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Brittany Gosney’s Boyfriend Revealed How the Couple ‘Punched’ and ‘Hog-Tied’ Her Children Before Her Son’s Murder

James Hamilton pleads guilty to disposing of James Hutchinson's body and other charges including child endangering and kidnapping (WKRC)
James Hamilton pleads guilty to disposing of James Hutchinson’s body and other charges including child endangering and kidnapping (WKRC)

The Ohio man who helped Brittany Gosney dispose of her murdered 6-year-old son’s corpse by throwing the boy’s body off a bridge and into the Ohio River revealed to investigators disturbing details about how he abused Gosney’s children, as well as his role in disposing of the remains of her son.

In police interrogation footage obtained by local news station WLWT-TV, 42-year-old James Hamilton can be seen explaining how he helped hog-tie Gosney’s three children, ages six, seven, and nine, as they planned to abandon them in the woods. The station only released snippets of the March 1 interview.

“She went to tie her [daughter] up. She said, ‘Would you please help me? I don’t know how to tie nobody up. I ain’t never did this.’ Sure, I’ll help. I did tie the other two up though,” Hamilton told investigators with the Middletown Division of Police.

‘My Mom Is Gurgling’: Alabama Woman’s Son Reportedly Witnessed His Father Fatally Shoot Pregnant Mother in Triple Murder-Suicide

While police have not released any additional details concerning their investigation, members of Jessica Martin’s family spoke to local ABC affiliate WTVM-TV about what they had learned of the horrific slayings. Several relatives told the station that Jessica and Jeffery’s 14-year-old son was in the house and witnessed everything when his father came in and started shooting.

Jessica’s uncle, Terry Moore, who is also called Uncle Bubba, said he spoke to the boy shortly after the shooting and learned grisly particulars about his niece and her boyfriend in their final moments.

“I just want to say, Richard really went out like a real man for his family. He stood his ground, and when that man [Jeffery Martin] came in his house, Richard stood there with a baseball bat against a gun, and he died protecting his wife and unborn child,” 

Lexington Co. Woman convicted in connection with home invasion, murder of 8 year old boy

In the course of the investigation, Monette made multiple inconsistent statements which led investigators to focus on her ties to local gang members.

On May 17, 2019, Monette confessed to conspiring with others to commit the staged home invasion and “have a gun held to her head” as part of the plan for a robbery.

Testimony revealed that the motive for the robbery was to steal large amounts of cash that Austin Hanahan had recently withdrawn from a bank, as well as marijuana present in the home.

The intruder connected to this case remains at large despite the efforts of multiple law enforcement agencies to confirm his identity.

Anyone with information regarding this crime or the identity of the intruder is urged to contact Crimestoppers at 1-888-CRIME-SC.

Man Who Sexually Assaulted Minor Girls For 2 Years Gets 120 Years In Prison

Christipher Shafer, 48, was handed down a 120 year to life sentence after being convicted on five counts of sexual assault in June.
Christipher Shafer, 48, was handed down a 120 year to life sentence after being convicted on five counts of sexual assault in June.

Shafer’s crimes surfaced after the victims aged seven and nine came out in the open and spoke out about their traumas in 2018. The incidents allegedly happened in 2016. Jurors sat through a rather daunting task of listening to the girls narrate their horrific experiences, which included being forced to watch porn aside from being touched inappropriately.

The girls further revealed that any signs of resistance would be met with a smack of their heads by Shafer.

Shafer was allegedly obsessed with making the girls watch bondage, domination, or sadomasochism scenes that he often played on his phone, only to force them to act out and emulate what they had just watched while being in bed with him.

WATCH: Ulta Beauty Ransacked During Store Hours in Chicago

An Ulta Beauty shop in Chicago, Illinois, was apparently robbed during store hours over the weekend, and a customer recorded the incident.

The clip appeared to show three individuals wearing masks shoving products into bags, and the man filming was clearly shocked at what was happening, Fox News reported Monday.

In August, Chicago Police issued an alert when a 73-year-old security guard was injured during one of a string of store robberies on the city’s Magnificent Mile, ABC 7 reported.

Meanwhile, 62 people were reportedly shot, eight fatally, over the weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s (D) Chicago.

Fox News: Mexican Officials Confirm As Many as 15,000 Migrants Heading To U.S. Border

US-Mexico border crisis is ‘only going to get worse’

The New York Post’s Kelly Jane Torrance says the crisis on the US-Mexico border is “only going to get worse”.

Utah deputies arrest fugitive sex offender who escaped mental institution and hid in national parks

John Freeman Colt 

John Freeman Colt, 42, escaped from a Kansas mental facility, where he was part of a sexual predator treatment program earlier this year.

The FBI considered Colt as “sexually violent” and dangerous and he was involuntarily committed to the mental institution after serving a five-year prison term for sex crimes, burglary and attacking police.

It was not immediately clear whether his path through Utah intersected with two other high-profile incidents linked to parks in the state – the double murder of Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner and the Gabby Petito case.

1000 March Against Mandates Shutting Down NYC Streets

September 27 2021 Manhattan, New York – Over a 1000 people marched through NYC streets from Foley Square to Times Square, shutting down traffic.

Police officers set to resign in droves over vaccine mandate

Massachusetts State Police Association President and Sergeant Mike Cherven says that officers have not been told if ‘reasonable alternatives’ will be granted, such as weekly testing or masking.

U.S. Marine Who Blasted Hasty Afghan Withdrawal in Military Lockup

Stuart Scheller / Facebook
Stuart Scheller / Facebook

Scheller acknowledged the enormous outpouring of support and debate stirred by his video work, adding he was resigning his commission as an officer in the Marine Corps — short of the 20 years needed to be eligible for lifelong retirement and medical benefits.

His letter of resignation went in on August 31 – the final day of U.S. occupation of Afghanistan.

He later announced he was ordered to undergo a mental health screening.

Now, his father has told Task & Purpose the officer is held under guard in the brig.

Col. Scheller Jailed Day Before Milley Testifies To Shut Him Up

Oil Money

We already know a lot about billions in wasted U.S. tax money from the Inspector General who’s been the chief watchdog on all the spending. Today, under the category of lessons we should have learned, we hear from a senior oil adviser from the Iraq War. He says— too often— successful, low-cost projects haven’t been copied. Gary Vogler is author of: Iraq and the Politics of Oil.

Puerto Rico Pharma

Puerto Rico has been bankrupt for four long years. Now, creditors owed billions have until October 4 to vote on a plan for the U.S. territory to eliminate its debt and emerge from bankruptcy. Separately, there’s an aggressive business outreach underway that could also help launch an economic comeback for the island. It has to do with converging interests in medicine, manufacturing and dependence on China.

Fighting Fires

Wildfires in the west keep setting records, and keep costing U.S. taxpayer money. Now, California and Oregon are finally taking a look at tactics that experts say have been successful for decades in the east. Lisa Fletcher investigates the big burn.

Carlson: America Has Not Lost Its Religion — It Just Replaced It with the ‘Cult of the Coronavirus’

Monday, FNC’s Tucker Carlson warned Christianity was being replaced by what he called the “cult of the coronavirus” and what cultural impacts that would have on the country.

Carlson referred to Gov. Kathy Hochul (D-NY), who he noted wore a “vaccinated necklace,” and called her the “high priestess” of the cult.

Johnson & Johnson: ‘Kids Shouldn’t Get A F*cking [COVID] Vaccine;’ There are “Unknown Repercussions”

[NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – Sept. 27, 2021] Project Veritas released the third video of its COVID vaccine investigative series today exposing two Johnson & Johnson [J&J] officials, who argue children do not need to take the COVID vaccine in part because of the potential long-term side effects.

One of the exposed J&J employees, a scientist by the name of Justin Durrant, laughs about inconveniencing unvaccinated adults if they refuse to comply with mandates being imposed upon them:

Victory News: Religion of Covid? Defend Freedom! | Krisanne Hall

Polish president to Tucker: Family is the foundation of every nation

Polish president Andrzej Duda weighs in on accepting refugees and encouraging couples to have children through pro-family policies on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’.


The American People Want America Back

Biden’s popularity goes into freefall, disintegrating faster than the neurons in his brain, which shows the American people are not okay with this willful assault on their values, their way of life and the country itself.

How Negative Media Narratives Were Used in the Recall Election | CLIP | American Thought Leaders

Larry Elder and John Moorlach, who ran in the 2021 California gubernatorial recall election, describe how attack ads in the media were used to frame the recall as a “Republican takeover.”

The data, they explain, doesn’t support that claim, as more people than are registered Republican voted in favor of the recall.

Exclusive Interview with Donald Trump:RealClearPolitics Takeaway September 28, 2021

RealClearPolitics co-founder and president Tom Bevan joins RCP Washington Bureau Chief Carl Cannon to discuss the first part of Tom’s exclusive interview with former President Donald Trump.

This is why migrant caravans are flooding US border

Border Patrol union representative Brandon Judd blasted the Biden administration over the border crisis, saying at least 60-70% of illegal immigrants are being released into the United States.

World News:

Pedophile Gets 12 Years In Prison For Grooming 13 Girls, Using Snapchat To Hunt Them

Matthew Clarke, 23, (Image: Eastnews Press Agency)
Matthew Clarke, 23, (Image: Eastnews Press Agency)

The Snapchat feature lets the user see where other account holders are geographically located when they have it enabled.

The pedophile would follow movements of the girls in the store then make in-person contact with them. Over a period of five years, Matthew Clarke groomed about 13 girls, who were as young as 12 years old, according to Daily Star.

Following his meeting with them, Clarke told the girls to share sexual images and messages with him, reported The Sun.

He used to blackmail the vulnerable girls by telling them that he would make their explicit photographs public if they didn’t do what he wanted. After meeting three girls in person, he abused them.

Muslim Man Chokes Own Mother To Death For Converting From Islam To Christianity

Rasha Muklasha, who was allegedly murdered by her son Muad Hib on August 5, 2021 (Israel Police)
Rasha Muklasha, who was allegedly murdered by her son Muad Hib on August 5, 2021 (Israel Police)

Muklasha recently resumed contact with her children after she came to know about her ex-husband’s death. However, Muklasha’s religious conversion angered Hib and triggered him to commit the premeditated murder, according to prosecutors.

Hib has been accused of setting up a meeting with his mother on Aug. 5 near Nazareth with the intention of killing her and subsequently disposing of her remains. After picking up his mother Muklasha in his car, Hib reportedly “strangled her with a rope or his hands, alone or with others, with the intention of causing her death,” according to court documents.

After murdering his mother, Hib noticed a police roadblock ahead, rammed into it, and traveled toward the Jordan River. There, he reportedly dug a pit, buried Muklasha’s body, and covered the spot with rocks and dry leaves to make the unmarked grave harder to locate, the Times of Israel reported.

Huge Sweden Apartment Blast Likely Caused by Explosive Device, Say Authorities

Apartment building hit by an explosion in Gothenburg. © Bjorn Larsson Rosvall / TT News Agency via REUTERS
Apartment building hit by an explosion in Gothenburg. © Bjorn Larsson Rosvall / TT News Agency via REUTERS

The explosion tore through the building in the Annedal district in central Gothenburg on Tuesday morning, starting a major fire.

“The explosion rocked through the building just before 5am local time, damaging three stairwells,” reports RT. “Some residents used tied sheets to escape from their homes through windows, as the fire ignited by the blast spread and sent thick plumes of grey smoke in the air.”

Authorities quickly ruled out a gas explosion as the cause of the blast, noting that there was no gas pipeline in the immediate area.

Australian Police Commissioner Refuses to Enforce Vaccine Passport Mandate


The government is preparing to pass a mandate that will ban all unvaccinated people from gaining entry to numerous venues up until at least December 1st in a repeat of the segregation scheme that has been adopted in numerous western countries.

However, after questions began to swirl about whether businesses would be forced to impose the measures on customers, NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller made it clear that his officers wouldn’t be on patrol.

“The role of police in terms of vaccine passports, we will not be walking through restaurants, cafes and pubs checking if people are double vaccinated,” he said.

Canada making immigration even easier with a woke twist

When the term “open borders” is discussed, it’s usually in relation to the streams of people flooding through the southern border of the United States. But the concept of open borders isn’t strictly an American or even illegal immigration problem.

Canada’s Liberal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is, according to a newly obtained story by the Toronto Sun, planning to heavily relax requirements on those attempting to immigrate into Canada.

The truth about the Fuel Crisis.

This country needs rapid leadership. We must unblock the DVLA backlog.

Iranian-militias bombed in Syria; Paris calls for ‘firmer stance’ vs Iran – TV7 Israel News 28.09

1) Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett asserts that while Jerusalem is not interested in war – it cannot remain oblivious to the accumulating threats which are rooted in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

2) Unidentified aircraft bomb Iranian-proxy targets in Syria’s eastern desert’ region – bordering Iraq.

3) French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian warns Iran not to be delusional about the state of affairs vis-à-vis its nuclear-related activities and diplomatic stalling.

The UK seems to going from ‘one crisis to another’

Spiked Online Editor Brendan O’Neill says the United Kingdom seems to be going from one crisis to another as it is now experiencing fuel shortages.

How they TRIED AND FAILED to stop a freedom rally in Melbourne

SEP 18: Government shuts down the entire public transport network into Melbourne’s to stop lockdown protesters from rallying. The unprecedented move failed miserably.


Climate activist JUSTIFIES destruction, but WE’RE the ‘dangerous’ ones?

A recent podcast from The New Yorker’s Radio Hour normalized one climate activist’s desire for property destruction, theft, and more.

Glenn plays clips from the interview with Andreas Malm, who says he has a problem with other activists’ ‘dogmatic commitment to nonviolence.’
The acts he believes are acceptable — in order to further the goals of climate activism — are SHOCKING.

But even more shocking is the left’s insistence that WE’RE the ‘dangerous’ ones in today’s society, when far-left radicals like Malm prove the opposite to be true…

The Media Buries the Bodies

This is not rocket science. The Democrats are concentrating their efforts on taking legal guns out of the hands of legal gun owners. They are doing this when gun violence in cities like New York and Chicago are becoming shooting galleries.

The most significant rise of crime is black-on-black violence. Gang violence is driving the increase in homicide numbers. Talking heads like Joy Reid and Don Lemon can mock Republicans, but neither will admit the data is correct.

They want to deflect away from reality. It doesn’t work, and it makes these people look foolish.CNN, MSNBC, and the Networks are downplaying the thought that crime is on the rise and mock anyone who feels differently.

Those of us who dig into the facts know the reality of homicides and gun violence is on, not just a rise, but a sharp rise.To admit the facts would not support the Defund the Police movement of the radical left.