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6 Men Arrested After Committing 70 Crimes Targeting Asian Women

San Jose Police
San Jose Police

The six men allegedly committed more than 70 robberies, thefts, and burglaries against Asian women between October 2020 and September 2021. Santa Clara County’s District Attorney’s Office charged the six men with hate crime enhancements after the suspects targeted Asian women and used “ethnic slurs against Asians.”

San Jose Police Captain Brian Shab revealed that three suspects are in custody. The other three were released. One of the men faces a maximum sentence of 95 years in prison.

One man, who is suspected to be involved in over 30 robberies and thefts, was arrested in August on suspicion of felony robbery and misdemeanor vandalism.

Three of the suspects were arrested and charged with hate crimes in September. Then, in November, authorities made the final arrests after witnesses the last two suspects commit robberies.

Sex Offender, Fugitive, Gang Member Arrests Continue Along U.S. Southwest Border

In the Rio Grande Valley, agents arrested three gang members and two previously deported sex offenders. They also found a fugitive wanted in Utah for a sex crime, according to information obtained from Border Patrol officials.

McAllen Station agents apprehended a citizen of the Dominican Republic after he illegally crossed the border from Mexico on December 13. During a criminal background check the agents discovered that a Massachusetts court convicted and sentenced the man to two years in prison for strong-arm rape in 2017. ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations officers deported the man following the completion of his sentence.

That same day, Harlingen Station agents encountered a group of five Salvadoran migrants.

While processing the group, agents conducted a digital background investigation and found one of the migrants, a 34-year-old male, received a conviction from a Suffolk County, New York court in 2005. The court sentenced the man to 10 years probation for sexual abuse of a child under the age of 11. Another court sentenced him that same year to 30 days of incarceration for a forged instrument. A federal court sentenced the man to 14 months in prison for unlawful re-entry after removal as a convicted sex offender.

Report: Establishment Media’s Readership Collapses Up to 48% Without Trump’s Presidency

Brandon Bell/Getty Images
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

The Hill, Washington PostNew York TimesPoliticoWall Street Journal, CNN, and Vox Media have lost a large percentage of monthly unique visitors since Trump led the nation, according to Comscore data cited by the Journal.

“Newspapers, television, all forms of media will tank if I’m not there,” Trump predicted in 2017, “because without me, their ratings are going down the tubes.”

Politico’s readership has reportedly declined the greatest amount at 48 percent. The Post‘s page views are reportedly fewer by 28 percent, followed by the Times at 15 percent, then the Journal and Vox Media at nine percent.

As Trump is canceled on Twitter and Facebook, reducing his ability to immediately create a headline for the establishment media to print, the amount of the Post’s digital subscribers has reportedly declined by nearly 300,000.

Twitter Crackdown: American Principles Project Executive Censored for Criticizing the Mutilation of Kids

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal (Google Cloud/YouTube)
Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal (Google Cloud/YouTube)

It’s the latest in a growing tide of Twitter censorship since the company changed CEOs, replacing co-founder Jack Dorsey with little-known former CTO Parag Agrawal.

On Tuesday, in response to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) pushing for a new pill to prevent male-to-female transgenders from competing in women’s sports, Schweppe called for red states to pass laws outlawing the surgical mutilation of minors.

In response, Twitter locked Schweppe’s account on the grounds of “hate speech,” forcing him to delete the tweet.

The incident is the latest in what appears to be an uptick in censorship from an already-censorious platform.

Another conservative who was recently censored was conservative blogger Matt Couch, who posted on Twitter from the handle @RealMattCouch, who had over 500,000 followers on the platform prior to his account’s termination for unknown reasons last week.

Other censorship cases in the past few weeks include an account posting updates from the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, an account tracking Nancy Pelosi’s stock market investments, and a range of widely-followed anonymous conservative accounts.

14 House Republicans Demand D.C. Mayor Fire Prison Warden Overseeing Jan. 6 Detainees

“January 6 defendants were treated categorically different from the remainder of the prison population,” they wrote, referencing testimony from the accused that claimed “months of solitary confinement, verbal abuse (e.g., called ‘white supremacists’), harassment, beatings from guards, denial of basic medical care, religious services, communion, nutritious diet, and access to attorneys.”

While most of these inmates have no prior history and have yet to be convicted of any crime,” lawmakers added, “Landerkin is allowing them to be treated as subhuman.”

Greene published her findings from the November visit in a 28-page eyewitness report titled, “Unusually Cruel” on Dec. 7.

In a 20-tweet Twitter thread published last weekend, Greene highlighted Landerkin’s open political bias.


Biden’s going to have to make a choice: Pavlich

Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich has the latest on the state of the Biden administration, Build Back Better and more on ‘The Story.’

Brandon Judd: Dems are in bed with Big Tech, withholding data on border walls

The National Border Patrol Council president discusses Democrats’ unwillingness to build a border wall despite record apprehensions.

Trump: Mitch McConnell should be ‘replaced as leader ASAP!’

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

Mitch McConnell has given away the Unfrastructure Bill and will soon be giving away the Build Back Worse Bill, which will change the very fabric of our society.

This was all made possible by the two-month extension he gave the Democrats, the separation of the two Bills, and, most importantly, his lack of courage in playing the Debt Ceiling Card.

He has grabbed defeat from the jaws of victory!

How this guy can stay as Leader is beyond comprehension—this is coming not only from me, but from virtually everyone in the Republican Party. He is a disaster and should be replaced as “Leader” ASAP!

Tucker: This is not a good sign

 ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host addresses the consequences of Biden’s ‘reckless’ policies.

Mike Rowe reacts to massive US labor shortage amid low workforce participation rate

Fox Business host Mike Rowe offers reaction and analysis on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’.

Government-Run Schools Crush Innovation

America’s public (government-run) schools fail our kids. Here’s how government suffocates even the best teachers:

World News:

With Days to Go Before Christmas, Denmark Shuts Down Public Places, Citing Virus

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said the measures also require stores smaller than 2,000 square meters (21,528 square feet) and restaurants to limit their number of customers. Restaurants must serve their last meals and alcoholic beverages at 10 p.m. and close at 11 p.m.

The partial shutdown order was approved later Friday by Parliament´s 21-member Epidemic Committee. Most restrictions apply as of Sunday at 8 a.m.

The Danish government is advising residents to limit social contacts over the Christmas holidays, and urged public and private companies to have employees work from home where possible.

Sutton house fire: Woman arrested after two sets of twin boys, aged three and four, die in south London blaze

Flowers have been left at the scene
Flowers have been left at the scene

Deputy Commissioner Mills said: “On arrival there were four children in the house. It’s a very traumatic event. They (firefighters) attended a very well-developed fire (and) got there in under three minutes. Second two machines within seven minutes.

“Entering a building and rescuing life is always a very difficult place to be. The age of the children (and) the fact they are so young will have a profound impact on them.”

The cause of the fire is currently “unknown” and fire investigation teams, alongside the Metropolitan Police, are trying to determine the cause, Mr Mills said.

SHOCKING: Rebel News journalist ASSAULTED by Trudeau’s bodyguards

David was standing on a public sidewalk outside a public event where Trudeau was going to a Liberal Christmas Party. David was doing what all media do — waiting patiently to call out a question to Trudeau as he walked in.

Trudeau says it again and again. He says we’re not real reporters. He says we don’t deserve any respect. He publicly blames us for the sorry state of Canada. He personally bans us from attending public press conferences. And if we manage to get in, he insults us, instead of answering our questions.

So, after demonizing us, demoralizing us, and defaming us for five years, his staff got the message. And so, they attacked us.

Ukraine’s Tanks Could Be Better Than Russia’s. It Might Not Matter.

The T-64BV mod 2017 is Ukraine's best tank. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
The T-64BV mod 2017 is Ukraine’s best tank. WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

The Russian army has massed around 1,200 tanks for a possible invasion of Ukraine. The tanks include the latest T-90s plus upgraded T-72s.

Across the border, the Ukrainian army has mobilized its own armor for a possible defensive campaign. Ukraine possesses some of the same tank models that Russia does, but Kiev’s best tank—an updated T-64—is uniquely Ukrainian.

In Soviet doctrine, which the Russian and Ukrainian armies both follow, tanks rarely fight tanks. But if and when Russia overtly invades Ukraine and sharply escalates the seven-year, frozen conflict in eastern Ukraine, tanks on both sides will play key roles in offense and defense, helping to shape the battlefield so that the decisive force—artillery—can do its terrible work.

Two Members Of Pussy Riot Protest Group Get Jail Terms For Online Posts

Maria Alyokhina flashes a V-sign as she arrives to attend a court hearing in Moscow in March.
Maria Alyokhina flashes a V-sign as she arrives to attend a court hearing in Moscow in March.

The charge against Alyokhina stemmed from a picture she posted on a social network six years ago of Belarusian strongman Alyaksandr Lukashenka with Nazi swastikas on it, comparing him with “fascists.”

Shtein, who is also a Moscow municipal lawmaker, was sentenced over a caricature showing her in a hat with swastika on it that was posted on a social network in 2018.

Alyokhina, Shtein, and other members of the protest group have been sentenced to up 15 days in jail several times in recent months over taking part in protest actions and unsanctioned rallies.


The Truth and Nothing but the Truth from an American Citizen | Guest Mike Lindell | December 17 2021

TV7 Powers in Play – Cold War II or false alarm?

Is winter coming to international relations?

Is the world on the verge of Cold War II, with China playing the part of the old Soviet Union, this time with Russia in a supporting role? Or are the omens of doom and gloom being overplayed?

A lively Powers in Play discussion with new guest Ambassador Alon Pinkas,

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