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In The News:

Woman tells police she was raped at knifepoint — then admits she lied in order to cover up an affair

Photo by John Moore/Getty Images
Photo by John Moore/Getty Images

Following the alleged attack, Kicak completed an interview with police as well as a rape kit and provided a description of her purported attacker.

Upon investigation, police determined a lead on the suspect and questioned him over the incident.

The male, who remains unnamed at the time of this reporting, denied the attack and said that the encounter was consensual and evidenced as such by Facebook conversations between him and Kicak.

Kicak appeared before Warren County President Judge Maureen Skerda on Monday, where she admitted to having “accused someone of something they didn’t do.”

Her plea carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000.

Unhinged hardware store worker shoves customer with bat, throws punches after COVID-19 mask dispute: ‘That’s not customer service’

Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @jasonrantz, composite
Image source: Twitter video screenshot via @jasonrantz, composite

Bobby Dixon told KOMO-TV he and a friend entered Tweedy and Popp Hardware at Lake City to buy screws on Sunday. Dixon said he wore a mask but his friend didn’t, the station said, adding that signs posted on the front doors told customers that face coverings were required.

Dixon told KOMO that employees told his friend to mask up or leave — but his friend informed them he was fully vaccinated.

The station said employees indicated mask-wearing was a store policy, and then things went downhill fast.

Then bat man showed up — which is when the video begins.

Just the News Minute – Ashli Babbitt’s husband goes on TV to push for answers

Acting Capitol Police chief declines to testify Tuesday about Jan. 6 breach, sparking GOP criticism

Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger opens probe on ‘missing’ documents for absentee ballots

Biden ‘summer of freedom’ celebration with July Fourth fireworks in nation’s capital.

Police retirements soar as crime spikes in major cities

33-year law enforcement officer Lt. Randy Sutton says that rising retirements and lack of recruits are forcing police departments to ‘lower their standards.’

Simone Biles’ brother attacked by mother of murder victim in Ohio courtroom after triple homicide acquittal

After Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Joan Synenberg issued her ruling that acquitted Tevin Biles-Thomas, a woman in the gallery at the Huntington Convention Center in Cleveland yelled, “You have to be f—-ng kidding me” and charged toward the defendant. 

“He killed my baby! You know he killed my baby!” the woman continued, as body camera footage released by Cuyahoga County showed her get up from a folding chair and run toward Biles-Thomas.

Three sheriff’s deputies tackled the woman before she could reach the defendant. 

Tucker Carlson: Government agents may have helped organize the Jan. 6 Capitol riot

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host says there is an ‘unprecedented’ effort to ’round up’ dissenters:

And speaking of January 6th, why are there still so many things, basic factual matters, we don’t know about that day? Why is the Biden administration preventing us from knowing?

Why is the administration hiding more than 10,000 hours of surveillance tape from the U.S. Capitol? What could possibly be the reason for that? Even as they call for more openness.

We need to get to the bottom of it. They could release those tapes today, but they’re not. Why?

We ought to be asking those questions, urgently. Because as the attorney general reminded us, a lot depends on the answers.

A new piece on the site suggests an answer to some of these questions. We know the government is hiding the identity of many law enforcement officers who were present at the capitol on January 6, not just the one who killed Ashli Babbitt.

According to the government’s own court filings, those law enforcement officers participated in the riot. Sometimes in violent ways.

Unindicted Co-Conspirators in 1/6 Cases Raise Disturbing Questions of Federal Foreknowledge

In the year leading up to 1/6 and during 1/6 itself, to what extent were the three primary militia groups (the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, and the Three Percenters) that the FBI, DOJ, Pentagon and network news have labeled most responsible for planning and executing a Capitol attack on 1/6 infiltrated by agencies of the federal government, or informants of said agencies?

Exactly how many federal undercover agents or confidential informants were present at the Capitol or in the Capitol during the infamous “siege” and what roles did they play (merely passive informants or active instigators)?

Finally, of all of the unindicted co-conspirators referenced in the charging documents of those indicted for crimes on 1/6, how many worked as a confidential informant or as an undercover operative for the federal government (FBI, Army Counterintelligence, etc.)?

Tucker Carlson and Darren Beattie Discuss the Feds Involvement in the January 6th “Insurrection”

Darren Beattie of Revolver News breaks down the involvement of FBI operatives who organized and participated in the January 6th Capitol riot.

Fox 26 Reporter Ivory Hecker Releases Tape of Bosses; Sounds Alarm on ‘Corruption’ & ‘Censorship’

[HOUSTON, TX – June 15, 2021] Project Veritas released a new video today featuring a sit-down interview with recently-suspended Fox 26 reporter, Ivory Hecker, who blew the whistle on her own network for what she says are acts of deception. She claims the station’s editorial decisions are an affront to honest journalism. 

Hecker, who serves as a dayside reporter primarily for the five and six o’clock news, came forward to Project Veritas with recordings of her colleagues and superiors showing a pattern of “censorship” on COVID-19 and Bitcoin-related stories.

She also highlighted a pattern of submission among the local affiliate’s leadership to Fox’s corporate interests, rather than acting in the interest of transparency with its viewers.

Viewers are being deceived about some of the things that are going on,” Hecker told Veritas. 

Raymond Arroyo reveals the horrors on the southern border

The Ingraham Angle’ investigates how criminal activity is spreading into our communities.


Rep. Schiff claims unlimited authority to spy on Americans

Congressman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) recently complained that the Department of Justice wrongly investigated him.

However, Schiff himself has overreached his authority by subpoenaing information of powerful Americans close to President Trump.

One America’s Christina Bobb spoke with Washington D.C. attorney Victoria Toensing to learn about her experience.

Tucker labels city council candidate a ‘lunatic’

Fox News’ Trace Gallagher reports that woman running for council in Seattle threatened to blow up a bus full of kids.

Brit Hume reacts to lab leak theory going ‘mainstream’

Fox News contributor reacts to comedians and actors bucking against prior Democrat talking points on ‘Fox News Primetime.’

World News:

Berlin squat riot leaves dozens of police wounded

Protesters set a barricade alight outside 94 Rigaer Straße
REUTERS,Protesters set a barricade alight outside 94 Rigaer Straße

Previous attempts to clear the building have failed following violent protests.

In 2016, 123 police officers were wounded in a riot at the site.

The area of Friedrichshain, where the squat is located, has undergone rapid gentrification in recent years.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, many students, young people and radical anarchist groups moved to occupy derelict buildings in eastern parts of the city.

But many owners reclaimed properties as neighbourhoods became trendy and house prices soared over the next two decades.

In October last year, police in Berlin evicted around 50 residents from a squat at Liebig 34 , which had housed an “anarchist-queer-feminist” community since 1999.

Video: Israel launches retaliatory airstrikes on Hamas after terrorists send fire-starting balloons 1 month into ceasefire

Israeli F-16I "Sufa". (Maj. Ofer, Israeli Air Force/Released)
Israeli F-16I “Sufa”. (Maj. Ofer, Israeli Air Force/Released)

On Tuesday, the IDF shared footage of one of its retaliatory strikes in response to the balloon attack, which comes one month after the two sides had agreed to a ceasefire.

“Arson balloons were launched from Gaza into Israel yesterday, causing multiple fires,” the IDF tweeted.

“In response, IDF fighter jets struck Hamas military compounds last night, which were used as meeting sites for Hamas terror operatives. Hamas will bear the consequences for its actions.”

In a statement obtained by NBC News, the IDF said it is “prepared for any scenario, including a resumption of hostilities, in the face of continuing terror activities from the Gaza Strip,”

Australia in ‘a terrible lot of trouble’ with $90b ‘con-job’ submarine program

The Australian’s Robert Gottliebsen says Australia is “in a terrible lot of trouble” with the $90 billion “con-job” submarine program.

“The French sent out here a whole series of negotiators – led by a very skilled female negotiator – and they sold us a deal that would have the ships here earlier, it would have Australian content,” he told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“But as soon as we signed it, as soon as we said yes, they said ‘oh that’s not the deal at all, we’ve got a totally different deal for you, we’re going to do the lot and it’s going to cost you a lot more money’.

“It’s not going to cost $90 billion, it’s going to cost $120-150 billion … it is a nonsense and it has to stop.”

Russian Navy conducts massive drills in Pacific before Biden-Putin meeting: report


CBS News, citing U.S. defense officials, reported on Tuesday that the Russian bombers never entered the Air Defense Identification Zone. The report said Russian officails called the exercise its largest in the Pacific since the Cold War. 

The exercises come just as President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin plan to meet on Wednesday during the highly anticipated summit in Geneva. 

The Russian Defense Ministry said the drills involved “up to 20 surface combatants, submarines and support vessels.”

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported that the military appeared to be tight-lipped on the F-22 deployment from Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, and cited an “irregular air patrol” that had been requested by the Federal Aviation Administration.

A KC-135 Stratotanker was also deployed, the report said.

Ecojustice Lost in Court

Ecojustice had challenged the Alberta Inquiry/Allan Inquiry on various grounds, wanting to quash it entirely.

However, the court dismissed their claims. It is interesting to see the various players who then responded to the decision and their relationship to various climate activist groups in Canada.

This video offers a few insights, in the public interest.

Based on evidence, like that presented by the speakers for the Friends of Science Society 17th Annual Event (now free online – Donna Laframboise and Dr. Roy Spencer – see our YouTube page) the climate catastrophe claims focussed on the Alberta oil sands (aka Tar Sands) were a false narrative from the get-go.


Stand Up To The Left NOW Before It’s TOO LATE | Will Witt

“People who are worried about what the left will do to them now should be much more worried about what the left is going to do if they don’t do anything NOW.”

Revealing the Cost of Girls Competing With Trans Athletes | Chelsea Mitchell | WOMEN | Rubin Report

They discuss the reason for the separation of boys and girls sports and the unfair advantage that trans women in sports have over females. They also discuss the unprecedented censoring of Chelsea’s op-ed in USA Today, after trans activists objected to her using the phrase “biological males”.

They also discuss how the ACLU has transitioned from being an organization that fought for the free speech rights of everyone to an anti-free speech organization.

Gender politics and discussions about equality have dominated the national conversation for the last few years.

Is it possible to achieve perfect gender equality? What issues are trying to be addressed by feminism in the 21st century?