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Fairfax Public Schools reinstates pornographic books to high school library

Stacy Langton reads text from one of the books during the school board meeting

Courtesy Photo
Stacy Langton reads text from one of the books during the school board meetingCourtesy Photo

The two books, Genderqueer by Maia Kobabe and Lawnboy by Jonathan Evison, had been removed from circulation pending an internal review, which ultimately determined that the books would stay in public high schools.

“The decision reaffirms FCPS’ ongoing commitment to provide diverse reading materials that reflect our student population, allowing every child an opportunity to see themselves reflected in literary characters,” FCPS said in a press release. “Both reviews concluded that the books were valuable in their potential to reach marginalized youth who may struggle to find relatable literary characters that reflect their personal journeys.”

Kobabe and Evison’s book contains graphic depictions of oral sex between homosexual characters. Genderqueer also contains a graphic, ancient Greek-style image of a bearded man with a younger-looking person, which critics said depicted pedophilia.

Critics blast Education Department’s move to limit reporting of teacher sexual assaults

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona / Getty Images
Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona / Getty Images

The Department of Education is seeking to remove a question from its 2021-2022 Civil Rights Data Collection that asked school districts to report the number of teacher-student sexual assaults that occurred.

The question was added to the Office for Civil Rights’s annual report during the Trump administration, and the proposal to remove it prompted a tidal wave of critics, including former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who called the move “sickening.”

“There is no rational way to justify sweeping teachers sexually assaulting students under the rug,” DeVos said in a statement to the Washington Examiner

The question was added to the 2020-2021 data collection after the previous report that concluded in 2018 discovered nearly 15,000 sexual assaults had occurred in schools in the 2017-2018 school year, but it did not differentiate between assaults between students and assaults between teachers and students, according to the Washington Free Beacon .

O’Keefe Dissects NYT Inadvertent Error Excuse for Publishing of Veritas Attorney Privileged Docs

[NEW YORK – Nov. 23, 2021] Project Veritas released a new video today refuting The New York Times’ legally-flawed claim that the New York State Supreme Court acted in an “unconstitutional” way when it ruled that The Times must temporarily stop publishing Veritas’ attorney-client privileged communications with the attorneys representing Veritas in the defamation case, and further ordered The Times to explain the reasoning behind why they did so in an article earlier this month.

Veritas is currently suing The Times for defamation after they libelously labelled a September 2020 video exposing ballot harvesting in Minnesota as “deceptive.” The lawsuit was filed over a year ago.

The Times suffered this latest legal defeat on Thursday and filed an immediate appeal. The paper’s executive editor, Dean Baquet, claimed the court was attempting to silence journalism.

Jury Holds Pharmacies Responsible for Role in Opioid Crisis

(AP Photo/Patrick Sison, File)
(AP Photo/Patrick Sison, File)

Three retail pharmacy chains recklessly distributed massive amounts of pain pills in two Ohio counties, a federal jury said Tuesday in a verdict that could set the tone for U.S. city and county governments that want to hold pharmacies accountable for their roles in the opioid crisis.

The counties blamed pharmacies operated by CVS, Walgreens, and Walmart for not stopping the flood of pills that caused hundreds of overdose deaths and cost each of the two counties about $1 billion, their attorney said.

This was the first time pharmacy companies had completed a trial to defend themselves in a drug crisis that has killed a half-million Americans over the past two decades.

Jury awards millions in damages for Unite the Right violence

(AP Photo/Steve Helber)
(AP Photo/Steve Helber)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) — In a mixed verdict, a jury awarded more than $25 million in damages Tuesday against white nationalist leaders for violence that erupted during the 2017 Unite the Right rally.

After a nearly monthlong civil trial, a jury in U.S. District Court in Charlottesville deadlocked on two key claims but found the white nationalists liable on four other counts in the lawsuit filed by nine people who suffered physical or emotional injuries during two days of demonstrations.

The verdict is a rebuke to the white nationalist movement, particularly for the two dozen individuals and organizations who were accused in a federal lawsuit of orchestrating violence against African Americans, Jews and others in a meticulously planned conspiracy.

Small Children Abandoned near Texas Border by Human Smugglers

Border Patrol agents asked the children about the whereabouts of their parents. The children told the agents their mother stayed in Honduras.

The Rio Grande Valley continues as the busiest sector with the apprehension of 45,234 migrants in October.

During the first month of the new fiscal year, October, Del Rio Sector agents apprehended more than 28,000 migrants. These apprehensions make the Del Rio Sector the second busiest of the nine southwest border sectors, according to the October Southwest Land Border Encounters report released by U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials after hours earlier this week.

Pregnant Florida librarian killed in road rage shooting she allegedly started: police

Florida pregnant woman killed in road rage-related shooting, cops say she started the dispute (COURTESY WOFL/ORLANDO, FL.)
Florida pregnant woman killed in road rage-related shooting, cops say she started the dispute (COURTESY WOFL/ORLANDO, FL.)

Sara Nicole Morales, 35, hit Andrew Derr’s motorcycle intentionally with her blue Kia along the 1400 block of N. Volusia Ave around 5 p.m., according to investigators. Derr was not injured in the minor accident, and he and witnesses followed Morales while she drove away from the scene. 

The motorcyclist and witnesses contacted law enforcement while following her to her home and also attempted to get her to stop, but she refused. 

When Morales reached home, she went inside and reportedly retrieved a firearm. She confronted Derr and the witnesses in the street while they were on the phone with 911, according to the police. 

Derr, who has a valid Florida concealed weapons permit, drew his firearm and fired multiple rounds, striking Morales. 

Group of people in NYC attack man in wheelchair, steal belongings; citywide robberies rise

Surveillance video shows the man in the wheelchair talking to a male member of the group when he is first punched. The three men and one woman continue punching him before dragging him out of the wheelchair. The group then continues to punch, stomp and kick the man.

Police said the group took off with the man’s backpack, which held an iPhone 13 and $800 in cash.The victim suffered pain in his head and body, but he refused medical attention, according to police.

Meanwhile, citywide crime year-to-date rose to 85,558 – a 1.9% increase compared to the same period last year, according to NYPD statistics.Authorities asked anyone with information about the incident to contact investigators at 800-577-TIPS.

Toll Giant Sale Sparks National Security Concerns

TransCore, the company that collects most toll revenue in the United States may be sold to a firm based in Singapore. But the deal could have implications for your personal data and national security.

Biden To Tap Petroleum Reserve in Desperate Attempt to Lower Gas Prices

Mass looting strikes San Francisco, Bay Area stores

Lieutenant Tracy McCray argued thieves do not fear repercussions as rampant smash-and-grab incidents targeting retailers spike in the Bay Area.

3 suspects in custody after smash-and-grab robbery at Nordstrom store at The Grove, LAPD says

Google Maps image of Nordstrom location in Los Angeles at The Grove
Google Maps image of Nordstrom location in Los Angeles at The Grove 

A group of thieves smashed windows with a sledgehammer and other tools at a Nordstrom store at a luxury mall called The Grove late Monday. Officers pursued an SUV involved in the crime.

The chase ended in South Los Angeles and three people were taken into custody, Officer Drake Madison said.Police believe the suspects were part of a larger group of about 20 people, 

ABC 7 reported. Police have installed a barbed wire perimeter around where the crime took place at the mall. 

The arrests follow similar instances of smash-and-grab mobs targeting high-end retail establishments in the San Francisco area. 

Dozens of San Francisco area stores, pharmacies hit by mobs of smash-and-grab looters: ‘Hurts us all’

“At least two dozen businesses were impacted,” Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong told CBS SF. “Roving caravans of vehicles, targeting cannabis operations, retail shops, pharmacies, throughout the city of Oakland.”

The mobs of thieves hit a handful of pharmacies and marijuana dispensaries in Oakland, including the Wellspring pharmacy that released surveillance video of the scene to the media.

Police added that the mobs in Oakland fired 175 shots during the incidents, forcing officers to pull back to safe locations, The Mercury News reported. 

Darrell Brooks’ bail was originally $10,000: Former Waukesha DA

Paul Bucher, former Waukesha County District Attorney, provides details about Darrell Brooks’ criminal history.

Meet the ‘progressive’ prosecutor who gave Waukesha parade suspect Darrell Brooks ‘inappropriately low’ bail

Milwaukee County District Attorney John T. Chisholm. (Milwaukee County District Attorney's office)
Milwaukee County District Attorney John T. Chisholm. (Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office)

A self-described “progressive,” Chisholm has championed left-leaning reforms and previously acknowledged that his proposals could result in a person being let go and committing murder. 

“Is there going to be an individual I divert, or I put into treatment program, who’s going to go out and kill somebody?” he reportedly told the Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal in 2007. “You bet. Guaranteed. It’s guaranteed to happen. It does not invalidate the overall approach.”

“This office is currently conducting an internal review of the decision to make the recent bail recommendation in this matter in order to determine the appropriate next steps.”

Ring camera appears to show Darrell Brooks asking resident for help outside home: ‘Extra nervous’

The Ring doorbell camera footage from the home of Daniel Rider – which Fox News has obtained – was recorded about 20 minutes after Brooks allegedly drove a vehicle through the parade Sunday, killing five and injuring dozens more. 

Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson said Monday that he is referring five counts of first-degree intentional homicide against Brooks, who is expected to make his first court appearance Tuesday. 

“Hey, I called an Uber and I’m supposed to be waiting for it over here but I don’t know when it’s coming, can you call it for me please?” an individual who appears to be Brooks says in the footage after knocking on Rider’s door. “I’m homeless.” 

Levin: Media is causing incivility with its irresponsible Rittenhouse coverage

Fox News host and former Reagan DOJ official Mark Levin offers reaction and analysis on ‘Hannity’.

The Lying Legacy Media’s cover up of Waukesha. John Solomon with Sebastian Gorka

A lot of people are ‘learning the facts’ about Kyle Rittenhouse ‘for the first time’

Recastled CEO Kosha Gada says a lot of people are finally “learning facts” about Kyle Rittenhouse “for the first time” following his acquittal and interview on Fox News.

It comes after the 18-year-old was found not guilty of killing two people and wounding a third during a racial justice protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year.

Ms Gada said, “half the country” who watched the judicial process play out were not surprised by the way Mr Rittenhouse conducted himself during his interview with Tucker Carlson.

However, she told Sky News host Andrew Bolt there were many others who had only listened to the “synopsis” provided by much of the media, celebrities and politicians, which sometimes even painted him as a white supremacist.

“So, for them, there was sort of a big disconnect, I think if they weren’t read up on the details of this,” she said.

“And I think with the verdict and now this interview, I think a lot of people are learning facts that have been known for a long time for the first time, and it’s casting him in a different light.”

Kyle Rittenhouse speaks to Tucker Carlson in first TV interview

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host speaks to Kyle Rittenhouse about the events that led to his homicide trial.


Tipping Point – Nate Hochman – 21 Republicans Capitulate to the Left

The Plantation: Then and Now

It’s the 21st century. Slavery is long gone. Blacks are no longer imprisoned on plantations… right?

Actually, many are — just not in the way they used to be.

Candace Owens issues a wake-up call. It’s time for a new liberation.

The Gorka Reality Check FULL SHOW: The Real Racists in America.

Sebastian Gorka talks about the truths surrounding the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial & breaks down the real domestic terrorists in America with guests Michael Knowles, Andy Ngo, Lee Zeldin, & Chris Kohls.

Rep. Louie Gohmert Announces Candidacy for Texas Attorney General

AP Photo/Alex Brandon
AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) announced his retirement from Congress to run for Texas’s Attorney General position on Monday evening.

Earlier this month, Gohmert announced his candidacy was contingent upon raising $1 million in 10 days.

Gohmert has represented Texas’s first congressional district for 16 years. He said:

A priority will be election integrity, so that every legal vote counts. Though our current AG has had two terms, it seems he really started working harder after so many of his most honorable and very top people in the AG’s office left complaining of criminal conduct.

“If you allow me I will not wait to be my busiest until after there’s some bad press about legal improprieties, I’ll start boldly protecting your rights on day one,” Gohmert said.

World News:

Gravitas: This Jewish Community is under attack in China | The story of Kaifeng’s jews

China is persecuting Jews too. A Jewish community in Kaifeng is under attack from the CCP. Synagogues have been destroyed, Hebrew scriptures have been erased.

Palki Sharma asks: Will Israel which considers China a business partner speak up for the Jews of China?

Gravitas: China threatens India with advanced weapons, but how good are Chinese weapons?

The PLA recently tested high-altitude weapons that can “take down Indian outposts & military assets”.

But, how good are the Chinese weapons? Palki Sharma tells you why countries don’t want to buy Chinese weapons.

Gravitas: On Black Friday, Amazon workers in 20 countries will strike

On Black Friday, Amazon workers in 20 countries are planning to go on strike.

These workers have launched a “Make Amazon Pay” campaign to demand better working conditions. What are their demands? Palki Sharma tells you.

61 Per Cent of Spouse Killers in Switzerland Are Foreigners

Getty Images
Getty Images

For the last ten years, Switzerland has seen a steady rate of around twenty women murdered by their partners each year.

Swiss Federal Statistical Office figures for 2020 note that 61 per cent of perpetrators of spousal homicide that year were foreigners, while the total foreign population of Switzerland sits at around 25 per cent, a report from the newspaper 20 Minutes states.

Frank Urbaniok, the Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology of the Canton of Zurich, told the newspaper that “cultural influences play a role and not taking them into account is a mistake.”

Domestic violence cases, including homicide, have been seen in many European countries since the height of the 2015 migrant crisis. In May of this year, for example, an Algerian-French dual citizen was accused of shooting his wife and setting her on fire in France.

EXCLUSIVE: Mexican Cartel Boss Kills Man for Recording Him at Party

Known as “Lalo Mantecas” or “El 100,” Medardo Hernandez is one of the top leaders of La Familia Michoacana. His cartel is linked to a large portion of the violence in Michoacán and other states.

Over the weekend, video of Hernandez surfaced through a citizen journalist’s Twitter account. He is documented with top aides during a party where a regional musician known as El Kommander was performing.

In some videos, Hernandez and his men are seen singing a song about the cartel boss, as well as others about the criminal organization.

“They kidnapped the man, tortured him, and killed him,” the citizen journalist said, adding that they did not know yet what had been done with the victim’s body. The victim’s relatives were alerted to the murder.

Israel to confront Iran’s nuclear program; IDF foils Hamas WB terror network TV7 Israel News 23.11

1) Israel regards the Islamic Republic of Iran as its number one enemy and it intends to confront this threat regardless of foreign agreements.

2) Israeli Air Force Commander Major General Amikam Norkin asserts that relations with the United States Military have never been more robust.

3) The IDF thwarts a broad terror network of Hamas which intended to perpetrate acts of terror in districts of Judea, Samaria and the city of Jerusalem.

A ‘free society’ needs a free press and America is ‘not being served’

A free society needs a “respectable free press,” and America is not being served by the media to its detriment, according to Sky News host James Morrow.

Mr Morrow discussed media coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse case and the recent Christmas parade attack.

“We know how things go when there is a mass casualty event, and the perpetrator is Caucasian,” Mr Morrow told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“And yet the rules are different when the colour of the skin of the person responsible for an incident is different.

“People in America are sick and tired of it and I think the media has a huge reckoning coming to it as a result of their behaviour – not just in this case, not just in Kenosha.”

Afghan women banned from appearing in TV dramas under new Taliban rules | National Report

Women in Afghanistan have been banned from appearing in TV dramas, and female news presenters were ordered to wear headscarves on camera under new Taliban media directives, reported Daniel Cohen on Tuesday’s “National Report”.

Ukraine troops hold drill amid border tensions

Ukraine, alarmed by a build-up of Russian troops near its borders, has held a military drill of airborne forces close to the capital Kyiv, the defense ministry said on Monday.

US project to develop hypersonic defense tech; Hotels serve as brainwashing centers in China

Chinese tennis star Peng Shuai reappears after vanishing from the public eye. The International Olympic Committee confirmed her whereabouts, but her return is only prompting more doubts.

Reporters or special agents? Some Chinese reporters appear to be tasked with special objectives. One professor, who worked in China, shares details about his unexpected interactions with them.

A new U.S. project, aimed at countering Chinese military aggression, will develop new technology to defend against weapons that could bring nuclear warheads to America.

China calls Australia “naughty,” while Australia responds by calling China “silly” and “funny,” over nuclear submarines.


Glenn: You can trust THIS science fully, without prejudice

Science tells us there is something that lowers blood pressure, improves sleep, your immune system, AND reduces the risk of anxiety and depression.

So, what is this ‘miracle cure’? It’s the science of thanksgiving.

But not the holiday…rather, Americans should practice a little more gratitude, Glenn says, especially in the next coming days.

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