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WATCH: Migrant Caravans Assault Mexican Immigration Officers, Free Detainees

AP File Photo/Marco Ugarte
AP File Photo/Marco Ugarte

On Saturday, a large group of mostly Haitians attacked officers from the Mexican Immigration Institute (INM) as they attempted to keep migrants from leaving the southern border state of Chiapas. The migrants revolted and stormed a government van to free detained migrants.

The video was captured by reporters working for Portal Fronterizo, a news and media agency in Mexico. The group of mostly Haitian migrants are unhappy with Mexican asylum processes requiring them to stay in Chiapas as their applications are adjudicated.

In defiance of Mexico’s refugee policies, the migrants are forming caravans and attempting to leave. INM officers and Mexican National Guard troops are engaging in operations designed to stop them and return them to Tapachula, Chiapas, sometimes unsuccessfully.

Axios: Joe Biden’s Deputies Lose Thousands of Migrant Youths


The lost communication with the youths is ” just further proof, if any were needed, that the unaccompanied minor flow is, at least in part, just a gimmick for labor migrants,” said Mark Krikorian, the director of the Center for Immigration Studies. He added:

“Honestly, I think almost everyone in the system knows that most of the [migrant] teens are coming to work and send money back home,” Maria Woltjen, executive director and founder of the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights, told a ProPublica reporter: “They want to help their parents,” she said in a November 2020 article.

In 2020, under President Donald Trump, most UAC migrants were flown home instead of being allowed into the United States.

Migration Groups Want $8 Billion for Afghan Migrants

Handout/Bundeswehr via Getty Images
Handout/Bundeswehr via Getty Images

“The number we’ve been floating around, just on the back of the napkin, is $5 billion for [the Department of Health and Human Services], $2 billion for [the Department of] State, and $1 billion for [the Department of Homeland Security], at a minimum,” said Mark Hetfield, president of the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

The advocates also told the Washington Post that they want the incoming Afghans to jump the line in the nation’s asylum courts.

The line is several years long because Democrats have allowed at least two million Central American migrants into the United States since 2009 under the claim that they need asylum from crime and poverty. The Post reported:

A survey by Rasmussen Reports shows that the public does not approve of the Democrats’ rush to naturalize tens of thousands of Afghans. A majority of Americans oppose the resettlement of more than 50,000 Afghans in the United States, according to an August 18-19 survey of 1,000 likely voters by Rasmussen.

Report: U.S.-Funded Afghan Military Equipment Spotted in Iran

“Several US military armored vehicles, which allegedly belonged to the Afghan army before the Taliban took over control of the country, were spotted in Iran on Wednesday, images shared on social media showed,” the Saudi news site wrote on September 2.

“Some of the images shared on Twitter showed trucks belonging to the Iranian army transporting US Humvees, allegedly taken from Afghanistan, on a highway connecting the central city of Semnan to the city of Garmsar, southeast of the capital Tehran,” Al Arabiya added.

Afghanistan’s former defense minister, Bismillah Mohammadi, shared some of the images via his personal Twitter account on September 1. He did not offer any clarity regarding the source of the images:

ICYMI, PUBLISHED: AUGUST 30, 2021:EXCLUSIVE: Emergency Response Says Department of Defense Has Taken Over Vaccine Shipment Crash That Shuttered Airspace

The Center for Threat Preparedness was in charge of trying to recover the vaccines, but are no longer permitted to speak to the press about the incident.

Instead, they referred us to the National COVID Response Press Secretary at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, who said that there were 1.3 million doses of the vaccine on the truck that were heading to Ghana.

As Timcast previously reported, air traffic was shut down while Hazmat cleaning crews spent 21 hours in the area near Morgantown. The northbound side of the interstate was also closed for all traffic.

Death Toll Rises After Ida’s Remnants Hit Northeast

New York City saw its first ever flash flood emergency.

A Look At Scientific Evidence Suggesting Face Masks Damage Your Health

As mask mandates and habits return across the United States, clear and convincing scientific data from before and after 2020 suggest masking has negative health consequences that outweighs its utility.

Earlier this year, a group of German doctors and biomedical scientists looked at the available data on the negative health effects of face masks, published both before and during the COVID-19 outbreak, as catalogued in the U.S. federal government’s biomedical database, PubMed.

They found significant evidence of “relevant, undesired medical, organ and organ system-related phenomena accompanied by wearing masks,” with “clear, scientifically recorded adverse effects for the mask wearer.”

In addition to impaired thinking and performance, increased blood CO2 levels can also cause psychotropic effects. High levels of CO2 poison mammals.

The brain stem reacts to increased CO2 in the blood by letting the body know that it needs fresh air, activating a whole-body stress response.

Minimum Wage Hurts Beginners

Seattle voters were excited when their city became the first to pass a $15 minimum wage.

But then entry-level job creation stopped:

WATCH: Parents confront school board over Antifa teacher busted in sting video

On Wednesday, the school board of the Natomas Unified School District removed Gipe from his post at Inderkum High School.

The school board said that he violated school policies against displaying political material and advocating for political outcomes, and the school board apologized to parents. “To the parents, students and other staff,” they wrote, “NUSD is sorry that this reached this level of disruption.”

For many parents, this was not enough, and they arrived at the school board meeting to speak their minds.

It wasn’t just Antifa-teacher Gipe and his methods, exposed by Project Veritas, that they wanted to address, but the school board that allowed this teacher, and those like him who are still employed in Natomas, to flourish.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! — Students stage walkout at Denver high school over Mask Zombie Rule…

Students at Legend High School in Parker walked out of class on Sept. 1 in protest of a masking mandate that went into effect that morning.JESSICA GIBBS
Students at Legend High School in Parker walked out of class on Sept. 1 in protest of a masking mandate that went into effect that morning.JESSICA GIBBS

The walkout started when three students emerged from Legend High School in Parker and meandered toward a nearby park. Two more followed shortly after, and for a moment the small group was the only sign of protest.

Then came dozens, and within minutes, hundreds of students and parents had amassed across the street from the high school.

They held signs calling masks child abuse, public health officials liars, and demanded masks remain optional.

The Tri-County Health Department on Aug. 30 rescinded the opt-out ability of Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas counties for a previous mask order that applied to children ages 2 through 11, and then expanded the order to include all children over 2.


We reported earlier that Candace Owens was apparently denied by a COVID testing facility in Colorado a test for COVID-19 based on her based on her political beliefs.

U.S. House Rep Lauren Boebert (R-CO) heard about the news and has responded, as the reported denial was from a testing site in the state that she represents.

“It’s a shame to see this in Colorado in this day and age,” Boebert stated and asked incredulously, “Denying Candace a COVID test because she’s a conservative?”

Boebert had quote tweeted Owens’ tweet of the email denial and suggested, “The Left just goes lower and lower every single day.”

Florida GOP Congressional candidate Lavern Spicer responded to Boebert and added, “Jim Crow is back.”

Sex offending suspect claims transgender harassment in Wi Spa case

Besides being a suspect in this case, Merager is facing multiple felony charges of indecent exposure over a separate incident in Los Angeles.

Law-enforcement sources revealed that Merager is a tier-one registered sex offender with two prior convictions of indecent exposure stemming from incidents in 2002 and 2003 in California. She declined to comment on the convictions. In 2008, she was convicted for failing to register as a sex offender.

In addition to Merager’s new felony charges of indecent exposure, she is also facing six felony counts of indecent exposure over a separate locker room incident in December 2018. Los Angeles County prosecutors accuse Merager of indecent exposure to women and children in a changing area at a swimming pool in West Hollywood Park.

“Merager claims to identify as female so he can access women’s locker rooms and showers,” reads an internal flyer by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that was sent to law enforcement departments in southern California in late 2018.

San Francisco paying people not to shoot others a ‘gimmick’ that won’t work: Rev. Eugene Rivers III

Rev. Eugene Rivers III warns the city’s pilot program to pay high-risk individuals to not shoot anyone is a ‘bad idea’ on ‘Fox & Friends.’

This state released more than 6,500 accused felons in 2020

Marisol Sanchez recounts her final moments with her son before he was shot and killed at a store in the Bronx.

Pennsylvania professor teaches White people committing suicide can be an ‘ethical’ act

“White people should commit suicide as an ethical act,” said a quote in a slide for a presentation hosted by Duquesne University psychology professor Derek Hook.

Hook quoted a South African philosophy professor, Terblanche Delport, in the lecture who has written about White people comitting suicide in South Africa, before further discussing the comments and arguing, “there was something ethical in Delport’s statements.”

“If the goal is to dismantle white supremacy, and white supremacy is white culture … then the goal has to be to dismantle white culture and ultimately white people themselves. The total integration into Africa by white people will also automatically then mean the death of white people as white as a concept would not exist anymore,” the quote continued.

Man who rescued Biden in 2008 pleads for rescue from Taliban

Mohammad and his ground force commander retired US Army Captain Dennis Chamberlain say that the Taliban know his face and will kill him if they find him.

CBS Moves on from Afghanistan Debacle, ABC Forgets Americans Left Behind

There was absolutely no mention of Afghanistan on their Wednesday newscast but they found the time to dedicate over two minutes (2:05) to bashing and decrying Texas’s new pro-life law.

And while they covered Afghanistan, ABC’s World News Tonight failed to mention anything about the 100-200 Americans abandoned there.

In stark contrast to their broadcast competitors, NBC Nightly News dedicated their Afghanistan segment to the Americans Biden left behind.

After noting that the Taliban were “parading” around in “the billions of dollars worth of American weapons and equipment they now have in their arsenal,” White House correspondent Geoff Bennett spotlighted how Biden left behind a child and a man who had apparently saved his life:

Mark Levin: Can you hear the screams of the Afghans, America?

‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ host shames President Biden for abandoning Afghanistan.



20 States Sue Biden Administration For Corrupting Title IX With ‘Gender Identity’ Mumbo Jumbo

Another huge issue, however, is the way this rewriting of Title IX came about.

It resembles the pattern of bureaucratic overreach throughout the Wuhan virus pandemic, when unelected officials expanded their power through “emergency” declarations and ruled by fiat without punishment, such as through sweeping mask mandates or stay-at-home orders.

This time under the guise of fighting “discrimination,” Biden and the head honchos over at the Department of Education and EEOC have grown their power by expanding the definition of sex and thus completely changing how students, educators, and institutions are required to conduct their affairs — on the field of athletic competition, in sexual assault allegations, and even in locker room dos and don’ts.

For the same reason the courts should strike down unconstitutional abuses of power with regard to the never-ending pandemic, such as mask mandates for vaccinated people in counties with zero COVID deaths, they should also send a message to the president that he can’t just change the meanings of words to completely rewrite laws.

“Sex” can’t just mean whatever the commander-in-chief and his unelected subordinates want it to mean — and the court should use this lawsuit as an opportunity to make that abundantly clear.

Joe Biden Wants Congress to Pass a Law Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth

In response to the news that the Supreme Court would let stand a pro-life Texas law that bans abortions and protects unborn children, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that Joe Biden wants Congress to pass a law making abortions legal up to birth.

Biden condemned the pro-life law with his own statement celebrating abortions.

Though about a dozen states have passed similar heartbeat laws, Texas is the first to be allowed to enforce its law. The others have been blocked by the courts.

In their ruling late Wednesday, the Supreme Court said the pro-abortion groups did not provide sufficient reasons to justify blocking the law.

Tucker torches ‘reckless’ Lindsey Graham as a ‘mouthpiece’ for Afghanistan lies

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host breaks down the South Carolina Republican’s Afghanistan resume.

26 Republican senators ask Biden for info on vetting of Afghanistan evacuees, Americans left behind

The group of 26 Republicans, led by Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, have given the president until the end of business Tuesday to give the public a full accounting of who was “left behind” after the last of the U.S. troops evacuated Kabul on Monday.

The senators are seeking the exact number of people still stranded in Afghanistan who want to leave and what the administration is doing to keep in contact with those people.

They also want to know the vetting of the Afghan refugees who are not SIVs or green-card holders and whether they were evacuated to the U.S. without any pending immigration application or status with the United States.

Tucker: Democrats are doing everything they can to stay in power

Tucker Carlson discusses Afghan refugees being placed in swing states on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’.

World News:

Poland Declares State of Emergency on Border with Belarus Over Illegal Arrivals

JAAP ARRIENS/AFP via Getty Images
JAAP ARRIENS/AFP via Getty Images

Hundreds of migrants have crossed from Belarus into Poland within the last month, and in response, the Polish government had asked President Andrzej Duda to declare a 30-day state of emergency in Podlaskie and Lubelskie, the two regions that border Belarus.

According to a report from the news service Reuters, the state of emergency is the first in Poland since the fall of the communist regime. Duda approved the government’s request Thursday afternoon.

Euronews reports that human rights group Amnesty International, which can be generally relied upon to oppose border control for European nations, has opposed the move, calling the declaration a cynical move to “target asylum seekers and those who support them”.

UK Walks Back Defence Secretary’s America No Longer a ‘Superpower’ Remarks

Getty Images
Getty Images

So forthright have some remarks made about the fitness of Joe Biden to be President been that a minor war-of-words has broken out between Westminster and Washington, with supporters of the President warning Britain he “holds grudges”.

Brexit architect turned political commentator Nigel Farage, for his part, has suggested the level of disappointment and distrust is such that Britain, which has been America’s closest military ally for a century, would not follow the U.S. into another war for as long as Biden is President.

Others are noting the irony in how the cards have fallen, with America suffering humiliation at the hands of the Taliban in the era of Joe Biden’s “America is back” rhetoric, while its military alliances strengthened during the Trump era when the reeived wisdom was that his rhetoric would damage relationships.

A new social credit system to combat ”online abuse” on social media.

The Australian federal government is introducing a new social credit system to combat ”online abuse” on social media.

Israel asserts credible threat vs Iran; US warns of Lebanese ‘horror story’ – TV7 Israel News 02.09

1) Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid stresses that Jerusalem’s only goal regarding the Gaza Strip is to ensure peace and quiet for the southern residents of the Jewish State.

2) Germany calls upon the Islamic Republic of Iran to immediately return to the negotiating table with the P5+1 in Vienna – warning that the window of opportunity to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement is running out.

3) U.S. Senators who concluded a visit to Lebanon warn of the dire situation in the country.

China’s second-largest housing firm in dire debt crisis; Taliban wants stronger China relations

America’s longest war is over. But why did the United States pull its troops out of Afghanistan? President Joe Biden says it’s to shift priorities to meet the China challenge.

The Taliban describes the Chinese Communist Party as an old friend and says it hopes to foster even stronger relations.

Another of China’s friendly relationships is deepening, too. Military leaders from Burma, also known as Myanmar, invited a Chinese representative to visit for the first time since the country’s coup earlier this year.

One of China’s largest real estate companies is deep in debt, to the tune of $300 billion. But if the company goes bankrupt, it would send shock waves through China’s economy.


GOOD VS EVIL: Why Texas is RIGHT about new abortion law

The left can dress it up all they want, but they can’t forever disguise the EVIL that is abortion.

Let their hatred flow, Glenn says.

Because he believes Texas will be BLESSED for its new abortion law that essentially bans the practice after 6 weeks of conception:

‘I’m thrilled to say that I live in Texas [which] has made the choice for LIFE.’

Ep. 1597 Lies And Liars Who Lie About Lying – The Dan Bongino Show

I warned you about the January 6th committee and their efforts to interfere in the 2022 election. In this episode, I address the scandal. I also discuss the war on this coronavirus treatment and the attacks on Joe Rogan.

It’s HAPPENING! Woke Teachers Taken Down! – Jill Simonian Reacts

Jill Simonian is live talking about the rise up of parents against woke teachers and PragerU’s new Otto’s Tales about September 11th!