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Hunter Biden Reportedly Had Ties With Different Countries Around The World, Far Beyond China, Ukraine

While most attention has focused on Ukraine, where a gas company paid the now-president’s son tens of thousands of dollars a month while he was in deep crack addiction, and China, Hunter and his partners at a consultancy called Rosemont Seneca were eager to do business in a vast array of other places.

In 2015, Joe Biden’s brother Jim wrote to Hunter about the prospect of a payout for serving as a middleman in an “oil deal” with Carlos Slim, Mexico’s richest man:

“Have a very real deal with Pemex (Carlos slim) need financing literally for a few days to a week.

In 2014, Hunter permitted an American ex-con and Romanians to use the Biden name to add weight to a bid to buy a Greek railroad.

Three Women Arrested For Vandalism Targeting Derek Chauvin Expert Witness

Vandals smeared pig’s blood and left a severed pig’s head on the porch of the former residence of Barry Brodd, the defense use-of-force expert in the Derek Chauvin trial.

Three women have been arrested for allegedly vandalizing the one-time Northern California home of a former police officer who testified on behalf of the officer convicted of killing George Floyd by splashing pig blood on it and leaving a pig’s head near the front porch.

Rowan Dalbey, 20, Kristen Aumoithe, 34, and Amber Lucas, 35, all of Santa Rosa, were arrested Tuesday on felony vandalism and conspiracy charges. They were cited and released, Santa Rosa Police spokeswoman Lt. Jeneane Kucker said Wednesday.

EXCLUSIVE: Explosive Microsoft internal reports from 2015 discrimination suit expose how women were ‘abused and degraded’ with men ‘groping’ and ‘spanking’ their female co-workers, as shocking claims of Bill Gates’ pursuit of employees surface

As claims of Bill Gates’ pursuit of female employees surface, explosive allegations buried in a Microsoft discrimination lawsuit expose how women were ‘abused and degraded’ with men ‘groping’ and ‘spanking’ their female co-workers.  

According to a bombshell discrimination case filed in 2015, Microsoft is a company where women were ‘ignored, abused, or degraded’ and male bosses ran a ‘good ol’ boy culture’ that ‘accepts and tolerates abuse and toxic behavior, especially towards females.’

Employees code-named a project ‘Wrecking Ball’ in honor of Miley Cyrus’ raunchy music video and wrote an email called ‘Working Backwards’ filled with stereotypes about women,’ the case claimed. 

The lawsuit was made public at the time, but an investigation by uncovered new internal complaints that are deeply unflattering to the tech giant and its newly-single boss.

2,000+ Air Force, Navy personnel, 70 fighter jets kick off air-to-air combat training with live missiles in Florida

Checkered Flag 21-2 Missile Loads (U.S. Air Force Photo by Brad Sturk)
Checkered Flag 21-2 Missile Loads (U.S. Air Force Photo by Brad Sturk)

Checkered Flag is one of the largest air-to-air combat simulation exercises the Department of Defense has to offer. Pilots get real-life training by shooting live missiles at targets.

Checkered Flag started last week and will run through Friday. Tyndall hosts Checkered Flag twice a year, with the other one usually scheduled in November.

Tyndall has been in rebuild mode since it was devastated by Hurricane Michael in 2018. There were F-18E Super Hornets, F-22 Raptors, F-15E Strike Eagles and the F-35A Lightnings, which will land at Tyndall with three squadrons in 2023.

The Navy is getting a firsthand look at how the Air Force conducts its training and the Air Force is learning a thing or two from the Navy.

California Churches Win Fight Against Newsom’s COVID Restrictions

Che Ahn, Harvest Rock's senior pastor, says his congregation would defy the ban on singing at a news conference outside the Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, Calif., Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021.
Che Ahn, Harvest Rock’s senior pastor, at a news conference outside the Harvest Rock Church in Pasadena, Calif., Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021. (Damian Dovarganes/AP)

A California District judge has issued a statewide permanent injunction against COVID-19 restrictions on churches and places of worship.

Under the settlement, California will also have to pay $1.3 million in attorney fees.

The church had challenged California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s ban on indoor church services that included in-home Bible study groups.

Harvest Rock Church and its members had argued Newsom’s indoor church service ban was unconstitutional.

WATCH: 10-Year-Old Boy Obliterates School Board’s Mask Mandate

via Twitter/@bennyjohnson
via Twitter/@bennyjohnson

The fourth-grader told the Martin County School District in southeastern Florida that teachers often defy the mask mandate. He recalls one teacher who yells at students if they lower their masks to take a sip of water outdoors.

The boy claims that he saw his teacher off school property and recognized her because she takes “mask breaks” at her desk, though she did not recognize him as the same privilege is not given to students. 

In his impassioned speech, the young boy pleaded with the school board to remove the district’s mask mandate immediately. 

Charles Grodin, ‘Midnight Run,’ ‘Heartbreak Kid’ Star, Dies

(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images
(Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Grodin’s son Nicholas said his father died Tuesday at his home in Wilton, Conn. from bone marrow cancer.

Grodin appeared in a string of notable films from the 1970s onward, including “Midnight Run,” “The Woman in Red” and “Heaven Can Wait.” On Broadway, he starred with Ellen Burstyn in the long-running 1970s comedy “Same Time, Next Year.”

He also made his mark in another sphere, as a commentator on radio and TV and author of several books, including the FX series “Louie.”

Biden and an iconic American truck join forces in the fossil fuel culture war

The Ford F-150, an iconic American brand with a seven-decade history, will go electric in 2022.
The Ford F-150, an iconic American brand with a seven-decade history, will go electric in 2022. | David Zalubowski, File/AP Photo

When Ford Motor Co. surveyed American truck owners last year, the automaker received a clear message: “Keep your hands off my truck.” Only 40 percent said they’d be “excited” about an electric pickup.

That truck, like it or not, is here. Now the question is whether consumers — and Congress — will join Ford and other automakers for the ride.

The Ford F-150, an iconic American brand with a seven-decade history, will go electric in 2022. President Joe Biden will tour the vehicle’s Dearborn, Michigan, factory on Tuesday in advance of Ford’s big reveal of the new truck, the Lightning, on Wednesday.

The president will make a case for his infrastructure plan, including $174 billion for electric vehicle technology and 500,000 vehicle charging stations. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has called the plan “left-wing social engineering,” but Ford likes the way Biden thinks.

DA rules three N.C. deputies will NOT be charged in ‘justified’ shooting of drug dealer Andrew Brown Jr: Bodycam is finally released showing cops fire five times as he drove off

District Attorney Andrew Womble announced the decision at a news conference on Tuesday morning – almost a month after deputies attempting to serve drug-related search and arrest warrants shot and killed Brown, 42, outside his Elizabeth City home on April 21.  

Womble said a probe by the State Bureau of Investigation found that the deputies’ use of force against Brown – who was accused of selling crack cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin – was reasonable. 

He said Brown ignored deputies’ commands to stop and began to drive his car directly at one of the officers before he was shot.  

WATCH: Texas Police Chase Mexican Cartel Smugglers Up Interstate 35

Constable Maldonado says human trafficking, narcotics smuggling, and other criminal activities are not a new, but he notes “What we are seeing now that is different is the number of smugglers who chose to lead law enforcement on high-speed pursuits.”

Maldonado attributes the change to cartels recruiting younger drivers via social media who perhaps otherwise would not be inclined to participate. Some, he says, are active drug users answering the call to feed their addictions.

“In years past, the smugglers would look for the first opportunity to exit the highway and break through a ranch fence to get away–now they are fleeing and creating a dangerous situation for all of us.”

Trump and Melania make their debuts in the National Portrait Gallery: President poses behind the Resolute Desk opposite John Lewis and behind Obama

Donald and Melania Trump joined the ranks of past presidents and first ladies when their portraits were placed in the National Portrait Gallery Smithsonian museum in Washington, D.C.

The museum reopened on Friday for visitors where Trump’s portrait was found in the presidential portraits exhibit on the opposite side of a freestanding wall where former President Barack Obama’s famous ‘Hope’ poster is hanging.

The picture has a caption noting that Trump was elected ‘after tapping into populist American sentiment’ as he ‘put forth an ‘America First’ agenda’.

It also mentions his two impeachments and says the coronavirus pandemic ‘became a key issue during his re-election campaign’.

WATCH — Tom Cotton: ‘Why Was the Associated Press Sharing a Building with Hamas?’

There was an outcry from press freedom organizations, and the Biden administration — but Israel has since provided intelligence to the U.S. that, Israel says, shows Hamas was indeed using the building.

Cotton spoke on the Senate floor on Tuesday, criticizing the AP for its apparent coziness with the terrorist group.

Cotton noted that there were had been no casualties in the building, since Israel had warned the occupants of the building to leave before it was bombed.

WaPo analysis suggests Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ rocket defense system works too well, ‘perpetuates’ Gaza conflict — and readers have a field day

Photo by AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP via Getty Images
Photo by AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP via Getty Images

Essentially, he said because Iron Dome intercepts just about all incoming rockets, it reduces the “expected costs of bombing Gaza” and “allows Israel to act with less concern for civilian casualties, and gives Israel less incentive to find a political solution to its conflict with Gaza.”

Levy concluded his analysis by saying, “Iron Dome up to this point has saved Israeli lives from Gaza rocket attacks, while enabling air campaigns against Palestinian citizens.

But the reduced pressure to resolve the conflict with Gaza also means Iron Dome gives Israelis a false sense of security, based on technological success — which isn’t guaranteed forever — rather than political solutions.”

In light of an analysis that more or less says Iron Dome makes the fighting unfair, readers of the piece had a field day:

Nolte: Disgraced CNN Worked with Pro-Hitler Contributor for Seven Years

AP Photo/Ric Feld,File
AP Photo/Ric Feld,File

During this time, on his verified Twitter account and on more than one occasion, Raja, a rabid antisemite, informed the world of his affection for Adolf Hitler:

“The only reason I am supporting Germany in the finals is – Hitler was a German and he did good with those jews!” Raja posted ahead of the 2014 FIFA World Cup final between Germany and Argentina.

In a separate post around that time, Raja also said: “My support for Germany is due to what Hitler did with Jews!”

The day after the World Cup tweet he tweeted, “Hail Hitler!”

Glenn Greenwald: Media used unverified material as a ‘weapon’

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist reacts to report saying spy agencies used journalists to spread lies.

Tucker: US media figures have been groveling to China

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow examines Michael Bloomberg’s relationship with China on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

Concerned parent speaks out against critical race theory on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’

Concerned parent Shawntel Cooper joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to discuss why she brought the issue of critical race theory to her school board.

Pentagon to spy on service members’ social media for extremism, report says

The Pentagon in Arlington county, Va. (Dreamstime/TNS)
The Pentagon in Arlington county, Va. (Dreamstime/TNS)

The Biden administration’s Department of Defense plans to start monitoring service members’ social media for extremist content, according to internal documents from the Pentagon reviewed by The Intercept on Monday.

A new social media screening program is currently being designed by an “extremism steering committee” under the leadership of Bishop Garrison, a senior adviser to the secretary of defense, the documents said, according to The Intercept.

While the military has historically hesitated to surveil service members for extremism due to First Amendment protections, the Pentagon’s pilot program will employ a private surveillance organization to get around restrictions on governmental monitoring, a senior Department of Defense official said.

Tucker: Pentagon isn’t doing anything about these threats

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ hosts questions why military leadership is ‘purging their ranks’ instead of focusing on unknown space threats.

The United States remains the most powerful country in the world. That’s the good news.

What’s interesting is that this country has occupied that position for so long, that relatively few Americans have considered what would happen if we slipped from that perch.

Space Force Commander speaks out after being ‘relieved of duty’

Matthew Lohmeier joins ‘Hannity’ to discuss critical race theory push inside the US military.

Veterans worry the military is getting political: ‘They’re teaching woke-ism’

Pete Hegseth talks with two military veterans at Shorty’s Diner in Williamsburg, Va.

Virginia officer fired after anonymous donation to Kyle Rittenhouse defense fund

Veteran Norfolk, Virginia Police Lieutenant William Kelly speaks to ‘The Ingraham Angle’ exclusively about the $25 donation


Pompeo: Iran and Hamas Sense ‘Weakness’ In Biden Administration’s Middle East Policy

A photograph shows rockets launched towards Israel from the northern Gaza Strip / Getty Images
A photograph shows rockets launched towards Israel from the northern Gaza Strip / Getty Images

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Iran and Hamas sense “weakness” in the Biden administration’s approach to the Middle East, a perception that emboldened the terror group’s aggression against Israel.

“These are ideologues who believe deeply in the extermination of the Jewish State,” Pompeo said Tuesday at an event hosted by the Center for Security Policy.

“When they think they have weakness in the United States, when they have a sense that the first thing out of the bag that’s going to get said isn’t that Israel has every right to defend itself … this is not something that concerns them and they are likely to do just the kind of violence that you are seeing today.”

Pompeo’s remarks come as the Biden administration struggles to formulate a decisive response to continued rocket attacks from Hamas directed at Israel.

Marjorie Taylor Greene: ‘The people that breached the Capitol on Jan. 6 are being abused’

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) took to the House floor on Tuesday to speak against the recently authorized Jan. 6 Commission, which is a group being put together by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to get to the bottom of just what went on that fateful afternoon in January.

“The question that comes to mind is this: What about all the riots that happened during the summer of 2020 after the death of George Floyd?

What about all the damage caused to federal buildings, churches, people’s businesses, and innocent people that were killed, like David Dorn?”

‘Kicked Out On His A**’: Emails Show Faction Of Federal Officials Celebrated Biden’s Unprecedented Firing Of Labor Board Leader

Biden fired former General Counsel Peter Robb, who had been appointed by former President Donald Trump, hours after taking office on Jan. 20. Robb was terminated after refusing to submit a letter of resignation and arguing that he should be allowed to complete his term.

“The removal of an incumbent General Counsel of the NLRB prior to the expiration of the term by a President of the United States is unprecedented,” he wrote to the White House in a scathing letter, Bloomberg Law reported.

NLRB general counsels have historically been allowed to serve out their entire term even after a new president is elected, according to the National Right to Work Foundation.

Trump waited for Richard Griffin, the general counsel appointed by former President Barack Obama, to finish his term before replacing him with Robb.

Andrew Giuliani Announces Bid for New York Governor in 2022

Andrew Giuliani, son of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, speaks to reporters outside the building where his father lives,
Andrew Giuliani, son of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, speaks to reporters outside the building where his father lives, in New York City, on April 28, 2021. (Reuters/Screenshot via NTD)

The young Giuliani, who also served as a former aide in the Trump administration, launched a campaign website on Tuesday, touting several of his accomplishments in the state and his experience as a business CEO while also completing an apprenticeship in finance and real estate during that time.

“For New Yorkers, Andrew helped to preserve thousands of MTA jobs by facilitating CARES Act funding,” the website reads.

“He also worked with the Treasury Department and Health and Human Services to ensure that the $3.9 million that had been inadvertently taken out of the 9/11 First Responders Fund over thirteen years and three administrations was completely refunded.”

Tennessee Governor Signs Law to Make Bathrooms, Locker Rooms Separate by Biological Sex

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey
AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

The law means that individuals who are biological males cannot use restrooms for women because they “identify” as women and vice versa for women who consider themselves men.

“That bill provides equal access to every student,” Lee said at a press conference last week. “It’s a reasonable accommodation. It allows for accommodation for every student regardless of their gender. I think that’s a smart approach to the challenge.”

The left-wing American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said it would challenge the law in court.

World News:

Independent News Site In Belarus Raided As Crackdown Escalates

The website was inaccessible after the police searches were conducted early in the morning on May 18.
The website was inaccessible after the police searches were conducted early in the morning on May 18.

MINSK — Financial police in Belarus have launched a probe against the country’s largest independent online media outlet,, in what the United States, human rights groups, and media freedom watchdogs denounced as the Belarusian authorities’ latest move in their crackdown on the country’s pro-democracy movement and free media.

The Department of Financial Investigations (DFR) at the Committee of State Control said on May 18 that the Tut Bai Media group was suspected of “evading taxes in extremely significant amounts” since 2019.

The announcement came shortly after law enforcement officers searched the offices of and its affiliates and, as well as the homes of several editors, including the outlet’s chief editor, Maryna Zolatava.

Ukrainian Lawmakers Sack Health Minister Over Pandemic Response

Health Minister Maksym Stepanov
Health Minister Maksym Stepanov

KYIV — Ukraine’s parliament has voted to dismiss Health Minister Maksym Stepanov over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and approved the resignations of the economy and infrastructure ministers.

Lawmakers ousted Stepanov in a 292-1 vote on May 18, making him Ukraine’s third health minister to be dismissed since COVID-19 hit the country last year.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal, who initiated Stepanov’s firing, told parliament that the minister was responsible for the “unsatisfactory pace of vaccination” against COVID-19 and failures in vaccine procurement.

Kazakhs Protest For 100th Day To Demand China Release Relatives In Xinjiang

Kazakhs in the city of Almaty demonstrated against the so-called reeducation camps in China’s northwestern region of Xinjiang, where some say their relatives are being detained.

The May 18 rally marked the 100th consecutive day of protests. Qalida Aqytkhan was blocked by police from reaching the Chinese Consulate as she held a picture of her three sons and called on Kazakh authorities to pressure China to release them, saying they are imprisoned on “unfounded charges.”

Deadly salvo ramps up Israel-Gaza conflict;Turkey vows to watch over Jerusalem-TV7 Israel News 18.05

1) The conflict between Israel and the Islamist organizations in the Gaza Strip is seemingly ramping up.

2) Tensions are evidently rising along Israel’s northern and eastern fronts – with rocket-fire and cross-border penetrations reported.

3) Germany and the Netherlands voice support for Israel’s right for self-defense – while France and the United States are stepping-up efforts to de-escalate the situation.

Israel closes Gaza border after mortar attack

Two people – believed to be Thai agricultural workers – were killed and 10 were injured on the Israeli side.

The crossing had been opened to allow entry to aid lorries from Jordan. A separate convoy entered from Egypt.

On Tuesday Israel said at least 150 militants were among those killed in Gaza. Hamas, the Palestinian militant group that runs the territory, does not give casualty figures for fighters.

Israeli forces again shelled Gaza on Tuesday, the ninth day since the current violence began, while Palestinian militants fired a barrage of mortar shells into Israel.

No Consent to Bill C-15 UNDRIP

Bill C-15 is presently making its way through parliament, meant to align with the UN Declaration of Rights for Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP), but despite claims that it protects the human rights of First Nations, several First Nations say they don’t consent and are not being consulted!

Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager for Friends of Science Society discusses how the National Coalition of Chiefs are trying to defeat on-reserve poverty through resource development projects, and UNDRIP may change the existing treaty rights between First Nations and the Crown, and in the view of many chiefs, the bill is flawed.

Pedestrians flee as skyscraper in Shenzhen, China ‘shakes’

The SEG Plaza in Shenzhen was reportedly “shaking” on Tuesday afternoon, according to the Chinese city’s Emergency Management Bureau on Weibo.

There have been no reports of an earthquake around the building, which – at 356 metres tall – is the 72nd tallest in the world.

Chinese Communists Clamp Down on Christian Social Media


WeChat has blocked Christian search words such as “Christ,” “Bible,” and “Gospel,” the Barnabas Fund noted, and searches for these terms offer no results on the platform.

Christian sites such as “Gospel Times,” “Gospel TV,” “Gospel League,” “WeDevote Bible,” and “Old Gospel” were permanently shut down on WeChat, probably because their names contain sensitive Christian keywords.

Other users have complained that they have been blocked from uploading Christian videos to WeChat, while some Christian playlists have been removed from other music streaming services, all of which are monitored by the CCP.

WATCH: Policewoman Seen Chanting ‘Free, Free Palestine’ During Anti-Israel Protest in London

JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images
JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP via Getty Images

Extended footage of the incident shared on YouTube showed the officer saying that she would be joining the protest if she “wasn’t in this uniform”.

The officer went on to say that she is from Iran, prompting a protester to reply: “You’re from Iran? You should be joining us, what are you doing, you’re one of our people, come on!”

Responding to the footage, the Met said in a statement: “While officers are encouraged to positively engage with those attending demonstrations, they know they are not to actively participate or adopt political positions.

“This is vital to ensuring the public have confidence in our officers.”

Israeli Precision Bombing Pounds Gaza Terror Tunnels

Fatima Shbair/Getty
(Photo by Fatima Shbair/Getty Images)

Hamas terrorists also fired volleys of rockets into southern Israel overnight by way of a response, however “their attacks have slowed in recent days as the Israeli military has pummeled their underground tunnel networks and launch sites,” the Washington Post reported.

“The Israeli military said 62 fighter jets had dropped 110 ‘guided armaments’ on 65 targets, including Hamas commanders, rocket launchpads and the militant group’s tunnel network.”

Israel also killed a top Gaza leader of Islamic Jihad, another terror group the Israeli military blamed for some of the thousands of rocket attacks launched at Israel in recent days.


BLM co-founder slams ‘white supremacy’ in housing after buying multi-million dollar homes

‘Outnumbered’ panel discuss BLM co-founder Patrisse Khan-Cullors who called out white supremacy in homeownership.

This Massive Change Occurred & No One Noticed (Pt. 2) | Michael Malice | POLITICS | Rubin Report

In this clip Michael shares how this past year has changed how people on the right view police.

He also talks about how for the first time ever creative types and innovators are fleeing liberal cities and leaving high tax states for red states. In the game of red states vs blue states, the red states are definitely winning.

This kind of migration is unprecedented and has the potential to increase the power of red states like Texas and Florida and change presidential elections in the future.

He also discusses what should be done about politicians like Andrew Cuomo who in addition to causing nursing home deaths, has contributed to destroying small businesses in New York. Michael discusses what potential consequences there can be for politicians who cause so much damage.

Michael also discusses how mainstream media can’t seem to handle the fact that alternative media stars like Tim Pool, Joe Rogan, and Dave are getting more viewers than media outlets like CNN and MSNBC.

Letting Crowder Speak — The FULL Interview

Here’s my FULL interview with Steven Crowder — who faces censorship despite being the biggest independent news channel here.

Crowder built his BIG audience by telling politically incorrect jokes.

Sometimes they’re offensive jokes, like parodying black farmers, and dressing as an asian stereotype.

I tell him that I understand companies limiting him to protect their reputation.

Crowder replies, he thought I “had a better sense of humor than that.”