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Suspect Charged With Gunning Down Chicago Man In Broad Daylight Had Long Arrest Record

Alphonso Joyner, 23,
Alphonso Joyner, 23, 

The suspect charged with shooting and killing 71-year-old Woom Sing Tse in the middle of the day in Chicago this week had been arrested at least four times before with two of those offenses being gun-related.

Alphonso Joyner, 23, allegedly gunned down Tse from his vehicle near Haines Elementary School during recess on Tuesday.

Joyner is pictured on surveillance camera footage exiting a silver sedan to reshoot Tse before making his exit towards the Kennedy Expressway where he was later apprehended, along with a handgun and extended magazine.

“Tse was transported to Stroger Hospital where he was pronounced dead,” WGNTV reported. 

Bodycam Footage of SWAT Officers Shooting Suspect Armed With a Rifle

After driving around the parking lot several times, HPD SWAT Officers Dexter and Gonzalez performed a vehicle maneuver and boxed in Lewis vehicle.

Lewis then exited his vehicle with a weapon, pointed it at officers, and discharged the weapon at them.

Officers Dexter and Gonzalez and Harris County Precinct 4 deputies discharged their duty weapons at Lewis, striking him.

HPD SWAT officers then rendered medical aid to Lewis, who was pronounced deceased at the scene by paramedics. An innocent bystander was also injured during the shooting when a bullet fragment hit his ankle.

Colton Dixon Devastated That 2,363 Babies are Killed Every Day in Abortions: “It’s Just Insane”

An American Idol finalist and popular Christian singer, Dixon and his wife celebrated the birth of their first children, identical twin daughters, a little over a year ago. He recently spoke about his pro-life views with Live Action, including the heartbreak he feels when he thinks of the 2,363 children who are killed every day in abortions in the U.S.

“That’s insane, it’s just insane,” Dixon said, reflecting on the number. “And it breaks my heart, especially after having twin girls and thinking they could be amongst that number. It’s just heartbreaking.”

He said people need to get back to putting others first if society wants to end abortions.

January 6 Police Beating Victim Speaks: ‘I Could Have Died’

The first time Victoria White visited the nation’s capital was on January 6, 2021. Listening to President Trump’s speech—with her teen daughter and three friends alongside her—would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, White thought.

Instead, the day turned into a personal nightmare with real-time flashbacks to her years as a victim of domestic abuse.

Fierce battles between police and protesters took place inside the tunnel, which leads to a set of doors that allows access to the building. It is the location where Rosanne Boyland, a 34-year-old Trump supporter from Georgia, died.

White, 39, found herself in the tunnel near Boyland—and her harrowing account describes nothing short of criminal misconduct by still-unidentified members of the D.C. Metropolitan Police department.


GOP senators vent about McConnell deal as Senate clears way for debt ceiling increase: ‘Crap sandwich’

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) (Alex Wong/Getty Images)
(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images) (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

GOP senators Thursday vented their frustration with a deal Minority Leader Mitch McConnell negotiated to enable Democrats to raise the debt ceiling – as most Republicans went to the Senate floor to vote against it in a procedural vote that passed 64-36 will unanimous Democrat support.  

GOP senators Thursday vented their frustration with a deal Minority Leader Mitch McConnell negotiated to enable Democrats to raise the debt ceiling – as most Republicans went to the Senate floor to vote against it in a procedural vote that passed 64-36 will unanimous Democrat support.  

“I voted ‘no’ on cloture, I don’t think that’s the right direction to go,” Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., told Fox News. “Democrats had an opportunity to be able to do it by reconciliation. We’ve been clear on it since July. And we should have stuck with that simple thing.” 

“I just don’t like the process and the precedent that it sets,” Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., said. 

The deal between McConnell, R-Ky., and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., used a bill to avoid Medicare cuts as a vehicle for language allowing a one-time simple-majority vote to raise the debt ceiling in the Senate. 

Senate votes to repeal Biden’s job-killing vaccine mandate

In a 52-to-48 vote, the Senate voted to block Joe Biden’s job-killing COVID vaccine mandate for private employers. A bill was passed, which blocks Biden’s rule forcing businesses with more than 100 employees to enforce vaccinations.

Sen. Ron Johnson Has Some Big Questions For The Self-Appointed “COVID Gods” In Tech And Media

On this episode of “The Federalist Radio Hour,” Republican Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss Big Tech censorship and how the Silicon Valley giants have assisted bureaucratic “COVID gods” in dictating the pandemic agenda since the beginning.

“At some point in time, you know, conservatives have to use what platforms are out there. I don’t think we should abandon those, but we need to start gravitating toward outlets that aren’t going to censor us. Now that’s a real shame,” Johnson added. 

Johnson said he believes that without Big Tech’s influence, people in the United States would have addressed COVID-19 more effectively.

Biden Praises Gas Prices, Contends Americans Will Finally “Pay Their Fair Share For Gas”

Why Democrats want you to be afraid

‘Fox News Primetime’ host exposes the crime and totalitarianism resulting from Democratic policies.

Feminist rips ‘gender identity’ as meaningless

Kara Dansky of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign discusses the state of women’s right on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’.

Tulsi Gabbard blasts political leaders for considering nuclear attack on Russia

Former Democratic congresswomen discusses the ‘dangerous’ narrative leaders in Washington are pushing over Russian conflict on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Ingraham: US ‘collaborators’ are allowing CCP to grow richer and more powerful year after year

Matt Gaetz and the Dangers of Prosecutorial Leaks For Everyone

It’s been 8 months since the NYT claimed the DOJ was investigating “whether” Gaetz committed crimes.

He’s still not been charged with anything, and thus has no chance to contest the innuendo, yet millions believe he’s guilty. That why prosecutorial leaks are so abusive.

If there’s evidence of Matt Gaetz’s guilt, then charge him with crimes, accord him the due process guaranteed by the Constitution, and send him to prison if a jury of his peers finds him guilty.

The day may come when that happens.

But thus far, the only apparent criminality is by prosecutors who seemed to have leaked this investigation.

World News:

Russia Ratchets Up Pressure On Ukraine As Biden Consults Zelenskiy

The chief of Russia's General Staff, General Valery Gerasimov (file photo)
The chief of Russia’s General Staff, General Valery Gerasimov (file photo)

General Valery Gerasimov, chief of the Russian military’s General Staff, warned Ukraine on December 9 against trying to launch an offensive against Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine, saying any such action will be “suppressed.”

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry accused Ukraine of moving heavy weaponry near the front line in eastern Ukraine with the support of NATO members.

The statements come two days after Biden and President Vladimir Putin held a video call amid Western concerns about the presence of tens of thousands of Russian troops near Ukraine’s border that has triggered fears of a new Russian invasion of the country.

U.K. To Send Army Engineers To Poland Amid ‘Migration Pressure’ From Belarus

Britain says it will send 140 military engineers to NATO ally Poland this month to provide support at its border with Belarus, where the West says Minsk is orchestrating on ongoing migration crisis.

Specialists from the 32 Engineer Regiment will work with the Polish military at the border with Belarus, including providing “infrastructure support,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement on December 9.

Belarus is engaged in a bitter diplomatic standoff with the West over authoritarian leader Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s crackdown on dissent since a disputed presidential election last year, and what the EU has called his “weaponization” of mainly Middle Eastern migrants to create a crisis on Belarus’s border with Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Iran not serious at Vienna; Israel-US discuss ‘Plan B’ – if diplomacy fails – TV7 Israel News 09.12

1) Israel and the United States are holding top level security meetings on possible “courses of action” in the event that the diplomatic track in Vienna, aimed at thwarting Iran’s nuclear race to a bomb, fails.

2) CIA Director William Burns asserts that Iran is not taking the nuclear talks in Vienna seriously.

3) Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid concludes a first official visit to Egypt.


ESG IS HERE: Citi’s latest step to further the GREAT RESET

Glenn has warned about ESG scores — environment, social, and governance — for months now. They’re a key tenet to the Great Reset and could be used to control YOUR finances.

If you have a low ESG score — due to certain purchases or investments the far-left deems ‘un-woke’ — then you could face major difficulties securing loans or other services from the world’s biggest banks.

Now, Citi just announce its latest decision to move this plan one step further.

Per Bloomberg, ‘Citigroup Inc. will eventually expect borrowers to have a credible plan for measuring and reducing their carbon footprint as part of the bank’s pledge to achieve net-zero greenhouse-gas emissions.’ ESG IS HERE!

Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/8/21 🆕 Fox News December 8, 2021

Tucker Carlson Tonight 12/8/21 Fox News December 8, 2021. The Tucker Carlson Show Fox News. Thanks for watching FOXmulderNEWS ! Stay safe and have a great day.

12/08/21 Glenn Beck Kyle Rittenhouse Interview

How A Communist State Decides a Child’s Fate

Under a communist regime, you have no influence over the fate of your children.

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