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Mother ‘hid her five-month-old baby son’s body in a crate in wall’

When agents with the state Child and Youth Services Department went to her come last week to ask her where her baby was, investigators said she told them he was in North Carolina being watched by someone else, officials said to WPXI.

But she went on to change her story, telling the agents that her five-month old baby had died in February of sudden infant death syndrome at her former home.

Wilt is now facing several charges, including concealing the death of her child and abuse of a corpse. In addition, the child’s father and her boyfriend Alan Hollis is charged with obstruction. 

She told officers that she became nervous after the baby died, and moved to another home three blocks away with her boyfriend and three of her other children. She took the baby’s body with them.

Phlebotomist moonlighting as dominatrix goes on trial for ex’s murder

Massachusetts phlebotomist working on the side as a dominatrix enjoyed a sushi dinner and sent several text messages to her ex-boyfriend’s cellphone, allegedly to establish an alibi for herself, after prosecutors say she stabbed him to death inside a BDSM-themed treehouse as a ‘surprise’ for her new boyfriend. 

These revelations were made on the first day of Julia Enright’s trial stemming from the 2018 murder of 20-year-old Brandon Chiklis.

In their opening statement, prosecutors argued that Enright, 24, killed Chklis as part of a planned attack after luring him to a treehouse featuring restrains where they used to have sex as teens.  

Enright’s attorney claimed in his opening remarks that she stabbed Chiklis a dozen times in self-defense after the man attempted to rape her.  

U.S. Capitol Rioter Seeks Asylum In Belarus

A videograb from Evan Neumann's interview with Belarusian state TV, which was broadcast on November 7.
A videograb from Evan Neumann’s interview with Belarusian state TV, which was broadcast on November 7.

In an interview with the state-controlled Belarus-1 television channel, which was broadcast on November 7, Evan Neumann said he had followed the advice of his lawyer and fled to Europe after six charges were filed against him.

Neumann said that he stayed in Switzerland and Italy for some time and then went to Ukraine for four months.

In mid-August, Neumann was detained by Belarusian border guards for illegally crossing from Ukraine.

According to Neumann, he decided to flee to Belarus and seek political asylum there after Ukraine’s security services had started expressing interest in him.

VIDEO: San Francisco Luxury Condo Residents Angered over Homeless Camp

In early October, the city did a sweep of Willow Street, but the next day, the tents and garbage were back.

“The police don’t actually come when we call 911, because we’re actively being threatened by somebody wielding a club or a knife, they don’t come,” Lutsko explained.

Neighbors want additional police patrols, and Artani residents said they created a task force to discuss how to fix the problem.

They are also talking about working with officials to add fencing around the garage, cameras on Willow Street, and turning it into a two-way road.

4 Books Available on Amazon that Show CRT in Education Is Real – Even as the Left Denies It

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images
Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP/Getty Images

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is an academic movement transpiring at schools across the country, teaching children that the United States is fundamentally racist, and they must view every social interaction and person in terms of race in order to be “antiracist.”

This past year, concerned parentsteachers, students, and other citizens have slammed the “racist” curriculum, which does appear to be very unpopular among many of whom are aware of the material.

Meanwhile, the establishment media has reacted by repeating the claim that CRT is not being taught in public schools.

Following Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin’s election win earlier this week, CNN reporter Eva McKend repeated the claim that Critical Race Theory is not being taught in Virginia schools. During his campaign, Youngkin shared his opposition to CRT.

Covid Economy | Full Measure

The pandemic shutdowns have left us with fewer jobs, more people on unemployment, and rising household debt.

But as destructive as it’s all proven to be for so many, there are winners to be found in the Covid economy.

Today, we examine the dollars and cents behind some of the booming industries that have found themselves well-positioned for catastrophe.

Not many people get a check just for the act of living and breathing. But there’s at least one place where that’s the case. Scott Thuman takes us there.

Stopping the Sea | Full Measure

For decades, from Maine to Florida, taxpayer billions have been spent on efforts to try to hold back the sea from rising tides and hurricanes… with questionable success.

Lisa Fletcher reports from Charleston, S.C. on plans for, and concerns about, a sea change.

Dodge will pay someone $150,000 to drive a Hellcat muscle car for a year

The DC 170 drag racer showcases Direct Connection parts. (Dodge)
The DC 170 drag racer showcases Direct Connection parts. (Dodge)

The brand has announced a new business plan called Never Lift that combines new products and giveaways with a rebooted performance parts business.

The project includes the hiring of a Chief Donut Maker who will be paid $150,000 for a year to drive a Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and be an ambassador for the brand at select events scheduled around their day job.

More info on how to apply to become the Chief Donut Maker is coming in January and Dodge is promising to make at last one product or enthusiast-related announcement every three months for the next two years before its first electric model goes on sale in 2024.

Shaq Joins Georgia police, offer $30,000 reward in manhunt for suspect in cop shooting

Henry County Police Officer Paramhans Desai was shot multiple times, police say. (Henry County Police Department)
Henry County Police Officer Paramhans Desai was shot multiple times, police say. (Henry County Police Department)

The suspect, 22-year-old Jordan Jackson, is “still considered armed and dangerous” and is being sought for aggravated assault on a police officer, Militello added. 

Desai has been identified as a married, 17-year veteran of law enforcement and a father of two children. 

“He remains in critical condition and continues to fight for his life. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers,” Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp tweeted. 

Henry County Sheriff Reginald Scandrett told Fox5 Atlanta that Desai was struck by gunfire several times. 

“The suspect pulled away and produced a handgun and allegedly shot the officer multiple times resulting in serious injuries,” he said. 

Report: Biden-Harris Admin Considers Closing Second Pipeline as Gas Prices Soar


The administration is considering a request from 12 federally recognized tribes to cancel the 78-year-old Line 5 oil pipeline, the Daily Mail reported. The pipeline is owned by a Canadian company named Enbridge.

Enbridge is already fighting multiple state and federal court battles to keep the pipeline open. According to Detroit News, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) has already “revoked and terminated Enbridge’s easement with the state last fall and ordered a Line 5 shutdown by the spring, which the company is resisting.”

The tribes sent a letter to the Biden-Harris administration Friday to request their “help” in terminating an “existential threat to our treaty-protected rights, resources, and fundamental way of life.”

Washington state police reassigns psychologist over recruit diversity concerns as staffing shortages persist

Daniel Clark, longtime staff psychologist for the Washington State Patrol. (Courtesy of Washington State Patrol)
Daniel Clark, longtime staff psychologist for the Washington State Patrol. (Courtesy of Washington State Patrol)

Daniel Clark, who has been the staff psychologist for the Washington State Patrol for 27 years, was removed from the role of screening new recruits after finishing up his prescheduled exams last week, the Seattle Times reported. He still remains on the staff payroll but will fulfill other duties. 

Public Safety Psychological Services, a private contractor that conducts preemployment screenings for law enforcement officers, firefighters and EMS personnel, took over Monday. Washington State Patrol signed a contract with the company on Oct. 26 that lasts through June 2022. 

Meanwhile, law enforcement departments across the state are struggling with staffing shortages, KING-TV reported. To combat the issue in Seattle, Democratic Mayor Jenny Durkan, who is not seeking a second term, issued an executive order in late October creating an immediate incentive program for the hiring of 911 dispatchers and police officers, citing a “civil emergency” as staffing shortages have worsened with the onset of the vaccine mandate.


Meet the 13 Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill

The House of Representatives voted 228-206 on Friday to pass a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, which could not have passed without the support of 13 Republicans who pushed it through despite opposition from six progressive members of the House.

Here are the GOP members who pushed the bill across the finish line.

The Several January 6th Protestors Who Were Elected to Local Office

To the dismay of the Left, several Trump supporters at the January 6 rally have been elected to state and local office. Now let’s work to get one of the defendants elected to Congress.

Biden flip flops on compensation for separated migrant families

‘Mornings with Maria’ host Maria Bartiromo, FOX Business’ Dagen McDowell and Payne Capital Management’s Ryan Payne discuss Biden changing his tune on compensating migrant families and the admin’s immigration policies.

‘Important development’ in investigation into discredited Russian collusion theory

Sky News host Rita Panahi says there has been an “important development” in the investigation into the origins of the discredited FBI’s Trump/Russian collusion theory.

In 2016, former MI6 agent Christopher Steele produced a dossier outlining sensational allegations against Donald Trump, alleging among a number of things criminal links with Russia.

Ms Panahi said the allegations have “long been discredited”.

“But it turns out there were sensational links – although not ones the Democrats wanted you to know about,” she said.

Hillary Clinton paid for Steele dossier then ‘filled it with rubbish’

Hillary Clinton paid for the Steele dossier and then “filled it with rubbish contents,” according to Northeastern University Associate Professor Max Abrahms.

“What we’ve discovered increasingly, including over the past week, is that the Steele dossier was totally nonsense,” Mr Abrahms told Sky News host Rita Panahi.

“We knew previously that it was paid for by the Hillary Clinton campaign, what we didn’t fully realise is that the contents of that dossier was based on just completely made up statements by Hillary Clinton’s own associates.”

Ratcliffe: Durham Has 1,000 Documents ‘Not Yet’ Declassified

Ratcliffe: Durham Has 1,000 Documents ‘Not Yet’ Declassified, There’s Going to Be Many Indictments.

World News:

How Sweden swerved Covid disaster WITHOUT lockdown

Sweden has suffered fewer Covid deaths than most of Europe and is still recording lower infection rates, according to figures that suggest its lockdown gamble has paid off. 

The Scandinavian nation became an international outlier last year when it defied scientific advice and refused to follow the rest of the world in shutting down society to curb the virus’ spread.  

Not only has Sweden’s economy bounced back faster than any other country in the EU, latest data shows that it has also fared better than most in terms of lives lost during the pandemic.

Sweden has suffered almost 1,500 confirmed Covid deaths per million people, according to Oxford University-based research platform Our World in Data, which is lower than the European average (1,800).

Policeman Survives Knife Attack in French Riviera City of Cannes

Member of French Parliament Eric Ciotti visits the police station where, according to reports a police official was injured after being stabbed with a knife, in Cannes, France, on Nov. 8, 2021. (Twitter/ECiotti/via Reuters)
Member of French Parliament Eric Ciotti visits the police station where, according to reports a police official was injured after being stabbed with a knife, in Cannes, France, on Nov. 8, 2021. (Twitter/ECiotti/via Reuters)

The assailant suffered life-threatening injuries after he was shot by other officers.

The Algerian national held an Italian residency permit, was in France legally, and was not on a French watchlist of individuals thought to have Islamist sympathies, the minister said.

The attack comes as President Emmanuel Macron tries to persuade voters that his government is in control of security and violent crime, six months before elections in which the right-wing and conservatives pose the biggest threat to his reelection hopes.

The attacker opened the door of a police car parked in front of a police station and stabbed the officer at the wheel.

He then tried to attack a second policeman in the vehicle but a third opened fire, seriously wounding the assailant.

Lincolnshire teenager jailed for luring friend, 12, to woods and killing him

Marcel Grzeszcz, who a court heard stabbed Roberts Buncis ‘in excess of 70 times’. Photograph: Lincolnshire police/PA
Marcel Grzeszcz, who a court heard stabbed Roberts Buncis ‘in excess of 70 times’. Photograph: Lincolnshire police/PA

A teenager has been jailed for a minimum of 16 years for murdering his 12-year-old friend after luring him to woodland and attempting to decapitate him.

At the teenager’s trial at Lincoln crown court, the jury was told he stabbed Roberts “in excess of 70 times”, with a wound to the neck that was “consistent with a decapitation attempt”.

Sentencing the teenager on Monday, Mr Justice Jeremy Baker told him: “Marcel Grzeszcz, in the early hours of Saturday 12 December 2020, you lured Roberts Buncis to a wooded area of Boston where you carried out a savage and brutal attack upon him with a knife which you had brought to the scene, in the course of which you made a determined effort to remove his head, before leaving his body for others to find later that same morning.”

Australia Rejects COP26 Climate Summit Demand to Stop Selling Coal


The prime minister wants to maintain its economic edge by staying a key exporter and protecting the jobs of Australians who rely on the coal mining industry for their future and their financial security.

Morrison, who once once famously brandished a lump of coal in parliament, crying, “This is coal – don’t be afraid!” has vowed climate protesters – including Greta Thunberg  – would not be dictating energy or trade policy.

Australian Minister for Resources Keith Pitt reiterated that push for coal in an interview for the national broadcaster ABC on Monday when he said, “We have said very clearly we are not closing coal mines and we are not closing coal-fired power stations,”

Report: China Builds Mockups of U.S. Navy Ships for Missile Target Practice

Detailed Photos of the mobile target at the Ruoqiang facility. H I Sutton Illustration for USNI News Satellite image ©2021 Maxar Technologies Used with Permission
Detailed Photos of the mobile target at the Ruoqiang facility. H I Sutton Illustration for USNI News Satellite image ©2021 Maxar Technologies Used with Permission

The photos were taken by satellite imaging company Maxar Technologies and reviewed by AllSource Analysis, a geospatial intelligence firm. Maxar is a major supplier of satellite intelligence information for the U.S. government.

The photos made public on Sunday depicted the latest developments at a Chinese military facility in the Taklamakan desert, located in China’s central Ruoqiang region.

Previous satellite photos showed the facility was constructed in the spring of 2019 near the location of a target range employed in the development of China’s DF-21D anti-ship ballistic missiles, dubbed the “carrier killer” by analysts because it was evidently developed to give the PLA a land-based method of eliminating the U.S. advantage in aircraft carriers.

Nigeria Jails Epoch Times Reporter Covering Jihadist Massacres

The last article he published at the Epoch Times, “In Nigeria, Police Decry Massacres as ‘Wicked’ but Make No Arrests,” Binniyat quoted local lawmakers condemning the government of President Muhammadu Buhari for failing to act to protect Christians in areas that Fulani jihadists target.

The Epoch Times covers global affairs but has most often faced criminal attacks or police pressure for its coverage of China. The newspaper’s Hong Kong offices have suffered multiple attacks, including arson, presumably in response to its support for the anti-communist democracy movement that erupted there in 2019.

The Chinese Communist Party has developed close ties to Nigeria through its “Belt and Road” colonization initiative, but no evidence currently suggests Beijing played a role in Binniyat’s detention.

WATCH: Violent Clashes on Polish Border as Thousands of Mid East Migrants Besiege NATO Frontier

Aerial and on-the-ground footage released by the Polish authorities, government, and various official spokesmen show Polish police officers, border guards, and soldiers trying to hold back what is claimed to be thousands of migrants, some armed with wire-cutters, shovels, and axes being used to fell trees onto recently-installed protective fencing.

Sebastian Kaleta, Poland’s Deputy Minister of Justice, told Breitbart London that the Polish border — which he highlighted was also the NATO and European Union border — was “under attack”.

“Our army, police, and border guard are preventing our border from being forced by a group of 3,000 migrants,” the Law and Justice Party (PiS) politician said.

Mossad foils IRGC-directed attacks; Egypt to deploy additional forces in Sinai TV7 Israel News 08.11

1) Egypt is expected to deploy additional forces in its border area with Rafah, which is the most eastern neighborhood of the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

2) The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad had recently foiled an Iranian plot to attack Israeli and Jewish targets in Tanzania, Senegal and Ghana.

3) Israel refuses to concede to U.S. demands to reopen consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem – asserting the city is the sole capital of the Jewish State.

Arab, Israeli, and Proud

Yoseph Haddad has served in the Israeli Defense Forces. He’s also an Arab.

Why would an Arab volunteer to join the Israeli military? If Israel really is an apartheid state, why would Haddad be proud to defend it? He explains.


Revealing? FBI RAIDS journalist’s home for alleged Biden diary

This is the WORST government abuse Glenn says he’s seen yet.

On Saturday, the FBI raided the home of journalist and Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe as part of an investigation into Ashley Biden’s allegedly stolen diary, which could reveal dark secrets into the Biden family past.

There’s no confirmation yet that the diary belongs to Biden’s daughter, that the reported contents inside are true, or that the FBI may have been looking for something more.

But this kind of action from the White House — and the lack of coverage from the mainstream media — is further proof we’re living in a banana republic, Glenn says…

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