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45th President Donald J. Trump Honors Veteran’s Day

Today We Honor Our Veterans

Hawaii adoptive parents who reported daughter, 6, missing now charged with murder

Honolulu police and FBI believe Isabella "Ariel" Kalua, 6, was killed by her adoptive parents, Isaac and Lehua Kalua.  (Honolulu Police Department)
Honolulu police and FBI believe Isabella “Ariel” Kalua, 6, was killed by her adoptive parents, Isaac and Lehua Kalua.  (Honolulu Police Department)

The girl’s remains have yet to be recovered and searches are continuing at her home and a Pearl Harbor shipyard. 

Hundreds of law enforcement members and volunteers had scoured the area when Ariel was first reported missing from her home – but now investigators believe the girl was killed an entire month before her adoptive parents claimed to police she vanished from her bedroom in September. 

Without disclosing specifics, Vanic said at some point the search for the missing girl shifted to a murder investigation focused on the Kaluas. “While we are unable to discuss the details at this time, we believe the evidence leads to the Kaluas and no one else,” Vanic said. The investigation remains active. 

Lt. Deena Thoemmes confirmed foul play was involved and the initial information reported by Ariel’s parents on Sept. 13 was false. “Despite the criticism reported by some of the media, we have never stopped our investigation,” she said. “Ariel was never forgotten.” 

Authorities say woman fatally poisoned her adopted handicapped 11-year-old son

Photo by Ute Grabowsky/Photothek via Getty Images
Photo by Ute Grabowsky/Photothek via Getty Images

First responders rushed to the scene to find the boy, 11-year-old Najir William Diehl, unresponsive and pronounced him dead at the scene.

Authorities initially believed that Najir, who was chronically ill and unable to walk on his own, died of natural causes — but toxicology reports proved the theory wrong, according to local reports.

After several months of investigations into the child’s death, Paula DiGiacomo, first assistant district attorney for Crawford County, said that authorities believed they uncovered evidence that Diehl intentionally poisoned the child over a period of less than 24 hours.

Pharmacy gives more than 100 children dose of COVID-19 vaccine from adult vials

Children from ages 5 to 11 are supposed to get a smaller dose dispensed from a vial with an orange top.

Dasha Hermosilla said her 7-year-old daughter Gryffin Fahle got one of the adult doses, which she was told was a diluted dose. She said the pharmacist said it was OK, but an internet search said that it is not.

“Nothing says that you can change a purple to an orange,” Hermosilla told WRC. “I had this pit in my stomach that, like, what did they just do to my daughter.”

Parents are being told to watch their child for any side effects like fevers, chills or pain at the injection site and to contact the child’s doctor if the side effects are prolonged, WRC reported.

Would-be thief fatally shot by Lakeview homeowner in shootout, police say

A homeowner who says he saw two thieves stealing from a car fatally shot one of the suspects in a shootout, according to police.

When the two men noticed they were being watched, they crawled out from the car and pulled out their guns and started shooting at the homeowner.

The 44-year-old, who is a licensed concealed carry holder, took out his own firearm and shot one of the suspects, a 25-year-old identified as Darion Blackman, in the neck. The second suspect fled the scene. Blackman was arrested on Sept. 9 for unlawful use of a weapon and not having a valid FOID card. He was released the next day.

NYC man, 62, knocked to ground, stabbed and slashed by group of 7 men in Midtown Manhattan: police

The brutal assault happened in front of 315 West 44th Street in Midtown just after 5:30 a.m., when an unidentified male approached the victim from behind, the NYPD said.

One suspect first strikes the victim on the back of his head with what appears to be a piece of wood, knocking the 62-year-old to the ground, according to video released by the NYPD.

As the man falls flat on the sidewalk, video shows six additional unidentified males swarm the victim. Police said the group stabbed and slashed the victim multiple times before fleeing on foot.

New York BLM leader warns Eric Adams of ‘bloodshed,’ ‘riots’ if city brings back tougher policing

Chivona and Hawk Newsome, co-founders of the Greater New York chapter of Black Lives Matter, outside Brooklyn Borough Hall on Wednesday before they met with Mayor-elect Eric Adams. (Shawn Inglima/for New York Daily News)
Chivona and Hawk Newsome, co-founders of the Greater New York chapter of Black Lives Matter, outside Brooklyn Borough Hall on Wednesday before they met with Mayor-elect Eric Adams. (Shawn Inglima/for New York Daily News)

Adams, himself a former police captain, on Wednesday met with Hawk Newsome, the BLM leader, and others behind closed doors at Brooklyn’s Borough Hall, the New York Daily News reported. 

The meeting was tense and turned into a shouting match, the paper reported. One of the key issues raised was the possibility that the city could reinstate its anti-crime unit, which Newsome compared to the Nazi Gestapo.

“If he thinks that they’re going to go back to the old ways of policing, then we are going to take to the streets again. There will be riots, there will be fire and there will be bloodshed because we believe in defending our people,”

Newsome told the paper. He said that the group prays for peace but prepares “for the worst.”

NIH knew Wuhan lab enhanced bat coronavirus years earlier than officials testified, grantee says

NIH Director Francis Collins and National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony Fauci have repeatedly told Congress the agency didn’t fund “gain-of-function” research, which makes viruses more dangerous.

But last month Principal Deputy Director Lawrence Tabak told Rep. James Comer, House Oversight Committee ranking Republican, that the Wuhan lab unexpectedly made mice “sicker” with a modified bat coronavirus than with the original.

He passed the buck to EcoHealth for allegedly hiding the results of this “limited experiment” for more than three years, violating the terms of the grant, which required the nonprofit to “immediately” report any “one log [tenfold] increase in growth.”

Tucker Carlson gives a detailed breakdown of the latest developments in the Rittenhouse trial

DeSantis Threatens Action Over Secret Migrant Flights

 Ron DeSantis says he’ll send illegals to Delaware that are flown into Florida on secret flights.

Honduran, 24, admitted into U.S. posing as minor, charged with killing sponsor, Florida father of 4

Authorities found Yery Noel Medina Ulloa's real identity about a week after he was apprehended.
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
Authorities found Yery Noel Medina Ulloa’s real identity about a week after he was apprehended.Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

Ulloa was placed in the home of a sponsor, Francisco Javier Cuellar, 46, a father of four, who took him in, believing he was a destitute 17-year-old. He also gave him a job at his family business, the La Raza Mexican Store.

Home security cameras showed Ulloa “stabbing the victim numerous times and repeatedly hitting him with a chair,” the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office warrant states.

Ulloa called a friend to confess and texted “that he had ‘killed Uncle Francisco,'” according to the warrant.

Ulloa was arrested Oct. 7 and initially placed in a juvenile detention facility. One week later, police did what ICE officials apparently failed to do — learned his real identity and real age.

‘Dangerous Precedent’: Chad Wolf Warns Of Dire Result For Border Crisis If Vaccine Mandates Stand

Chad Wolf, the former acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, warned how the border crisis could worsen if the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for federal workers is not reversed.


Democrats Are Profoundly Committed to Criminal Justice Reform — For Everyone But Their Enemies

(Photo by Sean Krajacic-Pool/Getty Images)
(Photo by Sean Krajacic-Pool/Getty Images)

Why are so many Democrats simultaneously chanting radical criminal reform slogans to abolish or greatly reduce the police and the prison state while simultaneously demanding harsh prison terms for so many people under the classic law-and-order ideology they claim to oppose?

The answer is clear: Democrats believe that the only real criminals, or at least the worst ones, are those who reject their political ideology and are their political adversaries.

And thus, while they work with one hand to usher in radical reforms to the policing and prison state, they work with the other to concoct theories to justify the long-term imprisonment of their political opponents, even when their alleged crimes involve no violence.

Throughout the Trump years, Democratic politics was driven at its core by a bloodlust to imprison Trump, his family, his aides and his supporters for as long and as harshly as possible. Cravings for punishment and prison, at its core, was what drove the arousal of Russiagate.

US concerned about Russian military activity near Ukraine, as House Republicans press Biden to deploy troops

(Photo by MIKHAIL METZEL/SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images)
(Photo by MIKHAIL METZEL/SPUTNIK/AFP via Getty Images)

“Our concern is that Russia may make a serious mistake of attempting to rehash what it undertook back in 2014, when it amassed forces along the border, crossed into sovereign Ukrainian territory and did so claiming falsely that it was provoked,” Blinken said.

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan met with Ukrainian officials Wednesday, where he “emphasized the United States’ unwavering commitment to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

Meanwhile, as the Biden administration expresses its concern about the activity, House Republicans are looking for a harder line approach – with GOP members of the House Armed Services Committee urging President Biden to deploy troops to the region.

GOP congressman urges Biden to deploy forces to Ukraine

World News:

Iran-backed Houthi rebels detain Yemenis working for US Embassy, compound breached

(Photo by Mohammed Hamoud/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)
(Photo by Mohammed Hamoud/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

A State Department spokesman told Fox News the “majority” of the hostages have been released, but that embassy staff “continue to be detained without explanation.”

It remains unclear which members of the embassy staff have been arrested by the rebel group, but the compound has also been breached, according to a State Department spokesperson.

“We call on the Houthis to immediately vacate it and return all seized property,” the spokesman said. “The U.S. government will continue its diplomatic efforts to secure the release of our staff and the vacating of our compound, including through our international partners.”

Iran struggles against IDF in Syria; Bennett rejects “terror state” in Israel -TV7 Israel News 11.11

1) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett pledges not to allow for a “terror state” to be established in the heart of the land of Israel.

2) The Israeli Parliament’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Chairman Ram Ben-Barak labels the Ayatollah regime in Iran as a “black cloud that exerts a curse on the entire Middle East.”

3) Iraqi security officials point a blaming finger toward two Iranian-proxy militias for the drone attack against the Prime Minister Residence in Baghdad.


Glenn: Will America be free if it remains in the grips of LIES?

The truth WILL set you free, even if it makes you miserable at first.

But, Glenn says, so many in America today refuse to listen to that truth because it doesn’t match the AGENDA they’re trying to achieve. But it’s far better to be a slave to truth than to someone else’s agenda.

So, Glenn encourages you to join him on Wednesday, November 17th on BlazeTV to discover once and for all the TRUTH behind the COVID pandemic that’s changed the world forever…

Gabrielle Clark on Critical Race Theory | CLIP | American Thought Leaders

Gabrielle Clark describes how her son refused a school assignment that was meant to label him as an oppressor, saying that she taught her son the tenets of Martin Luther King Jr. and that by refusing to be labeled based on the color of his skin, her son was upholding MLK’s legacy.

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