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In The News:

Rasmussen Poll: 56 Percent Believe Cheating Tainted Biden’s 2020 Victory

A total of 56% of respondents are convinced “it’s likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election,” Rasmussen Reports said. That included 41% who said it was “very likely.”

Thirty-nine percent (39%) said it wasn’t likely the election was affected by cheating.

In April, 51% said Biden’s election was tainted by cheating — so the latest results show a 5% increase.

The latest Rasmussen survey also found that 65% of likely voters believe that wider use of mail-in voting will lead to more cheating in elections, including 51% who say it’s “very likely.”

State Files Charges in 3 Cases Tied to Absentee Ballots


A woman who worked at the Father Murray home in Center Line was charged with election forgery and signature forgery.

In another case, a Detroit woman was accused of signing her grandson’s name on an absentee ballot and returning it, even though he had decided to vote at a polling place.

In a third investigation, a woman who served as a guardian was charged in several communities after authorities said she fraudulently submitted 26 absentee ballot applications and sought to have ballots mailed directly to her.

The new Superman is LGBT, DC Comics announces

Barcroft India / Barcroft Media via Getty Images
Barcroft India / Barcroft Media via Getty Images

DC Comics announced Monday that Clark Kent’s son and super-heroic heir, Jon Kent, will soon “take a bold new direction” by coming out as bisexual after falling in love with a male friend.

“The same-sex relationship is just one of the ways” he is “proving to be a different Superman than his famous father,” the New York Times added in a glowing write-up about the comic series, “Superman: Son of Kal-El.”

The Times noted that since the series launched in July, its main protagonist “has combated wildfires caused by climate change, thwarted a high school shooting, and protested the deportation of refugees in Metropolis.”

Ex-con escapes after attacking deputy, who was placed on life support and won’t recover. But manhunt ends after homeowner shoots ex-con.

(Maricopa County Sheriff's Office via AP)
(Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

Clinton Robert Hurley was released from an Arizona prison in December after serving time for attempted child molestation, Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone told the Associated Press.

Hurley allegedly attacked a deputy who was processing him on multiple felony warrants at a substation in Avondale, authorities told the AP. Avondale is about 18 miles west of Phoenix, the outlet added.

Hurley took the deputy’s SUV, crashed through a fence, and fled the area before allegedly stealing another vehicle and driving to Tonopah,

WATCH: Deadly Shootout Erupts Between Suspect & Officer Following A High-Speed Chase

ESCONDIDO, CALIFORNIA – Escondido Police Department released body camera footage of an incident where a deadly shootout erupts between a suspect & officer following a high-speed chase.

On September 17, 2021, officers responded to a call in reference to shots fired into an occupied vehicle.

When officers located the suspect’s vehicle (White Mercedes-Benz SUV) near Washington and Citrus avenues a vehicle pursuit began. The pursuit ended when the suspect crashed in the area of Bear Valley Parkway and Encino Drive.

After the crash, a single officer exchanged gunfire with the suspect, who was armed with a semi-automatic handgun.

Family mourns Georgia officer killed on first day with local police force: ‘It’s unimaginable’

Harrison’s brother, David Harrison, joined “Fox & Friends” Monday alongside his wife, Kayla Harrison, explaining that his brother was shot after a traffic stop near the police station.

“He made contact with a suspect at a gas station that happened to be across from the police station. The suspect failed to comply with him … and ended up being tased. A couple of hours went by, my brother was getting ready to do paperwork at the police station and was shot in retaliation for that arrest,” he said.

The suspect, Damien “Luke” Anthony Ferguson, 43, fled the scene and was arrested Sunday at his home.

Fox News’ Dan Bongino discusses a nurse who died after being slammed to the ground by a homeless man and a Georgia police officer who was killed his first day on the job.

Morgan Freeman speaks out against defunding police

Fox News contributor Jason Rantz says it will take more than Morgan Freeman’s comments to undo damage done to police by organizations like Black Lives Matter. 

Criminals are laughing at liberal cities’ crime policies: Ted Williams

Crime surges across the U.S. as suspects are let go without bail. Attorney and Fox News contributor Ted Williams joins ‘America’s Newsroom’ with insight.

Tribal Triumph | Full Measure

A U.S. Supreme Court decision you may not have heard about has upended the criminal justice system in Oklahoma.

It effectively said a historical glitch in procedures means millions of acres of Oklahoma is under control of the Indian population. Lisa Fletcher reports the implications stretch far and wide.

Hospital uses photo of vaccine-fired nurse to recruit for her replacement

She then reproduces Asante’s ad seeking from the public referrals for “top-notch healthcare professionals.”

If a worker is hired through the process the referrer is promised $750.

The image shows a young woman in a canoe on a lake, with the logo, “Help build our team and get a bonus!” and it’s signed “Asante.”

Therrien continued, “Asante is now using a photo of me to advertise replacement of my exact position. After almost 6 years of working for this company and being thrown away like I am nothing this is just another slap in the face.

Vaccine Mandates | Full Measure

Covid-19 vaccine mandates have set up the ultimate showdown.

If you don’t comply, you might not be able to earn a living, get an education or take part in society.

Already, there are mass firings, resignations and lawsuits. Now, a national mandate is on the way. Never before has the federal government mandated vaccination for such a large segment of society.

And the resulting debate over freedom, science and government control is creating chaos from coast to coast.

Amish Covid | Full Measure

When it comes to actions taken to address the Covid-19 threat, hindsight is still very much underway.

For your consideration: a story and outcome you probably aren’t hearing much about anywhere else.

It takes place in the heart of Amish country.

Wyoming teenager arrested after refusing to wear mask on school grounds, family says

Grace Smith, a junior at Laramie High School,
Grace Smith, a junior at Laramie High School, 

Smith recorded video of herself getting handcuffed, which her father, Andy Smith, shared on social media. The video shows the interactions between Smith and police officers were polite. 

“When asked if they’re arresting her for [not wearing] her mask, they’ll say, ‘No, we’re arresting her for her violation of failure to comply in accordance with their trespassing ordinance,'” Andy Smith told Bouchard.

Smith said that she’s faced three separate two-day suspensions over refusing to mask up and received $1,000 in trespassing fines for refusing to leave the campus, saying that she had a right to be on school grounds to continue her education.

More NYC protests planned over vaccine mandates

For months now, New York City has been subjected to regular street protests over vaccine mandates and New Yorkers say they have no plans to stop. One America’s Caitlin Sinclair has more.

The New York Times Spreads Misinformation About COVID-19

The paper of record had to print a lengthy correction to a big error in a Thursday news article. The story was about other countries’ approaches to vaccinating young people, and whether one shot would be better than two given the risks of heart inflammation in teenagers.

This wasn’t a junior reporter new to the job. The author was the paper’s lead coronavirus correspondent, Apoorva Mandavilli.3

This isn’t Mandavilli’s first questionable article. In early August, FiveThirtyEight‘s Nate Silver accused her of framing the Provincetown study of the delta variant’s spread in a “misleading and sensationalist way.”

Mandavilli also tweeted, as recently as May of 2021, that the lab leak theory of COVID-19’s origins is “racist” at its roots. She eventually deleted that tweet but doubled down on the sentiment.

In general, her pandemic reporting has manifested a paranoid slant. But the Thursday article wasn’t just slanted; it was wrong, wrong, wrong.

New Fla. data shows mask mandates are ineffective

New data from Florida counties suggests there is no statistical difference in the number of COVID-19 cases among children going to schools with and without vaccine mandates. One America’s Stefan Kleinhenz has more from Florida.

Neurologist defends natural immunity

Experts continue to defend natural immunity in the fight against COVID. One America’s Camryn Kinsey has more.


‘Bossy Left-Wing Lunatics’: Boebert Rips Into Democrats For Trying To Control Americans

In a video released on social media, Rep. Lauren Boebert ripped into Democrats, saying they were trying to establish a ‘nation full of hall monitors.’

Hunter Biden emails hint Joe ILLEGALLY benefited from son’s corruption

The corporate media refuses to cover Biden family corruption, even as more and more evidence is found. So, Glenn exposes what they won’t.

Peter Schweizer, author of “Profiles in Corruption,” has been searching through the 30,000+ emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop, and he has made some shocking finds — including one that he believes proves “flat-out illegal” activity.

He joins Glenn in the recent Friday Exclusive to break it down…

The Bankrupting of America

What happens when you spend money you don’t have? Everyone knows the answer to that question.

But what happens when the government does it on an unprecedented scale?

Sooner or later, all debts have to be repaid. The question is, who’s going to foot the bill?

Economist Stephen Moore has the answer.

Bongino blasts Democrats’ soft-on-crime policies

Fox News’ Dan Bongino discusses a nurse who died after being slammed to the ground by a homeless man and a Georgia police officer who was killed his first day on the job.

Iowa’s Grassley lines up with Trump as Senate’s most senior Republican runs for reelection

A young supporter takes a selfie with Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, at former President Trump's rally in Des Moines, Iowa on Oct. 9, 2021. (Fox News)
A young supporter takes a selfie with Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, at former President Trump’s rally in Des Moines, Iowa on Oct. 9, 2021. (Fox News)

DES MOINES, IOWA – Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley cut straight to the chase when asked if he’d gladly accept the support of former President Trump as the longtime lawmaker from Iowa runs next year for an eighth six-year term in the Senate.

“Anybody who’s got the approval rating of 91% of the Republicans in Iowa, you surely wouldn’t be stupid enough to turn down that help,” Grassley told Fox News on Saturday at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines, minutes before Trump’s first rally in the Hawkeye State since last November’s election got underway.

Grassley, in a speech to the crowd a couple of hours earlier, tied himself to the former president, showcasing that “President Trump and I were proud to deliver for the hard working people of Iowa and the United States, people just like you, policies that make a difference in the United States of America to continue America First.”

Hilton: Here’s how the ‘Biden regime’ is ‘fascist’ and authoritarian

Steve Hilton went full force against the Biden administration’s Justice Department for weaponizing law enforcement against political opponents on ‘The Next Revolution.’

World News:

Iraqi Forces Capture Top ISIS Leader Who Had $5 Million Bounty Reward

Sami Jasim, a senior leader of the ISIS terrorist group in Iraq and Syria. (Courtesy of U.S. State Department’s Rewards)
Sami Jasim, a senior leader of the ISIS terrorist group in Iraq and Syria. (Courtesy of U.S. State Department’s Rewards)

“While our ISF heroes focused on securing the elections, their INIS [Iraqi National Intelligence Services] colleagues were conducting a complex external operation to capture Sami Jasim, who was in charge of Daesh finance, and a deputy of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi,” Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi said in a statement on Monday, one day after the country held a parliamentary election. Daesh is another name for ISIS.

Jasim, an Iraqi national and one of ISIS’s core leaders, may offer valuable information on the terrorist group’s operations, said Hassan Hassan, an expert on the group. He is only the second senior ISIS leader to be taken alive, he added.

A reward of up to $5 million for his capture was offered by the U.S. State Department’s Rewards (RFJ) for Justice program, according to its website. The department said Jasim, who was also known as Hajji Hamid, is a legacy member of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Pompeo Visits West Bank, Supports Israeli Settlements

(Alex Wong/Getty)
(Alex Wong/Getty)

“This is the rightful homeland for the people of Israel here in Judea and Samaria,” Pompeo said Sunday, The Jerusalem Post reported.

“We recognized that this is not an occupied nation, this is not an apartheid country. It is a democracy where faiths can be practiced from all of the Abrahamic traditions.”

Pompeo spoke during a visit to the Psagot Winery, located on a hilltop outside of Jerusalem.

Less than a year earlier, Pompeo visited the West Bank and announced a historic change in U.S. policy that allowed for settler products produced there to be labeled “Made in Israel.”

Global arbitrators tackle naval incident that ratcheted Russia-Ukraine tensions

Ukrainian naval ships are seen anchored in a port in Kerch, Crimea, in December 2018. The boats, which had been seized by Russia the previous month, were eventually returned nearly a year later.
Ukrainian naval ships are seen anchored in a port in Kerch, Crimea, in December 2018. The boats, which had been seized by Russia the previous month, were eventually returned nearly a year later.

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (CN) — Moscow got in the first word Monday as the Permanent Court of Arbitration kicked off a week of hearings into the capture of three Ukrainian naval ships in the Kerch Strait, a narrow pass that connects the Sea of Azov to the Black Sea.

As the Russian Federation fights the jurisdiction of a United Nations tribunal, which had previously ruled Moscow was in the wrong, Dmitry Lobach, Russia’s ambassador-at-large, argued Monday that the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea doesn’t cover military activities.

The dispute has made an appearance at more than the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. There is also a case pending before the European Court of Human Rights, one of six complaints between Ukraine and Russia before the Strasbourg-based court. The incident has also been mentioned in proceedings before the UN’s top court, the International Court of Justice, which is housed in the same building as the PCA. 

Government’s COVID Lockdowns Spiked Global Rates Of Anxiety And Depression By More Than A Quarter

According to the report, authored by a worldwide team of academics led by Dr. Damian Santomauro at Australia’s University of Queensland, researchers attributed 53 million new cases of major depressive disorder and 76 million cases of anxiety disorders to the pandemic — and the government’s isolating lockdowns and mandates.

“The locations hit hardest by the pandemic in 2020, as measured with decreased human mobility and daily SARS-CoV-2 infection rate, had the greatest increases,” the authors wrote in the paper published by The Lancet.

Women and young people were shown to be most affected by the onslaught of draconian lockdowns triggered by the novel Wuhan coronavirus.

Iranian targets truck in Syria;Iran attains nuclear leap;Israel keen on peace TV7 Israel News 11.10

1) Unidentified aircraft strike multiple Iranian targets in Syria.

2) Iran says it accumulated a considerably higher amount of enriched uranium beyond the figures reported by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

3) Jerusalem proclaims its keen aspiration to broaden the Abraham Accords – including with the Palestinians.

UK’s new aircraft carrier comes to Singapore

Britain’s new aircraft carrier, the HMS Queen Elizabeth, made a stop in Singapore on Monday – part of a move to reassert itself globally and boost its military presence in Asia amid rising competition among major powers.


Breaking point: What drove a mother to kill her autistic son? | 60 Minutes Australia

No doubt you’ve heard how Daniela Dawes suffocated and killed her autistic son, Jason. You probably have an opinion on the court’s decision to let her go free.

But there’s much more to this family tragedy. For a start, there are the revealing home videos of a very troubled child. But, as you’ll see, a child who could be cheerful and loving too.

Then there’s Jason’s father, a grieving, angry and bitter man. And always in the background, the unimaginable burden of caring for a child with autism.

All clues in this intriguing story of what drove Daniela Dawes to kill her little boy.

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