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In The News:

Newsom unveils record-breaking $268B budget proposal

California Gov. Gavin Newsom fields questions on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, in Los Angeles.

Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP
California Gov. Gavin Newsom fields questions on Tuesday, May 11, 2021, in Los Angeles.Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP

The budget relies on a $75 billion boost from the state’s wealthiest largely staying employed during the COVID-19 pandemic and a constitutional spending requirement that means a certain amount of revenue must be redistributed to taxpayers.

Newsom’s proposal also includes $27 billion in federal stimulus money that must be spent.

The expansive budget appears to spend more than any annual state budget in American history.

Included in the proposal is another one-time $600 stimulus check, eligible to any resident making less than $75,000. Those with at least one dependent would receive an additional $500.

Gas-hoarding woman’s car crashes and bursts into flames fleeing from police –

Jessica Gale Patterson, 28, was driving through Pickens County in her white Pontiac G6 on Thursday night when an officer attempted to stop her over a stolen license plate. 

Unbeknownst to the cop, Patterson’s Pontiac was loaded up with containers of fuel which she had hoarded amid the current gas crisis caused by the Colonial Pipeline hack.  

According to statement put out by Pickens County Sheriff’s Office, Patterson ‘accelerated her vehicle in an attempt to elude law enforcement’ before she ‘lost control of the car’ and it flipped over at the side of the roadway. 

Police: 9 Wounded in Providence, Rhode Island, Shooting

Providence Police investigate a shooting on Carolina Avenue, late Thursday, in Providence, R.I., on May 13, 2021. (Stew Milne/AP Photo)
Providence Police investigate a shooting on Carolina Avenue, late Thursday, May 13, 2021, in Providence, R.I. (AP Photo/Stew Milne)

Of the nine, three had serious injuries and were “maybe critical,” Providence Police Chief Col. Hugh T. Clements told reporters at the scene.

He said multiple guns were used and it involved an “ongoing feud” involving two groups known to authorities. He said the shooting began with gunfire emanating from a vehicle, targeting a home.

A person or people inside the home then returned fire. He described the participants as “young men.”

No arrests have been made. Clements stressed the investigation was in its early stages. Detectives were at the hospital interviewing the victims, who are between the ages of 19 and 25. Further details about their identities were not released.

Texas Landlord Indicted for Murder of Tenant in 14-year Cold Case

Jimmy Wolfenbarger (L) has been indicted for the murder of Holly Simmons (R) in 2006.
Jimmy Wolfenbarger (L) has been indicted for the murder of Holly Simmons (R) in 2006. (Mandatory Credit: Texas Department of Public Safety)

Following Simmons’s disappearance, her house was examined for evidence and neighbors, coworkers, and associates were interviewed by investigators. The Llano County Sheriff’s Office and the Texas Rangers worked this case for years but she was not found, the statement added.

Finally, in 2009, a recreational diver found a submerged aluminum boat at the bottom of a lake near Simmons’s home, the statement says. Her body was discovered at the bottom of the boat with concrete bags placed over her.

The Texas Department of Public Safety Dive Team and the Llano County Sheriff’s Office jointly recovered the boat and Simmons’s remains, according to the statement.

VA parent calls out ‘divisive’ critical race theory on ‘America’s Newsroom’: ‘No educational value’

Joe Mobley,
Joe Mobley,

While Loudoun County, Virginia parents push to recall six school board officials over critical race theory concerns, Joe Mobley on Friday torched the so-called “divisive” and “sexually explicit” material being taught to children in the school district.

“Frankly the educators, administrators, and school board can’t be trusted to educate my children based on the curriculum that they’ve spent lots and lots of taxpayer dollars on,” Mobley, whose four children attend school in the area, told “America’s Newsroom.”

Mobley said the curriculum was “sexually explicit,” had “acts of violence,” “lewd” and “crude” language, and was “not grammatically correct.”

Manhattan subway attacks: Suspects in custody after series of slashings in Manhattan: officials

A Metopolitan Transportation Authority Police(MTA) officer looks for passengers at,
A Metopolitan Transportation Authority Police(MTA) officer looks for passengers at the last stop at the Coney Island station in Brooklyn,  (COREY SIPKIN/AFP via Getty Images)

The NYPD said the first attack happened just before 4:30 a.m. when a 44-year-old man was slashed in the mouth on the southbound No. 4 train at the Union Square station.

About five minutes later on the same train, a 40-year-old man was slashed and a 41-year-old man was punched as the train was near the Astor Place station, police said.

Minutes later, near the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station, a 44-year-old man was slashed, authorities said.

Trump asks for his props after vaccine success, CDC mask announcement – ‘Just a mention please!’

“Isn’t it incredible that because of the vaccines, which I and my Administration came up with years ahead of schedule (despite the fact that everybody, including Fauci, said would never happen), that we no longer need masks, and yet our names are not even mentioned in what everybody is calling the modern day miracle of the vaccines?” Trump said in a statement.

“Without the vaccines, this world would have been in for another 1917 Spanish Flu, where up to 100 million people died,” Trump also said Friday.

“Because of the vaccines we pushed and developed in record time, nothing like that will be even close to happening.

‘Real Time With Bill Maher’ Production Halts After Fully Vaccinated Host Tests Positive for COVID-19

Deadline reports Bill Maher, who is vaccinated and asymptomatic, tested positive as part of the premium cable network’s weekly PCR testing regimen on the show. An HBO spokeswoman told Deadline:

The Friday, May 14th taping of Real Time with Bill Maher has been cancelled.

Bill tested positive during weekly staff PCR testing for COVID. He is fully vaccinated and as a result is asymptomatic and feels fine. Real Time production has taken every precaution following COVID CDC guidelines. No other staff or crew members have tested positive at this time.

Indiana AG Rokita Investigating Al Sharpton, Big Tech Companies for Alleged Meeting About Censorship

He added, “We’ve learned that there was a meeting, a dinner, not only with Vanita [Gupta] and these executives from five tech companies but also Al Sharpton, members of the NAACP and the Urban League where the topic was specifically requesting these companies to keep information from consumers.

And you can have a commercial transaction where you keep information from consumers like when Amazon took the transgender book off the shelf … but also as consumers, we process and digest political information.

And this meeting was about keeping political information from consumers. And in a free republic like the United States, that’s important, so we make the right decisions for electing our leaders.”

Parents fed up with critical race theory are trying to oust school board members

Loudoun County, Virginia parents Elicia Brandy and Cheryl Onderchain tell ‘Fox and Friends’ they launched an ad campaign against the school board over its embrace of critical race theory.

Tucker: Classic literature out. Sexual propaganda in.

Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host blasts critical race theory and highlights parents pushing back.

Dagen McDowell: Liberals crying about corporations are ok with this

Mom-and-pop shops under pressure as big business offers incentives for work; Steve Moore reacts.


Donald Trump interview

Missing data, subpoena noncompliance bring Arizona election audit to a boil

The head of the Arizona Senate confirmed this week that an audit of the Maricopa County election in November has identified significant irregularities as well as missing data, with the county itself also being warned of its ongoing noncompliance with the Senate’s audit subpoenas.

The senator also warned of what appears to be the deletion of an entire database from a county election machine. Data from the machine “suggests that the main database for all election related data for the November 2020 General Election has been removed” from it.

Fann in the letter invted Maricopa County officials to a state Senate hearing on Tuesday, May 18 to resolve the issues.

WATCH: Marjorie Taylor Greene turns tables on media, reveals she’s been ‘attacked and assaulted’ by Democrats

Marjorie Taylor Greene released the full footage of scrum she participated in involving MSNBC, or as she calls it, MSDNC, so that when the network inevitably chops it up, she will have receipts of her full remarks.

The video shows Rep. Greene (R-GA) speaking to reporters in front of the Capitol Building in Washington.

A reporter asks “Can you tell me about why you think it is so important to ask Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for a debate, and she says she feels threatened by it?”

New York Times: Joe Biden Has Short Temper; Outbursts of Profanity

T.J. Kirkpatrick-Pool/Getty
T.J. Kirkpatrick-Pool/Getty

“On policy issues, Mr. Biden, 78, takes days or weeks to make up his mind as he examines and second-guesses himself and others,” the Times report continues.

The report also reveals Biden will hang up the phone on people who he feels are wasting his time.

The president leans heavily on his inner circle for governing — chief of staff Ron Klain, deputy chief of staff Bruce Reed, senior adviser Mike Donilon, and Counselor to the President Steve Ricchetti.

Biden stalls and deliberates intently on issues such as his tone toward Vladimir Putin, the report noted, appointing ambassadors, and his recent flip-flop on refugee caps.

World News:

Israel CRIPPLES Hamas with Airstrike on Gaza Terror Tunnels | Watchman Newscast

On today’s Watchman Newscast, host Erick Stakelbeck breaks down the latest developments in Israel’s ongoing war with Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorists in Gaza.

The Israel Defense Forces used a tactical “head fake” in order to decimate a vast network of underground terror tunnels overnight. Yet rockets keep falling on Israeli cities and towns.

What comes next and why is May 14th such an important day in Israel’s history?

Jerusalem Studio Special: Situation Update & Analysis

Some one hundred hours into this week’s crisis, with over 1,700 rockets launched indiscriminately by Islamist militants toward Israel’s civilian communities – while (in tandem) Israel is primarily engaged in weakening the military capabilities of Hamas and its allies by means of aerial and artillery bombardments – destroying over a thousand strategic and tactical targets.

Separately, chaos has plagued the state of Israel – with hundreds of violent riots devastating towns and cities where either mixed Arab-Israeli or predominately’ Arab populations reside.


The FALL, RISE and FALL of “the Crossroads of the World” | Rudy Giuliani | Ep. 137

America’s Greatest Challenge

Nikki Haley, Former Governor of South Carolina and Former Ambassador to the United Nations sits down with Georgia Howe to discuss the greatest geopolitical threat we face today—China—from the stealing of trade secrets to the abhorrent abuse of their Uighur Muslim citizens.