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In The News:

‘There’s no other explanation’: Utah mom blames COVID vaccines after her 17-year-old athlete son and her husband were BOTH hospitalized with rare blood clots after getting Pfizer and Moderna shots

Romney’s son Everest, a healthy six-foot-nine high school basketball player, got his first Pfizer shot on April 21 and began experiencing severe symptoms less than 24 hours later, and her husband Preston suffered clots after getting a Moderna shot, she has said.

But Romney wants to highlight her family’s experience as pressure mounts to vaccinate children, who are at incredibly low risk from COVID-19, and as more colleges require young and healthy students to get vaccinated in order to return to campus.

In the interview with Fox host Tucker Carlson, Romney said that her family had felt pressured to get the vaccines out of fear they would be required for school sports or travel.

Romney said that Everest began to develop swelling in his neck later that night, and that five days later he was unable to move his head or neck.Eight days later, Everest was in the pediatric ICU with two blood clots in his brain and one in his neck, Romney said.

Romney says that her husband Preston was hospitalized ‘with over 100 blood clots in his lungs’ the weekend after her son was discharged from the hospital in May.

She has said that her husband had to have a quarter of his lungs removed to treat the clots. 

Big Jump in Vaccine Reported Deaths but Propaganda Remains Strong

Charlotte, NC — The number of vaccine-related deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), maintained by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), showed a jump of 723 new deaths over a week in its latest data dump on June 11,

The VAERS report showed 5,888 dead through June 4, up from 5,165 deaths the previous week.

The number of recorded deaths since the emergency approval of the COVID-19 shots now total more than the number of deaths recorded over the previous 29 years combined for all vaccines.

Additionally, there are 329,021 injuries reported including 43,892 emergency room visits, 19,587 hospitalizations, 5,884 life-threatening cases and 4,538 permanently disabled.

While Biden Claims ‘White Supremacy’ is the Biggest Threat, Hate Crimes Against White People Surge

Articles with headlines like “Can US Spy Agencies Stop White Terror?” and “White Supremacist Extremists are the Nation’s Deadliest Terror Threat” are meant to convince Americans of something that – according to all available government data – is statistically false.

One of the more recent examples is a story about a man in Spring Texas who was viciously beaten by a group of Black teens at the Exxon convenience store in Harris County. One man shouted ‘Black Lives Matter,’ while kicking him in the face during the horrendous attack.

A state delegate for Frederick County, Maryland, recently proposed changes to the state’s hate crime law after a White man was fatally attacked by a group of Black teens at a county fair.

John Weed, of Mount Airy, was at the Great Frederick Fair with his family when officials say a 15-year-old boy sucker-punched him, without provocation.

The teen and his 16-year-old brother had asked Weed for a dollar and he refused, according to prosecutors. Weed died the next day at age 59.

17 Migrants Rescued After Being Abandoned by Smugglers in Texas near Border

Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Rio Grande Valley Sector
Photo: U.S. Border Patrol/Rio Grande Valley Sector

The group became lost while attempting to circumvent the Falfurrias Border Patrol checkpoint after the guide left them behind.

Shortly before this incident, the Brooks County Sheriff’s Office received another Salvadoran migrant who said he was traveling with four other subjects. He claimed to be traveling with two minors — one of whom was unaccompanied.

Elsewhere in the Rio Grande Valley Sector, Kingsville Station agents patrolling the Kenedy County Rest Area on U.S. Highway 77 encountered an Ecuadoran male walking along the roadway.

After transporting the man to the Javier Vega, Jr. Checkpoint for processing, the man said he left his 16-year-old son alone in the brush a day and a half earlier. He said his son had trouble walking.

Florida Requests States Participate in Sending Manpower to Protect Southern Border

John Moore/Getty Images
John Moore/Getty Images

“You have governors in these border states sending out a call for emergency help,” Moody continued. “And I am so proud of Governor DeSantis.

Florida is the first state to step up and say, look, we are sending folks to help control this chaos that is created solely due to the actions or inaction of the Biden administration.”

“We’re doing it not only to help protect America, we’re doing it to [stem the] tide of violence and drugs into our state of Florida,” she explained.

DeSantis said Wednesday Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R)  “recently sent out a call for help to every state in the nation, needing additional law enforcement manpower and other resources to aid with border security.”

Portland police ‘riot squad’ resigns following indictment of officer

“Now that the riot team is no more, we have no clue what’s going to happen.

We don’t have enough patrol officers to be pulled from the road to handle huge crowds,” a Portland police officer said. “We are only backups with no gear like the riot team has.”

This is ahead of massive demonstrations and protests that are planned for this upcoming weekend.

In October, County District Attorney Mike Schmidt rejected over 540 riot related cases in “interest of justice” and has implemented catch-and-release policies for accused criminals and rioters.

Unanimous Supreme Court Upholds Religious Freedom in Foster Care

The U.S. Supreme Court building, Wikimedia Commons, Daderot.
The U.S. Supreme Court building, Wikimedia Commons, Daderot.

The Supreme Court delivered a historic unanimous victory for religious freedom on Thursday, ruling that the City of Philadelphia violated the First Amendment by refusing to contract with Catholic Social Services (CSS) because it would not place children with same-sex couples.

The Court ruled that Philadelphia cannot discriminate against religious foster care agencies based on their fundamental beliefs about marriage and sexuality.

Philadelphia’s CSS is far from the only Christian adoption or foster care agency facing the ire of the LGBT activists. 

Many activists have used similar public accommodations laws to try to force their beliefs on sexuality and gender on religious organizations.

This key Court victory should protect Christian adoption and foster care agencies, and perhaps other similarly situated religious organizations.

‘Clearly Unconstitutional’: 2 Justices Issue Dissent in Supreme Court’s Obamacare Ruling

(Erin Schaff/Pool/AFP via Getty Images)
(Erin Schaff/Pool/AFP via Getty Images)

“Texas and the other state plaintiffs have standing, and now that the ‘tax’ imposed by the individual mandate is set at $0, the mandate cannot be sustained under the taxing power,” he wrote.

“As a result, it is clearly unconstitutional, and to the extent that the provisions of the ACA that burden the States are inextricably linked to the individual mandate, they too are unenforceable.”

In 2017, Congress reduced the ‘tax’ imposed on Americans who failed to abide by the individual mandate to $0,” Alito noted.

“With that move, the slender reed that supported the decision … was seemingly cut down, but once again the Court has found a way to protect the [Afforable Care Act].”

“Instead of defending the constitutionality of the individual mandate,” he added, “the Court simply ducks the issue and holds that none of the Act’s challengers, including the 18 States that think the Act saddles them with huge financial costs, is entitled to sue.”

Nancy Pelosi Has No Idea if a 15-Week-Old Unborn Baby is a Human Being

image of an unborn child at 15 weeks.
image of an unborn child at 15 weeks. 

Instead, the pro-abortion House Speaker said she supported Roe v. Wade, which allows abortions up to birth, and she claimed she was an expert on abortion because she has children — even though she supports killing such children in abortions.

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch asked the high court to consider the 15-week abortion ban last year.

“The petition asks the court to clarify its jurisprudence on abortion to allow states like ours to enact laws that further their legitimate interests in protecting maternal health, safeguarding unborn babies, and promoting respect for innocent and vulnerable life,” Fitch said in a statement in June.
“We are hopeful that the court will accept our case and allow Mississippi to defend innocent life as the legislature and the people of this great state intend.”

Mississippi’s law highlights a conflict between the Supreme Court’s ruling in Roe v. Wade and the court’s repeated affirmation in subsequent cases that states have a legitimate interest in limiting abortion and protecting “vulnerable and innocent life” from the moment of conception.

In a separate case, Mississippi also is fighting in court to defend its heartbeat law, which would protect almost all unborn babies from abortions in the state.

D.C. Tunnel to Towers Event Honoring Fallen Heroes


Squad member Cori Bush now calls for reparations and ‘black liberation’ after House votes to make Juneteenth a ‘National Independence Day’ federal holiday 

‘It’s Juneteenth AND reparations. It’s Juneteenth AND end police violence + the War on Drugs. It’s Juneteenth AND end housing + education apartheid.

It’s Juneteenth AND teach the truth about white supremacy in our country,’ she wrote in a tweet Wednesday night.

‘Black liberation in its totality must be prioritized,’ the Missouri Democrat encouraged.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, surrounded by members of the Congressional Black Caucus, celebrated the passage of the bill at an enrollment ceremony Thursday morning on Capitol Hill.

Georgia audit documents expose significant election failures in state’s largest county

The memos reviewed by Just the News include the handwritten tally sheets for all absentee ballots counted by the county as well as a private report from a contractor hired by Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to monitor the Atlanta-area election process.

The report, which chronicled seven days of problems, recorded troubling behavior like the mysterious removal of a suitcase of sensitive election data known as polls pads, used to authenticate voters.

The revelations come as a state judge has taken the extraordinary step of ordering absentee ballots in the county unsealed so that a private audit led by lawyer Bob Cheeley can examine the actual papers and resolve discrepancies.

Cheeley told Just the News on Wednesday the evidence he has seen so far points to “election tabulation malpractice.”

Jon Stewart Stumbled Upon A Simple Truth & Didn’t Even Realize It!

The Former host of the Daily Show, Jon Stewart, accidentally stumbled upon a simple truth.

Let me explain.

John Solomon tells Jenna Ellis about new details regarding Hunter Biden’s employment in Ukraine.

John Solomon tells Jenna Ellis about connections between Hunter Biden’s employment in Ukraine and John Kerry’s daughter, Vanessa Kerry.

Tucker: What is the FBI’s role in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot?

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host says the left wants new information on Jan. 6 to go away.

Chicago leaders have ‘little accountability’ amid spike in crime: Alderman

Chicago alderman Anthony Napolitano points out the exit rate in the city is ‘astronomical right now’ due to leadership.

Tucker obtains ‘demented’ emails from Lori Lightfoot

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host evaluates the Chicago mayor’s priorities amid crime spike.

Candace Owens: This is what’s happening in Biden’s America

‘Candace’ host calls Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot a ‘disaster’ on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

World News:

Hong Kong police raid Apple Daily office, editor-in-chief among 5 arrested under national security law over articles

Dozens of Hong Kong police enter Apple Daily’s headquarters in Tseung Kwan O on June 17, 2021.
Dozens of Hong Kong police enter Apple Daily’s headquarters in Tseung Kwan O on June 17, 2021. Photo: Apple Daily.

Hundreds of Hong Kong police officers raided the pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily on Thursday and arrested five senior executives on suspicion of violating the national security law by publishing articles which called for sanctions on Beijing or the city.

It was the second time in 10 months that the newspaper, founded by Jimmy Lai, had been raided. Police said the warrant used on Thursday was issued under the security legislation, and gave them power to search for and seize journalistic material.

Lai, 73, who was arrested during the first raid last August, is serving 20 months in prison for protest-related offences and also faces charges under the Beijing-imposed security law, which provides for penalties of up to life imprisonment.

Hundreds of Vaccinated Indonesian Health Workers Get COVID-19, Dozens in Hospital

Healthcare workers wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) get ready to treat patients at a hospital for COVID-19 in Jakarta, Indonesia, on June 17, 2021.
Healthcare workers wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) get ready to treat patients at a hospital for COVID-19 in Jakarta, Indonesia, on June 17, 2021. (Ajeng Dinar Ulfiana/Reuters)

JAKARTA—More than 350 doctors and medical workers have caught COVID-19 in Indonesia despite being vaccinated with Sinovac and dozens have been hospitalized, officials said, as concerns grow about the efficacy of some vaccines against more infectious variants.

Most of the workers were asymptomatic and self-isolating at home, said Badai Ismoyo, head of the health office in the district of Kudus in central Java, but dozens were in hospital with high fevers and declining oxygen saturation levels.

Kudus, which has about 5,000 healthcare workers, is battling an outbreak believed to be driven by the more transmissible Delta variant which has pushed up its bed occupancy rates above 90 percent.

‘Disagreements Persist’ At Iran Nuclear Talks, As IAEA Chief Sees No Chance For Deal Before New Government

The French Foreign Ministry says that “significant disagreements persist” in talks between Tehran and world powers aimed at reviving a landmark 2015 nuclear deal.

The ministry said in a statement on June 16 that the negotiations had become more difficult, and “this means courageous decisions are needed, which will have to be taken quickly, because we all share the opinion that time is on no one’s side.”

The statement followed comments by UN nuclear agency chief Rafael Grossi, who indicated there was no prospect of a deal until a new Iranian government takes office.

Watchdog Says Belarus Health Workers Pay ‘Heavy Price’ For Political Crisis

Many health-care workers treated injured protesters.
Many health-care workers treated injured protesters.

Amnesty International says Belarusian health workers who participated in anti-government demonstrations or spoke out against official accounts are facing “brutal reprisals.”

Health workers in Belarus have been at the “front line of the country’s human rights crisis” stemming from mass protests against the results of its presidential election in August 2020, the London-based human rights watchdog said in a June 17 briefing.

The group said that “dozens of health workers have been dismissed amid the government’s crackdown on critics, with many barred from medical employment, while countless others have faced threats and prosecution.”

The crackdown has contributed to a “catastrophic situation” at medical facilities around the country, Millar said.

GCC warns of Iran’s behavior;IDF prepared to strike Israel’s enemy, Chief says TV7 Israel News 17.06

1) Israel’s military establishment has made significant headway in advancing its strategic multi-year plan, dubbed “Momentum.”

2) At least ten fires broke out over the course of the past 24 hours, at least four of which were triggered by incendiary balloons that were sent sailing from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

3) The Arab Gulf Cooperation Council calls upon world powers not to separate between Iran’s quest for a nuclear program and its malign activities throughout the region.

Paris celebrates, cautiously, as France ditches face masks outdoors

Some people in the French capital joyfully ditched their masks on Thursday after the government announced the precaution against the coronavirus pandemic would no longer be mandatory outdoors.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Wednesday that the mandatory wearing of masks outdoors would be waived, citing advice from public health experts and an easing in the numbers of people in hospital with COVID-19.

FRANCE 24’s Peter O’Brien took the first reactions in Paris’s streets.

Video: Osama bin Laden’s niece protests Biden with ‘Trump Won’ banner at Biden-Putin summit

According to videos of the moment posted on Twitter, Noor bin Ladin, 34, waved the flag while standing on a boat in Lake Geneva near the world leaders’ meeting in Geneva, Switzerland.

“Before the police came,” bin Ladin tweeted along with video of the protest.

“If I don’t give you the sign, you’re going to arrest me?” bin Ladin asked the law enforcement officers while holding the “Trump Won” flag.

She then turned to speak to the camera directly and said, “Donald Trump won the 2020 election.”


8 Times the FACTS Proved MSM Wrong…and Trump Right

How many times must the corporate media report something completely wrong — and attack anyone who dares to disagree — before we realize what the MSM has become?

The Daily Caller recently summed it up perfectly in an article titled, ‘Eight Anti-Trump Narratives the Media Finally Had to Admit Were False All Along.’

But if it were anyone BUT the media who got the facts THIS wrong, they would have been out of a job long ago…

Zuckerberg Covers Fauci’s A** | Ep. 12

Facebook slapped Liz’s page with nine phony fact checks all in one day.

Now, she’s unpacking the dishonesty and partisan propagandizing that’s happening at the hands of Big Tech and revealing what you can do to combat this censorship.

Plus, Kamala Harris is the most dangerous woman in America, Joe Biden had too many cringe moments at the G7 to count, and, as usual, the mainstream media is refusing to report important stories to you. This is the Liz Wheeler Show.

Woke Pentagon SEGREGATES our military for ‘privilege walks’

According to Senator Tom Cotton and hundreds of Pentagon whistleblowers, our military now is separating our service members into segregated groups for ‘privilege walks.’

The whistleblowers also warned about just how woke the Pentagon’s new anti-extremism and diversity training truly is.

Dividing our military like this could have DANGEROUS consequences, so Glenn begs military leaders who recognize that these recent moves are wrong NOT to leave the service.

We need them now more than ever.

Intimations of Creativity | Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast – S4E31

Dr. Kaufman and Jordan discussed cognitive science, behavioral study, and Humanism.

They also touched on many points including IQ. tests, personality traits, aggression in hierarchy, dating intelligence, self-actualization, long-form media, and much more.

AN INSIDE JOB? Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep 113

In this episode, Dinesh explores an explosive question with Darren Beattie, publisher of the Revolver News expose: Was January 6 a set-up job by the FBI and the Deep State?

Biden loses it with a CNN reporter and—surprise! surprise! — Dinesh comes to the defense of CNN.

Dinesh gives his unique take on comedian Jon Stewart’s late discovery that the Wuhan virus might have come from the Wuhan lab.

And Dinesh reveals why the Left hates Christianity so much; it has something to do with the holiness of God.