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In The News:

Questions About the FBI’s Role in 1/6 Are Mocked Because the FBI Shapes Liberal Corporate Media

So far from being some warped conspiracy theory, that the FBI purposely targets vulnerable people and infiltrates groups in order to create attacks and direct targets to engage in them is indisputably true, well established, and a commonly reported fact in mainstream liberal media. Exactly that has been happening for decades.

If the FBI had advanced knowledge of what was being plotted yet did nothing to stop the attack, it raises numerous possibilities about why that is.

It could be that they just had yet another “intelligence failure” of the kind that they claimed caused them to miss the 9/11 attack and therefore need massive new surveillance authorities, budget increases, and new Patriot-Act-type laws to fix it.

It could be that they allowed the riot to happen because they did not take it seriously enough or because some of them supported the cause behind it, or because they realized that there would be benefits to the security state if it happened.

Or it could be that they were using those operatives under their control to plot with, direct, and drive the attack — as they have done so many times in the past — and allowed it to happen out of either negligence or intent.

Kyle Rittenhouse Is a Hero

Seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse attempted to do what the police were unwilling to do: defend lives and property.

As a result, hordes of domestic terrorists in Kenosha, Wisconsin tried to kill him. Then Rittenhouse was falsely charged for defending himself from a relentless attack by a crowd.

The true criminals remain free (the ones who burnt the town down), while the mainstream media vilifies Rittenhouse for his valor.

Please support his legal defense if you can and definitely spread this story.

Note that Facebook has been reported to be actively suppressing all support for Kyle, but supporting the people who tried to murder him is acceptable, as is the case with GoFundMe.

McCloskeys Plead Guilty to Misdemeanor Charges, Will Surrender Guns

The McCloskeys were going to stand trial in November, but pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges on Thursday:

Mark McCloskey, 64, will pay a $750 fine after pleading guilty to fourth-degree assault, a Class C misdemeanor.

Patricia McCloskey, 62, must pay a $2,000 fine after pleading guilty to second-degree harassment, a Class A misdemeanor. Mark McCloskey could have faced up to 15 days in jail; Patricia McCloskey could have spent up to a year behind bars. Neither will face jail time

.Mark told the media: “The prosecutor dropped every charge except for alleging that I purposely placed other people in imminent risk of physical injury, right, and I sure as heck did.

That’s what the guns were there for and I’d do it again any time the mob approaches me. … In other words, I stood out on the porch with my rifle and made them back up. And that’s what I’d do again. If that’s a crime in Missouri, by God I did it, and I’d do it again.”

Shocking moment two children are trampled by man running away from masked shooter who opened fire in the middle of Bronx street before pointing his gun at the kids amid NYC crime explosion

The NYPD released the video on Friday afternoon and asked for the public’s help in identifying the gunman in the latest of nearly 150 shootings across the city this month. 

The video opens with a boy and girl – believed to be around the ages of five and 10 – walking on a sidewalk before people scatter when a gunman chases a man in a red sweater. 

The man in the sweater, who police believe was the intended target, barrels into the kids and knocks them down before the gunman runs up and fires multiple times in their direction. 

The alleged target scrambles to his feet but trips in the three-person scrum before crawling over the kids to escape the hail of bullets. 

If TEXAS falls to the far-left, will the rest of America fall too?

Glenn and his guest, Rep. Tan Parker, both agree: if Texas falls to the far-left, then the rest of America likely will fall, too.

That’s why Rep. Parker pushed for the ’1836 Project’ to become part of Texas law.

He explains the 1836 Project is about ‘telling ALL of our history’ — the good AND the bad — to Texas’ kids in school.

Because, he says, ‘if we don’t talk about what binds us together as a people, then we lose everything…’

School distributes Planned Parenthood flyer teaching about sex with partners under 14

 A middle school in Washington distributed flyers to 8th grade students teaching them that sex for kids as young as 11 is acceptable as long as the partners are under 14. The source of the flyer was Planned Parenthood who operated at the school in the past.

Stewart Middle School in Tacoma, WA, says the flyers were erroneously distributed by a new teacher who has now been disciplined in some way. But if the teacher was pulling from past materials, why were these flyers available now?

According to Ari Hoffman from The Post Millennial: “Angry parents contacted the school’s administrators after 8th grade children brought home the graphic flyer from science class.

NYC psychiatrist claims White people are ‘psychopathic,’ lie to themselves with false sense of identity

New York City psychiatrist Dr. Aruna Khilanani confirmed her belief Wednesday that White people are “psychopathic,” claiming they lie to themselves with a false sense of identity that makes them unable to discuss issues of race.

“Would it be fair to say based on your expertise that White people are psychopathic?” Hill asked.

“I think so. Yeah … the level of lying that White people do that has started since colonialism – we’re just used to it,” Khilanani said.

“Every time that you steal a country, you loot, you say you’ve discovered something. I mean, this level of lies [is] actually part of history.”

Border Patrol finding slew of U-Haul trucks packed with migrants in deadly conditions as numbers surge

Agents in Texas this week busted a human smuggling operation with 33 illegal immigrants packed inside a 100-degree U-Haul truck with no ventilation. CBP released an image of shirtless adult men packed together in the storage unit.

Agents made the discovery over the weekend outside a McDonald’s in Van Horn, Texas. They were suffering from heat-related illnesses with a number needing medical treatment, according to KVIA. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said the perilous journey could have killed all of them.

In another incident, agents in Texas’ Laredo Sector intercepted a U-Haul carrying 27 illegal immigrants at a checkpoint on Sunday. The temperature inside was a devastating 106 degrees.

The migrants were from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras, CBP  said in a statement, and none were wearing personal protective equipment.

Texas clears out state prison to make room for criminal illegal immigrants

“The state of Texas continues to deal with a significant number of individuals illegally crossing the border,” a spokesperson said in a statement.

“To address the ongoing crisis, Governor Abbott is directing state resources to arrest and confine those individuals crossing the border unlawfully and who have committed a state or federal crime.”

“TDCJ is working collaboratively with the Office of the Governor, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Commission on Jail Standards, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, and the Texas Division of Emergency Management to ensure the safe and secure detention of unlawful immigrants charged with a state offense,” the statement said.

Dhillon & O’Handley Announcement Lawsuit Against Twitter

The Center for American Liberty in collaboration with the Dhillon Law Group represent such an influencer—conservative lawyer and political commentator Rogan O’Handley.

Like many expressing concerns over the 2020 election, Rogan found himself the target of the California Office of Elections Cybersecurity. From November 2020 to February 2021,

Rogan tweeted a series of messages—calling for an audit of every California ballot, a commission to study the 2020 election results, and raising concern over voter fraud—only to be swiftly “flagged” by leftist operatives working as an agent of the California Secretary of State who in turn instructed Twitter to remove Rogan’s tweets.

Army veteran rips ‘woke’ reading material in US Navy

U.S Army veteran Wesley Hunt reacts to GOP lawmakers criticizing U.S. admiral Mike Gilday for adding controversial book ‘How To Be An Antiracist’ to Navy reading list and discusses the importance of Juneteenth .


Georgia investigator’s notes reveal ‘massive’ election integrity problems in Atlanta

A contractor handpicked to monitor election counting in Fulton County wrote a 29-page memo back in November outlining the “massive” election integrity failures and mismanagement that he witnessed in the Atlanta-area’s election centers.

The bombshell report, constructed like a minute-by-minute diary, cited a litany of high-risk problems such as the double-counting of votes, insecure storage of ballots, possible violations of voter privacy, the mysterious removal of election materials at a vote collection warehouse, and the suspicious movement of “too many” ballots on Election Day.

Jones also raised concerns about the temporary workers brought in by a firm called Happy Faces to scan and count ballots after an election observer purported to witness a conversation in an elevator in which one of the workers revealed his intention to “f*ck sh*t up.”

Experts said the 29-page report provides a stunning roadmap for an independent investigation of the vote count in Fulton County, such as the one a state judge recently approved to be led by attorney Bob Cheeley.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Launches Reparations Effort with Other Mayors

Screenshot / YouTube
Screenshot / YouTube

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, whose city is suffering from homelessness, economic disruption, and drought, launched a nationwide commission on slavery reparations on Friday, Mayors Organized for Reparations and Equity (MORE).

MORE, he said, would unite mayors in three commitments: first, to support congressional legislation for a commission on reparations; second, to form a “black-led” advisory committee to consult with mayors about reparations; and third, to create “pilot reparations programs” targeted at “a cohort of black residents.”

It was unclear how Garcetti would justify doing that in legal terms, given the Constitution’s prohibition on racial discrimination under the 14th Amendment.

Biden’s Plan To Raid Medicare Shows His Callous Disregard For Math And Voters

But Biden’s budget reflects his Democrat predecessor in another aspect: It uses hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicare to pay for (among many other things) an expansion of Obamacare.

The Treasury claims the revenue from this tax increase — an estimated $236.5 billion over ten years — “would be directed into the [Medicare] Hospital Insurance Trust Fund.”

That wording suggests the tax increase would improve Medicare’s solvency.

But Biden’s “families” plan proposed using some of that same money to pay for his new entitlement expansions, including an expansion of Obamacare subsidies estimated to cost $163 billion over ten years.

That would siphon more than two-thirds of the revenue that’s supposed to be going toward Medicare.

Nancy Mace blasts Democrats’ $6 trillion spending plan

South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace says the new plan includes immigration reform and health care expansion.

Mark Levin: Biden, military leaders are promoting the enemy

Fox News host joins ‘Hannity’ to discuss how conservatives can push back against left-wing destruction.

Tucker takes aim at military’s newest required reading

Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host analyzes how Admiral Mike Gilday reacted to tough questioning on Capitol Hill.

Phill Kline: Info out of GA shows election officials intended to “create chaos,” “cause fraud”

Kline says info out of Georgia provides “evidence of the intent, the intent to create chaos and to cause fraud.”

Louie Gohmert Suggests Federal Agents Were Behind Capitol Attack

Louie Gohmert (R-TX) spoke on the House floor about the January 6th insurrection and promoted a conspiracy theory that federal agents, including the FBI, were involved in planning and instigating the attack, saying that they “egged on” rioters.

World News:

French Teen Allegedly Kidnapped and Tortured After Reporting No-Go Area Drug Dealers

Getty Images
Getty Images

The teen is alleged to have been held against his will and tortured from Monday to Tuesday before police could arrest the four suspects.

He told his mother, who lives in the Yvelines district, that he would be coming to her home with several other people, who he owed the cash to. But the mother became suspicious about the affair and immediately notified the police.

The incident comes just months after another torture case in the Paris region. In March, a man in his 20s was brutally tortured over three days in the commune of Ivry-sur-Seine.

According to reports, the victim was given no food or drink, was slashed with a knife on his face and hands, and his captors intimidated him with an aggressive dog. The victim was able to escape when his captors were sleeping.

Israel Sending 1M-Plus Coronavirus Vaccines to Aid Palestinians


“The plan was approved based on the fact that Israel’s current vaccine stockpile is sufficient for its current needs,” the PMO statement said.

Israel, which has fully reopened after vaccinating some 85 percent of its adult population, confirmed up to 1.4 million doses could be exchanged in the deal, AP reports.

“We will continue to find effective ways to cooperate for the benefit of people in the region,” Foreign Minister Yair Lapid tweeted after the deal was announced.

To date, around 380,000 Palestinians in the West Bank and around 50,000 in Gaza, controlled by the Hamas terrorist organization, have been vaccinated. More than 300,000 infections have been recorded in the two territories, including 3,545 deaths.

Israel has also donated 5,000 Moderna doses and 200 Pfizer doses for Palestinian medical workers.

Gunmen Kill Two Mexican Journalists in One Day


According to Proceso magazine, Sanchez Cabrera survived an assassination attempt in 2020. No arrests were made in the case.

Reporters Without Borders condemned the attack after the journalist was supposed to be protected by the Mexican government.

The second murder took place hours before in Toluca, Mexico State, where gunmen killed Enrique Garcia Garcia, the Valle De Toluca Association of Journalists revealed. The murder took place when Garcia was driving a ride-sharing vehicle.

Various press freedom groups have labeled Mexico as one of the most dangerous places for media workers.

Ladettes: the new wave of young women destroying their bodies and reputations | 60 Minutes Australia

It’s their idea of a fun night out but there’s nothing pretty about it. Half-naked, foul-mouthed women throwing down too much booze and throwing themselves at too many men.

And to cap off the evening, they’re just as likely to pick a fight.

They’re called ladettes or yobettes, a new breed of young woman hell-bent on outdoing the blokes and they’re truly frightening – violent, selfish, with no sense of shame.

But not only are they hurting those around them, far more worrying is the damage they’re doing to themselves.

IAF Strikes Gaza over terror-fire plaguing south; Iran votes for President TV7 Israel News 18.06.21

1) The Israeli Air Force conducted retaliatory bombardments against militant installations belonging to Hamas in Gaza – after Islamist operatives launched dozens of balloons causing fires throughout southern Israel.

2) IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Aviv Kochavi gave instructions to step-up preparations for a range of scenarios vis-à-vis the Gaza Strip – including the resumption of robust counterterror campaign.

3) The Islamic Republic is currently voting for its next President – who by all account is expected to be the favorite candidate of the country’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, namely – Ayatollah Ebrahim Raisi.


Glen Beck vs. Big Tech

Social media companies like Facebook don’t show you all your friends’ posts.

You may think they do, but they don’t. Instead, an algorithm picks which ones to show you — and which not to show you. How do they decide? The companies won’t reveal the details.

Glenn Beck, publisher of the major conservative outlet The Blaze,
tells John Stossel social media companies are biased against conservatives.

Stossel notes that social media companies have a right to censor — but that, on at least some social media platforms, if not all, ALL speech should be free.

Beck agrees, “we can handle it. Stop treating us like children.”

How to Name the Enemy

Political correctness has almost shut down our ability to talk about Political Islam. Because of the fear of insults, name calling and job security, people are afraid to speak out.

There is a way to get around these fears. We need to learn how to use questions to advance knowledge. Using the right questions can help us defend our civilization.