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In The News:

NYC pizza shop brawl between employees, customers caught on viral video

Footage posted on Reddit shows one of the customers jawing with employees at Joe’s Pizza on Bedford Avenue when the worker appears to try to grab the man — who then starts launching haymakers as his two companions jump in.

Other workers then join in the fray, with one employee using a pizza paddle as a weapon and another grabbing a ladle.

The scuffle sent pizza slices flying at one point and the combatants nearly knocked over the cash register as the patron was being pummeled.

Family of botched robbery victim says she ‘won’t make it’, decides to donate her organs

The latest: Than Htwe, 58, an immigrant from Myanmar, has remained in critical condition since the incident on July 17, which left her with a severe brain injury.

This week her family closed their fundraiser and announced that she “won’t make it out of this.”

Suspect still at large: The man accused in the incident remains on the loose.

Phil Wong, president of the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York (CACAGNY), announced a $10,000 reward with Guardian Angels founder and GOP mayoral candidate Curtis Sliwa for anyone with information that could lead to the suspect’s arrest.

The CDC Wants Vaccinated Americans To Wear Masks Again

(Credit Image: © Michael Brochstein/ZUMA Press Wire)
(Credit Image: © Michael Brochstein/ZUMA Press Wire)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will once again recommend masks for vaccinated Americans under certain circumstances, even though the odds of a vaccinated person transmitting COVID-19 to someone else remain exceedingly low.

Unsurprisingly, this new recommendation is excessively cautious to the point of absurdity. It is hard to see how this new guidance is fair to the vaccinated, who have thus far done everything that was asked of them.

Masks and other social distancing requirements were supposed to be temporary measures—remember “two weeks to slow the spread”?—until the vaccines were available. Federal health bureaucrats cannot perpetually deprive people of their rights in the name of public health.

WHITE COAT SUMMIT: The One Year Anniversary

A review of the year that changed the world and reminded us what matters most.

America’s Frontline Doctors presents a powerful delivery of accurate scientific data, the law and a critical defense of human rights, and citizen engagement in the necessary process of protecting American freedom.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Drone Follows Migrants Across U.S. Border River to Texas

The footage from Saturday shows migrants from a neighborhood in Ciudad Acuna take a brief walk across the shallow bed of the Rio Grande to Del Rio, Texas.

The video captures the ease with which migrants are able to cross during a time when apprehensions by U.S. Border Patrol are reaching record-setting numbers.

The border state of Coahuila is one of the areas used by the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas to move migrants and narcotics into Texas with ease.

Similar to the corridors in the Rio Grande Valley, criminal organizations control all crossings through the river.

Texas Border Town Police Find Migrants ‘Sick with COVID’ at Whataburger

Brandon Bell/Getty Images
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

When authorities spoke with the group, they learned they were migrants who had been apprehended and released by Border Patrol.

According to the statement from La Joya Police, the migrants said they were “released because they were sick with COVID-19.”

The migrants had been staying at a local hotel which was completely booked by Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley to house migrants.

According to police, the charity did not inform authorities that they would be releasing migrants with Coronavirus.

Report: Obama Sets Celebrity Studded 60th Birthday Bash at $11 Million Martha’s Vineyard Mansion

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta
AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

According to The Hill, Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney are among the gilded guests — both of whom happened to campaign for Obama before or during his presidency.

On his 50th birthday in 2011, he attended a gala celebration in Chicago — it was the Dow’s worst day since the 2008 financial crisis.

“Attendees paid $35,800 a ticket to bask in the light of their Messiah, and to mingle with musical stars Herbie Hancock and OK Go,” Breitbart News previously reported.

The party is planned despite warnings from fretting health officials and politicians who say coronavirus cases have nearly doubled in New York State this past week.

Missouri AG suing St. Louis for reinstating mask mandates

Eric Schmitt, Missouri attorney general, explains why he is suing the city of St. Louis.

Shocking Compilation of Vaccine Side Effects Shows Neurological and Pulmonary Damage

Here’s some of the comments online in reaction to these videos…

“The drug companies, doctors and politicians have given themselves FULL IMMUNITY for pushing this experimental gene treatment. They’re risking NOTHING and you’re risking EVERYTHING…. I refuse to play such a rigged game😒😒😒”

“What makes me mad is that the media won’t cover any of this. Worse, if they catch you covering it, they’ll accuse you of spreading “misinformation.””

Unreleased CNN Doc Featuring AOC LEAKED to PV… Compares Jan 6th ‘Insurrection’ with Sexual Assault

CNN anchor and chief political correspondent, Dana Bash, interviewed Ocasio-Cortez and appeared to ask what many may consider to be “softball questions.”

Bash asked Ocasio-Cortez about her experience during the events of January 6.

Bash followed up with Ocasio-Cortez after this statement, asking if she was afraid of being “raped” and killed on January 6. Ocasio-Cortez responded in the affirmative.

Also, during the interview, Bash and Ocasio-Cortez discussed the alleged adversity and advantages that “confident women” deal with in Washington D.C.



Voters turn down Dems’ idea of federal takeover of elections

(Photo by Joe Kovacs)
(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

A solid majority of voters reject the idea of the federal government taking over all aspects of state elections, especially voter registration, a new survey reveals.

Paul Bedard wrote about the results from the Center for Excellence in Polling at the Foundation for Government Accountability in his Washington Secrets column.

The polling revealed that 58% want “Uncle Sam’s hands off” state registration procedures.

And even more, 67%, completely reject the suggestion that the president can use the Justice Department to sue states over registration procedures that Joe Biden doesn’t like.

Barrasso grills Haaland on Biden’s BLM nominee, tree-spiking during hearing

Barrasso pursued his line of questioning during a Tuesday committee hearing on the president’s Department of Interior budget request.

The Wyoming senator – who is leading the charge against Biden’s BLM nominee Tracy Stone-Manning – asked Biden’s secretary about the legality of spiking trees and if the act can “kill or maim loggers and mill workers.”

Barrasso also pressed Haaland on Stone-Manning’s environmental views, asking the secretary whether she agreed with the statement “‘Perhaps the solution to houses in the interface is to let them burn’” – a direct quote from a 2018 article by Stone-Manning’s husband that the nominee referred to as a “Clarion call” in a 2020 tweet.

“Well, I can’t necessarily agree or disagree, but I think the wildfires are getting more intense because of climate change,” Haaland responded. “That’s why we need preventative measures and put resources toward protecting communities.”

Minneapolis battles judge’s mandate to hire 730 police officers by next summer

The legal battle comes as the Minneapolis City Council is preparing a measure that would allow voters to replace the city’s police department with a community-focused safety initiative.

If the City Council votes in favor of the amendment, it would appear on the general election ballot for Minneapolis residents on Nov. 2. 

Last week, the Minneapolis Policy and Government Oversight Committee, comprised of all 13 Minneapolis City Council members, approved the measure proposed by the advocacy group Yes 4 Minneapolis Committee in an 11-2 vote, Fox 9 Minneapolis reported. 

The group’s ballot measure proposal would replace the city’s police department with a public safety department, including licensed police officers, but it does not outline a detailed plan for how city leaders will do so. 

Recalling Newsom: Likely California voters split on ousting governor in new poll

And a UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies/Los Angeles Times survey released on Tuesday indicates that conservative talk radio host Larry Elder, who won a court battle last week to appear on the ballot, is the current front-runner among the nearly four dozen candidates running to replace Newsom, should he be recalled.

Forty-seven percent of likely California voters questioned in the poll said they supported recalling Newsom, with 50% opposed.

The poll indicates how crucial turnout will be in the Sept. 14 election in a state where registered Democrats greatly outnumber registered Republicans, but Republicans appear to be more motivated to cast ballots in the recall contest.

Although Republicans only account for roughly a quarter of all registered voters in California, the poll indicated they made up a third of those most likely to vote in the recall election.

Leo Terrell rips ‘race hustler’ AOC after call to ‘abolish our carceral system’

The civil rights attorney says claims that the U.S. justice system is racist are a ‘joke.’

Biden quietly adopts Trump-era border policy for asylum seekers

Texas Rep. Tony Gonzales discusses new state and federal policies aimed at stemming the flow of illegal immigration at the southern border.

GOP rep. reacts to White House resuming ‘expedited removal’ for migrants

Rep. Greg Steube, R-FL., discusses Biden administration’s decision to resume ‘expedited removal’ of migrant families and an ESPN reporter’s criticism of the American flag.

Biden administration refutes report halting border wall is costing tax payers

Rep. Kat Cammack, R-Fla., discusses the latest on the border crisis on ‘The Evening Edit.’


Rep. Madison Cawthorn, R-N.C., on Thursday introduced the “No-Fly for Illegals Act” which would prohibit the use of federal funds toward commercial flights for illegal immigrants to be flown to the interior of the United States.

The Washington Examiner reported the proposal seeks to prevent the federal government from funding migrant air travel across the country, specifically if the “presence of such alien in the United States is unlawful.”

However, the bill would make exceptions for deporting illegal immigrants to their home countries, or if they are certified asylum-seekers/refugees. The document states it would allow them to travel using federal funds only in the case that there is “an imminent threat to the life or physical safety of the alien.”

Tammy Bruce: Far-left advocates are destroying founding principles of US

‘Fox News Primetime’ host examines America’s performance at the Olympics and the legacy media’s role in pushing progressive’s agenda.

Candace Owens: US is becoming increasingly more racist under liberal leadership

‘Candace’ host reacts to group asking liberals to stop virtue signaling and start making sacrifices on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

World News:

Researchers find 110 more secret Chinese nuclear missile silos under construction

The discovery adds to another 119 silos discovered earlier this year, and form what researchers described this week as “the most significant expansion of the Chinese nuclear arsenal ever.”

The FAS researchers estimated China has already been operating about 20 DF-5B missile silos for decades.

Between the 119 new silos at the Yumen site, the 110 new silos at the Hami site, about a dozen silos at Jilantai, and potentially more silos being added at the existing DF-5B sites, the FAS researchers estimated China is building 250 new silos.

The silo construction will likely further deepen military tension, fuel fear of China’s intentions, embolden arguments that arms control and constraints are naïve, and that U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals cannot be reduced further but instead must be adjusted to take into account the Chinese nuclear build-up.”

Putin brags of hypersonic nukes that ‘can locate any enemy and inflict inevitable strike’

(Ministry of Defense of Russia/Released
(Ministry of Defense of Russia/Released

Putin said, “Russia, in the shortest possible time, took its rightful place among the leading maritime powers, went through a colossal path of development from a modest Petrovsky boat to powerful ships of the ocean zone and nuclear-powered missile submarines, acquired effective long-range and short-range naval aviation, reliable coastal defense systems and the latest hypersonic high-precision weapons systems that still have no analogs in the world, which we are constantly and successfully improving.”

“Today, the Russian Navy has everything it needs to guarantee the protection of our native country and our national interests,” Putin continued. “We are able to detect any underwater, surface, air enemy and inflict an inevitable strike on him, if necessary.”

Putin’s remarks came during the main parade event for Russia’s Navy Day celebrations, which featured about 4,000 sailors, more than 50 ships, boats and submarines, and 48 Russian Navy airplanes and helicopters, according to the Kremlin. 

Austria Sends 400 Troops to Border, Claims EU Asylum System ‘Failed’


Austria’s Interior Minister Karl Nehammer and Defence Minister Klaudia Tanner held a joint press conference on Saturday announcing the build-up of troops on the Hungarian border to stop illegal migration.

“The European asylum system has failed,” Interior Minister Nehammeer told reporters and added: “We have to make sure that the welfare state does not topple over.”

“We are being abandoned by the EU on this issue,” Nehammer stated and criticised the European Commission and neighbouring Hungary, saying that Austria planned to form a “coalition of the willing” to tackle illegal migration, including Germany, Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Last week, Hungary also announced that it would be deploying police to its borders with Serbia, Slovenia, and North Macedonia to prevent illegal immigrants and people smugglers from entering the country.

Russia Holds Military Drills in Disputed Islands with Japan Mid-Olympics


“We can’t accept Russia’s moves to strengthen its military in the Northern Territories,” government spokesman Katsunobu Kato said, per the Wall Street Journal.

Making remarks at the Chitose military base in Hokkaido,  Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi cautioned that “[Russia] is actively continuing its [military] activity in the Far Eastern region,” according to Russian state media outlet Tass.

Tass noted figures from the Japanese Defense Ministry which stated that the SDF intercepted 258 Russian aircraft, with only China securing a higher total. Russia, for its part, denies that its aircraft illegally enter Japanese airspace.

Boris Johnson Restores Stop and Search Police Powers in the UK in Crime Crackdown

YUI MOK/POOL/AFP via Getty Images
YUI MOK/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Introducing the Beating Crime Plan, Mr Johnson said that it will not be possible to “level up the country” when crime ravages the poorest areas and “draws the most vulnerable into violence”.

“That is why my government has remained unstinting in its efforts to protect the British public and this plan delivers a fresh commitment, as we emerge from the impacts of the pandemic, to have less crime, fewer victims and a safer society,” Mr Johnson said.

A key pillar of the strategy will be to permanently relax restrictions on the use of section 60 stop and search powers, to give powers to the police to take more knives off the streets of Britain.

Channel crossings hit RECORD numbers.


Far left’s focus on COVID may be to MASK our failing banks?

If the far-left REALLY wanted all Americans vaccinated, then they wouldn’t be demonizing all those reluctant to receive one.

So, why then are they continuing to put such a focus on the vaccine and the virus, even though the fatality rate has fallen significantly?

Glenn theorizes there may be more to the story…like, perhaps, maybe the federal government NEEDS the COVID pandemic to continue longer in order to mask the next catastrophe potentially on our doorstep: a weak Federal Reserve and failing banks…

Tucker: Clarity is the only way to improve things

Douglass Murray tells ‘Tucker Carlson Today’ he wishes America could do better.