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Chinese-Made Subway Cars in US Malfunction Again

Authorities in Massachusetts identified a malfunction in its new Chinese-made subway cars earlier this month.

That’s the fourth time they malfunctioned since they first went into service less than two years ago.

Dr. Nicole Saphier: The COVID panic is over. Let’s stop punishing the innocents – our kids

Dr. Nicole Saphier:
Dr. Nicole Saphier:

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year over 58,000 children under 5 years old are hospitalized with respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). For perspective, 16,013 children (0-19 years) have reportedly been hospitalized with Covid-19, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Incorporating the latest reports from California, that number is inflated and even includes adolescents and young adults.

To be certain, there are effects of SARS-CoV-2 in children other than severe illness resulting in hospitalization.

In the United States, despite the many circulating pathogens, car accidents are the leading cause of death among children, killing over 600 and injuring almost 100,000 kids each year. Another 800-900 children die from accidental drownings. Devastatingly, approximately 1,700 children die from cancer annually, which at this time, little can be done to prevent.  

For kids, comparatively speaking, COVID-19 is not an emergency. The true risk of danger is much less than many others people have accepted without severe restrictions placed on their livelihoods.

Protesters chant outside Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s home: ‘It’s not enough to be Black’

Demonstrators protest Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on the second anniversary of the mayors time in office near her home in the Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois on May 20, 2021.
Demonstrators protest Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot on the second anniversary of the mayors time in office near her home in the Logan Square neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois on May 20, 2021. (Photo by Max Herman/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Demonstrators posted photos and videos of the protest on social media, using the hashtag #2Years2Much as the mayor marked two years in office. 

Photos show protesters carrying signs that gave Lightfoot “F” marks in education, COVID-19 recovery, police reform, housing and so on, photos posted to social media show.

Forty community organizers sponsored the event, including the Chicago Teachers Union, Black Lives Matter Chicago, Illinois Raise Your Hand, GoodKids MadCity and others, according to a Facebook event page.

“For the past 2 years, Lightfoot’s [a]dministration has continued to ignore the demands of its people,” the event page reads.

VIDEO: Florida man tears into school board over ‘equity’ and inclusivity mission: ‘Your only job is education, not indoctrination!

District parents have been flooding the district with complaints about the racially divisive language used in the new equity statement, which was approved earlier in May, and now the district is considering pulling back on using the controversial terminology.

The man, who can be seen on video speaking during the public comments section of the Wednesday night meeting, can be heard saying, “The school board recently adopted an equity statement.

Why? Your only job is education, not indoctrination.”Audience members cheered the man’s statement.

The man continues growing more and more agitated and continues, “Attention board members:

Barr rails against ‘militantly secularist’ public schools in 1st speech since leaving Justice Department

“The time has come to admit that the approach of giving militantly secularist government schools a monopoly over publicly funded education has become a disaster,” Barr said in Naples. Fox News’ “The Story” first obtained the video.

Barr said public schools have become totally incompatible with traditional Christianity and other major religions in the U.S., and therefore, “it may no longer be fair, practical or even constitutional to provide publicly funded education solely through the vehicle of state-funded schools.”

He made the remarks at the Council for National Policy’s annual gathering, where he was receiving an award from the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Separately, Barr said he’d seen school materials which told children that everyone could choose whether they were male, female or neither.

“This is not established science,” he said, but rather the “moral, psychological, metaphysical dogma of the new orthodoxy.”

Biden to Release Terrorists Including UBL’s Guard, Al Qaeda Bag Man, and KSM Aide from GITMO. But Look Who’s Still in Jail.

Amid all this talk from Democrats that the January 6th Capitol riot was “another 9/11,” it’s odd that they’re now perfectly fine in releasing some of the very aiders and abettors and terrorists of the actual 9/11 attack.

It also seems inexplicable that the Biden administration would release actual terrorists while holding some of the people from the Capitol riot for months for what is tantamount to trespassing.

The New York Times reported this week that Biden’s lawfare group has cleared three terrorists to be released from America’s Guantanamo Bay terrorist lock up.

The Biden Administration is willing to let people go who plotted and/or gave aid and comfort to those who killed Americans in a terror attack.

However, 479 Americans have been arrested for walking into the Capitol on January 6th. Many were invited into the Capitol and did nothing wrong. But these Americans are being indicted on charges that will keep them in prison for years. Many, although the exact count is unavailable, are in jail.

Anti-Semitic Palestinian Factions are Openly Attacking Jews in the Streets of America


On the streets of America, pro-Palestinian factions have been violently attacking Jews and loudly screaming “Allahu Akbar” in their neighborhoods and outside of Jewish businesses. Explosives were thrown in New York City’s Diamond District.

Earlier in the week, Jewish diners were targeted in Los Angeles.

And in Boca Raton, a van with the words “Hitler was right” drove by a pro-Israel rally.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden hasn’t said anything about the violence. The New York Times hasn’t bothered to report about it.

Dr. Scott Atlas: The Deadly Price of COVID19 Lockdowns, a Failed Policy | American Thought Leaders

In an interview for Epoch TV’s “American Thought Leaders,” Atlas, a public health policy expert, suggested that the consequences of lockdowns, which he believes have been largely fear-driven, will be felt in the country for decades to come.

“We will have a massive price to pay for what was done in the United States,” said Atlas.

“The consequences of the lockdowns have been enormously harmful and they will last for decades after this pandemic is completely finished.”

FDA Advises Healthcare Providers Not To Use Syringes From Chinese Firm Over Safety Concerns

The FDA said it has received information about quality issues, including that certain HAIOU needles were detaching from the syringe and getting stuck in patient’s arm after injection, according to Reuters.

There were also a few incidents involving accidental needlestick injuries to healthcare providers.

The agency has recommended against use of two of the company’s syringe-needle combinations, the 1mL syringe with 25Gx 1-inch needle and the 1mL syringe with 23G x 1-inch needle, until further notice.

Army disables comments on new recruiting ads criticized as ‘woke’

The Calling recruitment advertisement featuring "Emma" (GoArmy/YouTube)
The Calling recruitment advertisement featuring “Emma” (GoArmy/YouTube)

The video had drawn criticism and one Twitter user compared it to recent Central Intelligence Agency recruitment advertisements also deemed “woke” by critics.

Task & Purpose reported that as of May 12, comments had been disabled on all of the new ads.

Laura DeFrancisco, spokeswoman for the Army Enterprise Marketing Office told Task & Purpose that the Army disabled comments on all of the videos after seeing “a significant uptick in negative commentary which … were not aligned with Army values.”

A video which splices together a 2017 Russian military ad and places it side-by-side with Malonelord’s cartoon ad was also shared across social media.

Border Patrol has released more than 60,000 migrants into US under Biden

Just 47 migrants were released between October and the end of December. In January, 1,317 migrants were released. Then that number increased to 8,797 in February, and then rocketed to 26,282 in March and 26,233 in April.

The numbers, first reported by The Washington Examiner, show the effect of not only the surge in migrants to the border, but also how the administration’s efforts in regards to families has been on processing and releasing them into the interior to reduce pressure on border facilities.

Numbers of migrants skyrocketed within weeks of President Biden taking office, although officials have noted that migrant encounters had been steadily increasing since April. More than 178,000 migrants were encountered in April — including more than 13,000 unaccompanied children.

Deputy in stable condition after shooting; suspect dead

In this undated picture released by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is Deputy Michael Hutton.
In this undated picture released by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office is Deputy Michael Hutton. (Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office via AP)

A sheriff’s deputy was in serious but stable condition Thursday after being hit by a “hail of gunfire” while trying to stop merchandise from being stolen from a truck parked along the highway during a foggy night on Colorado’s eastern plains, authorities said.

Deputy Michael Hutton, one of just 10 deputies who work for the agency, was approaching the back of an open tractor-trailer as items were being pulled off it when he was wounded multiple times, Yowell said.

Hutton retreated, hid and stayed upright until help arrived but was not able to communicate with responding officers and was taken to a hospital in the Denver area. Other officers were able to download the footage from his body camera to see what had happened and use that information to help the search for the gunman, Yowell said.

South Carolina suspect linked to 4 killings; FBI joins manhunt

Tyler Donnet Terry,
Tyler Donnet Terry,

South Carolina authorities have enlisted help from the FBI in its ongoing manhunt for an armed suspect as police from multiple states piece together his criminal history.

The Chester County Sheriff’s Office announced Friday that the FBI has provided air assets to bolster the search effort for Tyler Donnet Terry, who was involved in a chase and shootout with deputies Monday evening. 

The sheriff’s department also said it doubled its manpower in the expanded search. 

Chester City police have worked to obtain multiple warrants for Terry’s arrest, connecting him to five warrants for attempted murder, all stemming from a May 2 shooting. 

However, sheriffs have continued to investigate “numerous” other serious criminal activities tied to Terry, revealing a crime spree that includes at least two murders in the St. Louis area. 

Golden Horseshoe – DHS offers $500k for public-private data sweep targeting ‘violent extremists’

Homeland Security to share harvested data with “peers, teachers, community leaders, and law enforcement” in “whole-of-society prevention” network.

Los Angeles DA George Gascon could face recall over progressive policies

(Bryan Chan/County of Los Angeles via AP)
.(Bryan Chan/County of Los Angeles via AP)

A group looking to oust Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon over his progressive criminal justice policies has been cleared to begin collecting the thousands of signatures needed to trigger a recall election. 

The Los Angeles County Registrar approved the petition drive by the Recall George Gascon campaign, which must collect roughly 579,062 valid signatures – 10% of county voters — by Oct. 27, the agency told Fox News. 

“They can now begin public circulation and signature gathering,” a Registrar spokesman said Thursday.  

California Democratic lawmakers look to remove penalty for possessing firearm during crime

"California state capitol building interior, State Assembly room."
“California state capitol building interior, State Assembly room.”

Reform-minded activists in California vow to move forward after a bill that would have dramatically reduced, and in some cases eliminated, enhanced sentences for crimes committed while using a gun failed to advance through the legislature Thursday.  

“AB 1509 was held in the Appropriations committee and will not move forward this year,” Greg Fidell, policy manager of Initiate Justice, wrote on Twitter. “This is very painful – but we will be back stronger next year.”

The state lawmakers who backed the Anti-Racism Sentencing Reform Act claim the existing law, which allows prosecutors to seek additional time behind bars, is racist — 89% of the roughly 40,000 inmates serving gun enhancement sentences in California are people of color, according to figures from Restore Justice. 

Legislative analyst says Newsom has $38B surplus, not $76B

The California Legislative Analyst’s Office, a nonpartisan state department, released its impressions on Newsom’s budget this week. Most notably, the report said Newsom has overestimated the $76 billion in extra cash the state’s got to play with.

The office said Newsom’s budget uses required spending as a part of the surplus, something that’s not usually counted as extra spending.

Despite the glut of revenue, the analysis said Newsom’s proposal relies on $12 billion from the state’s rainy day fund, something LAO discouraged.

“The state will need these tools to respond to future challenges, when federal assistance might not be as significant,” Petek said.

California homicide rate increased by 27%, largest yearly increase in in 30 years

Renée C. Byer / AP
Renée C. Byer / AP

From 2019 to 2020, Gov. Gavin Newsom presided over the largest yearly increase in homicides in California in 30 years.

Primarily Black and Hispanic men between the ages of 15 and 34 were the majority of homicide victims, according to the data.

Kings County Sheriff David Robinson, president of the California State Sheriffs’ Association, says the stay-at-home orders contributed to increased violence but so also did fewer officers in the field and more people being released from prison.

In addition to the inmates released last year, Newsom announced another 76,000 in the state’s prison system, including repeat felons, would be eligible for early release.

U.N. Refugee Chief Directs U.S.: Open Your Borders to Migrants!


Roughly 42 million people south of Texas want to migrate into the United States, according to a March 24 warning to President Joe Biden by Jim Clifton, the chairman and CEO of the Gallup polling company.

The U.N. request is a complication for the White House, where staffers are trying to balance their close allies’ open-borders demands against the deep opposition of most Americans.

So far, Administration officials are managing that balancing act by simultaneously opening multiple small doors for migrants while also declaring the border is closed.

For example, border officials use the Title 42 healthcare rules to tout the exclusion of some migrants, even as they quietly expand the number of loopholes through the Title 42 barrier.

Blue State Blues: Israel’s Secret Weapon Is a Gorgeous Black Woman, and She Can Sing

Israel’s Eden Alene performs during the first semi-final of the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021,
Israel’s Eden Alene performs during the first semi-final of the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021,(Photo by KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP via Getty Images)

Alene personifies the diversity and dynamism of Israeli society, and defies the false, malicious claims of “racism” and “apartheid” that Israel’s enemies fling like errant terrorist rockets.

Alene, 21, was born in Jerusalem to Ethiopian Jews who were brought to Israel, rescued from famine and persecution. She served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and won the right to represent her country on the Rising Star singing competition.

Eden Alene is a symbol of everything Israel is — pluralistic, multicultural, sensual — and everything that Israel’s enemies are not.

Her very existence is a puzzle that the ignorant radical left-wing haters of the so-called “Squad” cannot possibly comprehend.

Anti-Semitic attacks get minimal coverage from mainstream media

Fox News contributor Joe Concha weighs in on growing anti-Semitic hate crimes, CNN’s Chris Cuomo advising his brother amid harassment claims and new revelations surround BBC and Princess Diana.


Investigation of ousted Space Force Commander elevated to IG

Air Force spokesperson Ann Stefanek told Fox News on Thursday that the investigation into the removal of Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier from duty was moving up to the IG’s office for review, as the case could have an Air Force-wide impact.

Stefanek also said that the IG’s investigation would take precedence over the one launched by Lohmeier’s superior, Air Force Lt. General Stephen Whiting.”

The Department of the Air Force Inspector General has elevated the review of Lt Col Lohmeier’s actions to DAF-IG level for assessment and investigation, as appropriate,” Stefanek told Fox News.

“The decision was made by DAF-IG due to the complexity and sensitivity of the issues under consideration, as well as potential for DAF-wide impact.”

White House reduces infrastructure proposal to $1.7T, down from $2.25T

Republicans had earlier countered Biden’s original plan with a $568 billion offer. 

Negotiations are continuing Friday between Senate Republicans and the White House, and Psaki said their proposal will be shared after the meeting concludes. 

Republicans have since increased their initial offer and worked in good faith with the White House, a GOP source told The Associated Press.

However, a Republican source familiar with the White House counter offer told Fox Business it is “bad” and “very close to the original Biden proposal.”

The source said that shifting the Endless Frontiers Act out of the package was “meaningless” because the Senate is voting on it next week

Victory News: Kimberly Guilfoyle | Americans are Fed Up!

Opposition To Critical Race Theory in Georgia as Gov. Kemp Urges School to Skip It

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp urged the Georgia State Board of Education in a letter not to include critical race theory (CRT) in the curriculum.

Georgians have started to oppose the program, which teaches white kids they are inherently racist due to their skin color.

“I have heard from parents, students, administrators and educators across our state who are extremely concerned about teaching of Critical Race Theory in Georgia. Like me, they are alarmed this divisive and anti-American curriculum is gaining favor in Washington, D.C. and in some states across the country,” Kemp wrote.

The letter goes on to blast the Biden administration’s attempt to use taxpayer money to “push a blatantly partisan agenda in Georgia classrooms.”

“Parents, educators and local communities here in the Peach State know how best to educate their students – not the federal government,” Kemp wrote.

Texas lawmakers: Expand health care cost transparency, options

Texas state Sen. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola

Eric Gay | AP file photo
Texas state Sen. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola Eric Gay | AP file photo

 Several bills have passed the state House and Senate that would expand health care price transparency for Texas consumers, making it one step closer to the governor’s desk for signature.

SB 2122, which passed the Senate this week, would require health care providers to send patients an itemized medical bill before they attempt to collect any money. Its author, Sen. Bryan Hughes, R-Mineola, argues medical billing continues to be confusing and opaque.

“If you don’t have an itemized bill, you don’t know what you’re being charged,” he said. “Even after you’re told what you owe, you can’t check and see if the charges are accurate, see if the right charges were billed, [or] if the right charges were recorded.”

FNC’s Carlson: January 6 Commission Aimed at Anyone ‘Who Stands in the Way of the Democratic Party’s Agenda’

A mysterious letter appeared on Capitol Hill this week. It was addressed to every member of the U.S. Congress.

The letter arrived on the official letterhead of the United States Capitol Police, but it wasn’t from the Chief or from any individual officer. Instead, the letter was signed, “Proud Members of the United States Capitol Police.”

So, it was anonymous. And that was the first tip this was not your average security bulletin. It definitely was not.

It was instead a political demand. The letter instructed Members of Congress to vote yes to establish a quote “January 6th Insurrection Commission.” Police officers anonymously demanding the people they protect to vote a certain way on a specific piece of legislation.

The large Silicon Valley gift was revealed through a state filing released Thursday, according to Politico, and makes Hastings the largest donor to Newsom’s recall campaign.

Netflix CEO contributes $3 million to help Newsom fight recall

There is no limit on the amount of funds the governor can raise under California law because he is not considered a candidate and rather a ballot issue.

Meanwhile, other gubernatorial candidates are subject to campaign limits of $32,400 per election in their direct accounts.

Other sources are also backing the governor including the Democratic Governors Association, which donated $500,000 last week, and California’s nurses union, which donated $400,000 on Thursday.

Republicans scramble to stamp out ‘woke’ political bias, cancel culture in the US military

House Armed Services Committee member Rep. Lisa McClain, R-Mich., decried cancel culture as “getting out of hand” and said that she was supporting legislation to ensure that American troops aren’t being indoctrinated into woke culture, which is more intolerant of conservative beliefs and values.

“The military monitoring social media content of its servicemembers is extremely problematic and anyone who believes in freedom of speech should be outraged,” she continued.

“I cosponsored the Combatting Racist Training in the U.S. Military Act to ensure divisive, un-American ideas aren’t rammed down the throats of our troops.”

Tucker says AOC wants illegal gang members to stay in US

Former acting ICE director Jonathan Fahey says this is one of the most ‘cynical and dishonest’ policy debates on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Marjorie Taylor Greene Rips Kamala Harris Over “BLM Riots” In Angry House Floor Speech

On the House floor, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) slammed Democrats for forming a January 6th Commission and not studying the violent riots of 2020, which she blamed on BLM and antifa, and called out VP Kamala Harris and some Congressional Democrats for supporting the Minnesota Freedom Fund.

World News:

Putin claims Russia would ‘knock out the teeth’ of any foreign aggressor

Russia's President Vladimir Putin. (Alexei Nikolsky/Russian Presidential Press and Information Office/TASS/Abaca Press/TNS)
Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. (Alexei Nikolsky/Russian Presidential Press and Information Office/TASS/Abaca Press/TNS)

Putin made the remarks on May 20 during a televised virtual meeting of the National Security Council, saying that foreign efforts to contain Russia date back centuries.

“Everyone wants to bite us somewhere or to bite off something from us. But they — those who are going to do it — should know that we will knock their teeth out so that they cannot bite,” the Russian leader said.

“This is quite obvious, and the key to this is the development of our armed forces.”

Putin also said that Western sanctions against Russia are continuing a longtime historic trend of containing a powerful rival and alleged that some critics of Moscow whom he didn’t name have argued that it’s unfair for Russia to keep its vast natural riches all to itself.

Israel-Hamas ceasefire upheld; U.S. to assist in Gaza rehabilitation – TV7 Israel News 21.05.21

1) A cessation of hostilities has taken force at 2-AM early this morning, with a tense quiet seemingly upheld thus far.

2) Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz stressed the need for a diplomatic solution that will bring an end to the Palestinian-Israel conflict.

3) U.S. President Joe Biden pledges Washington’s support to rehabilitee the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

Ethiopia expels journalist who reported on atrocities in Tigray

A section of the mass graves at Abune Aregawi Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Ethiopia,
A section of the mass graves at Abune Aregawi Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Ethiopia | Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Ethiopia, led by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, gave no explanation for the sudden deportation of Marks, a dual British and Irish citizen, who had worked in the country for nearly two years.

The move was immediately denounced by press freedom advocates, who have cited a troubling authoritarian turn by the country especially since Abiy launched a military offensive against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, unleashing a civil war. Marks had reported on the alleged atrocities in Tigray, including rapes and mass shootings.

Marks — who has reported for POLITICO from countries across Africa — was summoned to a meeting with government officials on Thursday in the capital, Addis Ababa.

The officials then transported him to the airport where he was detained until being put on a flight to Brussels, where he had lived before moving to Africa.

World’s First EV-Charging Highway Trial to Start In Italy

ElectReon Wireless
ElectReon Wireless

Israeli company ElectReon Wireless is building a 0.6-mile-long (1 kilometer) stretch of electric vehicle-charging highway, between Milan and Brescia in Italy, to test the technology for widespread adoption, a report by Innovation Origins explains.

Though the trial in Italy won’t be the first example of an electric vehicle-charging road, it is the first trial of the technology to involve a highway.

During the trial, the highway will recharge electric vehicles as they drive using copper coils on the side of the road to transfer energy straight to the batteries of electric vehicles (EVs) via magnetic induction.

WATCH: Palestinians Riot Again at Al-Aqsa Mosque; Israeli Police Enter Compound

Ahmad Gharabli / AFP / Getty
Ahmad Gharabli / AFP / Getty

Video of the confrontations emerged, with anti-Israel media falsely claiming Israel had attacked “worshipers” at the mosque — which, despite being an Islamic holy site, is used as a base for rioters.

The Times of Israel noted that Hamas had called for a “day of rage” at the Temple Mount. 15 Palestinians were reported injured.

False claims about Israel “attacking” the mosque two weeks ago, on the last Friday of Ramadan, inflamed Muslim public opinion throughout the world, and were hyped by anti-Israel critics in general.

China slams US Navy presence in South China Sea; Australia defense spending highest since Cold War

Beijing claims it’s kicked a U.S. warship out of its territory. But the U.S. Navy hits back, saying it’s defending freedom for all countries.

Australia and Japan are boosting their defense spending. That’s as they both face growing military aggression from Beijing.

A Chinese businesswoman once enjoyed a great career in China. But that all changed after she received a Chinese-made rabies vaccine some seven years ago.

A Chinese state-run media outlet is promoting tourism in China, inviting viewers to visit a Chinese village. Its post came alongside beautiful images of the countryside — but not China’s. The real sights actually came from the Swiss Alps.

And Washington is postponing a ban targeting companies tied to Chinese military. It was put in place to prevent Americans from unknowingly funding Chinese military development.


Rise of Anti-Semitism: Spencer Klavan, Trey Radel, Dr. Nicole Saphier | ROUNDTABLE | Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Spencer Klavan of the Young Heretics, Trey Radel, and Dr. Nicole Saphier about the rise in anti-semitic attacks on Jewish Americans by supporters of the free Palestine movement, and Nancy Pelosi fining members of government for adhering to the CDC guidelines on face masks.

First Dave and his guests share footage of the anti-semitic attacks that have gotten minimal coverage from mainstream media.

Since the recent flare-up of the Israel-Gaza conflict, there has been a shocking ignoring of the rise of antisemitism related attacks in the US. Why?

Next they discuss the absurdity of the science denial of Nancy Pelosi who not only refuses to lift the mask mandate in the house chambers, but is fining violators $500.

Interview: Nigel Farage on conservatism post-COVID-19, American governors and Trump


Ross D. Franklin / AP
 Ariz.Ross D. Franklin / AP

For the conservative movement, it’s been a pretty rotten six months, the equivalent to a period of mourning.

Ever since the election, their guy gets 75 million votes and doesn’t win, there were a lot of questions and doubts about election integrity, awful division in American cities, and a lot of proposals from the Biden Administration,

So, the timing of this is really perfect because my story to them is, ‘Look, [British conservatives] went through a very depressing period in 2019.

We’d had a Brexit referendum nearly three years before, and it hadn’t been delivered. It looked for all the world like it was never going to be delivered.’

We staged a massive, massive grassroots fight back against that. And now not only do we have Brexit, but the socialist Labour Party in England is unconscious on the floor. So we managed to turn this around.

‘I Know What’s Coming’: Naomi Wolf Warns Vaccine Passports Will Usher in Biofascist State

Dr. Naomi Wolf, author and CEO of, returns for an update on the authoritarian vaccine passport push.