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In The News:

Trump celebrates his ‘total exoneration’ after report found cops cleared BLM protesters from Lafayette Square to install new security fencing and NOT so he could pose with a Bible outside church burned by rioters

The report released Wednesday by the Interior Department’s inspector general concludes that the protesters were cleared by U.S. Park Police last June 1 so that a contractor could get started installing new fencing.

Most in the media had pointed a finger at Trump, as the clearing of the protesters happened as he was giving a Rose Garden speech about ‘law and order’ – a splitscreen moment –  directly before he made the Lafayette Park march. 

Park Police officials had already planned to clear the area and ‘had begun implementing the operational plan several hours before they knew of a potential presidential visit to the park,’ Inspector General Mark Lee Greenblatt said in a statement accompanying the report. 

‘We determined that the evidence did not support a finding that the USPP cleared the park on June 1, 2020, so that then President Trump could enter the park.’

The report echoed one of the White House’s justifications at the time. 

Fight for 15: McDonald’s now testing automated drive-thru machines as wages set for increase

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

As municipalities and some states enact a $15 minimum wage, low-skill industries, such as fast-food restaurants, have been exploring methods of automation to keep labor costs down while complying with wage laws.

For example, many McDonald’s restaurants now include automated ordering machines, allowing customers to order food inside the restaurant without directly interacting with employees.

In theory, such machines eliminate the need for a cashier position, which means McDonald’s owners can save money by employing fewer people.

Former McDonald’s CEO Ed Rensi said forcing businesses to increase their minimum wage will result in one of two outcomes: increased prices for consumers or further automation of the industry.

Dr. Rand Paul talks COVID-19 Immunity on Martha MacCallum – June 9, 2021

3 Young Minnesotans Sue the State for Their Right To Bear Arms

(Sorapop Udomsri/Newscom)
(Sorapop Udomsri/Newscom)

Under current Minnesota state law, carrying a handgun in public for the purpose of self-defense is illegal without a permit. And though 20-year-olds are considered old enough to vote, serve on a jury, hold public office, get married, and fight in the armed forces, Minnesota doesn’t consider them old enough to be issued a handgun permit.

On June 7, Kristin Worth, 18, Austin Dye, 19, and Axel Anderson, 18, of Minnesota filed a lawsuit challenging this requirement. They’re joined by the Firearms Policy Coalition, the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, and the Second Amendment Foundation.

The plaintiffs argue that the Second Amendment applies to all adults, including those between the ages of 18 and 21, “who are considered adults for almost all purposes and certainly for the purposes of the exercise of fundamental constitutional rights.”

These young adults are also entitled to exercise their First Amendment rights, the plaintiffs argue.

Eviation’s All-Electric Luxury Aircraft Is About to Take Flight

Eviation's all-electric luxury aircraft, Alice.Jean-Marie Liot / Eviation
Eviation’s all-electric luxury aircraft, Alice.Jean-Marie Liot / Eviation

This seems to be the apt strategy for a company currently prepping its all-electric nine-seat luxury plane for flights, which can fly 440 nautical miles (506 miles, 814 km) on one, singular charge of its colossal 820 kWh battery pack, after crucial flight test hardware was successfully delivered, according to a recent press release.

And, while the all-electric drive system will see such luxury airplanes priced out of most people’s budget, new, cheaper means of sourcing lithium from ordinary seawater hint at a more fiscally feasible future.

Eviation isn’t wrong to say its all-electric luxury plane and others like it represent the first wave of a price-hike in the aviation industry.

Just like all-electric luxury vehicles, prices will likely start high at the beginning, since lithium batteries are more complicated to manufacture than conventional fossil-fuel ones.

Joint Base San Antonio on lockdown after shooting reports – suspects at large

During a press briefing in front of the base gates, a JBSA spokesman said no injuries have been reported and the base is working to “confirm whether gunshots actually did occur.”

The spokesman said the base does have “some solid reports that two gunshots were fired into the installation” but no reports of anyone seeing any shooting suspects.

Asked whether the base might have overreacted at the unconfirmed reports of gunfire, the spokesman said, “We have to take every report seriously; now I would rather overreact to something than underreact and get it right.

We can triage whether or not we responded appropriately later on but as of right now I can say I am 100% confident we made all the appropriate response and made all the right calls along the way.”

Man shot and killed by multiple people as he pumped gas at southwest Houston station

It’s believed the man was filling up his Chevrolet SUV when several individuals approached him. Words were exchanged, and then the victim was shot.

The man collapsed and died at the scene, police said.

The suspects fled in an unknown direction.

An investigation is underway, and police hope surveillance cameras will lead to further clues in the case. A description of the suspects was not immediately released.

Two 16-Year-Old High School Kids Arrested In Bartow Ambush And Murder Of Taigur Taguri

16-year-old Jevon Berrien, Jr. 16-year-old Margus Johnson

POLK COUNTY, Fla. – PCSO Homicide detectives have arrested two 16-year-old suspects in the homicide of 17-year-old Taigur Taguri – both suspects have been charged with first degree murder, along with other felonies. At least two other suspects are still at large.

When Taguri arrived at the park, he stopped his truck. Several unknown black male suspects approached the truck. One suspect opened the driver’s door, and another suspect opened the passenger side door. During this time Taguri was heard saying “no” and “don’t.” Multiple shots were fired at Taguri by both suspects. The passenger was not injured. A total of 3-4 suspects are believed to be involved.

After being shot, Taguri accelerated, and the truck crashed into a fence then came to a stop against some playground equipment. The suspects fled in an unknown direction.

The passenger called 911 and another witness in the area called 911. When first responders arrived on-scene, Taguri was deceased.

EXC: Hunter Biden’s Emails Show Friends Mocking ‘F*Ggots’ And ‘D*Kes’.

Medford offsets the message with a disclaimer noting it “may or may not have the approval of the GLTB community.”

A separate email from Hunter sent two days before the aforementioned email reveals that the president’s son intended on attending the event, noting “I am actually excited to be with you all now.”

The latest revelations come as the corporate media establishment refuse to cover the Hunter Biden messages that show the President’s son repeatedly using the n-word.

In his zero-selling book, Hunter Biden elaborates upon how he went on drug-fueled escapades around Washington, D.C. while making money off his family name.

He admits in the book that he would not have been offered the positions and contracts he was, had he not been a Biden.

Traumatic Injury During Abortion Results in Dangerous Hemorrhage at a Florida Planned Parenthood

Fort Myers, FL – A Planned Parenthood worker called 911 for an ambulance to transport a 35-year-old woman who was hemorrhaging dangerously after an abortion.

Operation Rescue obtained 911 records from the May 13, 2021, emergency that showed the woman suffered a traumatic injury to her uterus during the abortion.  The clinic worker acknowledged that blood was “pouring” from her body.

There was one awkward moment during the call between the dispatcher and the Planned Parenthood worker.

Over 170 Houston Hospital Workers Suspended for Refusing Vaccine, Fired in Two Weeks if Unresolved

RADEK MICA/AFP via Getty Images
RADEK MICA/AFP via Getty Images

The Washington Post reported “dozens of medical workers” protested the policy outside the hospital. “Vaxx is Venom,” a sign apparently read. “Don’t Lose Sight of Our Rights,” read another.

But the hospital’s memo noted exemptions may be accepted based on medical condition, pregnancy, or religious belief:

Some 117 employees filed a lawsuit against the hospital last month, saying the employer can’t force employees to get the “experimental” vaccine.

Jennifer Bridges, a nurse on suspension who is among those suing, said, “We will fight this all the way to the Supreme Court. This is wrongful termination and a violation of our rights.”

The lawsuits attorney Jared Wood fill stated, “The legal question that has not been answered is ‘Can you make participation in a clinical trial a condition of employment?’”

Mom savages school board with powerful testimony against leftist, anti-police, ‘communist’ curriculum: Stop ‘emotionally abusing,’ ‘indoctrinating’ our kids!

Image source: YouTube screenshot
Image source: YouTube screenshot

A Carmel, New York, mother tore a school board to shreds during a recent meeting as she said that the district was guilty of indoctrinating children into believing they are inherently racist and bigoted, that police officers are murderers, and other leftist talking points.

Viral video captured the moment mom Tatiana Ibrahim castigated school board members for being “thieves” and “liars” who are allowing schools and teachers to emotionally abuse district students.

Ibrahim showed up at the meeting to discuss the board’s proposed budget, which many parents spoke out against.

Ian Prior Joins John Roberts On Fox News To Discuss The Free Speech Fight In Loudoun County

Opposing Cancel Culture and fighting back against the woke mob and their enablers.

University Of Alabama Student Leads The Charge Against Critical Race Theory On Campuses

C.J. Pearson, of the University of Alabama,
C.J. Pearson, of the University of Alabama,

C.J. Pearson, of the University of Alabama, recently announced he would single-handedly spearhead a nationwide effort to rid the nation’s schools of Critical Race Theory.

The kicker: Pearson is black.

Pearson, who is president of the Free Thinker Project, recently told the conservative website Campus Reform that he will be “advocating for the prohibition of critical race theory within public classrooms.”

“Critical Race Theory isn’t education,” he added, “it’s taxpayer funded indoctrination intended to cause our students to hate America.”

Black TikTok creator argues against reparations in viral video

Savannah Edwards discusses why she does not agree with calls for reparations for Black Americans on ‘Fox & Friends First’.


Garland defends Justice Department moves seen as pro-Trump

“I know about the criticism,” Garland said in response to a question from Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.). “The job of a Justice Department in making decisions of law is not to back any administration, previous or present.

Our job is to represent the American people and our job in doing so is to ensure adherence to the rule of law.”

“The fundamental rule of a democracy, or a republic, or a republican democracy, and the essence of the rule of law … is that like case be treated alike, that there not be one rule for Democrats and another for Republicans, that there not be one rule for friends and another for foes,” Garland told the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee.

In the past week, the White House has issued statements on three occasions to distance itself and Biden from Justice Department decisions or legal filings.

Garland said the decisions to defend cases involving the prior administration were “not always easy.”

Ron DeSantis Slams Dr. Fauci After LEAKED Emails Reignite Wuhan Lab Leak Theories

‘Florida Chose Freedom Over Fauci-ism’

A day after getting rockstar treatment at a country music festival in Panama City Beach, Gov. Ron DeSantis sat down with Daily Caller News Foundation’s Mary Margaret Olohan to discuss how he handled lockdowns in his state.

He also talked about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails, his bill combating China’s influence, transgender athletes in sports, and more.

17 cities issue vote of ‘no confidence’ for ‘radical’ California DA

Pico Rivera, California City Councilman Erik Lutz tells ‘America’s Newsroom’ this is an ‘opportunity’ for Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón to make adjustments to his reform policies.

‘The Biden Family Is The Klan Family … And Joe Is The Imperial Wizard’: Leo Terrell Rips Bidens Over Hunter’s Alleged Use Of N-Word

[Fox News:Screenshot]
[Fox News:Screenshot]

Terrell said the Democrats would likely remain silent on the bombshell texts.

“Let’s see how many Democrats call out Hunter Biden, call out Joe Biden for these klan like statements against black people.

If you don’t have black voters, you don’t have the Democratic Party,” Terrell added. “Let’s see if we have any Democratic lawmakers condemn Biden and his family, AKA Klan Family.”

Democrats appear to be quiet about Hunter’s alleged texts, as Terrell predicted — but then, for the most part, so is the media.

Tucker: Media treats Kamala like a demi-God

Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host recaps the Vice President’s latest blunders.

Brit Hume: Kamala Harris phenomenon limited to ‘small subset’ of population

Fox News senior political analyst on why the Vice President wasn’t treated with adoration by some Guatemalan citizens on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

World News:

IAF allegedly strikes Syria; US to sustain 100s of sanctions on Iran – TV7 Israel News 09.06.21

1) Multiple Syrian and Iranian targets were struck overnight in Syria – in an aerial bombardment Damascus quickly attributed responsibility-for – on Jerusalem.

2) Defense Minister Benny Gantz concludes a series of comprehensive security assessments in all that relates to the situation vis-à-vis the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

3) U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken confirms that hundreds of sanctions on Iran will remain in place.

Japan, Australia share China concerns, augment defense ties

Foreign and defense ministers from the two countries agreed in the online talks to strengthen their security ties as China presses its claims to contested areas in the Asia-Pacific region.

The joint statement expressed “serious concerns about the recent negative developments and serious incidents in the South China Sea, including continuing militarization of disputed features, dangerous use of coast guard vessels and ‘maritime militia,’ and efforts to disrupt other countries’ resources exploitation activities.”

China responded that it is determined to defend its sovereignty, security and development interests.

Japan and Australia are in the final stages of a defense cooperation deal that will allow the Japanese Self-Defense Force to protect Australian military assets, which will be only the second for Japan outside of its alliance with the United States.

Police suppress student protests in China; Apple excludes new privacy feature in China

Virus cases are surging in China, but authorities opt to suspend vaccinations there. That’s as questions rise over the efficacy of Chinese-made vaccines.

Short incubation period, rapid transmission, and a high viral load. One expert explains the traits he’s most concerned about, of the virus variant spreading in a Southern Chinese city.

A rare clash between students and police strikes multiple Chinese universities.
To their surprise, the demonstration proved effective.

Apple aims to increase privacy for iPhone users. But not in China. The move marks Apple’s latest compromise in order to maintain its services in China.

And the White House launches a task force to boost domestic supply chains. The effort to increase U.S. production seeks to make the country more competitive against China.


Is this PROOF that COVID was studied in China & Fauci LIED under oath?

Everybody is talking about Dr. Fauci — from his released emails to his recent media deflection tour — but most are missing the REAL story.

So, Glenn breaks it down with what COULD be the needed evidence, showing that not only was the COVID virus being studied in Wuhan, China for SEVEN YEARS but that Fauci might have lied under oath, too.

This SHOULD be the front page story on the New York Times — and everywhere else.

The CDC, NIH, and Biden administration SHOULD be setting the record straight. But they’re not, and until then, their credibility is gone.

Glenn’s FIERY response to President Obama for ‘planting’ America’s MARXIST seeds

Former President Barack Obama sat down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper recently for an interview scheduled to air in full on Friday. During it, Obama called out the right-wing media for ‘stoking fears and resentment’ of white Americans.

So, in this clip, Glenn sets the record straight: the ring-wing media’s efforts to call out the far-left have NOTHING to do with race in America, but rather everything to do with protecting our way of life that is being threatened more and more each day by the radical, Marxist ideology seeping into government.

Glenn says Obama is a liar, somebody who spied on reporters and political enemies to get his way, but more importantly, the worst thing President Obama did was plant and water the seeds of Marxism in our nation by constantly calling out ‘race!’

How Reason & Logic Led Me Away from Atheism (Pt. 2) | Sohrab Ahmari | SPIRITUALITY | Rubin Report

In this clip Sohrab talks about the existence of God and how one can use reason to answer the question “does God exist?”

He discusses the importance of St. Thomas Aquinas and his 5 proofs of God.

He also explains why some of the most brutal leaders and regimes like Joseph Stalin, North Korea, and Mao’s China have been atheistic in nature.

Sohrab also describes how he went from being an atheist to finding reasons to believe.

He also discusses the importance of observing the sabbath as a day of rest in the modern world and the benefits of a weekly digital detox.