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Baltimore Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby Indicted for Fraudulent Mortgages on Florida Homes

Andrew Burton / Getty
Andrew Burton / Getty

The indictment, published by Baltimore NBC affiliate WBAL-11, claims Mosby committed fraud and perjury by taking advantage of the CARES Act, the first coronavirus relief bill, to claim falsely that she qualified for a “coronavirus-related distribution” from her public employee retirement account.

She allegedly received $36,000 that she used for a down payment on a home in Kissimmee, Florida. She also allegedly did not reveal to her lender that she owed tens of thousands to the IRS in back taxes. And she allegedly signed the mortgage knowing she in tended to violate its prohibition on using a management company to run it as a vacation rental.

She then allegedly repeated the fraud to obtain $45,000 from her retirement account for a second home in Long Boat Key, Florida. Once again, she allegedly did not reveal that she owed back taxes to the IRS.

Massive California train looting prompts intense criticism of Democrats, Gavin Newsom: ‘This is America?’

The videos, posted on Twitter by local CBS photojournalist John Schreiber, showed massive amounts of opened packages, cardboard, and packaging materials strewn around the tracks.

“Keep hearing of train burglaries in LA on the scanner so went to [Lincoln Heights] to see it all. And… there’s looted packages as far as the eye can see.

Amazon packages, [UPS] boxes, unused Covid tests, fishing lures, epi pens. Cargo containers left busted open on trains,” Schreiber wrote, before further detailing what his team found at the scene.

California county leaves more than $10M worth of COVID protective gear out in the rain

Workers in California’s San Mateo County are scrambling to clean up a mess uncovered by our sister station in San Francisco, KGO-TV’s I-Team. More than $10 million worth of precious personal protective equipment– purchased with your tax dollars – was left outside in the rain.

We all know how important masks, hospital gowns, and other protective gear are, as the COVID pandemic surges yet again.

This seems hard to believe, but top county officials didn’t know that thousands of boxes of PPE were moved outside and forgotten for months until the I-Team told them.

Suspect ‘Wearing N95 Mask’ Accused of Stabbing Woman to Death in California Furniture Store

Kupfer’s murder is the latest in a “string of violence and murders in ‘safe’ LA neighborhoods where mayhem has seldom been seen before,” according to the report.

Notably, the L.A. Times reported in December 2021 that homicides were up 46.7 percent compared to 2019, citing police data.

“As of the end of November, there had been 359 homicides in L.A. in 2021, compared with 355 in all of 2020. There have not been more homicides in one year since 2008, which ended with 384,” the Times wrote.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the LAPD at 877-LAPD 247.

Texas AG Ken Paxton Sues Planned Parenthood to Recover $10M in Medicaid Funds

Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

“Specifically, Planned Parenthood received reimbursement from Texas Medicaid to which it was not entitled,” the lawsuit states. “Planned Parenthood knowingly and improperly avoided its obligation to repay money owed to the Texas Medicaid program.”

Paxton said in a statement:

It is unthinkable that Planned Parenthood would continue to take advantage of funding knowing they were not entitled to keep it. I will not allow them to benefit from this abhorrent conduct after they were caught violating medical standards and lying to law enforcement.

As a press statement from Paxton’s office noted, and Breitbart News reported, the state’s Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General eliminated Planned Parenthood from its Medicaid program in 2016. 

Consumer Sentiment Drops as Bidenflation Crushes Expectations

“Three-quarters of consumers in early January ranked inflation, compared with unemployment, as the more serious problem facing the nation,” said Richard Curtin, the survey’s chief economist.

Americans expect inflation to rise 4.9 percent over the next year, matching the highest since 2008, the Michigan report showed.

They expect prices will rise at an annual rate of 3.1 percent over the next five to 10 years, the highest since 2011.

The rise in expectations will likely be especially concerning to Federal Reserve officials, who believe that inflation expectations have a strong influence over the direction of prices.

Factory Production Unexpectedly Plunged in December, Worsening Supply Constraints

U.S. factory production suffered a sharp and unexpected downturn in December, a development that is likely to add to inflationary pressures in an economy beset with supply constraints.

Automakers continue to lag when it comes to production. The index for motor vehicles and parts dropped 1.3 percent in December and was about 6 percent lower than its year-earlier level.

But manufacturing outside of autos also contracted. Excluding the motor vehicle sector, factory output dipped 0.2 percent, with similarly sized decreases for durables and nondurables.

The drop in manufacturing production and utilization in December is particularly troubling because the surge in infections due to the omicron variant of the coronavirus occurred only toward the end of the month.

It is likely that high rates of infection and quarantines will result in many workers having to stay home for several days in January, which could further weigh on production. That would likely raise inflation higher than it would otherwise be.

GDPNow Plummets Following Weak Consumer Spending Report

GDPNow uses economic modeling to read what the most current economic data implies about economic growth. It is not a forecasting model but a real time assessment. The next update is scheduled for Wednesday, January 19th.

The Commerce Department reported that retail sales fell by 1.9 percent in December, far worse than expected and the second disappointing month.

Adjusted for inflation, sales were likely down in November as well. The Federal Reserve said that industrial production also fell in December, with manufacturing output tumbling 0.3 percent.

3 women charged with beating airline security officer at JFK

JFK Airport  (iStock)
JFK Airport  (iStock)

A Delta security officer and a gate agent approached the trio in the jet bridge and asked them to exit, saying they could get a flight later in the day, according to prosecutors’ court papers.

They said the women refused, one of them hit the security officer in the head with his two-way radio, another punched the gate agent in the face when the agent tried to intervene and the third stepped on the security officer’s face as all three kicked and hit him after he fell to the floor.

The flight crew eventually pulled him behind some jet bridge doors and held them shut as the women lashed out at the crew, according to prosecutors.

Airlines reported more than 5,000 episodes involving unruly passengers last year, including over 3,600 cases of people allegedly refusing to wear face masks as required.

Oldest American World War II veteran set to be remembered at memorial service

World War II veteran Lawrence Brooks holds a photo of him taken in 1943, when he celebrated his 110th birthday at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, on Sept. 12, 2019. (AP/Gerald Herbert)
World War II veteran Lawrence Brooks holds a photo of him taken in 1943, when he celebrated his 110th birthday at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans, on Sept. 12, 2019. (AP/Gerald Herbert)

Family and friends of a New Orleans man who was the oldest World War II veteran when he died earlier in January will gather to remember him at a ceremony in a museum memorializing the war. 

Funeral services will be held Saturday at The National WWII Museum in New Orleans for Lawrence Brooks, who died on Jan. 5 at the age of 112. 

The funeral service, which starts at 10 a.m., is for invited relatives, friends and guests but also will be livestreamed on the museum’s website.

After the service a traditional jazz procession will follow before Brooks is taken to Mount Olivet Cemetery in New Orleans where he’ll be laid to rest. 

Former Obama-era acting DHS inspector general pleads guilty to scheme to steal gov’t software

(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)
(AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

Charles Edwards, who worked as acting inspector general at DHS-OIG between 2011 and 2013, is accused of having executed a scheme to steal confidential and proprietary software from the government after he left the agency and set up his own company.

The government accused him of stealing software from the office, including government databases that contained personal information of DHS and U.S. Postal Service (USPS) employees, “so that his company could develop a commercially-owned version of a case management system to be offered for sale to government agencies.” Edwards has set up Delta Business Solutions in Maryland and was accused of stealing software between 2015 and 2017.

He resigned from the DHS OIG in 2013 amid a Senate investigation into his whether he had delayed investigations and softened reports, claims he denied. 

The Washington Post reported that he was accused of having pushed to changed findings in reports to keep them from embarrassing the Obama administration. He was also accused of retaliation against staff who resisted him.

DeSantis says Roberts and Kavanaugh lacked ‘backbone’ in ruling on vaccine mandate for health care workers

(REUTERS/Carlo Allegri)
(REUTERS/Carlo Allegri)

“So here’s what’s going on, think about how insane this is,” he continued. “Now, in Florida, we protected the nurses, so we have people that are working. But in other states, they fired nurses who were not vaccinated.”

DeSantis noted that some hospitals, such as in California, are so short-staffed that they’re now allowing vaccinated but COVID-positive employees to go back to work. 

“So they have COVID-positive people back on, meanwhile the unvaccinated, likely immune through prior infection, healthy nurses are on the sidelines fired,” the Sunshine State governor continued. “How insane are these policies?”

DeSantis lauded his administration’s response to the vaccine mandates in his “Ruthless” appearance, saying his state “didn’t necessarily wait for the courts” when pushing back against Biden’s vaccine mandate for American companies with over 100 employees.

Judge rules absentee ballot drop boxes illegal in Wisconsin, regulators must retract guidance

Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Michael Bohren ordered on Thursday the Wisconsin Elections Commission to retract its instructions to election officials on how to use drop boxes. Bohren declared that the WEC had overstepped its authority in issuing the guidance in the first place.

Bohren called the WEC’s guidance a “major policy decision that alter[s] how our absentee ballot process operates,” that was significant enough that it should have required approval by the Legislature.

Late last year, a Racine County sheriff said his investigators had secured evidence of voter fraud occurring at a local nursing home.

The sheriff, Christopher Schmaling, accused the Wisconsin Elections Commission of allowing, and even encouraging, nursing home staffers to fill out ballots on behalf of residents. He said that the state election statute “was in fact not just broken, but shattered.”

Video: Oath Keeper, retired Navy vet, 70, charged with ‘seditious conspiracy’ for Jan 6 warns, ‘this is good vs evil’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed alleged Oath Keepers leader Thomas Caldwell on Thursday night, addressing the Department of Justice charging him with seditious conspiracy in connection with the Capitol Hill riot on Jan. 6 just hours before appearing on his show.

“Tucker, I did not go into the Capitol and they know it,” Caldwell, 67, asserted. “I’m absolutely outraged. They don’t have any proof, and I’m innocent and we can prove my innocence.”

“You know, this whole thing has just crushed my wife and I – emotionally and financially,” he commented. “We have all the faith in the world in God. We believe that this is good versus evil. And we are Christians.”

Secret Military COVID Documents

Dr. Fauci’s hubris knows no bounds. Under oath, he denied funding gain-of-function research that likely led to the global spread of COVID.

But as Mark reveals, Project Veritas has uncovered potentially incriminating secret military documents that bring Fauci’s testimony into question.


C-SPAN: Fact-Checking Fauci’s Financials

U.S. Senator Roger Marshall questions Dr. Anthony Fauci regarding his pay, conflict, and financial disclosures.

The National Desk: Fact Checking Fauci Senate Testimony

OpenTheBooks CEO/Founder Adam Andrzejewski joined The National Desk to discuss Dr. Fauci and his financial disclosures. The doctor claims these documents are open to the public, when in reality, his financials are NOT available.

Newsmax: Dr. Fauci’s Golden Parachute Exceeds $350k/Year

OpenTheBooks CEO/Founder Adam Andrzejewski discusses our breaking investigation on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s generous retirement package.

Back To the News:

Alleged victim of CNN producer John Griffin moved to ‘protected environment’

“You can just imagine how traumatic being subjected to something like this is, and particularly for a child who’s that age,” Joel Faxon, who is representing the girl in a multimillion-dollar civil lawsuit against Griffin, told Fox News Digital. “She’s in a protected environment now, and thank God she’s there.”

In court filings last week, he sought a prejudgment remedy against Griffin as part of a lawsuit on behalf of the girl, identified only under the pseudonym Jane Doe. Under Connecticut law it would allow the plaintiff to secure assets before the case is resolved – tying up Griffin’s wealth in case anything happens.

“There’s no mechanism in the federal court to get a prejudgment remedy,” Faxon explained. “You can only attach someone’s assets after you have a trial or disposition that is rendered into a judgment.

But we have a procedure in Connecticut where we can get a prejudgment attachment.”

Jeffrey Epstein brought 8 women with him to the Clinton White House

Unearthed visitor logs last month confirmed the late pedophile had visited the Executive Mansion at least 17 times during Bill Clinton‘s first term, beginning shortly after his inauguration in 1993.    

Additional records exclusively obtained by now reveal that Epstein was not always alone during his trips to the White House, where he was joined by eight different women between 1993 and 1995. 

Never-before-seen footage also shows the disgraced financier – who on three occasions visited the president’s house twice in one day – kept framed pictures of himself at the podium of the White House Briefing Room at his Palm Beach mansion. 

TOMORROW: Speakers For President Trump’s Florence, Arizona Rally Announced – Trump to Make Special Announcement

The rally will take place on January 15th, 2022, at 2:00 pm, at Canyon Moon Ranch in Florence.

President Trump will speak at 7 pm.

The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson recently spoke to Trump-endorsed Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, who said President Trump has an announcement to make this Saturday in Arizona.

She also stated that she will be pushing to decertify the stolen Arizona 2020 Presidential Election, this Legislative session which commenced on Monday.


Democrats Use Dreaded Filibuster to Block Ted Cruz Bill Sanctioning Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

Cruz's Nord Stream 2 sanctions bill fails to pass in U.S. Senate
Cruz’s Nord Stream 2 sanctions bill fails to pass in U.S. Senate

Democrats used the Senate filibuster, which they are busy trying to eliminate, to block a bill by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Thursday that would have sanctioned companies associated with Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The bill had 55 votes.

The filibuster requires 60 votes to end debate and move to a final vote, which meant that despite the 55-44 margin, and the votes of five Democrats in favor, the bill could not advance — a win for President Joe Biden’s approach to talks with Russia.

The Biden administration allowed the Nord Stream 2 pipeline to proceed last year — after shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline project in the U.S. to appease environmentalists — saying that the project was too close to completion to reverse.

Tucker: This is worse than we thought

Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host explains the dangers of government ‘censorship of political opinion.’

World News:

U.S. Accuses Russia Of Preparing ‘False-Flag’ Operation In Ukraine

Ukrainian servicemen walk to their position at the front line with Russia-backed separatists outside the village of Verkhnotoretske in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine on December 27.
Ukrainian servicemen walk to their position at the front line with Russia-backed separatists outside the village of Verkhnotoretske in the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine on December 27.

The White House has accused Russia of sending saboteurs into eastern Ukraine in order to stage an incident that could provide a pretext for an invasion if Moscow’s security demands are not met.

Spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters on January 14 that U.S. intelligence indicates that Russia “has prepositioned a group of operatives to conduct a false-flag operation in Ukraine. The operatives are trained in urban warfare and using explosives to conduct acts of sabotage.”

The comments come after a week of high-stakes talks in Geneva, Brussels, and Vienna between U.S. and European officials with Russian diplomats who have essentially demanded a whole-scale reorganization of Europe’s security structure.

Russia has deployed nearly 100,000 troops to areas along Ukraine’s borders, prompting Western intelligence officials to warn that Moscow could be poised to conduct a new invasion of Ukraine.

U.S. Embassy targeted in Iraq; Blinken warns Iran over stalling talks in Vienna TV7Israel News 14.01

1) U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken warns Iran that there are “a few weeks left” before “other options” will be introduced to contend with Tehran’s nuclear program.

2) Iranian-backed militias allegedly launch rockets toward the U.S. Embassy in Iraq.

3) The United Nations urges warring parties in Yemen to resume dialogue – amid intensified battles in Ma’rib governorate.

Facebook Facing $3.2 Billion Class Action Lawsuit over Treatment of UK Users

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Engadget reports that Facebook (now Meta) is facing a major court case as a legal expert has begun work with a litigation firm to sue the company on behalf of 44 million Facebook users in the United Kingdom. The class-action lawsuit alleges that UK users had their data exploited in violation of competition laws.

The lawsuit alleges that although users do not pay to use Facebook, the information that they provide the social media platform with is valuable. Lovdahl Gormsen said in a statement: “They are exploiting users by taking their personal data without properly compensating them for taking that data. I don’t think the users are entirely clear when they click on the terms and conditions how unfair that deal is.”

Gormsen added that Facebook has become “the sole social network in the UK where you could be sure to connect with friends and family in one place.” The lawsuit further notes that Facebook extensively tracks its user across the entire internet, via the Facebook Pixel which Breitbart News has previously reported on.

Westminster’s sell out to China.

A Chinese spy was found in the British parliament, yet most MPs still think they are our friends.


Biden Gives Border to the Cartels | Guest: Sara Carter | Rudy Giuliani | January 14th, 2022 | Ep 205

The Fed WILL force banks to comply with ESG. What that means for YOU.

The Federal Reserve has a HUGE role in The Great Reset, Glenn and The Heartland Institute’s Justin Haskins explain.

The Fed will force nearly all banks to comply with specific policy agendas — like ESG scores, green initiatives, or any other goal within The Great Reset — and it’s already begun.

Eventually, if you are not ‘green’ enough, you may not be able to open a bank account with some of the word’s largest financial institutions.

This is just one example of how The Great Reset WILL affect the everyday American, and it’s going to change our society FUNDAMENTALLY.

Ep. 1684 The Latest DOJ Announcement Should Sound The Alarms – The Dan Bongino Show

The latest announcement out of the DOJ should send shivers down your spine. In this episode, I address the disturbing developments. I also address the critical Supreme Court ruling against the Biden vaccine mandate.

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