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CDC adjusts Florida’s Covid numbers after accusations of overcounting

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has quietly updated Florida’s COVID-19 figures after accusations of overcounting earlier this week.

On Monday, the Florida Department of Health (DOH) accused the CDC of misreporting the state’s weekend COVID-19 numbers.

The federal health agency had posted that 28,317 new Covid cases were recorded in The Sunshine State on Sunday, a record-high that was reported by multiple media outlets.

However, the DOH stated that is true total was 15,319 cases, indicating an overcount of more than 13,000. 

On Wednesday, the CDC updated Florida’s new cases to 23,958 for Friday, 21,487 on Saturday and 19,584 on Sunday – quietly admitting that the state DOH was right – but did not offer an explanation as to why.

The NSA’s Inspector General Opens Investigation Into Allegations of Illegal Spying on Tucker Carlson

(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Politicon )
(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for Politicon )

The independent watchdog agency which investigates potential wrongdoing by the National Security Agency (NSA) announced on Tuesday morning that it has opened an investigation into “recent allegations that the NSA improperly targeted the communications of a member of the U.S. news media.”

Though the oversight unit, the NSA’s Office of the Inspector General, did not specify the journalist in question, the statement leaves no doubt that the investigation pertains to news reports that the identity of Fox News host Tucker Carlson had been improperly “unmasked” and illegally revealed within the intelligence community.

It is this unmasking which is what appears to have prompted the IG’s decision to investigate the NSA’s activities regarding Carlson. Indeed, the IG’s statement explicitly describes the scope of the investigation as “examining NSA’s compliance with applicable legal authorities and Agency policies and procedures regarding collection, analysis, reporting, and dissemination activities, including unmasking procedures” (emphasis added).

Hunter Biden is seen in unearthed footage telling a prostitute that Russian drug dealers stole ANOTHER of his laptops for blackmail while he was close to overdosing in a Vegas hotel room

Hunter Biden claimed Russians stole another one of his laptops for blackmail while he was close to overdosing in a Las Vegas hotel room, can reveal. 

The alleged incident would mean Hunter lost a total of three computers – the first abandoned at a Delaware computer store and the second seized by federal agents –  each likely to hold sensitive information on President Joe Biden and the embarrassing pictures, videos and communications of his son.

The third laptop still appears to be missing – and was taken by Russian drug dealers after they partied with Hunter in Vegas, he told a prostitute in a conversation caught on camera.

After filming himself having sex with the woman using his laptop in January 2019, Hunter left the camera rolling as he recounted a Vegas bender in which he spent ’18 days going round from penthouse suite to penthouse suite,’ sometimes costing $10,000 a night.

College professor held in wildland arson spree near California’s massive Dixie Fire

Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty
Josh Edelson / AFP / Getty

Gary Stephen Maynard, 47, is believed to have worked at a number of colleges in California, including Santa Clara University and Sonoma State University, where a Dr. Gary Maynard was listed as a lecturer in criminal justice studies specializing in criminal justice, cults and deviant behavior.

Sonoma State spokeswoman Julia Gonzalez said Maynard is no longer with the university. The school took down his profile page minutes after The Sacramento Bee’s request for comment.

Maynard was arrested Saturday following an investigation that began July 20 and included a U.S. Forest Service agent placing a tracking device under his car after he had been stopped briefly by Susanville police on Aug. 3.

“Over the course of the last several weeks, Maynard has set a series of fires in the vicinity of the Lassen National Forest and Shasta Trinity National Forest…,” Anderson wrote in a detention memo. “The area in which Maynard chose to set his fires is near the ongoing Dixie fire, a fire which is still not contained despite the deployment and efforts of over 5,000 personnel.

Rayshard Brooks autonomous zone run by gang who shot 8-year-old girl, GBI warrant alleges

 (Atlanta Police Department via AP)
(Atlanta Police Department via AP)

“The Bloods gang and its associates operated the area as an ‘autonomous zone’ in which the sovereign authority of the City and State were not recognized, and the Bloods gang exerted all control,” a warrant filed last week states

Members of the Bloods seized the area through the “brandishing, pointing and discharging of firearms at citizens and civilians to ensure compliance with their authority in a highly visible manner.”

A warrant filed last week alleges Brooks was a member of the Bloods, and his death led to the gang allegedly taking over the area near where he died, which eventually led to the death of 8-year-old Secoriea Turner. 

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution noted that the mayor held police back from clearing the autonomous zone quickly, after City Councilwoman Joyce Sheperd said she was negotiating with the rioters. 

Minneapolis DFL chair calls burning of police precinct ‘revolutionary moment,’ ‘act of pure righteousness’

In this May 28, 2020, protesters demonstrate outside of a burning Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File)
In this May 28, 2020, protesters demonstrate outside of a burning Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File) 

In an Aug. 2 opinion piece for Southside Pride, a local monthly newspaper, titled The cops started it, Minneapolis DFL Chair Devin Hogan argued that the burning of the Third Precinct on May 28, 2020, three days after George Floyd’s death in the same city, was a “proportional response” to the treatment of Black people by police.

Four men have since been sentenced to prison and ordered to pay millions in restitution over their roles in the precinct’s burning.

“The call from the streets was genuine liberation, truly and finally. The work continues until that day comes,” he continued. “Eyes on the prize. Remember the demand of the streets. The blood and treasure spent. This is our job. Minneapolis must answer the call. For real this time. For real for real. Do it for the kids.”

Mother of 2 men charged in death of Chicago Police Officer Ella French arrested

Emonte Morgan, 21, is charged with first-degree murder in Saturday's fatal shooting of 29-year-old Chicago police officer Ella French, as well as attempted murder and other charges. His brother Eric Morgan, 22, (right) was also charged.
Emonte Morgan, 21, is charged with first-degree murder in Saturday’s fatal shooting of 29-year-old Chicago police officer Ella French, as well as attempted murder and other charges. His brother Eric Morgan, 22, (right) was also charged.

The mother livestreamed what happened on Facebook.

Oak Lawn police say she was taken into custody after attempting to gain access to the hospital room in which her son was staying. While trying to enter the room, Flores allegedly kicked a Christ Hospital Public Safety Officer in the groin.

Flores then continued to resist efforts to take her into custody while demanding to see her son, according to police.

Oak Lawn police say they contacted the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office for approval of felony charges against Flores. However, after reviewing the case, the office charged Flores with misdemeanor offenses that include battery, resisting a peace office, and criminal trespass to real property.

Newborn baby boy draped in rosary is found ALIVE after being dumped inside a drawer of a discarded dresser in Chicago alley

‘It’s a good thing somebody came by. It’s hot out there, it could’ve ended differently, but it’s all seemingly worked out,’ Langford told the Chicago Tribune.

The woman who found him said she was walking along the block when the dresser drawers caught her eye, reported ABC 7 Chicago. She approached the furniture, planning to recycle the handles on the drawers, and found the baby.

The Good Samaritan, who did not want to be identified, said the boy was wrapped in rosary beads and his mouth was filled with vomit.   

‘I put my finger on the little foot, to just to see he was moving,’ she told NBC Chicago. 

Doctors say Pitt statements point to possibility organs extracted from live fetuses; school denies charge

Pitt referenced a long list of organs, “includ[ing] liver, heart, gonads, legs, brain, genitourinary tissues including kidneys, ureters and bladders.” The last three were a focus for the research project, known as GUDMAP, for which Pitt was seeking funding.

Fetal tissue research has been a controversial subject for Pitt as it recently attracted scrutiny over an experiment that involved grafting fetal scalps onto rodents. But the issue stretches beyond the university as fetal tissue is extracted through abortion techniques that have raised anti-abortion activists’ concerns about live births and potential violations of tissue-trafficking law. 

One part, among others, from the released documents sounded alarm bells for Center for Medical Progress founder David Daleiden. In positioning itself as a potential “hub” for fetal tissue, Pitt told NIH it could minimize “ischemia time … to ensure the highest quality biological specimens.” 

Lindell FIREWORKS! Officials RAID OFFICE of Mesa Clerk During Symposium Reveal

The Colorado Secretary of State directed officials to raid the office of the Mesa County Clerk, Tina Peters, who appeared visibly shook when she took to the stage at Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium, which is airing live at

Brad Barton appeared on ‘The Stew Peters Show’ and speculated the whole thing was set up to frame the Mesa Clerk who is bravely coming forward to expose corruption in the 2020 election.

Atlanta Mother “Stunned” Her Son’s School Was Segregated Based On Race

FAR-LEFT AGENDA IN SCHOOLS: Atlanta Mother “Stunned” Her Son’s School Was Segregated Based On Race.

Protests Erupt in Tennessee and Kentucky over Mask Mandates and Forced Vaccinations


“We want to have our own right and have our own decision to decide to wear a mask or not. That’s why I’m here today and that’s the right that I have to make that for my child as a recommendation,” said parent Keri Blare from Collierville School District in Tennessee, according to WREG Memphis.

“We want the freedom to raise our kids the way we see fit and we’re not going to allow the government to come along to tell us how to do it,” another parent said.

“I definitely think it should be our parent’s decision. There is a very small fraction of people at school that actually are wearing a mask and so I think not wearing a mask speaks for itself,” a student asserted, per WKRN, before the school board passed the mask mandate for elementary school students, staff, and visitors by a seven to three vote.

Likewise in Edgewood, Kentucky, hundreds were “protesting the requirement of COVID-19 [Chinese coronavirus] vaccinations for employees throughout the Greater Cincinnati Health Systems,” WLWT5 NBC reported Tuesday. All 11 healthcare facilities decided to mandate the vaccine.

Virginia teacher resigns over critical race theory in emotional speech

‘The Madness of Crowds’ author questions why teachers can’t dissent against the ‘newly invented orthodoxy’ of CRT on ‘Fox & Friends.’

NYC Woman Drops TRUTH BOMBS in Inspirational Speech

NYC Woman Drops TRUTH BOMBS in Inspirational Speech

Tucker Carlson: Border crisis is ‘greatest scandal of my lifetime’

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) emails show how an agency chief halted deportation after an ‘Abolish ICE’ activist’s request; Fox News’ Tucker Carlson reacts on ‘Fox & Friends.’



Hoodwink: AP Hypes Biden Sounding ‘Alarm’ on Rising Energy Prices, Ignores Anti-Oil Policies

The AP report has since been stealth-edited to reflect a less pro-Biden headline: “Biden team is seeking ways to address rising energy prices.” The lede paragraph has been changed as well.

Fox Business host Charles Payne ripped the AP story (re-published by ABC News) and the Biden administration on Twitter for their gaslighting on the latter’s anti-oil crusade.

Payne wasn’t alone. His fellow Fox Business host David Asman also tore into the Biden administration for passing the buck to OPEC while its own policies kill U.S energy.

Levin: GOP Senators Who Voted for Infrastructure Bill Chose Tyranny Over Liberty

Mark Levin on Hannity: “We choose liberty, but the 19 Republicans in the Senate chose tyranny”

McConnell joins Democrats in voting to pass $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell joined Democrats in passing the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill on Tuesday.

President Biden negotiated the framework with the legislation with a bipartisan group of senators and the White House supported the legislation.

Episode 1,164 – The Receipts Are Being Shown

Mike Lindell continues the Cyber Symposium by bringing on surprise guests.

Our guests are: Mike Lindell, Jim Lamon, Seth Keshel, Kari Lake, David Zere

Cyber Symposium Live Stream

For our attendees, they have one goal. Find proof that this cyber data is not valid data from the November Election.

For the people who are able to find the evidence, 5 million is their reward. Seems insane, right? But this is real! Despite the mockery, it doesn’t hide this simple truth.

Regardless of political affiliation, a corrupt election system is disastrous for all of us. That is why everyone should be fighting to find out the truth.

And this 72-hour event has been put together by Mike Lindell to do just that. Our voting system should not be second-guessed, and when it is, Americans need to stand up.

Elder says Newsom ‘in serious trouble’ in California recall election

“I think he’s in serious trouble and he knows it,” the well-known conservative talk radio host insisted in an interview Tuesday night on Fox News’ “Gutfeld.”

Pointing to the latest public opinion polls, which indicate those likely to vote in the recall contest are divided on ousting Newsom, Elder noted that “the polls are right in the margin of error. About half of them want him gone, and about half of them don’t.”

The polls point to how crucial turnout will be in the Sept. 14 election in a state where registered Democrats greatly outnumber registered Republicans. One of the recent surveys, a UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies/Los Angeles Times poll conducted two weeks ago, indicated that Republicans appear to be more motivated to cast ballots in the recall contest.

Although Republicans only account for roughly a quarter of all registered voters in California, the poll suggested they made up a third of those most likely to vote in the recall election.

Report: Texas House Speaker Signs Arrest Warrants for 52 Democrat Fugitives

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite
AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

“The House voted 80-12 Tuesday to force the fugitives to return, just hours after the Texas Supreme Court cleared the way for the House to order them back to the chamber to secure a quorum,” Dallas News reported Wednesday.

“The warrants will be delivered to the House sergeant-at-arms on Wednesday morning, according to Phelan spokesman Enrique Marquez.”

“At least two dozen House Democrats have stayed in Washington, D.C., where 57 of them camped out for all or most of a month to run out the clock on Abbott’s first special session,” the report continued.

Breitbart News reported the “warrants come hours after the all-Republican Texas Supreme Court overturned an earlier ruling that said Abbott and Phelan did not have the authority to arrest the missing legislators.”

Tucker blasts ICE for not deporting illegal aliens

Tucker Carlson discusses ICE stopping deportation after an ‘Abolish ICE’ activist’s request on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Tucker: If you don’t think this is a conspiracy then you don’t know New York

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host discusses Cuomo’s job performance as New York governor.

Senate Republicans Greenlight Outsourcing of U.S. Manufacturing Jobs with Infrastructure Bill Passage

Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images
Mladen Antonov/AFP/Getty Images

As Breitbart News reported, the bill allows the heads of federal agencies to issue waivers to corporations to work around Buy American requirements if they consider the requirement “inconsistent with the public interest,” does not meet “satisfactory quality,” or if they believe buying American will increase costs for the projects.

The waivers will only be reviewed every five years, according to the bill, and will have to be justified in the Federal Register with a public comment period of no fewer than 30 days.

Due to China’s dominance in steel and manufacturing, the carve-outs are likely to be a massive benefit for corporations in China that often are linked to the Chinese Communist Party and party officials.


World News:

Olympians forced into 28-day quarantine

Olympians from South Australia are being forced into double quarantine for 28 days.

In a decision condemned by the Australian Olympic Committee, 16 athletes already isolating in Sydney will have to do the same for another fortnight when they arrive in the state.

Olympic officials said the decision ignores medical advice and goes against National Cabinet’s concerns for the mental health of individuals.

Iran’s General Salami (Again) Says ‘Decline and Collapse’ of Israel Is Imminent


He gave no precise timeline to back up the extravagant claim he has made many, many times before, but warned this time he really means it.

He spoke after meetings with the leaders of Hamas and Islamic Jihad respectively.

The semi-official Iran outlet Tasnim reports Salami spoke with the Palestinian terrorist leaders who have visited Tehran following a “major, extraordinary and wonderful triumph” against “the Zionist enemy.”

“Considering the undeniable realities on the ground, we are confident that the decline and collapse of the Zionist regime is beyond a wish and is a reality that could happen in the near future,” Salami said.

Tuesday’s boast of the end of Israel is not the first time Salami has made the same prediction.

Algeria fires kill at least 42, including soldiers

Forest fires in Algeria killed 42 people on Tuesday, including 25 soldiers deployed to help put out the blaze, the government said, as thick clouds of smoke covered much of the mountainous Kabylie region east of the capital. Gloria Tso reports.

Latvia guards stop migrants arriving via Belarus

Latvian border guards stopped a group of around 30 migrants attempting to cross the country’s border with Belarus overnight on Wednesday and returned them to Belarusian territory.

Greek Police Arrest Alleged Member of Far-Left Terror Group After Attempted Bank Robbery


Dimitris Hatzivassiliadis was arrested in Thessaloniki on Monday and was found driving a stolen car and in possession of a Kalashnikov-style rifle, a knife, a radio, and money allegedly corresponding to that missing from the bank.

The 48-year-old already had a warrant out for his arrest for allegedly participating in another bank robbery in October 2019, where he had managed to escape police custody despite having accidentally injured himself in the leg with a Kalashnikov rifle.

According to a report from the Greek newspaper Proto Thema, Hatzivassiliadis and two other alleged accomplices to the October 2019 incident were said to be members of the Organization for Revolutionary Self-Defense, a far-left terrorist group that operated from 2014 until Green authorities dismantled it in November 2019.

Assange’s situation ‘increasingly desperate’ says partner

Julian Assange faces an “increasingly desperate” situation, the WikiLeaks founder’s partner, Stella Morris, said outside London’s high court on Wednesday.

German nurse may have switched thousands of shots

Authorities in northern Germany appealed to thousands of people on Tuesday to get another shot of COVID-19 vaccine after a police investigation found that a Red Cross nurse may have injected them with a saline solution. Emer McCarthy reports.

North Korea warns South, U.S. over military drills

 North Korea on Wednesday said South Korea and the United States missed a chance to improve relations and are risking a “serious security crisis” by choosing to escalate tensions as they conduct joint military drills. Flora Bradley-Watson reports.

Beijing: 1st pulmonary anthrax case in 10 years; Police break into classroom amid tutoring ban

A growing number of Chinese residents say their contact tracking health codes are malfunctioning—showing a clean bill of health one minute, and then signs of possible infection minutes later.

As China battles its latest Delta-driven virus outbreak, another deadly disease is discovered in the country—with a fatality rate of over 80 percent. It’s the disease’s first human infection in China in 10 years.

A Chinese court upholds a Canadian man’s death sentence, while in Canada, lawyers make a final push to prevent a Chinese woman from being extradited to the United State.


Racism Is No Longer A Major Problem In America | Larry Elder

In this episode, Larry had the opportunity to speak at #GodSpeak Calvary Chapel Church located in Thousand Oaks, California.

Larry talks about a study that found #race matters in #police shootings but the results may surprise you.

Larry also talks about America being the least #racist white majority country in the world. A must-watch episode!

Let’s Take a Look at Obama’s Birthday Party

Obama’s birthday bash was the signature move of one of the world’s leading hypocrites.

Equally disingenuous are the media attempts to excuse the super-spreader event on the basis that the virus doesn’t go near “sophisticated” people.

Medical Expert ANNIHILATES School Board Over Unscientific Mask Mandates