstrators Protest Vaccine Mandates As Police Aim To End Downtown Occupation
© Bloomberg Demonstrators Protest Vaccine Mandates As Police Aim To End Downtown Occupation

Canadians have done as they were told during the pandemic. They lined up for shots until the country had one of the developed world’s best vaccination rates; they endured some of North America’s longest lockdowns; and they’ve complied with a wide assortment of curfews and quarantines. 

The populace may disapprove of their un-Canadian-like antics, but there is a growing sense of support for the main message they’re delivering — strict Covid restrictions no longer make sense.

The protests have been the talk of the nation, around dinner tables, on talk shows and social media. And they serve as a warning shot not just to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau but to leaders everywhere:

If even Canada is starting to resist pandemic measures, what does that mean for the rest of the world?

“People are starting to ask, what is the point or what is the efficacy of these restrictions?’” said Shachi Kurl, president of the Angus Reid Institute, a research firm in Vancouver. 

Protests around the world against the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Activists protested against the human rights abuses of the Chinese Communist Party and called for a boycott of the 2022 Olympic Games.

Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers, who has been defending Pastor Artur Pawlowski since his first arrest at no cost to him thanks to your donations at, is a brilliant and hardworking lawyer.

It is shocking to think that opening your church and feeding the homeless, who, by the way, don’t stop needing help just because COVID-19 shows up, could garner the ire of authorities to so dramatic an extent.

Russia, China unveil alliance in Beijing

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping unveiled a global alliance with an anti-Western tilt on Friday, just hours before the grand opening of the Olympics in Beijing. Louisa Naks reports.

Ukrainian troops train with new U.S. arms

Ukrainian troops on Friday trained at the Yavoriv military base in western Ukraine with anti-tank missiles, launchers and other military hardware delivered by the U.S. as part of a $200-million security package to shore up Ukraine as it braces for a possible Russian military offensive.

Russia’s defence chief oversees Belarus war games

 Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu reviewed live-fire exercises in western Belarus on Thursday, part of a surge of military activity close to Ukraine.

CENTCOM warns Iran’s actions risk broader conflict; Islamic State leader killed TV7Israel News 04.02

1) CENTCOM Commander General Kenneth McKenzie warns that Iran’s malign behavior puts it on a course of triggering a broader Middle East war.

2) U.S. Special Forces conduct an operation in Syria’s idlib, at the culmination of which Islamic State leader Hajj Abdullah committed suicide using explosives.

3) The European Union highlights important consultations and crucial political instructions taking place ahead of expected resumption of nuclear talks with Iran in Vienna.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – Canada ‘Freedom Convoy’ Protester: Families ‘Have Had Enough’

Shanna, who lives near Ottawa, said the protest is about defending Canadians’ rights while holding a large Canadian flag. She said she had attended the ongoing rallies since the prior Saturday.

“This has gone too far,” she declared. “It’s kind of scary-slash-funny how far they’ve gone up there on parliament. It’s just got to stop. The people have had enough. This is day five. I’ve seen the people. I’ve seen the families. They’ve had it.”

Breitbart News invited Shanna’s response to news media characterizations of trucker protesters and their supporters as “white supremacists.”

Shanna laughed at the accusation. She invited observers to visit the demonstration to learn about its participants.

Reporter Gets Yanked Off Air By Chinese Authorities During Live Broadcast

Chinese Security (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter
Chinese Security (Credit: Screenshot/Twitter

It’s unclear what he was saying, but the tweet from NOS when translated by Twitter reads, “Our correspondent @sjoerddendaas was pulled away from the camera by security guards at 12:00 pm live in the NOS Journaal.

Unfortunately, this is increasingly becoming a daily reality for journalists in China. He is fine and was able to finish his story a few minutes later.”

The dictatorship does what it wants and anyone who resists it is crushed. The fact that an officer felt comfortable yanking a reporter off live TV should tell you all you need to know.

Medical journal hints at Facebook lawsuit for throttling investigation of COVID vaccine trial

The fact-checking industry, empowered by the vast resources of social media giants, is under sustained scrutiny amid a possible legal battle among the British Medical Journal, Facebook owner Meta and a contractor it pays to flag purported COVID-19 misinformation.

Facebook stopped some readers from sharing a BMJ investigation of “data integrity” issues in a Pfizer COVID vaccine trial, BMJ editors wrote in an open letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in November.

The disputes have major implications for the public’s ability to follow ongoing scientific debates around COVID, especially on masks, vaccines and other treatments. 

Facebook throttled a Reason article questioning a school mask study cited repeatedly by the CDC on the word of a different fact-checker, Science Feedback, which later admitted to falsely attributing claims


Bill O’Reilly: THIS is why Biden skipped slain NYPD officer’s funeral

The funeral for Wilbert Mora, one of the two NYPD officers recently killed while responding to a call in Harlem, took place on Wednesday.

Thousands of police officers lined the streets of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, but President Biden remained absent…DESPITE a planned trip to New York City on Thursday.

Why would the president schedule a trip for the day AFTER? Bill O’Reilly explains to Glenn the likely reasoning behind such a decision…

The left’s attempt to cancel Joe Rogan is an attack on free speech: Turley

Constitutional law expert Jonathan Turley on the fight for free speech after another musician called out those wanting to remove Joe Rogan from Spotify.

Ben Shapiro – Whoopi Goldberg is Reportedly Furious That She Was Suspended From ABC’s “The View”

Ben Shapiro – Whoopi Goldberg is Reportedly Furious That She Was Suspended From ABC’s “The View”.

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